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"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."
-- George Orwell from his book "1984"

TOPICS - Sudbury Lockdown, Keystone Cops, Search for Newborn Baby. What is Government? - Primitive Societies - Coinage of Money, Priests, Kings, Inbreeding - Plato, Aristocracy. Rosicrucians, John Dee, Francis Bacon - Free Trade - Concert of Europe. Predictive Programming, Tavistock, Futurist Society - Aldous Huxley - Commoners, "Virtue", Artificial Insemination. League of Nations, Embryo of World Government - RIIA, CFR - Integration of Europe, Americas. Joseph Stalin, "Uncle Joe", "The Big Bad Bear" - Cold War, Nuclear Threat - Satellites, Microchips. Rockefeller, Carnegie Foundation - NGOs. Masonic Lodges - Coronati Lodge - UNESCO, Educational Associations. Departments of Culture - Behaviour Modification, Mind Control - Psychiatry, Psychopathy. Ides of September, Sept. 11 - Warrior Queen Diana born out of Head of Zeus - Jachin and Boaz, World Trade Center - Bush, Bin Laden Families. Cecil Rhodes, South Africa, Boers. Knighthood: Errands, Missions, Quests - Boldness, Audacity.
(Books: "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin, "The Anglo-American Establishment" and "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley, "Foundations: Their Power and Influence" by Rene A. Wormser (Congressional Committee on Tax-Exempt Foundations), "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" by Prof. Anthony Sutton.)
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Full Transcript (Nov. 1, 2007 -- LIVE on WTPRN) Hours 1 & 2


Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution, March 20, 1962 (Scientific Dictatorship Speech at Berkeley University) - Download or Listen to the audio from Alan's website (about ¼ down the page) @

Books: "The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin

Carroll Quigley (Books Pack)

"The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Brzezinski (1997)

"The Cultural Cold War" by Frances Stonor Saunders (2000)

"Foundations: Their Power and Influence" by René A. Wormser (1958)

"The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations" (1954)

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Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace: 1958 (Full)

Alan Watt | Huxley's Ultimate Revolution

H.G. Wells' "Things To Come" - 1936 (Full Film)

The Soviet Story (with translations)

Alan Watt on The Soviet Story

How Media & the Culture Creators Shape and Control Your Mind - ALAN WATT

Alan Watt - The CIA and the Cultural Cold War

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream (1998)

Brave New World Order - Community, Identity, Stability (The 'Perfect' Society Is An Epic Disaster!)

Brave New World (1998) TV Movie

The Disappearing Male (Documentary)

Norman Dodd on Tax-Exempt Foundations

Alan Watt (March 24, 2019) The Foundations, Unelected, Undetected

Knight Hoods - An Excerpt from Royal Babylon

Antony C. Sutton - Wall Street Financed Communism and Nazism

Original Video from CliffRockafella
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Covid: Two jabs needed to enter nightclubs from September

UK will be paying for Covid for decades, say MPs

The Britcoin revolution! Rishi Sunak plans to introduce official digital currency to rival cash in 'biggest upheaval in the monetary system for centuries'

Optimism reigns in biometrics market as post-pandemic agendas take shape

Other References:

Covid "Protest" Social Engineers

GLOBAL TRENDS 2040 (released March, 2020)

Biometric Update

Windows On The World Odysee channel

One year, Two days ago…
Same Script, Same Club.
Welcome to Hathor's HELL.
How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
Books: "Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good" by Dr. Coleman

"Covid-19, The Greatest Hoax in History" by Dr. Coleman
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Dr. Coleman's brandnewtube channel


John O’Looney is a funeral director with 15 years industry experience who's been running his own family business in Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire, England) for the last 5 years. "We began vaccinating on January 6, 2021 locally and the death rate went through the roof almost immediately — within the same week, and for three months. I've never known a death rate like it in 15 years as an undertaker."

In a YouTube comment that has gone viral despite his account being deleted, John said: "Last year the death rate was totally normal. In fact, it was a little bit down in 2019 and towards Christmas many of my colleagues were actually turning their fridges off because there was no one dying."

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Original video:

The present technological takeover aka, "The Fourth Industrial Revolution"
has little to do with helping humanity. It's about dominating every aspect
of your life, incl. remaking humans in mind, body & spirit for TOTAL control.
Dayz of Noah Livestream, July 10, 2021 (~ 3 hrs., 39 min.)

