Shining the a beacon of transparency on the rampant corruption and blatant division of "US vs THEM". Biden Bombs "Iranian backed" forces in Syria... but it seems that many people have forgotten what's really going on over there in Syria and Iraq.  I also talked about former French President Sarkozy being charged with "corruption" (lol) and his terrible sentence of maybe having to stay at home for a year, the aftermath of the Texas snowstorm electricity debacle, and Peel Region (Toronto Canada) advocating child abuse and torture as a way to defend against the dreaded "pandemic".  You cannot make this shit up!!
All Links and graphics are in the RTS Earth Article here: https://www.rts.earth/transpicuous-news-march-2-2021/

Todays UnFuckIt Discussion flew through a whole pile of topics, from the current state of global insanity, to taking another look at the Deagel.com forecasted population changes by 2025, to the unbelievable corruption of vaccine giants like Pfizer who are literally extorting governments into signing over their assets, to magnetic pole shifts, incoming cosmic rays, electric universe theory, to health topics like how to get rid of refined sugar in your daily diet, the dangers of psuedo-sweeteners like Aspartame, and the benefits of probiotics and natural lacto-fermented foods. Oh… and chocolate, lol.

For some reason my BrandNewTube channel is not working correctly. I have contacted the tech support but haven’t heard back from them yet. All my videos are also being posted to Bitchute, and Odysee.

The Books mentioned during the show, Genesis Antarctica, and the Book of Miracles, are available in the UnFuckers Library. AND…. further to “Being Prepared” and Prepping, in the UU Library is an extensive collection of Prepping books on a broad spectrum of topics.

www.unfuckersunite.com is the private membership home of UnFuckers, and the UnFuckers Library

This is the End..... YouTube deleted my Transpicuous News Report that I put out just a few hours ago, and are threatening to ban me for "medical misinformation". My apologies to all of you awesome subscribers and regular viewers here on YouTube, who've followed my work for years, but this is the last straw.
I'm moving over to BrandNewTube, (and hopefully Bitchute.com ) permanently, as of right now. Please Click this link, register, "like" and add + my channel over there: https://brandnewtube.com/@RemovingTheShackles
You can also find me on UnFuckersUnite.com, on Pocketnet.app, and on Telegram with the new RTS Earth Chat (links in the RTS Earth article below)

Last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion wasn’t live streamed and we had a more laid back conversation about “Prepping”. My gut instincts have been telling me for the past few months that it’s time to get back into “prepper mode”, and not just because of an impending “massive disaster” either. We are seeing power black outs, smaller localized “disasters” that are causing food crop failures globally, political bullshittery that is teetering on the edge of full on global trade/economic/financial wars, and witnessing the breakdown of society/common sense across the board. It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to be able to see that our planets weather patterns are radically changing and that geologically we’re seeing a huge increase in earthquakes and volcanoes, floods, and electrical/plasma based events. “Being Prepared” isn’t about fear porn, its about being responsible for yourself and your family…. because you should have figured out by now that your government seriously can’t be counted on to do it for you....

Last night, before the UnFuckIt Discussion, I did a Geomagnetic update to talk about the crazy events seen July 21 at 2200 that continued into almost the entire day of the 22nd.  As I show on the video, this event was not "solar winds", "CMEs" or "solar flares", and was picked up on several different graphs.  And Nope.... don't have a clue what caused it!!  Right now it's very easy to fall into the trap of "belief" and picking a specific narrative to define events like this, whether it's "magnetic pole shifts", "Nibiru/second sun" or New Age "Wave X".... I caution people from getting too drawn into any of these specific belief structures because once we pick an answer as a final "THIS is what is causing all this stuff!" conclusion, we may ignore other evidence that is coming out that doesn't fit into this model/belief/theory.

Last night on the UnFuckIt discussion Ben Grosse joined us to discuss his latest work down under with the local "mobs", and discusses ceremonial burning of the land- how it's done properly, and the healing actions of doing a proper "cold" burn vs wild hot burns that are normally done.  Ben also mentions "Dreamtime" work, and earlier yesterday he posted a link to an article about a brilliant book, "Journey into Dreamtime" by Munya Andrews.  I highly recommend reading this book!!!

Deep Immersion with Jeff Gates, Emily Moyer and myself.  As usual, when we get this group together, you never know what topics will get tossed onto the table, and last nights discussion definitely didn't disappoint!

A great conversation about the "narratives" that people hold onto, and how to break free from the "story lines", quantum consciousness, and of course a big dose of Deep Woo Woo!!

