Award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson examines one of the great secret narratives of the industrial period; how a highly toxic poison and the most damaging environmental pollutant of the Cold War era was added to our drinking water and toothpaste. Bryson explains these findings in his 2004 book, "The Fluoride Deception." According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, "After reading Bryson's account of our national infatuation with fluoride, it's hard not to wonder how we could have ignored so serious an issue for so long." To order the DVD (or book) please visit

TOPICS: This Century of the Great Transition - Taught to Emulate What We See on Television - Living Through Controlled Change - Go to My Website to Order My Books and Discs - The Current State of Alternate Media and Radio - Old Documentary on 19th Century Conditions in England for the Working People - Lack of Sanitation, Cholera - During the Boer War, the Poor Physical Condition of the Troops Frightened the Elite into Feeding them Better - Poverty in Industrial Britain - Diggers, Communism - The Brute Nastiness of Real History - India's Class System - Real-Time Studies of Us with Electronics - China is the Model State for the World - Many Ways to Get You to Conform - Lifelong Education - Curtail Electricity Use, Raise Prices - Bertrand Russell on a Token System - A Society Based on Privileges - Mind Your Place - Intellectual Snobbery - Coyotes Yipping Away - Forest Fires to the North of Me - We Live in a Very Precarious System - Money - Companies that Train Non-Governmental Organizations - Psychological Persuasion - Aldous Huxley - Bernays - CFR, Council of Councils - video, The Even Older Plan for World Gov't. You've Never Heard Of - WiFi, 5G Wireless - Self-Policing, Political Correctness - The Dangers of Cell Phones, Wireless Microwave Radiation - 'Prostitutes, Orgies': Ex-Wife of Former Maori Leader says He Led a Paedophile Ring - Eugenics, Depopulation, Euthanasia.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 15, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Council of Councils Seventh Annual Conference

Council on Foreign Relations - Council of Councils

The Challenge to Global Order: A Conversation With Richard N. Haass and the Council of Councils

Council of Councils 2018 Report Card on International Cooperation!/ranking/2018

Founding Council of Councils Member Organizations

Stability in Age of Globalized Finance

The Even Older Plan for World Gov't You've Never Heard Of

The Wifi Alliance, Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: 5G Wireless

The Same Frequencies Used for Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons Form the Foundation of the Network That Will Tie Together More Than 50 Billion Devices as Part of the Internet of Things

How Safe is Your Cell Phone?

France’s "Fake News" Law Will Be Used To Silence Critics, Win Elections

The Art of Deception

NGO and Corporate Partnerships - Cause Strategy Partnerships

Cannabis in Canada

The billionaires trying to control Saskatchewan’s cannabis industry, & more

48North Cannabis Co., parent company of licensed producer Delshen Therapeutics, adds industry heavyweights to board of directors

Delshen Therapeutics

Ontario First Nations Group Announces Plan to Produce Medical Cannabis

'Prostitutes, orgies, group sex - all of it': Esteemed politician 'was a paedophile,' wife claims

The staggering rise of India’s super-rich

July 20, 2018 marks the 49th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that allegedly landed the first two people on the moon. Besides the inexplicable anomalies and physical impossibilities revealed in the Apollo photos and videos it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that the Apollo moon landing, as shown in the official NASA archives, was nothing more than an elaborate work of fiction - "NASA Mooned America" by Ralph Rene - The NASA images show tell-tale signs of crude compositing and retouching, as well as the use of studio lighting, stage backdrops, scale models, Scotchlite screens and even chroma-keying. This trickery alone represents only a small fraction of an ever growing body of evidence proving "The Thirty Billion Dollar $cam", all funded by the U.S. taxpayer. For a more in-depth analysis, hear William Cooper's Hour Of The Time talks on The Moon Landing Hoax AND OR The MoonFaker Series OR the Savage Reality video, July 11, 2018 OR read the text under the original video by JohnWatkinsChannel The song is an edit/remix of Spaceman by Babylon Zoo.

Birds of a feather (television, advertising, Gov't propaganda) flock together. From its inception, Te-Levi-Sion was designed to shape and mold your thoughts and opinions; it's the greatest indoctrination tool ever devised. Throw it away and free your mind.

