Raising Self Awareness

The creatures that we live with are alien to us because we haven't noticed them as we should. They are our brothers and sisters as Franciscan Friar Francis of Assisi informed us. We cannot neglect them and over develop our environment for our own benefit.

New York City was placed under a curfew after rioting from the protests over the police killing of George Floyd.

A commentary on the scripture on the rich young ruler and what Jesus the Christ meant by it. Also included a clip from Jesus Of Nazareth movie.

So much of our lives are dictated to us and we are controlled by a system and others for which we never consented to.

A powerful cure for heroin and oxycodone addiction is meditation and prayer.

So many of our cliche's, brain washing and fantasy perceptions keep us from what's real and from the higher consciousness.

The banking and financial system want you to think that the only way to live is to work your time away and by investing with them that one day you will be free to live and own your tomorrow's but alas by then you will be too old to enjoy life.

whether you live in a cold climate or a warm climate the most important thing is to remain in the spirit and what needs to happen next will be available when your ready.

There's a major heroin oxycodone abuse in staten island a borough of new york city as it is in many places in the United States. Is this a planned destruction?

I drove a circle around Miami examining how people are living and the social and economic realities. Then I did a quick drive through of Homestead and Florida City.

A bit of crazy honest humor to make a deeper point of our differing perspectives and how we are dominated by our animal selves and not our higher selves.

I was looking for alligators and finally came upon this one in a canal on the side of a road. Beautiful creatures

When living in an abusive system in order to over come this is to connect with God and the higher true spiritual self within and thus getting beyond the conditioned self.

We all have a sense of the characteristics that attract us as children that make us unique which can be and often are lost by the conditioned environment and expectations around us and we take on a persona that is not who we really are but to begin to express those earlier attributes is truly liberating not matter what age we are at.

Woman builds a tiny house in nature for freedom and to escape the greedy financial system

This is an edit from a program called The Hidden History Of Humanity a long winded esoteric fantasy really far out I edited a 3 hour program down to this 10 minute 33 second recording of the useful nuggets

Our Cultural institutions have failed to see and thus teach us the deeper spiritual insights that make life meaningful and valuable on this beautiful planet.

These people are not as smart as we think. Here they seem to be acknowledging that if people die from pre existing conditions and also have the coronavirus which by the way the testing is not accurate then they are counting this as death from coronavirus!? Is this conspiracy hoax or ignorance?

This is a remake of Anonymous's previous Easter Message

Flying from Newark Liberty International Airport out of New Jersey to Fort Myers Florida the airport is creepy deserted I was one of only a few people in the airport and one of seven on the plane.

Two lessons of the coronavirus 1. Your ego is there to protect your physical life and that is where fear comes in the fight or flight mechanism. However over whelming fear can be compensated by your spiritual development. 2. As quoted from Jesus the Christ "Do not store up treasures on earth where thieves break in and steal but store up treasures in heaven" as the financial crisis shows us.

As we journey thru the physical experience and the interplay of our spiritual inner self we learn to ascend beyond the physical senses.

Nancy Griffith provides us hope in the midst of the Coronavirus and Financial crisis 2020

In silence we meet God and walking meditation and prayer in quiet places is the best way to accomplish this. I show this in a defunct orange grove in Florida here.

Bringing in the New Year 2020 with a 3 hour silent meditation


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