Came across this quick video & thought it was worth sharing. I have reached the point where I see clearly but will not attach myself to any given issue to the degree I get dragged down with it in the spiraling toilet. Most are not meant or equipped to survive what is coming. Trying to get others to see that don't already is like wrestling with a turd & is often not worth diving into the sewage to pull them out of it.

Just had a strange Dream about the Government & not sure what it means but wanted to make a note of it.

Another song from Coal Chamber that fits a current situation

Bahaha, I have had this song stuck in my head ever since I posted the video earlier today so I thought I would annoy you with it too

Coal Chamber with Ozzy

Predictive Programming is not telling the Future, it is Planting Seeds in your Mind to make you react a certain way to stimulus later down the road. They know everyone would reference 12 Monkeys, don't fall for it.

People will defend themselves from the Truth when you scream at them or punch them in the face with it

Was recorded real late & I don't like bright lights at night so it's kinda Dark

Just showing the New Computer I recently built. Will do a better more in depth Video on it later.
Merry Christmas to everyone (a belated one)

System Specs:
Motherboard: Huananzhi X79 Green
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2687W v2 (8 Core, 16 Thread 3.4 - 4Ghz stock)
RAM: 128 Gb 1866 ECC Hynx (Heatsink) 32Gb X4
Graphics Card: MSI RT 3060ti Ventus2 8Gb GDDR6
Stroage: 1X NVMe M.2 Saberant Rocket Q 2Tb SSD (close to 4000Mb/sec), 1Tb SATA SSD, 4Tb Server Hard Drive
PSU: 1000 EVGA GQ+ 80+Gold Power Supply
Case: Cougar M 330G
Cooler: Vetroo U6 Dual Tower CPU Cooler w/ 6 Heatpipes 120mm X2 ARGB hooked up to LED Fan Kit 3X 120mm ARGB Fans}

Back in the Early times of Film 1914 from "Cabiria" by Giovanni Pastrone. So I ask you in 100 years time what has changed? (or even the last 6000 years for that matter...)

A Clip from a Video rebuilding a Laptop, running Oblivion while testing the System for Stability

Another Mirrored Video from Robert Sepehr

2009 Video Game "Secret Files 2" planting seeds for a desired reaction far in advance. Predictive Programming is NOT prophecy, it is PROGRAMMING YOU to react a certain way when they decide to pull your strings. CUT the strings. This isn't meant to scare you but it is a very real threat. Fearing this happening would feed it's possibility of occurring just like praying for peace in the Region can help to quell it which many people have been doing.


NANI? More Censorship? Say it aint so....

Sorry about the weird noise, my auto focus was doing that because I was so close to the screen

This is a lower power 1050ti (Inno 3D) that will fit in a smaller case. Just doing the usual, replacing Paste & adding Heat Sinks

Just a quick Repaste & Heat Sink mod on an Old AGP Video Card, the one that is in the Red MSI Retro PC at the moment

Since when is waking people who refuse to be responsible human beings more important than the people that are doing what they can to resist this BS losing everything? Anyone still wearing a Mask is LOST, they are not worth the evaporation of all freedom & the lives that will be lost over this. This is a flimsy excuse at this point. I don't trust anyone that tells me to sit & do nothing while someone else saves me. I will stand on my own & say fuck you to this BS, I need no ones permission or guidance doing so

A Grain of Truth with a Grain of Salt

No. I didn't make the Title up this time lol

You are Ninjanated

Trying out a New one, not really a Review so much as just some Gameplay of the Game, but I do explain & show a couple things
Available on GOG
*Alex sold separately*

Toadally out of control

Love him or hate him it's a good laugh

Pailsen Files
Abnormal Survivor
Previous Episodes: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BVQyMUOCJR3v/

Pailsen Files
Next Episodes: https://www.bitchute.com/video/BVQyMUOCJR3v/

Kinda a long video but giving a more or less Raw Experience of this build. First 45 minutes was just Installing Windows & going through the Troubleshooting to get the right Drivers & Settings. Than I run a couple Benchmarks. May do a quick 3rd Video showing some XP Game Play on an Old 478 Pentium 4

Every position of Power is seated by them or the Tribe they serve


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