Alan Watt Website

For more on the physiological effects of television, see "How Television Affects Your Brain Chemistry" by Sagacious News Network

Alan Watt video clips from illusion is over
Zappa clip from Brian Pollard

TOPICS: Fear is Good Tool for Obedience - History is Written by the Victors - Conspiracy Theories - The Power of Those Who Take Oaths - Secret Societies - Chatham House Rules - The Internet - What Patriot Radio Used to Be About - Psychopaths in Business and Politics - British Empire System - The Commonwealth - History is a Horror Show - H.G. Wells - Fabian Society - Foundations, NGOs - Most People Absorb Information via Osmosis - Free Trade is Not Free - Soviet System - Academics Spent the Last Year Testing Whether Your Phone Is Secretly Listening to You -Violence and Gang Shootings in Toronto - Schools in U.K. Banning Skirts - UNESCO, Gender-Neutral Language.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 8, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

These Academics Spent the Last Year Testing Whether Your Phone Is Secretly Listening to You

Data release: list of websites that have third-party “session replay” scripts

40 schools in England ban girls from wearing skirts to accommodate transgender students

Ontario Conservatives will ‘restore’ sex-ed to pre-Wynne days, but when?

Director Diego Kaplan Defends Netflix Film ‘Desire’ From Accusations of Child Pornography

No more boys, no more girls - and no more Winnie-the-Pooh or Barbie dolls: Books and toys could be banned from schools due to radical push to make classrooms 'gender-neutral'

'It’s all about democracy': inside gender neutral schools in Sweden

ATA Toolkit guides teachers in conversations about gender diversity

Gender-neutral language is coming – here’s why it matters

New Statesman

UNESCO - Gender-Sensitive Resources

UNESCO - Guidelines on Gender-Neutral Language

Christian doctor is SACKED by the Government for refusing to identify patients by their preferred gender because he believes sex is established at birth

Peel police chief says violence increase 'disturbing'

2 men dead, 1 woman injured in 'brazen' downtown Toronto shooting

Shotgun-wielding woman wounds two during road-rage confrontation: Cops

A handful of psychopaths who control the world's monetary system, the media, foundations, NGOs, universities, front corporations, intelligence services and all governments (excepting a few countries in the Middle East), have determined that the optimal and most efficient way to control and manage the world's population is through International Socialism, aka Communism. Original video by 1984veritas (song edited out by debess).

HourOfTheTime (HOTT) Website

MajestyTwelve paper published 1997 by William Cooper

Full length HOTT mp3 of Norman Grigg (right click, save as/save link to download the mp3) - Part 1 Part 2

U.S. Promises “Full Implementation” Of UN Gun-Control Agreement" posted July 4, 2018

Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research." - William Cooper

Alan Watt on the crushing of the human spirit and the destruction of intuition in a souless technocracy - excerpt Nov 3, 2010 RBN

PDF (excerpt) - 'The Terrors of the Year 2000" by Étienne Gilson
Movie - THX 1138 (1971)

Video clips are from Snordster
Music clips by AShamaluevMusic on SoundCloud

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Alan Watt reads an article about The Soviet Story documentary published Feb. 3, 2010 in the Toronto Sun (now memory-holed).
Watch The Soviet Story on BitChute without Google-imposed age restrictions
This is an excerpt from Alan's Feb. 5, 2010 RBN broadcast - Transcript - You are the audience that brings Alan Watt to you. Help Support Alan's Work by donating or purchasing his books and discs Here is "The International", the Anthem of Communist International

TOPICS: Thunderstorm, High Humidity - Jacques Ellul said We Learn by Osmosis - Constant Revolution - Official Secrets Acts in Every Country - First Duty of Power is to Protect Itself - Enjoyment of Life - Propaganda - Wartime Rationing and Malnourishment - Skulls Found Under Mexico City Reveal Massive Scale of Human Sacrifice in Aztec Capital - Media's Role in Shaping Your Opinions - Memes Designed to Take Hold Like an Inoculation - Quigley, CFR, Chatham House - Freemasonry - Charity - Anthropologists Sent with Troops to Manipulate Cultures of the Countries Invaded - Alexander the Great - Philosophical Mentors Steeped in the Mysteries - Greek Mythology, Good Stories about Human Nature - Mathematics, Laws - Aristotle - Social Change During War - Taking Out Gaddafi - PNAC, Project for a New American Century - NSA Spy Hubs - Australia's Anti-Foreign Meddling Laws - Queen Elizabeth Makes Millions From the U.K.’s Offshore Wind Farms - More than 4 Million UK Adults Forced to use Food Banks - Tens of Thousands of Pensioners Face Income Cuts after HMRC Identified Decades of Payment Errors - Teenage Suicides in London on the Rise - 132 Candidates or Politicians Killed Since Start of Mexico's Electoral Campaign - Ruthlessness and Psychopathy - Human Nature - Abortion - Euthanasia.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 1, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities

