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Utopia! Blood everywhere, Dragunovs roaring, helicopters blazing; a peaceful cattle protest gets put down and the voice of the Overseer animates the dry and humid air: “A commodity gets used only when the consumer chooses to, everything else is stealing!”

In a hospital, a mass of giggling female babies with beautiful blue eyes and cute puffy cheeks are thrown into a furnace to heat the facility and save on expensive electricity bills because having Rett syndrome, no left wise opposable thumb, and being a woman makes one less productive in adult life.

In one home, it has been found that a woman has been impregnated by a man without doing any procedural genetic screening tests, without retrieving a subsequent license for reproduction if appropriate, and without attaining “responsible” status from the Irresponsible Parenting Prevention Board. A Board formed in response to an epidemic of psychologically disturbed workers with high indication of ancient mommy or daddy issues and who without all the data collected from their smart phones, browsing times, financial activities, income, criminal record, travel record, political inclinations, Body Mass Index, and food preferences, the Irresponsible Parenting Prevention Board and its panel of experts cannot make it clear if the impregnated woman and man will be “responsible” parents. Given their continued outright disobedience and their Quebecois tongue, letting them have children risks one more worker with Tay Sachs or a Cluster A Personality Disorder!

Posh, given that all three of these laws were broken, no hesitation for diplomacy should be made, the to-be mother has her child aborted at gunpoint, the child’s body parts are shipped to contribute to the mass production of a new artificial sweetener shown to increase sales by 8% in soft drinks and both the man and woman are given 15 years jail time, no parole at an experimental prison where new techniques of sub human hearing sound waves are being tested on the prisoners to see if the subliminal messages can get through without a word being whispered. Citizens shown mercy will abuse their privilege and sow future discord within the happy collective, remember that kids.

In another residency, an aging woman named Ms. Halls and retiree has just gotten out of the shower, put on a pair of ragged robes, and tries to pace to her neural interface computer. As she sits down, her heart beat reaches 200 beats per minute in a mere 10 seconds and she collapses on the floor. Huh? Years back, the woman had received a chip under her forearm which made purchasing easier, stress relieving more controllable, and birth control automatic at timed intervals. Intuitively, because an unusual amount of young people had low standard housing in that region and there were high amounts of useless old people occupying high quality housing residences, the State conducted a “labor liquidity sweep” in order to offer higher quality residences for sale to the young people because such accomplishment of the ego would boost their productivity.

10 minutes later, officers of the Phosphorus Reclamation Agency retrieve her body and cremate it at the nearest facility where her ashes will be used as part of a new fertilizer product which has been shown to retain itself in soils at an increased rate of 20% than what traditional fertilizers without human parts could accomplish.

Posh! In an era where most have no family members or offspring, what to do with all of the possessions which Ms. Halls has accumulated throughout her work cycle? As her body is dragged out and flung into a pile of aged dead bodies in a government truck, 11 minutes after her collapse, wait for it…the Inheritance Reclamation Agency rushes in the other way and collects all her possessions whereby some will be auctioned off and some redistributed freely to the citizens by the Department of Worker Solidarity whereby every 3 years, a highly publicized and exciting lottery event called Santa Statemate (broadcast everywhere of course), chooses select citizens from the collective to write letters to the government detailing the stuff they want just so long as that stuff is chosen from an extensive government provided list and the price tag isn't over $50,000 per head, we wouldn’t want a citizen to make an individual choice now do we.

Imagine the cheers from the cattle, indeed yes I can see the future politician winning an election, “If you vote me, I will decrease the age limit on the labor liquidity program and increase candidate numbers and quotas for the Santa Statemate lottery!”. Hurray! Hurray! More free stuff! Ow! My head, forget all of the previous writing and what George Bernard Shaw had to say, the socialist future is great for worker families and the peasant. Prosperity, stewardship, lower taxes, freedom, smart living, liberty, unity, x rights, etc., as your current statesmen and professors shout in confidence.


TOPICS: Everything Today is Incredibly Politicized - Cult of the Personality - Everyone is a Corporation These Days - Gillette, Toxic Masculinity - Adam Curtis, The Angrier People Get, the More They Click Away - Gillette, Cheapening Blades so People had to Buy More - Light bulbs - Planned Obsolescence - Family-Run Businesses - Corporate Raiders - Old Morality that Kept Cultures Intact - Book, The Corporate Man - Milton Friedman, Greed is Good - Advertising that is All About You - Narcissism - Movie, Idiocracy; Doctors Point at Pictures; They are Not Interested in Family Histories - No Point Complaining to Agencies and Companies - Societies of Winners and Losers - Military uses Anthropologists to Study Cultures - Teacher's Tool Kits - Peter Hitchens, Loss of Past and Values - Margaret Thatcher - Gorbachev spoke about the Perceived End of Communism - China, Conformity - Thomas Jefferson said When the Same Agenda Continues Regardless of the Party in Power, then Know You are Living Under Tyranny - Tony Blair - The Deindustrialization of the UK - People don't Ask the Right Questions - We're Not at War, It's a Policing Action - Perception Management - George Orwell's 1984, Who is the Enemy Today? - Middle East Oil - Russia - Propaganda - History Must be Taught the Way it was Pre-Planned to be Taught - Milner Group, RIIA - Carroll Quigley's books, The Anglo-American Establishment; Tragedy and Hope - Quigley talks about the Group Grabbing Resources in Africa - Socialism in Britain - The Youth are Always Catered to with Sex and Hedonism - Quigley wrote about Networking Circles - CFR, U.N., World Bank, BIS, IMF; Debt Creation - Austerity - Earth Worship, Sacrifice for Planet Earth - Aldous Huxley - Lord Bertrand Russell, Socialism - Libraries Weeding Book Collections on a Massive Scale - Orwell's Memory Hole - Most People have No Reason to Question Anything - Hold on to Your Mind.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 20, 2019 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

Gillette draws fire for #MeToo commercial that challenges 'toxic masculinity'

Weeding Collections: A Four Library Perspective

New Zealand - why you should weed

The Art of Weeding | Collection Management

Weed to achieve: a fundamental part of the public library mission?