"I believe that 'utopias' are crazy and dangerous, especially the utopia of a technological society. Technology is a totally willful and extremely dangerous force that will lead us to where it must inevitably lead us. This will not be determined by chance nor by the despotism of arrogant bureaucrats, politicians or scientists. The technological system need merely adapt human behavior to its own demands. This is necessary in order that it can function and continue to expand itself." - Ted Kaczynski

The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet (Documentary)

PDF: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" by Klaus Schwab (2016)

Dayz of Noah

Utopia by Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi
A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones.

More Films like this:

HD version:

Special Thanks to yabba

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SERCO is Tracking & Tracing You

Jab Passport, incl. "Alleged Criminal Behavior" being Rolled Out (Hugo Talks)

Room 101, Chinese Style

Never Trust the Plan & Never Give Up Your Weapon

UTOPIA (British predictive programming tv series) 2013-2014 Season 2- All Episodes:

Utopia (Season 2 - Episode 1)

Utopia (Season 2 - Episode 2)

Utopia (Season 2 - Episode 3)

Utopia (Season 2 - Episode 4)

Utopia (Season 2 - Episode 5)

An update on the totalitarianism and tyranny occurring now in France, July 17, 2021
Credit to Corona Ausschuss - Ausweichkanal and
Adverse Reactions To The New Normal on BitChute

See: French Police Put Their Helmets Down

Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali Predicts Pandemic and Genocide of Useless eaters in 1981

This award-winning documentary was on Amazon Prime for nearly 4 years but has now been taken down. It was taken down because US Congressman Adam Schiff wrote a letter to several tech giants asking them to censor any vaccine-related material that challenges the official view of federal health agencies.

Schiff received over $600,000 from the health care industry and now he’s using his power to stifle those who question them. How is this legal? This film is 100% supported by peer-reviewed science and was scientifically vetted by two renowned experts. But according to Schiff, Amazon, Facebook, and Google that doesn’t matter.

National Vaccine Information Center

Health Freedom Defense Fund

Dr. Larry Palevsky

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Dr. Vernon Coleman explains why the medical establishment could be about to make a huge tactical error that will expose the covid-19 fraud for what it is.
Visit: AND
UPDATED July 10, 2021 - How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?

"Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good" by Dr. Coleman

"Covid-19, The Greatest Hoax in History" by Dr. Coleman

Video is from Dr. Coleman's brandnewtube channel @

An Excerpt from The Highwire with Del Bigtree, July 15, 2021 Full Episode 224: THE COVID CARTEL (2:08:17)
with Guest: Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD @

Article - "Experimental Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children"

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)

If you are a Covid vaccine whistleblower, email:
[email protected]

Leading German lawyer and member of the German Corona Investigative Committee, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich specialises globally on the prosecution of fraudulent corporations. He now leads a team of international lawyers in what will become the world’s largest global tort case—against all protagonists and accomplices in what is now being called, "The COVID Scandal."

The team of more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Dr. Fuellmich is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, a kind of “Nuremberg 2.0”.

Transcript testimony Reiner Fuellmich

Also see:

Reiner Fuellmich (June 9, 2021) Interview - Worldwide Legal cases & what's coming this Fall & Winter

Video excerpt from:

From The Irish Sentinel - Please Share -
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25 Questions to help wake up family and friends (Excellent video from Spacebusters)

TRUTH with no frills from GYPSY-FOX. This is a Spiritual War.
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Alan Watt (Dec. 13, 2020) Psychopathic Professions of Demonic Possessions (4 hrs, 53 min)

Alan Watt: The Deviant Creation and The Harsh Truth of The World (15 min)

William Cooper on The Planned Future for Humanity (12:32)

Alan Watt (July 23, 2017) The U.N.'s Holy Orders Demand Depopulation, Slave-Training by Education (58:59)

Alan Watt - Don't Let It Happen Again (Original Video) 4:42

The Prophecy (1995) 1 hr, 38 min

From the director of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, this docu-drama takes parents-to-be down the rabbit hole to learn the truth behind the corruption, lies, deceit, and premeditated harm which led to a 1986 policy that has driven a schedule of 72 shots by the age of 18 for American children.