The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight

AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

Australia's Government must guard against foreign interference, but not by curbing our rights

Australia passes anti-foreign meddling laws in message to China

Queen Elizabeth Makes Millions From the U.K.’s Offshore Wind Farms

Tens of thousands of pensioners face income CUTS while others could get a boost after HMRC identified DECADES of payment errors

Nearly 4 million UK adults forced to use food banks, figures reveal

Teenage suicides in London rise by 107% - more than four times national rate, new figures reveal

EU keen to strike deal with Muammar Gaddafi on immigration

Libya: US, UK and France attack Gaddafi forces

The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western intervention

The Big Lie About the Libyan War

*For the remaining links please visit Alan's Website:

Not consenting to this artificial system means more than not voting. It also means avoiding (if at all possible) paying taxes, which are used for unconstitutional wars, not using the gadgets and gizmos which we have been given for surveillance purposes, not using credit cards, etc. Easier said than done, but if you know where all of this is headed in this totalitarian debt-based, caste system, it's really not that difficult. Alan Watt Website - Multilingual Transcripts - "Documentary Piano" by ashamaluevMusic on SoundCloud

Released in June, 2006, this probably didn't play at your local theater. The DVD was released simultaneously and was more available to the public. Why? Is it that controversial? It's just a reminder of the history of tyranny masquerading as democracy. It's full of imagery that one NY Times reviewer called "cliché". He's right. Repression, murder, rape, brainwashing, torture and assassination have become clichés, but you have to know history to catch the imagery. This is the story of every Latin American despot, from Papa Doc (Duvalier), Baby Doc, the perverted Trujillos, Somosa, Pinochet, Peron, Stroessner, and the guerrillas, terrorists, populists, socialists and communists who tried to overthrow them in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

Historical references in the film include: Jean-Paul Marat (from the French Revolution), Kim Jong-Il, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Augusto Pinochet, François Duvalier, Rudolph Hess, Jean-Claude Duvalier, Lyndon B. Johnson, Julius Caesar (from William Shakespeare's play), Robert Mugabe, Ngo Dinh Diem, Idi Amin, the PIRA Maze prison protests, U.S. POWs in Vietnam, the Weathermen terrorist group, the Khmer Rouge, the 1979 Revolution in Iran and the subsequent Cultural Revolution.

Bill Cooper breaks down the Mystery School symbology in this 30-minute presentation as he plays segments from the film. Watch the full movie here (Note: Language is listed as "Spanish" but it's actually in English). Hour Of The Time (HOTT) website Bill Cooper Mystery Babylon series playlist Source video mirrored and edited from GoodFightUK channel

TOPICS: Wealth and Power - Rockefellers, Bad Publicity and Philanthropy - Psychopaths - System We're in was Planned Long Ago - H.G. Wells Talked About the World Brain - Enterprise - The Reality of Internet and Phone Service in Rural Ontario, Canada - Third World, Class-Ridden Societies - True Meaning of Fascism - Your Tax Dollars Funding Corporations - Hypnotized by a Fake Reality - J. Attali Wrote that Winners in this System Would be Those with Access to the Best Technology, Fastest Internet - Agenda 21 - Another Tesla Catches Fire - Man Died when Cell Phone Exploded - Drive to Rid Schools of 'Dead White Men' like Shakespeare - Japan Suspends Sale of Canadian Wheat over Discovery of Monsanto-made GMO - Bayer to Ditch Monsanto Name after Mega-Merger - Conspiracies - New Book says Israel Planned to Shoot Down Passenger Jet in Arafat Assassination Plot - Ramping up Russia Threat – Manna from Heaven for UK Arms Industry - Facebook Ad Feature Predicts User's Future Behaviour - Washington, D.C., the Psychopath Capital of America - The Bottom of the Pyramid Represents the Peasantry.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 24, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