Collection Maintenance: Weeding and Inventory

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries


Watch 'Idiocracy' on BitChute

'Pyramids of Waste: The Lightbulb Conspiracy' (2010)

From A Fabian Wolf's Mouth

Carroll Quigley Book Pack - A full PDF scan of Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time' - Full Scan containing all pages, including the ones that have been censored several times;


A full scan of 'The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden' - Quigley's addition to Tragedy and Hope. This book goes deeper into the round table groups that he wrote about in a historical context in his magnum opus - (The link for these books plus a few more is below - Click on the blue-lettered title to select a book).


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The New World Order plot to enslave humanity is not new; it's been in the making for at least a century with roots going back much further. Depopulation, eugenics and the right to rule by a 'superior' elite based upon a religion of secular humanism is their ideology and the unelected front organization is the United Nations. Mirrored from Delete The Elite Delete The Elite (BitChute) OR The Oven

Please note that this operation is not affiliated with anonops or any other corrupted Anonymous platform. Also see 'Maurice Strong - The Godfather of Climate Change (Alan Watt Visualized)'

Scientific Socialism: "Obey, Take Your Drugs, Sex will Calm All Anxiety, Behaviourism and Neuroscience Run Planned Society." © Alan Watt Jan. 13, 2019 - TOPICS - Meaning of Happy Holidays - Commercialization - Rants from the Movie 'Network' on Corporations Running the System - The Toga-Wearing Utopia we were Shown in Movies - Lord Milner, British Empire - The International Elite at the Top use whatever Area Suits them Best at the Time - City of London, New York, Centers of Finance - An Elite Group Way Above what We Think of as Nations - Carroll Quigley said in the 1960s that Leaders of All Parties Chosen - Non-Governmental Organizations, Charities, Social Programs, Library Events - Debt and Compound Interest - Denzel Washington movie - Time is on My Side - Scientific Socialism is the Key - Secular Humanism - Inflation, Rising Costs, Devalued Currencies - Creation of Apathy - Rationing which Continued long after WWII in Britain - Unemployment in the 1970s - Britain's High Suicide Rate in the 1970s - Introduction of Drug Cartels - Freedom is a Lot More than Sex - Civility - Bureaucracy - The Psychopathic Era - Microsoft - Public Servants Live like Kings - Cecil Rhodes Left Most of his Money to the Rothschilds - Spy (Intelligence) Agencies - Any Problems that Come Out of Sex will be Dealt with for You Free of Charge - Pornography - Weaponized Entertainment - The Sexualization of Everything - Normalizing Pedophilia - Contamination, Getting into Degrees of Right and Wrong - Music Festival in Australia - FOMO, Fear of Missing Out - Clusters of Cancer in the U.S.A. and Australia - Toxic Secret, 3M and Pollution with Toxic PFAS - Chemicals - Leader of Russian Orthodox Church says Antichrist will Control us Through Phones - Five Eyes Intelligence Agencies - Tavistock - Corruption Now Rampant throughout the System - Gasoline Theft in Mexico - Sydney Measles Alert - Bolton says No Withdrawal from Syria Yet - Pacific Trade Deal Spurs Canadian Farm Sales to Japan as U.S. Watches - UK Floats the Idea of a Meat Tax - 48,000 Brits Dead after Worst Winter in 42 Years - Problems with Mail Delivery - Mental Health Issues with Youth - Sense of Purpose has been Destroyed.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 13, 2019 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

Would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70% tax proposal work in UK?

Caroline Lucas urges parliament to ‘seriously consider’ a meat tax

48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years

Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurds’ safety guaranteed

With Golan at Stake, Netanyahu, Bolton Set Trump Straight on US Syria Withdrawal Plan

Sydney measles alert: Man with deadly disease caught from a Thai child visits popular bars, a gym and a shopping centre

Six Mexican states are running short on gasoline, prompting frantic rush to the pumps

Increase in student mental health issues means support must be efficient

Kristie Ainsworth is lucky to be alive, but feels guilty every day

Toxic Secrets: The town that 3M built - where kids are dying of cancer

Is Fiskville the tip of an iceberg? PFAS detected across Victoria

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This is an AstralWalker One video - Excerpt - Alan Watt Jan. 6, 2019 blurb - Hear Alan's FULL Jan. 6, 2019 talk via Veritasuploads and check out his BitChute channel

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Jan. 6, 2019
"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)
No Decision with This Religion:
"Mind Masters Mould Memes, All Must be True,
Temple Ethernet is for Worship, Take a Pew."
© Alan Watt Jan. 6, 2019

BOOKS: 'Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes' by Jacques Ellul (1973)

'Between Two Ages - America's Role in the Technetronic Era' by Zbigniew Brzezinski (1970)


VIDEOS: 'Z BIG' Picture

Brzezinski on CSPAN (2008) - 'Insidious Influence'