The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act opened the door for corporations to profit enormously, producing vaccines for which they do not need any safety standards. The act also gave legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers for death or injury.

National Vaccine Information Center

❤️ Special Thanks to 5iF3R @

Original video:

Also see:

A Shot in the Dark (2020)

Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines

The Plan to Vaccinate Everyone in the U.S.

Vaccine Sorcery, Depopulation & Eugenics

Alan Watt on Vaccines & the Militarization of the Medical Industry

It's Time To Get Real About Vaccines - DELETED BY YOUTUBE


The Vaccine Business - Poison, Profit and Corruption

Dr. Suzanne Humphries - Dissolving Illusions (Vaccination Truth!)

Dr. Hoffe explains the mechanism of action of spike proteins produced after a Covid shot. Hear the full video conference
(2 hrs., 24 min ) @
From "The Persecution of Canadian Physicians by Organized Medicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Featuring Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Francis Christian and Dr. Roger Hodkinson.

COVID-19 Vaccine Thought Police censors Canadian doctors (scroll down for the full video)

Original Broadcast - Mar. 14, 2007 - Support Alan's work, websites and the Redux uploads via Books, Discs & Donations @
TOPICS - Marketing Ideas - Change is Good - Bioethics - Socialism - Implantable Brain-chips Under the Guise of Helping the Disabled through Technology - Cyborgs - Environ-Mental - Enhanced Humans - Nor-mal - Totalitarian Control - Age of the Ultimate Control Freak - Behaviour Modification - Free Flu Shots - 9/11, Terrorism, Enemies Within - United Nations, Habitat Areas, Agenda 21, No Private Property - Forced Medical Treatments - Selling the Idea of Superpowers through Fiction - Lenin, the System You're Born into Must Appear to have Naturally Evolved - Marketing to Make You Feel Inadequate - Old, Deviant, Inbred Elite Designed a Youth Culture - Engrams - Sex Sells - Internet, Enter the Net, Pornography is the Hook - The New Age - Valium - Giving Up Your Personal Identity and Uniqueness - Group Consensus - Lenin (Communist) and Russell (Capitalist), a Future Without Military or Police; Science the Conqueror - Purpose-Made Humans to Serve the Elite - Ego-Syntonic, Avoid the Unpleasant, Seek Pleasure - No Survival Instincts Left - This is an Ongoing Battle, We have No Choice but to Fight This - We Live in a Very Evil, Ancient System - Charles Galton Darwin - The Public doesn't Know They are Slaves - Awareness and Sentience, a Gift or a Curse? - Song: "Imagine" by John Lennon
Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar 14, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Transcript - "Abandonment of Self for Programmed Security and Management (Existing as Non-Comprehending Peaceful Citizens)"

Original Audio and Topics - Mar. 14, 2007

Article "Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips" (Read by Alan)

The Forever Virus - Foreign Affairs Mag. (CFR) - Right-click "View Page Source" to read entire article

Unvaccinated people are "Covid variant factories" as fears loom mutations could prolong pandemic, scientists warn

Biden introduces door-to-door vaccination effort

Intro Six Million Dollar Man

Bethany puts a phone in her hand | Years And Years, Episode 2

Explore the All-in-One VR System Oculus Quest 2

Brain-Computer Interfaces: Don't Worry, It's Just a "Game"

Brain-Computer Interfaces - Microsoft

New Brain-Computer Interface Transforms Thoughts to Images

Exchanging thoughts: Brain-computer-interfaces and the new paradigm for brain health

Brain-Computer Interface Enables Johns Hopkins Study Participant to Touch and Feel Holographic Objects

COVID-19 Vaccine Thought Police censors Canadian doctors (with video)

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Follow-up Interview with Dr. Sam Dub

Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle (SPIONS)

Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine


"The Limits to Growth" by The Club of Rome (1972)

"The Next Million Years" by Charles Galton Darwin


The Ghost in the Machine - 1967 - (about philosophical psychology) by Arthur Koestler

Also See:

Alan Watt - Elites' Real Dream is Soylent Green

Soylent Green (1973) HD

This is an excerpt from Alan's Nov. 18, 2018 blurb - Hear the full talk @
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Above excerpt @
Original Articles:

Mapping the Brain’s electric fields with Magnetoelectric nanoparticles

"Recently, a concept has been pioneered to exploit unique properties of magnetoelectric nanoparticles (MENs) (Eerenstein et al., 2006) to wirelessly access a local electric field activity deep in the brain for both wirelessly controlled local stimulation and mapping of neural activity (Yue et al., 2012; Guduru et al., 2015).
Similar to traditional magnetic nanoparticles (MNs), MENs have a non-zero magnetic moment. Therefore, they can be remotely detected through a magnetic imaging approach and/or transported across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and then to a desired target site(s) deep in the brain via application of a specially timed and image-guided sequence of magnetic field gradients (Nair et al., 2013).
In addition, unlike MNs, MENs display a non-zero magnetoelectric (ME) effect. This effect, e.g., present in some type I multiferroics due to the relatively strong strain-related coupling between the ferroelectric and ferromagnetic components, can be explained thermodynamically according to the phenomenological Landau theory of multiferroics through the 2nd order cross-term of the free energy, G (Landau & Lifshitz, 1960)"

Google researchers create AI that maps the brain’s neurons

With brain-scanning hats, China signals it has no interest in workers’ privacy

‘Forget the Facebook leak’: China is mining data directly from workers’ brains on an industrial scale

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips

Map of a billion brain links reveals clues about how we think

The Supercomputer That Could Map the Human Brain

Nanobots Made of DNA Can Now Carry and Sort Molecular Cargo

Geneticists Have Used CRISPR Gene Editing to Create Crops That Grow More Food

Important Article in Context of 'Magnetic Vaccinations':
Wireless Deep-Brain Stimulation With Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles

"Because of MENs capability to couple magnetic and electric fields at the sub-neuronal level, they enable a unique way to combine the advantages of both the high efficacy stimulation by the electric fields and the external-control capability of the magnetic fields. They therefore open a novel pathway to control the brain."

'Smart City' Related Articles of Interest for "Fourth Industrial Revolution":
Under AI’s Watchful Eye, China Wants to Raise Smarter Students

City Brain Lab China

In China, Alibaba’s data-hungry AI is controlling (and watching) cities

China's Spy City Brain Project & Sharp Eyes Explained | WIKI VOX | JAY | TP

Video reprocessed after mirroring from:

Also see:

Alan Watt (Apr 23, 2017) Absence of Fear of Any Kind In Huxley's Concentration Camp of the Mind

The bad news: There will be massive deaths worldwide of those who took the COVID jab, esp. two shots. The GOOD news: Your immune system is your best defence against SARS-CoV-2 and ALL coronaviruses. If you were infected, even if you experienced no symptoms at all, you are immune to all variants. We've already reached herd immunity. There is no scientific reason to vaccinate against SARS-CoV-2.
Scientific literature references for Dr. Bhakdi's presentation:

SARS-CoV-2 elicits robust adaptive immune responses regardless of disease severity

Human IgG and IgA responses to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

Circulating SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients (key spike and IgG after vacc)

(third IgG response to vaccine paper)
SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination induces functionally diverse antibodies to NTD, RBD, and S2

Also see:
COVID-19, The Trojan Vaccine: Interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (DELETED BY YOUTUBE)

The Truth About COVID-19 | Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi (Interview)

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Calls Out FAUCI and the VACCINE on Fox News

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi - Full Interview - Planet Lockdown

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi interviewed by Willem Engel

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: "This Vaccine is Killing People"

Original video is from Oracle Films (on numerous platforms)

Text from Corbett -- "Welcome, Esteemed Globalist Supergopher. Here is your access link to the secret online briefing session of the Committee of United Nazis, Tyrants and Sociopaths. On today's livestream, your deep state briefer will walk you through what we're telling the public about our ambition to transform the human species through biodigital technologies . . . and reveal what we're actually doing to engineer a perfectly compliant, perfectly controlled, cattle-like subspecies."

As a unique individual you were created in God's image by The Creator. Redesigning humans is the externalization of the religion of Secular Humanism, where the psychopathic control freak "Elites" - aka "The Deviant Creation" - have openly declared themselves to BE GODS. If you willfully consent to be altered, you are already Dead in Spirit and upon physical death you will return to earthly matter rather than transcending this physical plane where Spirit and Matter meet. You were given free will and these psychopaths NEED YOUR CONSENT to alter you, God's creation, permanently.