5G wireless telecommunication corridor slated for Ontario, Quebec

Canadian Telecoms Won’t Commit To Any Dates For 5G Networks

Internet Speed and Connectivity In Rural Alberta

Huawei enables Bell Canada's Wireless to the Home (WTTH) trials that put Canadian rural customers on the path to 5G

Tesla car catches fire ‘out of the blue’ in California

Brit-educated tech boss dies after his mobile phone exploded as he slept next to it

No witches, no peril, no good: Children’s books are being sanitised and dumbed down

Drive to rid schools of 'dead white men' like Shakespeare will leave children at mercy of fads and fashions, Jenny Agutter says

Israel planned to shoot down passenger jet in Arafat assassination plot – new book

Japan suspends sale of Canadian wheat over discovery of Monsanto-made GMO

Ramping up Russia threat – manna from heaven for UK arms industry

Facebook ad feature claims to predict user's future behaviour

Washington, D.C.: the Psychopath Capital of America

Bayer to ditch Monsanto name after mega-merger

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Excerpt Sept 1, 2008 - Alan Watt Live on RBN - TOPICS: Language - Spoken Word, World Spoke into Existence - Adam, Naming the Animals - Computer Logic, Programmer Input. Specific Language for Each Culture - Old English, Chaucer - Chinese, German, French. More on this topic from Alan's "Cutting Through" books, Volumes 1,2,3 (See sample pages for details)

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Video inspired by Jermil X and his June 18, 2018 upload

Forest birds and animals video clips from Snordster

The 2nd Veil - Annograms video clips from Rex Or

Intro video footage "Walking through the Forest" by debess

Alan Watt video footage from Alan Watt (Apr 29, 2006) Peeping Through The Clouds: "The Trail Behind the Trails" 💨💨💨✈😵

TOPICS: Human Nature - George Soros - People are Incredibly Devious - You Can't Get into the Mindset of a Psychopath - Outrageous Salaries Paid to Heads of Charities - Bertrand Russell on the Role of Parents and the State to Install Values into Children - Trained to Put All Your Data Online - You Don't Need to Learn Every Politician's Name - Hollywood and the Creation of Stars - CFR Brought in Actors - Scientists Promoted as Stars - Don't Jump into Emotive Topics - Secret Societies - Nimrod - You have CEOs Who are Like gods and Walk Across Water - The New Feudal System that Carroll Quigley Talked About - Propaganda Works Very Well on Most People - UNICEF - Education - Communism Will Have Succeeded When There's an Absence of Opposition - How Sexual "Freedom" has Been Used as a Weapon Down through Time - Drugs - Trudeau, Trump at G7, NAFTA - Legalized Marijuana, Soma - Annual World Naked Bike Ride in Toronto, Ontario - The Real Job of Entertainment Censors - Hollywood, Intergenerational Sex, Bestiality - Tyranny of the Minorities - Pimp Dennis Hof Chosen by Republicans - Women who Refuse to have Babies to Save the Planet - UK, The Impact of Immigration on Population Growth.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 17, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Bonokoski: As simple as ‘unleashing Canada’s world-class public service?’

'SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL': Trudeau blasted by Trump adviser after G7 stunt

The low-down on what Canada's marijuana legalization means

Annual World Naked Bike Ride bares it all in Toronto

Hollywood liberals now want you to accept bestiality. Here’s proof

Tyranny of the minorities: We live in an age of mob rule by minorities in which anybody who disagrees with them is censored and freedom of expression is something only THEY enjoy

Pimp Dennis Hof chosen by Republicans as candidate for Nevada state assembly seat

Women who refuse to have babies — to save the planet! Meet the Britons who claim they are doing their part to stop the crippling impact over-population has on the Earth

The impact of immigration on population growth

Proposed relaxation of immigration rules for non-EU skilled workers

Macron and Italy's new PM meet as migrant crisis threatens to rip Europe's political order apart: Summit at the Elysee as Merkel fights for her job and notorious refugee ship sails for Spain

Hungary's far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims 'replacement of populations is underway' with mass migration because financiers want to profit from the 'ruination of Europe'