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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) No Decision with This Religion: "Mind Masters Mould Memes, All Must be True, Temple Ethernet is for Worship, Take a Pew." © Alan Watt Jan. 6, 2019 TOPICS: Purpose - Our Needs are Greater than Just Material - RIIA, CFR, the Milner Group and the Creation of a World Government with a Common Culture - The British Empire - Myths and Foundation Myths - Pirates, Queen Elizabeth I, Walter Raleigh, Francis Drake, the Spanish Armada - Central Banking System, World Bank, BIS, IMF - Ireland and the IMF - How You are Taught to Perceive Things, for Example the Comedian - The Comedian is the Product and Behind Him are Teams of Writers, Image-Makers, Deportment, Stylists, Fashion Designers and the Corporate Boys, Advertising, Bookings, Accommodations; It's a Corporation and You see the End Product - Same Technique Used with Politicians who are Trained how to Avoid Certain Topics and Questions - Kissinger had Managers who Decided in Advance of the Interview what Questions were Allowed - Show Business - The Star-Making Machinery - This Technique is Also Used to Launch Professors on Big Talk Shows who have Been Chosen to Lead People in a Certain Direction - CFR has used George Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Other Stars - Adam Curtis' Documentaries; BBC - Hypernormalization; Put on a Pretense that Everything is Okay - Algorithms - The Ether Becomes an Echo Chamber of You - DARPA - You're Given Just Enough Freedom so You don't Break - The Ideal Citizen Produces and Consumes, Seen as Economic Units - Less Suicides and Domestic Violence During Wartime - The Club of Rome and the Trouble with Democracy - Jimmy Carter - The Trilateral Commission, the Real Technocrats behind the Scenes - Zbigniew Brzezinski's Book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era; Radio Waves and other Quiet Weaponry; The Gradual Appearance of a More Controlled Society - Continuous Surveillance over Each Citizen - Bertrand Russell, Macy Group, Frankfurt School - Carroll Quigley, Communism, Foundations - Brzezinski said People and Governments Must Serve the Needs of Multi-National Banks and Corporations - Adam Curtis' The Mayfair Set - Britain after Suez Crisis - Military - Surveillance Technology Replaces other Types of Weapons Sales - Boer War - UK Propaganda, "The Integrity Initiative" - The Institute for Statecraft - International Institute for Strategic Studies - Smith Richardson Foundation - Christopher Nigel Donnelly - Carl Bernstein, The CIA and the Media - Amazon's Secret Cloud Region for the CIA - FBI uses Amazon's Facial Recognition Technology - China's New Antenna is a Cancer Risk - Walmart's Autonomous Robot Bees - Poo on all McDonald's Touchscreens Tested - Canada Government Debt to GDP - Canada's National Debt Clock- Has Australia's Net Debt Doubled.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 6, 2019 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative and the UK’s Scandalous Information War

The “Integrity Initiative,” Spies and their Lies

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

Institute for Statecraft

Smith Richardson Foundation

Christopher Nigel Donnelly

The CIA and the Media

The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software

Amazon Web Services Announces Secret Cloud Region For CIA

China’s new antenna is five times the size of New York City, but some fear it could be a cancer risk

Poo found on every McDonald's touchscreen tested

Walmart has patented autonomous robot bees | World Economic Forum


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TOPICS: Maurice Strong and Adnan Khashoggi - Strong Purchased the Colorado Land and Cattle Company from Adnan Khashoggi, an Arms Dealer who had Strong Connections with the Bin Laden Family - The Baca Sits Above Vast Underground Water Systems which Strong wanted to Exploit - Strong and the U.N. Oil for Food Scandal *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 30, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Topics of show covered in following links:

Maurice Strong, Climate Crook

History of the Manitou Foundation


Earth Council: how did it start?

UN Sustainable Development 1992 Earth Summit pdf


Music/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John (Acoustic Cover) Clint Hollinson

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Jan. 1, 2019 NEWS - Johnny Gat is back on YouTube with Vigilante Intelligence (channel) Johnny Gat website Johnny Gat Archives (channel) This is a Johnny Gat archive which he or someone else uploaded just after both of his YouTube channels were Shoah'd!b3gU3KyK!LbSIxtkQ1iFFivfZFMvAGg


The dark roots of AIPAC, ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’