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Alan Watt, R.I.P., has been warning about this since at least 2006 when he began his website:

Hear Alan's March 14, 2007 Blurb - "Abandonment of Self for Programmed Security and Management (Existing as Non-Comprehending Peaceful Citizens)"

Or read the Transcript:

There are many other talks by Alan, esp. circa 2006 - 2007, addressing this very topic.

Additional Tags: #controlling-humans #secular-humanism #the-singularity #the-great-reset
#technological-enslavement #a-war-upon-humanity #resistance-is-NOT-futile

Also see:
The Eugenics Crusade (Documentary) 1:53:12

ALAN WATT and a caller (James Corbett) on Hegel, Materialism & Manufactured Consent (2008)

RBN excerpt from the excellent channel ❤️
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Current Issues:
Inbrain Vs Neuralink: Graphene Implant To Compete With Neuralink

How INBRAIN Neuroelectronics develops graphene-based neural implants

Brain Implants Made of Graphene - What is Possible?

Interfacing Graphene-Based Materials With Neural Cells

Researchers find graphene can strengthen the brain’s neural signals

Graphene and human brain research to get around one billion euro in funding – each

Graphene Flagship spin-off INBRAIN receives €1M investment

IBM’s $3 Billion Investment In Synthetic Brains And Quantum Computing

Graphene Liquid Gate will Revolutionize Neural Implants

New Approach to Making Graphene Could Lead to Workable Transistors

Projects to model human brain and explore graphene win a billion euros each from EU

Graphene combo could shrink electronics

Alan Watt~Brain Recaster to NeuroMaster~Graphene Neural Chip Interface Brain Map CTTM June 4-5, 2013
Original, Downloadable Full Audios/Transcripts
Alan Watt: CTTM LIVE on RBN 1345 Despicable, Overlords Make You Completely Predictable, June 4, 2013

Alan Watt: CTTM LIVE on RBN 1346 Investigate, Warning! NeuroMaster Is Forming June 5, 2013

Video reprocessed then mirrored from:

Original Articles:
Google-NSA Alliance

Bilderberg, Google and the G-8

The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords: Motorola reveals plans for ink and even pills to identify us

Marketing Piece for Internal Password Microchips

Science tries to get inside your head with a €1bn brain

Japanese research organizations contribute to Human Brain Project

Military Agenda disguised under 'Helping People with Neuro-Degenerative Disorders'

The Irish Sentinel
Reality Bytes Radio Archive (Alan Watt)
TOPICS - Vaccinations and the Immune System in Children - Old and New Type of Autism - Pharmacology, Medical System and Training - Adverse Reactions - Vaccine Batches and Studies - Dropping IQ - Injection of Modified Viruses - Reducing Lifespans - Polio Shot - Bertrand Russell - Underreported Pediatric Reactions - Licenced Doctors - "Greed is Good" - Fever after Vaccination - Flu Viruses - Aerosol Vaccines - Embedded Viruses in the Gut - Suppressed Information - National Health Service and Testing on Populations - Auto-Immune Diseases - Whooping Cough - Brain Experimentation - Mapping the Brain - The Ghost in the Machine - Neuroscience and Epigenetics - Creation of a Compliant Population - New Kinds of Cancers - Vaccination in Medical Profession - Cartoons and Audio-Visual Techniques - Weaponized Entertainment - LSD and Experiments - Perception Alteration - Normalization of Autism Spectrum - Video Games and Militarization of the Public - Inducement of Seizures.


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Multilingual Transcripts:

English site:


The Irish Sentinel:

BitChute channel link:


The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell

Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War 1937-1947 by John Bryden (1989)

Also see:

Alan Watt (Sept 25, 2014) on Reality Bytes Radio: Weather Modification, The BIG Shtick

Alan Watt (July 17, 2014) on Reality Bytes Radio: Freemasonry

Alan Watt (Aug 14, 2014) on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster - This System

Alan Watt (Sept 2, 2020) on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster

Alan Watt (Sept 30, 2020) on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster

Alan Watt (Oct 15, 2015) on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster

Alan Watt (Nov 21, 2013) on Reality Bytes Radio with Neil Foster - Hr. 1 of 2


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