Delingpole: Shock! Antarctica Still Doing Just Great

Peter Hitchens blog, 17 June 2018 - Don't be duped by this 'rescue mission'

Nine British charities paid staff over £300k each last year

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PDF - U.N. Agenda for the 21st Century aka the Millennium Project

Video - Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes

As the landfill bubbles over with the toxic wastes of disintegrating cultures and a New World ODOR, most will come to love their servitude. Music and video by EVENTUALITY UNKNOWN EVENTUALITY UNKNOWN YT channel

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "Government's "Hygienists" will Finish us Off, To Save Money Rather than Treat the Cough, Euthanasia, Eugenics, Laws Incremental, Now Let's Kill Parents for Being Forgetful" © Alan Watt June 10, 2018
TOPICS: Techniques of Control - Global Warming - Codes for Messages - Alternative Media's Support of Wars - PNAC, Project for a New American System - Secret Societies - The British Empire - Politicians are Packaged and Sold as Products - Carroll Quigley, The Tops of All Parties are Part of the System and are Selected - Francis Bacon's The New Atlantis - Council on Foreign Relations - Visit My Official Websites to Buy My Books and Discs - The Internet - Free Speech - Self-Policing - Linguistic Minimalism, Tweeting, Being Taught Not to Convey Proper Thought - Peter Hitchens on Tony Blair - Suicides - It's Intended for Life to Become More and More Miserable - Euthanasia Promoted - Cutbacks on Medical Care - Government's Agenda is Not to Help You - The Charity Scam - Governments "Give" Money Across the World that You Must Pay Back - Justin Trudeau Announces $400 Million for Girls' Education at G7 Summit - Corruption - Wars Promoted by Clergy - Lawrence of Arabia - The Media and Public Opinion - The Mind has No Firewall - Data Collection on You - Biometrics - Police Use of Genealogy Databases - Canada's RCMP Created National Missing Person's DNA Program - Eugenics - Chronically Ill Man in Canada wants Moratorium on Assisted Suicide - Canada's Senate Votes to Legalize Recreational Marijuana - Farmer's Asked Not to Spread Manure During G7.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 10, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Investigative strategy of police prompts debate on DNA privacy rights

Five questions about genetic genealogy and how police use it

Washington police say DNA led to arrest of man for 1987 murders of Victoria couple

The National Missing Persons DNA Program

Government of Canada announces launch of the RCMP's National Missing Persons DNA Program

Facebook let SIXTY companies, including Apple and Amazon, have 'deep access personal data about users and their friends'

Canada Offering Assisted Suicide Rather than Treatment

Newly available drug could boost number of self-administered assisted deaths

More than 600 cases of doctor-assisted death in Quebec in 2016-17

Sajid Javid unveils plans for MI5 to share information on 20,000 terror suspects with teachers, social workers and councils

Chilling moment Britain's youngest female ISIS terrorist took a selfie outside MI6 HQ during reconnaissance mission for 'Mad Hatters tea party' machine gun and grenade attack in London

PETER HITCHENS: The real villain behind the Windrush scandal? Once again, it's BLAIR

Canada Senate passes bill legalizing recreational marijuana

Be nice and don’t spread manure: Canadian farmers asked to avoid smelly fertilizer during G7

Genetic engineering and chemical agriculture, what’s in your food?

***See Alan's Website for the last two article links.

Audio montage of Alan Watt (circa 2006 - 2008) on chemical aerosol spraying of poisons upon populations worldwide, the loss of freedoms and privacy in a totalitarian police state, and most importantly -- What You Can Do as a Sentient Individual to pass on this knowledge to others. Original upload by shane3832 channel (Pt. 27 of 27) from the film, "Don't Talk About The Weather" PDF "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025"

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TOPICS: Democracy Always Ends Up with Tyranny - Global Governance, Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs - Control Over Media - The Dialectic - Politicians Know there's a Power Above Them - Albert Pike - Most People are Being Trained to Wait to Be Told What to Do - Groupthink, Brainwashing Children, Consensus, Shunning - Private Organizations have Run Us for a Long Time - How Can You Pretend You Live in a System that Is Yours? - World Government - George Soros - European Council on Foreign Relations - Soros Funding Best for Britain to Hold another Brexit Referendum - World Government Summit - Philanthropists and the Parallel Government - Facebook - Tesla - Think for Yourselves.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 3, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