For a full list of the Israel lobby in the U.S see

The Israel Lobby in the US - VPRO documentary - 2007

The Israel Lobby's Growing Assault on Free Speech

Who Controls Donald Trump

Information on Zionist Psyops

Searching 'zionism' in 153news Videos

The USS Liberty - What Every American Must Know

BDS website Economic Boycott

Alan Watt on Video Game Programming and The Military


Alan's composition, 'Still Here' from his Dec. 25, 2010 talk
Film footage from winter 2017 by debess and from Pixabay videos
Cover photo by karinephoto
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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) The Fate of Debate or Battle of Prattle: "The Net, Science, Humanism, Babble of Confusion, Arrogance Seeks Godhood in this Strong Delusion." © Alan Watt Dec. 30, 2018 TOPICS: Tensions that Build Up at Christmas Time - Signs of Decline into Third World Status - Lack of Decency and Respect - You have to Start Complaining - Thousands of Agencies Involved in Propaganda to Brainwash Us - Pentagon's Involvement with Movie Production - Executive Decision, Movie with Kurt Russell - Sunstein's Nudge Units - Behavioural Insights Teams - CIA Involvement in Politics - The Left, Democrats and Labour have Completely Forgotten the Worker; All for the War Agenda - George Orwell, War is Meant to Go On and On; Very Profitable for Those Involved - Mass Surveillance - Fusion Centers - Routing Calls, Spying on the Public for Years - The God Machine, The Devil Machine, The Beast - All Through the 1990s Movies About Middle East - Politicians Going into Politics from the Corporate World - Cockiness of the Young Entering into the Workforce - Telus - Companies Trying to Move Customers Away from Paper, into Electronic Payments - Bernays said Train the Public to Suit Your Product - Special Interest Groups, e.g. Gender, Race, Turned Against Each Other While We are All Moved towards Austerity - Club of Rome, Maurice Strong on the Need to Bring in Austerity - Maurice Strong, Groomed by David Rockefeller - CFR, RIIA - The Real Deep State - Think-Tanks that Advise Government - Socialism - Soviet; Rule by Councils - Very Old Organization runs Central Banks, IMF, BIS, World Bank - Maurice Strong and Adnan Khashoggi - Strong Purchased the Colorado Land and Cattle Company from Adnan Khashoggi, an Arms Dealer who had Strong Connections with the Bin Laden Family - The Baca Sits Above Vast Underground Water Systems which Strong wanted to Exploit - Strong and the U.N. Oil for Food Scandal - Euthanasia - Western Australia's Expensive Green Energy Plan - Ireland, Budget 2019, Government’s Climate Change Goals - Brussels and Euthanasia Tourism - Homelessness and Winter Deaths in the UK - Cardiologist Slams W.H.O. for 'Incorrect' Diet Advice - Gatwick Drone - U.S. Missile Sale to Turkey - ISIS, Execution of Syrian Prisoners - Macron Gives French Police a Pay Raise - Facebook - WhatsApp's Child Porn Problem - Some are More Equals than Others.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 30, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Topics of show covered in following links:

Maurice Strong, Climate Crook

$1b Bill: Cost to WA of Shorten’s green energy plan revealed

Details of the Horrible Carbon Tax Bill

Q&A climate change: All you should know about our position

24,000 sleeping rough or on public transport in UK

At least 320,000 homeless people in Britain

Excess winter deaths in England and Wales highest since 1976

Brussels denies EU rules encourage 'euthanasia tourism'

Suicide Tourism

Cardiologist slams 'incorrect' advice from the World Health Organization

China accuses UK of 'deep-rooted pride and prejudice' after Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson raised deep concerns over Huawei’s involvement in 5G network

This will destroy him': Cleared Gatwick suspect's boss says police did not speak to him even though he could give double glazing worker a cast iron alibi

Police defend Gatwick drone investigation as they refuse to rule out theory that it never existed

debess YouTube video link

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This is an Original video by AstralWalker One - "Techniques do Daily Hammer the Minions, Ensuring Standardized Public Opinions" © Alan Watt May 27, 2018 - TOPICS - Please Remember to Donate and Order Books and Discs - - The System is Not that Complicated - Language, Neurolinguistics - Verbal Symbols are Very Effective for Controlling People - Standardized Opinions - Psychopaths have No Problem Rationalizing that They Should Not Be Part of The Herd - Bloomberg Wants to Tax Poor People More to Change Their Habits - Much Easier to Indoctrinate the Young - The Mob is Fickle and Easily Swayed - In This World, the Fight is to Find Yourself - Functionality Takes Self- Discipline - Using Christian Leaders for Political Agendas - Bernays - Use Existing Institutions - Money - Your Taxes Used to Fund Wars, Abortion, Euthanasia - Bio-Chemical Changes in People - Vaccinations - So Many Vaccines Today are Grown on Cancers - The Book, Acres of Skin - Positive Thinking, Training the Public Not to Look at the Negative - Chimera - Chemtrails - Secret Document FCO 30/1048 Kept Truth About EU from British for 30 Years - CFR, RIIA - Document from 1971 for Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath - NAFTA - Karl Marx, Three Trading Blocs for the World - Canada, Time to Enforce Border Laws - Killing Gaza - Eric Margolis' article, Palestinians-70 Years of Suffering - Scotland's GIRFEC and Wellbeing.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 27, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

FCO 30/1048

France’s Emmanuel Macron uses German crisis to call for DEEPER EU integration

REVEALED: The three EU countries that face HUGE contribution hikes as a result of Brexit

Italy’s new government to defy EU with plans to DEPORT 500,000 migrants

Nursery children get a warm welcome to Wellbeing Wood

Wellbeing - GIRFEC

Bloomberg says that poor people paying proportionately more money in taxes is a GOOD THING because that's 'one of the ways you influence people to do what's in their own interest'

US national security requests to Apple more than doubled, transparency report reveals

MALCOLM: It's time to start enforcing our border laws (Canada)

Tech companies scramble as sweeping data rules take effect

Happy GDPR day! US news sites blocked, FB sued as EU privacy rules come into force

Killing Gaza

Palestinians-70 Years of Suffering

Ireland ends abortion ban as 'quiet revolution' transforms country

Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive


Documentary - 'Human Resources - Social Engineering in The 20th Century'

