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debess channel features mainly Alan Watt and his weekly talks (blurbs), his RBN and WTPRN radio broadcasts, interviews from other sources, plus excerpts from the above. debess channel has never monetized and never will monetize on ANY platform. This channel also includes documentaries which Alan has referenced in his talks over the years.
I post Alan's work with the hope that this knowledge will be passed on intergenerationally to those who still have the ability to question, think for themselves, and to accept reality, as some folks have been doing for centuries long before the internet came along. Very shortly, this kind of information will be censored, banned, then eventually made illegal to convey to others in any form, and the clock is ticking.
You are the audience that helps Alan Watt continue to upload his weekly talks, maintain his websites and equipment and to basically survive, because he belongs to no groups, sects, affiliations, etc., and accepts no payment for his appearances; he accepts no sponsors, aka advertisers, because commercial interests can and do place restrictions on what kinds of information may be conveyed to others.
The various ways in which you can Donate or Order Alan's books and discs can be found here - Alan personally addresses and mails out the material that you order because he literally is a "one-man band."
The backup websites that Alan pays for and maintains are there because of cyber attacks and actual takedowns that have been occurring since at least 2006. Even some of the "authorized" talk shows that Alan has been on have experienced interference because the World Controllers do not want a knowledgeable and informed public passing on this knowledge; this could derail their one-world totalitarian socialist agenda. The websites below contain Alan's talks to hear, download, or to read and print up via transcripts. The international multilingual site has many of the talks and interviews in various languages via written transcripts.

Alan Watt Main Website - Mirror Site -
Backup Websites - AND AND Multilingual Site - OR

Alan's E-mail address (no attachments, please as he deletes these due to viruses, etc.) is - [email protected]
You can also contact Alan the old-fashioned way by written correspondence. You may also send your donations and order his books and discs by mail. Alan reads ALL letters received from those who take the time and make the effort to write. It's much more labor intensive and time-consuming for the Intelligence Services to intercept, read, copy, reseal then re-mail all written correspondence (vs electronic correspondence), so I prefer to correspond with Alan and to send him donations using "snail mail".
Alan's postal Mailing Address is: Alan Watt
591 Elbow Ridge Rd.
Sudbury, ON
P3E 4N1

Thanks for taking the time to read this. My hope is that enough folks will be able to understand, then become active and pass this knowledge to others who also have the ability to see; hopefully, in turn, those will continue to do the same.
All the best, debess