How to Save Europe - Speech to the European Council on Foreign Relations

Anti-Brexit tycoon George Soros says EU faces 'existential crisis'

George Soros Wants to Curb Market Crash With Marshall Plan for Africa

Soros calls for a ‘multi-track’ Europe

George Soros ‘wants to get rid of nation-states’, Hungary’s FM tells RT

World Government Summit (Dubai)

Big Brother is watching? New Facebook facial recognition spots you even if you’re not tagged

Facebook admits it’s bad for your health, suggests using it more

‘Minority Report’ China: Railway police use facial recognition glasses to fight crime

Twitter is BANNING women who 'speak out against trans ideology', feminists claim

Tesla Is Burning $6,500 Every Minute. It's Probably Going to Need to Raise

Terrifying moment cyclist armed with a huge 'zombie knife' tries to smash motorist's window

A little story about the Old Moose and a secret fraternity. Excerpt Apr 27, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb - Listen to MP3 -
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On June 8, 1967 Israeli planes and torpedo boats attacked an unarmed U.S. Navy research ship, the USS Liberty, in the Mediterranean Sea near the Sinai Peninsula. Fifty years later, the NSA continues to keep the details of this attack secret. Why the secrecy? Where's the outrage from the U.S. government? Is Israel truly a United States ally?

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "Techniques do Daily Hammer the Minions, Ensuring Standardized Public Opinions" © Alan Watt May 27, 2018 TOPICS: Please Remember to Donate and Order Books and Discs - - The System is Not that Complicated - Language, Neurolinguistics - Verbal Symbols are Very Effective for Controlling People - Standardized Opinions - Psychopaths have No Problem Rationalizing that They Should Not Be Part of The Herd - Bloomberg Wants to Tax Poor People More to Change Their Habits - Much Easier to Indoctrinate the Young - The Mob is Fickle and Easily Swayed - In This World, the Fight is to Find Yourself - Functionality Takes Self- Discipline - Using Christian Leaders for Political Agendas - Bernays - Use Existing Institutions - Money - Your Taxes Used to Fund Wars, Abortion, Euthanasia - Bio-Chemical Changes in People - Vaccinations - So Many Vaccines Today are Grown on Cancers - The Book, Acres of Skin - Positive Thinking, Training the Public Not to Look at the Negative - Chimera - Chemtrails - Secret Document FCO 30/1048 Kept Truth About EU from British for 30 Years - CFR, RIIA - Document from 1971 for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath - NAFTA - Karl Marx, Three Trading Blocs for the World - Canada, Time to Enforce Border Laws - Killing Gaza - Eric Margolis' article, Palestinians-70 Years of Suffering - Scotland's GIRFEC and Wellbeing.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 27, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Alan Watt - To Be An Individual -
Topics of show covered in following links:

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

FCO 30/1048

France’s Emmanuel Macron uses German crisis to call for DEEPER EU integration

REVEALED: The three EU countries that face HUGE contribution hikes as a result of Brexit

Italy’s new government to defy EU with plans to DEPORT 500,000 migrants

Nursery children get a warm welcome to Wellbeing Wood

Wellbeing - GIRFEC

Bloomberg says that poor people paying proportionately more money in taxes is a GOOD THING because that's 'one of the ways you influence people to do what's in their own interest'

US national security requests to Apple more than doubled, transparency report reveals

MALCOLM: It's time to start enforcing our border laws (Canada)

Tech companies scramble as sweeping data rules take effect

Happy GDPR day! US news sites blocked, FB sued as EU privacy rules come into force

Killing Gaza

Palestinians-70 Years of Suffering

Ireland ends abortion ban as 'quiet revolution' transforms country

Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive

Based on Harlan Ellison's1969 Nebula Award winning story of the same name the film is set in 2024 A.D. in the aftermath of a nuclear war that's ravaged the planet. Amongst the ruins, Vic (Don Johnson) scavenges for food and sex, with help from his telepathic dog, Blood (voiced by Tim McIntire). Vic is lured into an underground dystopian community for a specific purpose; "The Commitee" is headed by (Jason Robards). Sunday: Special Edition Interview - "1984 Orwell's Warning with Harlan Ellison"


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