Alan Watt - To Be An Individual


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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "Merry Christmas, 2018" © Alan Watt Dec. 25, 2018 - TOPICS - Christmas - Visit my website for Christmas Compositions from Past Years - Destruction of Sunday Family Time - Crass Commercialization of Christmas - Going into Debt at the Time of the Year - Supermarkets No Longer Humane - Factory Farming - Signs of Austerity and Decline into Third World Status - Sexual Pollution of Television, a Technique of Control - Those Who want to Know are Already Asking the Right Questions - Be Quiet and Listen - We've Been Living Through Continual War - Internet Surveillance - Before 9/11, CIA Looking at What Folk Were Reading in Libraries - Almost a Sin to Say the Word Christmas - Real Charities - Religion - BIT, Behavioural Insights Teams - When the State Becomes Big Brother, Big Mother, then Horror is Down the Road - Communism, Secular Humanism - Don't Be Freaked Out by the Agenda or Spend Your Whole Life on the Internet - Get Back into Normalcy - Christianity Gave People Basic Rights - Terrorism - Always Think for Yourselves - A Time to Reflect and Forgive - Goodwill - Arrogance and Intolerance - Bolshevik Revolution - Don't Follow Fakes - Be Your Own Champion - Milner Group, RIIA - Switch Off Sometimes; Have a Break - Marketing; Bernays - Sexual Revolution, Abortions - Punished for Saying what You See - Orwell Warned Us - Constitution of the United States of America - Christian Commandments - Mao was Only Afraid of a Big Idea - Religion is Innate within Humanity - Orwell's 1984 - Spirit - Christianity Gave Hope to the Individual - Don't Despair.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 25, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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TOPICS: Visit Website to Order Books and Discs, - End of Freedom on Internet - Up to the Listeners to Support the Talks - Poverty is Relative and Donations are Way Down - Brexit - Mass Migration into Europe - Poverty in Socialism is a Form of Controlling People - Milner Group, RIIA, Royal Society, Galtons, Darwins, Over-Population - A World Run by Experts - Many Other People and Shows Use My Archive and Talks without Ever Acknowledging Me - To Put the Truth Out You Will Sacrifice in Many Ways - Psychology and Psychiatry was Meant to Substitute for Religion to Give Meaning to Human Life - Communism Used Psychology and Secular Humanism - U.S. has Military Bases All Over the Planet - U.S. Took Over the Agenda from a Bankrupt Britain - Can't Pay Your Way Out of Compound Interest - Small Gang in Charge of the Central Banking System Across the World - Those at the Top don't Pay Taxes - Christine Lagarde, IMF - Herded into the Internet by Heralding the Pornography - H.G. Wells - Total Destruction of the Family - An "Evolution" Back to Barbarity - 19th Century Great Britain called The Sick Man of Europe because of Incredible Poverty - In Service to the Secret Societies that Run the World - Soldiers - George Orwell Knew the Elite Who Planned the Future - Orwell's 1984; Wars are Meant to Keep Going and Going - When Soldiers are Out of Military and Start to Mature, Sometimes they can Admit to the Atrocities they Committed - Orphanages Bred Regiments of Soldiers - People Fought Revolutions to have Privacy - Trained Not to Look at Anything Negative - An Ice Storm Years Ago in Quebec - Common Sense and Preparedness - Political Parties - Elimination of Nations - Bertrand Russell wrote about the Credit System - The West Created Present-day China - Free Trade - Taxes, High Prices - Weather Networks - Austerity to Save the Planet - Controversial Spraying Method to Curb Global Warming - China and Russia Working Together to Heat the Atmosphere; Wargames - Fake News, Embedded Reporters - John Pilger - Belgium PM Charles Michel Resigns Over Opposition to his Signing U.N. Migration Pact - Left-Wing Support for War - The Guardian - Trump announces Withdrawal of Troops from Syria and Reduction of Troops in Afghanistan - Yellow Vest Protests in France - Facebook's Data Sharing - FBI Plans Rapid DNA Network - 'Kill your foster parents', Amazon's Alexa - Homelessness on the Rise in Britain - Common Sense, Privacy.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 23, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Controversial spraying method aims to curb global warming

China and Russia are working together to HEAT the atmosphere to cut off satellite communication in terrifying wargame experiment

Award-winning journalist Claas Relotius wrote fake news, German magazine Der Spiegel says

Belgium PM Charles Michel resigns after government collapses in dispute over UN migration pact

Donald Trump's Syria withdrawal could reverberate for years

Trump plans to pull thousands of troops out of Afghanistan

Trump orders full withdrawal of US troops from Syria

Dunford: No withdrawal date in sight for US troops in Syria

France prepares chemical weapon in Paris to keep Yellow Vest rioters away

France Protests: Police Threaten to Join Protesters, Demand Better Pay and Conditions

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debess YouTube video link

In the closing credits of this film it says, 'It was reported that the hallucinogenic drug BZ was used in experiments on soldiers during the Vietnam war. The Pentagon denied the story.' Years later, the truth is revealed: Soldiers are nothing more than guinea pigs in the eyes of the military. From 1955 to 1975, military researchers at Edgewood Chemical Biological Center were using human subjects to test drugs and chemicals ranging from lethal nerve gases like VX and sarin to incapacitating agents like BZ and tear gas

The use of soldiers as test subjects by the military predates WWI. For more on this topic, hear 'Alan Watt on Video Game programming and The Military' or the debess YouTube video link here

The Military is a Masonic Organization - Please note the Compass and Square @ 1:42:22

An Alan Watt montage (2007 - 2012) mainly from his live RBN radio broadcasts, including callers.

US Army Using Video Games To Reel In New Recruits

Addictive Design of Video Games (there are lots of good links in this forum)

Disneyland Of War -- A Short Documentary (2016)

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debess YouTube video link

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "Most are Unable to Find Who Makes Up Their Mind" © Alan Watt July 6, 2014 - Alan reads from Aldous Huxley's 1958 book, 'Brave New World Revisited' - TOPICS - Mind Control - Insertion of Politically-Correct Updates - Voice-to-Skull Technology - Electronic Frequencies - Real Archives - Advancement by Not Asking Questions - Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley - Images and the Subconscious - Subliminal Projection - Age of Television - Suggestibility - New Feudal System - Search for "Happiness" - Televangelism - Counter Movements - Symbology and Propaganda - Persuasion by Association - Neurolinguistics and Hypnotism - Politicians' Gestures - Behaviour Change through Entertainment - Authoritarian Systems - Charged Words - Foundations - Computer Viruses - High-Definition TV - Hypnopedia - Castes in Brave New World - Standardization by Education - States of Light and Deep Sleep - Electronic Stimulation of the Brain - Socialization - Cult Leaders, Cults and Rules - Darkened Age of Total Control. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 6, 2014 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)



