This is the original version of the Trump Biker vs. antifa video from Twatter.

Twatter video of a disagreement between a Trump supporter riding a motorcycle, and a cowardly antfa loser. I'll post the original video so you can have fun with it if you want.

Credits : Theme from the motion picture "Metropolis" (1927) Frank Strobel (conductor/music editor), Original Black Rock Sunrise video uploaded by Mike McCabe on July 6, 2006 (https://archive.org/details/Black_Rock_Sunrise)

I switched some scenes around to see if it work better (Don't worry, This is my last Mentos parody... For NOW!)

I used clips from "The Avengers" movie for this one ...Crap,. I should of added a "FAIR USE" label - F.U. Disney !!!) Anyway, Let me know what you think.

I got into the Mentos parody thing a bit late, but, I thought that I would try a few. This was my first one, using clips from the movie "Dirty Harry" (Don't worry, i didn't do too many of them).

This is one of the early recorded tracks by my friend Ed Presley playing. (and backtracks too) Originally transferred from a cassette tape to a computer to a CD.

This video is of the injury of Samar Ait Siad during the 2016 Olympics combined with a bit of of one of the Volkswagen "Unpimp your Ride" commercials (Yes, That is Peter Stormare).

I do not think that hardly anyone else caught this one - a reference to the 1966 Batman TV series that one of the writers slipped into the first episode of Season 3.

I has this idea of mixing dialog from the movie "COMMANDO" with the song "GRAVITY" by John Mayer. There are no clips form the movie, or of Mayer. At the time, I was using Microsoft Movie Maker (R.I.P. - F.U. Microsoft !) to make these videos. This is the 7th version of this video. Let me know what you think of the video. If I can find all the necessary video clips, I might make a new version of this video. i liked this movie in part because of all the puns. I recommend it If you have never seen it. (There is alot of violence as well - It is rated "R", and it is NOT recommended for Children).


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