Ken is taken to a secluded location & bound in chains to a table, still unconscious. Cammy makes her move on Chun Li's Father & he falls from a building but into a truck full of empty bottles & is near death, however she believes he has died. Ken gets help from the Government to rescue his Son from Bison & Shadow Law. Coincidentally Guile is leading the Team. Bison sends a peculiar but very strong man to collect Ryu.

Chun Li fights Bravely but is no Match for Bison's Psycho Power & is rendered unconscious. Ryu is still unconscious himself while this all happens, drained from pushing himself beyond his limits training. Bison tries to extort $$ from the Kens Billionaire Father & Cammy gets ready to strike her Target.

Ken finishes his Fight with Vega but not without a scratch, than he & Vega are treated for their wounds. Ryu uses all his energy while practicing the Hado-Ken & passes out on the Beach. A traitor in the Interpol Balrog is actually working for Bison, hires an Assassin, a Beautiful but just as Deadly Cammy to kill Chun Li's Father. Bison reveals himself to Chun Li & torments her while Ken is Drugged.

Kens Battle with Vega becomes very serious as not only is his life in danger, but Chun Li's as well who has been Drugged. Ryu continues his Practice as he gets closer to harnessing the Hado. Bison observes with a Psychotic Grin.

Vega's obsessions continue as he schemes something. Ryu continues to master his Hado, menwhile Interpol meets to speak about the Crime Syndicates & their head Organization led by a Mysterious Figure named Byson. Ken & Chun Li get invited to a masked ball where he gets challenged to a duel by Vega.

Ryu & Ken arrive in Spain & meet Chun Li, than shortly after head to a Bull Fighting Match. There they see a young but Deadly Bull Fighter named Vega that quickly takes an interest in Chun Li, almost obsessively so. Things get strange when an intruder shows up in Chun Li's room while she was sleeping.

Dhalsim agrees to teach the Hadoken Technique to Ryu & Ken. Shortly after beginning their instruction Dhalsim triggers something in Ryu. He realizes Ryu may be more advanced than he previously thought. After some more instruction he sends Ryu back into the Cave to face his inner self. Ryu learns more about the Hadoken & his own power but is far from Mastering it. Ken receives a letter from Chun Li asking them to come to Spain so they head there next.

Determined to learn from Dhalsim Ken & Ryu stay in the Village. Bandits show up in search of Ancient Treasure to loot & holds the Village Hostage & forces Ryu & Ken to enter the Mysterious Cave known to be Haunted. While inside they are consumed by a strange Fog & are faced with a Colossal Visage before themselves, but things are not what they seem.

After their adventure in Bangkok Ryu & Ken head to India in search of a wise Master named Dhalsim. They take a small detour when they get lost & happen upon a small Village Hospital being harassed by Thugs. They take care of the Thugs & as thanks the Doctor of the Field Hospital shows them the way to Dhalsim who at first neither welcomes or rejects the 2 but does tell them he was expecting them.

Ryu is released & with Kens help they search for those that framed them, the Ashura. The Ashura are a Crime Syndicate connected to Shadow Law. With some almost help from Chun Lis Father & Interpol they bring down one of the Crime Bosses & find evidence of Sagot's innocence.

Ryu gets a taste of Sagat's Muay Thai & than befriends him. Ken searches for clues on Shadow Law that framed Ryu to get him released from Prison.

After the Crime Syndicate "Shadow Law" sends the attack against Chun Li's Father Ryu & Ken get a taste of Muay Thai. Wanting to see the world & learn some more they head to Thailand in hopes of learning more about it. Chun Li's Father warns them the Ashura will most likely come after them for revenge & no sooner than landing in the Airport Ryu is framed by having Drugs planted on him & ends up in Prison facing off with Sagat

Drug dealers cause trouble for Chun Li's Father so Ken & Ryu decide to help. Some Clowns (Literally) try to kidnap Chun Li to get to her Father but Got more than they Bargained for. The Drug Dealers try to attack the home of Chun Li's Dad where his Dojo is along with Fei Long & lose again.

Ken takes Chun Li Shopping & Ryu gets bored & wanders off where he meets an Old Man that looked ill. He helps him outside where he uses a strange Technique to restore his Health. Ryu is very shocked & asks to learn the skill. The old man agrees & tells him in time he can learn. Later he learns from Chun Li's Father the Old Man was a Great Master once.

Chun Li's Father a Captain of the Hong Kong Police shows up & saves them at the last second. The next day Chun Li takes Ken & Ryu to meet Fei long, a hot shot Movie Star but no slouch.

After beating up all the Thugs in the Underground Tournament, Ryu, Ken & Chun Li try to escape through the Lawless Zone but not before getting into a few more Fights

After getting Beat Up by Guile, Ryu & Ken decide to travel & learn a bit about the World in search of themselves & greater power. They first head to hong Kong where their escort is the pretty young Chun Li. Later that night they end up fighting in an Underground Boxing Match.

Ken takes Ryu out on the town to cause some trouble where they pick a fight with the wrong Soldier

The world falls into chaos more as Demons start appearing everywhere. Akira struggles to keep what's left of his Humanity & Battles with his inner Demons.... Literally

Ryu leaves Japan to go visit his old Friend Ken who he trained with as a boy.

Jubei is a skilled rogue Ninja that prefers to mind his own business but is also a Mercenary for hire. He gets dragged into a Contract involving the Government that at first he wanted nothing to do with until he discovered that it was connected to his Past & revenge.

Some time has past since Akira became Devilman & he has tried to live as normal a life as he can, but Demons want revenge against him as well as the Demon inside him Amon.

More 80s Ninja Action! Starring Sho Kosugi

Cho Osaki is attacked by an army of ninjas, resulting in the slaughter of his entire family except for his mother and his younger son, Kane. He kills the attackers than moves with his son and mother to Salt Lake City, where he opens an Oriental art gallery with the help of his American business partner and friend, Braden, and his assistant Cathy. Though he can't run from his Ninja past ...

First of the Devilman Anime

When Akira Fudo helps his best friend Ryo Asuka to uncover his fathers death he gets in way over his head. They discover ancient creatures that assimilate other lifeforms to evolve once existed in the long past. Ryos father was an archaeologist that discovered some of the truth behind it.

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