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Book - 'Brave New World Revisited' by Aldous Huxley (1958)

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TOPICS: Canada Post - A Bit of a Thaw - We're All Owned and Ruled by the Big Banks - Condition of British Working Class During the Period of Empire Building - White Privilege - With Poverty Comes a Lot of Fear - We've Lived Through Thirty Years of Wars in the Middle East - Labeled Conspiracy Theorist for Remembering Actual History - Orwell's 1984, Really Threatened to Conform - The Same Brutes of Power are Always in Control - Extraordinary Renditions - Income Tax - The Taxing of Labour was Considered Slavery - Orwell's Memory Hole - Reducing the Amount of Farms by Government Order - U.N. said Farming was Too Important to be Left to the Farmers, Should be Under Control of Big Agra Business - The Global System - The Club of Rome said Democracy would Never Work; Came Up with Environmental Agenda - Diet Used to Keep People Lethargic - Managing Vast Herds of People - Politicians are Well-Reward for Taking the Heat; Punch and Judy Show - Central Banking, League of Nations, United Nations - Bretton Woods, Removal of Gold Standard; Elastic Money - Coins, Paper Money, IOUs - The Hidden Tax of Inflation - Preparations for Coming Mass Riots - Canada's Omnibus Anti-Terror Bill prior to 9/11 - Bank Bailouts, Special Drawing Rights - Austerity - Don't Fall for the Group Idea - Happiness doesn't Come from Outside of Yourself - Royal Institute for International Affairs Set Up U.N. - After WWII, Given the Brief Appearance of Prosperity - Dumping of Library Books in the 1990s - Intelligence Agencies Train Agitators - Lawrence of Arabia - You Take Yourself with You Wherever You Go - Macron's Credibility Shattered as France Joins Italy in Budget Disgrace - Nigel Farage, Brexit - Australia's Housing Bubble (and Canada's too) - Teachers in Ghana Rip Down Statue of Gandhi - Through-Wall Imaging - Police Drones are Watching You -U.S. Judge Orders Amazon to Provide Echo’s Audio Files - Your Google Home could be Used Against You in Court - Facebook's Patent to Predict Your Location in the Future - Taylor Swift Uses Face Recognition Tech on Fans - Amazon Robot sends 24 Employees to Hospital - BBC, Negative Imagery of Corbyn - Theresa May - There is Freedom in Knowing the Agenda.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 16, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Macron's credibility shattered as France joins Italy in budget disgrace

Our politicians will betray us completely': Nigel Farage tells Leave Means Leave rally

Teachers rip down statue of Gandhi unveiled by Ghana's president - saying the independence leader was 'racist' as a young man in South Africa

Trump approves indefinite US presence in Syria

Trump’s Neocon Conversion and the Syrian 180

Uber employee warned firm of self-driving safety risks five days before autonomous car struck and killed a pedestrian

Australia Warned To Prepare For "Severe Housing Collapse" And "Banking Crisis"

OECD warns Australia to prepare contingency plans for a ‘severe collapse’ in the housing market

MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls

X-ray eyes in the sky: New method for 3-D through-wall imaging that utilizes drones and WiFi

No, really. You can see through walls using drones and Wi-Fi

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The 50+ year Zionist stranglehold on U.S. foreign and domestic policy via AIPAC and other factions is detailed in this excellent documentary by Johnny Gat. Featuring: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Earl Hilliard, Sen. Chuck Hagel, Senate Candidate Lee Whitnum, Rep. Ron Paul, Councilman Charles Barron, Assistant Secretary of Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, Ambassador Charles Freeman, Rep. James Trafficant, Mike Harris (Veteran's Today), CIA Michael Scheuer, Rep. David Duke, James Morris (America-Hijacked), USS Liberty Survivor Bryce Lockwood, Physician Dahlia Wasfi, President Richard Nixon, IRMEP Director Grant F Smith, Director of Studies at U.S. Army War College Alan Sabrosky, and Historian Mark Weber.


The dark roots of AIPAC, ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’

For a full list of the Israel lobby in the U.S see

The Israel Lobby in the US - VPRO documentary - 2007

The Israel Lobby's Growing Assault on Free Speech

Who Controls Donald Trump

Information on Zionist Psyops

Searching 'zionism' in 153news Videos

The USS Liberty - What Every American Must Know

BDS website Economic Boycott


Jan. 1, 2019 UPDATE - Johnny Gat is back - YouTube channel

YouTube Deleted Johnny Gat's Main YT Channel!