This morning I recorded a short geomagnetic update on the current stuff going on around our planets magnetosphere and magnetopause. I also put out a response to the Suspicious Observers video that Ben put out last night (below), and derisive commentary he made towards anyone using the iSWA tools in their videos. All the links to most of the various tools I use are in the RTS.Earth article link below....including the one that Ben didn't post.

This was one of our most random discussions in ages!! We started off talking about the geomagnetic anomalies going on and slid into continuing our discussion from Sunday night about alternate universes, parallel dimensions, multiple timelines…. and somehow ended up talking about cars and appliances breaking down and Mercury in Retrograde, and how we all love the old “stuff” better, lol!

The Geomagnetic Insanity continues. ...

The Geomagnetic fuckery has continued with very strange "blasts" coming in the past two days at 8pm and 4am UTC time. Last night, starting at 20:00 UTC we experienced wave after wave of huge blasts that continued for HOURS, abated for a short while, and then started up again at 4am this morning.
www.rts.earth for more information.

Crazy ass shit!!  The UnFuckers watched Fringe last night, as usual, and we got into a very interesting discussion afterwards.  This is a really deep, way out there, WTF discussion- not for the faint of heart, lol.  I laid out a bunch of dots that seem to be connecting, and pulled out some wild theories about timelines, parallel dimensions, Prime consciousness, and perhaps what the hell has happened that has opened up this gigantic can of worms that seems to be playing out right now.  The Shows Fringe and Stranger Things seem to be very direct sign posts along this very weird road.

After the Astrology 2.0: the UnHeard Waves, we dug into the question that's on everyone's mind:  WTAF is going on right now?  This was an excellent discussion of astrology meets electric universe theory and looking in depth at some of the major events unfolding around us planetarily at the moment.

Today we dug into the first of the generational "waves", labeled the "silent" ones born between 1928-1945. We discovered today, it's not that they are "Silent", but that they are the "Unheard" Wave.

As I promised, I put out another update on the current Geomagnetic Fuckery that seems to be abating a bit, but still continuing. As of about 6am this morning, July 4 2019, the Magnetopause distortions seem to have calmed down significantly, but the magnetosphere is still showing a huge amount of unrest with the south polar magnetic lines again disappearing for hours at a time. I'm keeping my eye on the feed closely and I'll update if anything changes.

We Opened last night with a Geomagnetic update (video available separately later today).
Great discussion last night with lots of input from the unfuckers!!

As I promised at the end of yesterday's Geomagnetic update, I've been watching the feeds very closely!  Today.... Yep, more insanity- this time it is the Magnetopause that went ballistic, showing huge compression again, but also insane distortions to the magnetopause that have been going on for hours all day today!  Unfortunately, as I've said in the video, the live feed graphs just keep going down, which makes it very difficult to follow what's happening AS it's happening.

It’s been an interesting 24 hours to say the least! This is a quick geomagnetic update to show everyone the blast of …. something, that hit us yesterday at 12 noon UTC. I was going to record an update last night on this, but was feeling rather sickish. I’m glad I waited this this morning and the blasts continued to keep coming, right up to an hour ago when I last checked the live feeds. I didnt’ mention this during the video, but there are also NO geomagnetic storms- we are currently sitting a KP1.
Continue reading on RTS: https://www.rts.earth/transpicuous-news-geomagnetic-update-june-30-2019/

Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion. We opened up the show talking about some very weird physical symptoms that a LOT of people have been experiencing over the past few weeks. Then we dove down a rabbit hole that I haven’t really visited since 2012- UFOs, Bob Lazar, Skinwalker Ranch. It’s not the specific storyline that I was interested in reviewing these videos (posted in link below), but some very interesting pieces that were brought up as “asides” – dots that seem to connect to several topics that we’ve been discussion for many years now.

NOTE: with Youtube deleting accounts and demonitizing truth speakers left right and center (they demonitized me back in 2016!), I am making a move over to BitChute and DTube- I will be double posting here on youtube as well for a while, but I am asking all my subscribers to please subscribe to my Dtube and BitChute accounts as well.



I hosted a special Transpicuous Views interview with Kevin Schlosser from Kindness Canada, to talk about the amazing and inspiring new "game" app that he and his partner are currently crowdfunding:  1,000,000 Acts of Kindness.....

....And the insanity continues!  I refused to talk about the political and financial insanity last night- nope just not gonna do it- but we discussed the critically insane weather globally, the impending food shortages in the next few months due to the massive floods and hail storms throughout the US and Europe- not to mention India and China!  Time to start stocking up folks!  And the physical anomalies and symptoms that we've been experiencing for the last few weeks- skin crawling itching tingling.... cramping of the lower legs, pain in the major muscle groups and back etc.  And of course, the personal "mandela Effects" that are now happening almost weekly.  Is the construct failing?


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