This video covers most of the first half of this trail. If you can get through the first half, most likely you can make the rest. I will be making a highlight video next followed by the second half as time permits.

This is a second half of the Log Corral ride.

Born and raised in Northern California snow was a big part of my childhood. I have carried on that tradition with my family and even the dogs. Btw, the Sport is my black lab's favorite car. She loves crazy rides in the side by side. This is a short video, I have a bigger adventure ride coming up.

I am the only one out here! The coloring of reds and orange remind me of a game I played with my nephews. Outlaws by Lucas Arts . It included a lot of the spaghetti western music used in Clint Eastwood movies. That game was ahead of it's time... and now we have Red Dead Redemption. Btw, check out a Sport RC competing in King of the hammers! He went head to head against turbo machines and placed 21 out 100. Though not a desert road, wide open, turbo machine the RC tore up the technical sections!

Flying down Bill Grey rd on my way in, I saw a herd of pronghorn. In the video I approached 3 white tail deer. It was another epic ride, but I was just heading up to film the climb and some of the scenery. I sped up sections so you don't miss anything with the climb and the view. I also recorded the way back, WOW! Not as much about the riding, but it's gorgeous up there.

Careful re -examine of Maverick Sport 1000R after Talon and Kawasaki Sport UTV releases and X3 DS RR test ride. Sedona and Horseshoe Lake Rd. BTW, The point I am making about the i4 wheel drive is that it may not be as good as a fully locking differential. I have seen situations where it's eh, ok. Plenty of examples out there of more extreme rock climbs and other machines make it, but the Talon struggles. Plenty of examples where the Visco-Lok‡ QE front differential is just a fail. However SuperATV makes a fully locking diff that is even better than smart lock that plugs into the existing making the Sport more versatile. It also makes the 4X4 shift on the fly. I have been very reserved about saying the Sport is the better vehicle because it was an uninformed opinion. Your ego gets in the way of being objective. I waited until I had seen these things out and performing beyond the press shows. The Kawasaki is promising, but 68 Mph top speed, not for me. :)

It was rather cold and rainy, but was a fun run up to Horseshoe. Looks like they are dumping water out as fast as they can. Oak Creek is at 600cfs and 4 feet in Cornvillle. I can't imagine what the Verde must look like right about now.

In this video you will get to see how the faster, stronger Maverick performs and sounds. Better high speed control, easier to get to a high speed. Not obvious.. ha ha There was a guy watching when I jumped the parking lot. As I was leaving, he was saw me and smiled. It was obvious I was having fun. In this video I wish I had another cam on the pedal position display. It would demonstrate how easy it is to harness the power. What this video should demonstrate is how different this machine behaves now. It's very noticeable to anyone who has driven it before. Keep in mind I use an octane booster and the tune better harnesses that higher octane. It's all a combo of small upgrades. This area has a lot of traffic so no 80mph runs or anything too crazy, but at 50 going around a dirt rd corner you feel much more stable. It's not the same Sport I bought that's really all I can say.

I decided to do a little less riding today and film the Maverick Sport doing the types of riding I like to do on the Sport placing the Mavic 2 Pro ahead of me since it would never do a follow me in these types of conditions.

This is a part 1 of a ride to New River Canyon. If you don't like 45 min of ride video, you may want to go watch something else. ;) Yes I made a video based on this ride before, but I re-approached it on this trip to give you commentary in between songs.


Blocked on Youtube, sweet

Bought a SIG P238 today and took it to the range with my VP9

I had heard you could see the ruin from the road and it's all fenced off with posted private property signs. Now I know, It's on the top of the hill... not on the side.


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