Johnny Gat website

Johnny Gat Archive!b3gU3KyK!LbSIxtkQ1iFFivfZFMvAGg

Support Alan's Work via Books, Discs and Donations @ Backup Websites (Bookmark these in case of a takedown) AND AND - TOPICS - You're Given Your Leaders - Politics is Drama for the Public - Most Folk don't Want Truth - Truth Demands that You Change Yourself Because of It - Lord Alfred Milner - COP24 Meeting - Climate Change, Sustainability used to Bring You into a State of Austerity - Sterilized, Poisoned with Pesticides, Meat Removed from Diet - The Mob will Always Take the Path of Least Resistance - Change can Only Come from People Changing Themselves - U.N. said The Individual is the Greatest Enemy - Mao was Afraid of an Individual with a Big Idea - George Bush, Sr. Talked about World Order Coming into View, A Big Idea - Environmentalists, Eugenicists - Cecil Rhodes, Wars to Take Over South Africa - Central Banks, Elastic Money - Bank Crash of 2008 - Nudge Units - Fictional Depictions of 19th Century Britain - Carroll Quigley - The New Feudalism with Corporate Overlords - Hedonism, Narcissism, Unlimited Sex, Very Few Babies Born - Tavistock - Weaponized Culture - Perpetual Childhood - You have the Right to Think for Yourself - The Biggest Tyranny Runs the Planet - Horror Lies Ahead - Religion gives a Common Culture - The Money Racket - Two Groups at the Top, Inner Party, Outer Party - RIIA, CFR - Iraq - You Must have a Border to have a Nation - Bolshevik Revolution, Slaughtered those Who Helped Them get to Power - Yuri Bezmenov - Religion, especially Christianity had to be Destroyed - The Pied Piper - Soma Time - Aldous Huxley from the Hereditary Scientific Elite - Flooding China with Opium - COP Meeting - Club of Rome - Canada is always Avant-Garde in Implementing the Agenda - All Our Countries are Being Turned into Failed States - Bank Crises - Moped Gangs - Lawlessness in Britain - Police 'Absolutely Right' to Knock Moped Thieves Off Bikes says Prime Minister Theresa May - Teenage Thug Spared Jail after Wielding a Zombie Knife during Shocking Street Attack - Town Where the Police have Given Up - Man Stabbed in the Head for Taking Too long in Queue - 'Yellow Vest' Violence Erupts Across Europe - Change Yourself.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 9, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Canada announces reduction in federal emissions during COP24

Crop yields consistently up confounding warming scare stories

U.N. Climate Summit, COP24, Warns of ‘Collapse of Our Civilizations’

New publication: Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels

Bureau of the COP bodies page

Climate Hockey Stick

COP24: UN climate change conference, what’s at stake and what you need to know

PRESS RELEASE: Heartland Institute to Present Latest Climate Science in Poland During COP-24

UN Climate Conference Features Meat (and Emissions) Heavy Menu

Peak Oil Postponed Again: “USGS Identifies Largest Continuous Oil and Gas Resource Potential Ever”… And it’s in the Permian Basin

United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit 2018

Watch Undercover Cops Knock Off Unsuspecting Moped Riders

A Metropolitan Police officer is under criminal investigation after using a controversial manoeuvre to knock a teenager off his moped, leaving him with serious head injuries.


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Johnny Gat (YouTube channel) was terminated in Sept., 2018 for alleged Community Guidelines violations. Before the paint dried, his backup channel Johnny Gat 2 was struck down under the guise of 'hate speech.' Censorship of speech (free thought) is standard practice by totalitarian governments and the U.S. is no exception. Help support the few (usually smaller) channels who refuse to be heaped onto the open-air funeral pyre of those who dare to express their thoughts in repressive regimes. Links are below.

The Ugly Truth about the Anti Defamation League (ADL) -

William Cooper - The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League #1

William Cooper - The UGLY Truth - B'nai B'rth & the ADL (6+ hrs) -


Johnny Gat Censored: A Hero Has Fallen -

Johnny Gat 2 channel taken down -

Johnny Gat (Dec. 3, 2018) channel status -

Johnny Gat archive (from his website) -

Johnny Gat Archives (before moving his videos to website above) -

Reverbnation (link to lyrics) -

BibleRaps on SoundCloud -


Mirrored - Tribute To Johnny Gat 2: THEY LIVE! -

Thanks to Urban Moving channel and all others who reposted Johnny Gat's work on various platforms.

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "Financial Gangsters Sing New Song Of Untold Riches from Carbon Con" © Alan Watt Mar. 13, 2016 - TOPICS - Carbon Con - Corruption - Politics and Vetting, CFR - The Open Conspiracy - History of Patriot Radio - Think for Yourselves - Science Took Over from Religion - Public Trained to Listen to Experts - Ontario's Cap-and-Trade Plan - Signing Ceremony for Paris Agreement - U.S. and Canada to Lead World to Low-Carbon Economy - Western Climate Initiative - Scary Quotes on Climate - EU Emissions Over Paris Target - EU Commission Trading Scheme - U.S. Attorney General and Climate "Deniers" - Children Sue Obama for Violation of "Climate Change" Rights - Scientific Study Shows Glaciers are Sexist. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Mar. 13, 2016 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Topics of show covered in following links:

Ontario budget 2016: Liberals' cap-and-trade plan expected to generate $1.9B annually

World leaders invited to Paris Agreement signing ceremony on April 22

US and Canada promise to lead world to low-carbon economy

Ontario’s cap-and-trade regime off to a shaky start

California Adopts Extensive ‘Cap-And-Trade’ Emissions Plan

Should Canada have a cap-and-trade system?

Western Climate Initiative

Scary Quotes from Alarmists explain the "Plan."

