Good Ol' Gee Aye Joe reminisces about the days you could Drive Drunk

A closer look into Vortex Based Math with Randy Powell, a student & friend of Marko Rodin.

Marko Rodin Re discovered the Mathematical equation that underlines & prevails all things in the Universe. It is coded into everything we can see or touch & conceive.

More Extreme 80s Ninja Action with Sho Kosugi!

Ryu destroys the Demon Guard Dogs, creatures he has already faced before. He has a bad feeling about it & than Robert appears before him wounded. He informs Ryu they have got Irene & that he is the only one who can stop them. Ryu leaves the brave Robert to make his last stand while he heads to save Irene & the Earth, but can Ryu once again call on the Power of the Dragon or will the World fall to shadow?

A Great one, Classic Van Dammage

Several Strangers awaken in a Cube shaped Room with no idea how they got there or why. There is a Door on each Wall, Floor & Ceiling leading to another Cube shaped Room. Some rooms contain Traps. The Strangers each come from a different background & try to work together to survive & reach the Exit.

When White Rabbit Peaks put the Toaster in the Tub!

A look into the Secret Base at the South Pole, the Secret Space Program & Potential Secret Base on the Moon since WW2

One last video from Robert

Old but still Funny

"I hope you like Pain!"

In the Year 1666 jewish rabbi Sabbatai Zevi declared himself messiah & inverted the previous teachings claiming sinning in all things would force God to intervene & bring the Golden Age. He amassed over Half of the entire jewish followers to his cause before he pretended to convert to islam to avoid execution. After he died Jacob Frank took up his mantle & also declared himself messiah, than with Adam Weishaupt & Mayer Amschel Rothschild they formed the secret societies that still own the Banks to this day.

I borrowed this Video from a very good channel called Atlantean Gardens (yes on youtube but for how long remains the question). The Man speaking & walking his Dog is Robert Sepehr , he is an Anthropologist & a Historian. He has at least 3 Books (all worth reading, they are great books) https://www.amazon.com/Robert-Sepehr/e/B00XTAB1YC/ . I just wanted to share this, be sure to check out his Channel & his books.

The Classic 1962 Masterpiece

More Blinding Action from the Zatoichi Classic Collection

They Killed His Wife & Threatened His Son, Now They will Pay with Rivers of Blood!!

Back to the 80s again with another Sci Fi/Fantasy Classic

Flashback to the 90s

Saturday Morning Cartoons (when they were still cool!)

The Zatoichi Classic Film Series continues

Zatoichi could beat you Blindfolded

A crew consisting of some groupie stonerz, a blond, an asshole, a prick, a simp & a joo crashland on a Backwater Planet & the fun begins!

I would make a cheesy Dinosaur joke but I have a Feeling the Movie is Better LOL enjoy!

Starring Jeff Bridges Jessica Lange

Probly my favorite version of King Kong

Once again I advise a Grain of Salt to be taken with this. This very "Brotherhood" has used Subversion since Ancient times & some of that has leeched into almost every aspect of life in the modern age. Some do the work for this Brotherhood second hand without even knowing it. That being said the Secret Societies have Hoarded the Majority of Beneficial Spiritual Knowledge & Facts about Reality most are unaware of or don't believe. It is up to each person to decide where the deceit lays & what Knowledge is Truth or Beneficial. Take the pieces that make sense to you & use them to help you on your quest to figure out what is really going on in your own way.

(There is a fair amount of blame shifting, we all know who won the world wars & they wrote the history. When there is a lie it usually has truth in it, just flip it 180 degrees.)

A Grain of Salt my Friends, don't Shoot the Messenger & don't assume I agree with everything contained herein. There is some Truth to be had in this but what that is & what you do with it will be different for each Person. There is New Age Deception (& Old Age), Misconception & Speculation when Researching the Past beyond 6,000 Years ago. A bit different than my usual Content so if it's not for you just give it a Pass but you should give it a Watch

The Blind Swordsman returns in another Classic Zatoichi Film

The Smashing End to one of the Greatest Anime of all Time

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Hokuto Shinken is truly unrivaled

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