Christine Stewart

EU set to emit 2bn tonnes more CO2 than Paris climate pledge

European Union Emission Trading Scheme

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has 'considered taking legal action against climate change deniers'

Kids sue Obama for violating their constitutional 'climate change' rights

Feds paid $709,000 to academic who studies how glaciers are sexist


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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "The System shows Symptoms of Decay and Decline, Having Weathered Austerity for Too Long a Time." © Alan Watt Dec. 2, 2018 - TOPICS - Talks on the Future I Gave Years Ago - Karl Marx, Three Trading Blocs - Unified Europe, Unified Americas - RIIA - Third World Debt - Small Cabal gets the Benefits and Resources, You get the Bills - World Governance, 3 Trading Blocs, Free Trade - CFR, NAFTA - Bernays said Don't Make Your Product Better to Suit the Public, Train the Public to Suit Your Product - Rising Cost of Gasoline, Electric Cars - Agenda 21, Essential Vehicles Only - Signs of Austerity - Bell Canada, Technicians Once a Year for the Same Problems - Agenda 21, Sustainability, Getting People Off the Land into Cities - Third World Countries Come Up a Little, First World Countries Economies Go Down a Bit, All Managed by the IMF and the World Bank - Manufacturing to China, You're Left with a Service Economy - Carroll Quigley - Iceland Tore Up Debts - Ireland Gave In - Visit to Order Books and Discs - Social Approval and Disapproval - IMF's Christine Lagarde Telling Central Banks to Promote Digital Currency, Cashless Society - Bertrand Russell wrote about System of Credits - Brexit - Theresa May - Enoch Powell - Club of Rome - COP Meeting, Conference of the Parties, Starve to Save the Environment - Al Gore - Scientists have New Plan to Fight Global Warming: Dimming the Sun - Adult Asylum Seeker Posed as Teenager - Lab-Grown Placentas - Gene-Edited Babies - China Blacklists Millions from Flights - USA's First Biometric Terminal - Corporate Welfare - G.M. to Idle Plants and Cut Jobs - Warren Buffet's Chinese Battery Giant - Tesla’s big South Australian battery - Canada's Immigration System has been a Success - France Fuel Protests - Google Blocks Gender Pronouns.
*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Dec. 2, 2018 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)
Holy Bruno Tonioli, what’s going on in Brexitland?

Enoch Powell’s speech about the EEC

Migration is 'behind 82% of UK's population growth' as Labour's open door policy added 5.4m new arrivals in just 15 years, says report

Al Gore to host 24-hour climate change special featuring Moby, Goo Goo Dolls

Scientists have new plan to fight global warming: Dimming the sun

Global Warming: Media Ignore Sharp Drop In Global Temperatures Over Past Two Years

Excess winter deaths almost double in Wales

Cheap sun barrier could cut global warming

First picture of 'adult asylum seeker who posed as a 15-year-old schoolboy to sit GCSEs'

Lab-grown placentas 'will transform pregnancy research'

What we know — and what we don’t — about the claim of world’s first gene-edited babies

China’s modern-day Frankenstein babies

China halts work by team on gene-edited babies

Google urged to drop Chinese 'Dragonfly' project

China blacklists millions of people from booking flights as 'social credit' system introduced

Delta: USA's 'first biometric terminal' ready to go at Atlanta airport

G.M. to Stop Production at 5 Plants in U.S. and Canada

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Audio and video clips of Melanie Safka's 1970 song, 'Lay Down, Candles in The Rain'. (1) Video excerpt, 'Oldest Native American footage ever' with audio of (Candles in the Rain) Second video excerpt is Melanie recorded live in 1970 with the Edwin Hawkins Singers (from Willem Duys in Holland) enjoy!

Mirrored from RealCrabbyAppleton channel which I use for things like this

This is part 1 of a 5-part series of talks by Alan Watt from his weekly Sunday blurbs, July 3 - 31, 2016 (links for pts 2 - 5 are below). The U.S. Army War College with the Intelligence Services and associated think tanks (on behalf of the Dominant Minority), published their plans for the destruction of all Western cultures via a war strategy known as 'Full Spectrum Dominance.' Alan Watt begins to break this down in part 1.

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) "A Severe Study of Pandora's Dreams May Preserve Sanity from Cabal's Schemes - Part 1" © Alan Watt July 3, 2016 - TOPICS - Reality - Class Structure - Total Control of System - H.G. Wells - Full Spectrum Dominance - Obama Visits Canada for North American Leaders' Summit - Free Trade, Service Economy - BREXIT Fallout - Soviet System - Utopias are Horror Shows - Venom of Authorized Journalists - MI5 Fears Irish-related Attack - Italy's Failing Banks - Early CIA Control of Alternative Radio - U.S. Army War College Quarterly, Summer 1997 - Managing Information - PNAC - Think for Yourself and Try to Remember - Knowing the Truth Can Be Dangerous. *Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 3, 2016 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Article from The U.S. Army War College, 1997 - 'Constant Conflict' - Alan starts @ paragraph 18, then goes to paragraph 1.


Topics of show covered in following links:

Watch as Canadian Lawmakers Chant for 'Four More Years' of Obama

North America leaders mount strong defence of trade despite threats

Climate deal caps North American leaders' summit

How to explain Brexit to your children without traumatizing them

Brexit fall-out will put Iraq foreign policy calamity in the shade

Theresa May scrapped aerial border surveillance despite warnings from former security minister

MI5 fears Irish-related attack in Britain a ‘strong possibility’

Chaos at Europe's big banks: Italy begs for bad loans bailout and IMF warns Germany's Deutsche Bank 'poses risk to global economy'

Italy eyes €40bn bank rescue as first Brexit domino falls

Italy’s Banks On Death Bed. Are Bail-Ins Coming?,-bail-ins-coming-200139191


Books - 'The Next Million Years' by Charles Galton Darwin

'The Open Conspiracy' by H.G. Wells (1933)

Audiobook of 'The Open Conspiracy'


Links for Parts 2 - 5 of this Excellent Series:

Alan Watt (July 10) A Severe Study of Pandora's Dreams - Pt 2

Alan Watt (July 17) A Severe Study of Pandora's Dreams - Pt 3

Alan Watt (July 24) A Severe Study of Pandora's Dreams - Pt 4

Alan Watt (July 31) A Severe Study of Pandora's Dreams - Pt 5

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