This is a fraction of the White genocide happening. A paltry slice of the real numbers in America. The controlled media & Govt agencies work very hard to conceal the official data. When you consider Whites in South Africa, Australia, Europe & Canada being murdered daily by non-European savages... the agenda materializes before your eyes in shocking reality. Combine this with Immigration, Dept of Education propaganda & Hollywood's constant Movie//Music stream trickling onto mobile devices, anyone with an IQ above stupid can see what's going down.

In the meantime, while you are being killed daily & cut out of belonging to anything beneficial because of your alleged privilege; the media bombards you with blame & guilt, revisionist history & a narrative opposite to reality. Your controllers cry out in pain as they strike you. That's the plan. It wont stop until you are eliminated. Grab a clue already. Preserve your birthright. Fight for what your Grandfathers & Fathers built before you. They bled for it. Only cowards willingly lay down while they are overrun, we aren't cowards. Its time for the next level... It's time for organization, strong media, resistance & political structure.

Welcome home. Your brothers & sisters have been waiting for you. Thank God you came!
~Eggplant Shine

This is a long compilation. Trial is happening in Chicago now. Like 100s of cases before... White woman was in her home, Negro breaks in. Negro tries to rape her, savagely smashes her head in & slits her throat. Some reports state she was stabbed in the face. The knife was broken from the attack. Then Negro robbed her home & left casually on his merry way. Her children found her & said she was unrecognizable. It was a bloody gruesome mess when police arrived. Through neighborhood surveillance cams & stolen items coming to pawn shops, cops were able to narrow the suspect down to Dominic Sanders. When questioned by Police, Dominic claimed he WAS in the neighborhood @ the exact time, he DID go to her house, he DID enter her home, he DID steal from the house, but magically, amazingly he did NOT murder her... Its a pure coincidence that somebody else killed her within a few minutes of his crimes. He Dindu Nuffin! He was arrested. His shoes still had Andrea Urban's blood on them, 28 days later. This is Illinois folks... Like California & NY... Murder gets minimal attention & sentences are always light.

Location: Hinsdale, IL (Chicago)
Negro Murderer: Dominic Sanders
White Victim: Andrea Urban

This woman was allegedly an Engineer, so perhaps her logic operated on a higher level than other women. Maybe after she followed her emotional retardation regarding equality, she had an epiphany where her brain engaged & she "woke" to the fact that she was laying with a sub-human / beast. Unfortunately, her Negroid violence detector was broken & she allowed the human/beast to harass & stalk her. By the time she realized animals don't think like humans it was too late. He stalked her & shot her in the head. The beast then fled & led Police on a statewide manhunt. I'm sure in her final moments of life she realized that gallivanting with beasts of the field was her downfall. Hopefully her daughter learned a lesson.

Location: Huntsville, AL
Negro Murderer: Cornett Evans
White Victim: Rene Moore

White women will lay with anything. You don’t see Hispanic, Asian, Arabic or even Black women betraying their own fathers & brothers like the "Great White Whore". The Great White Whore cares nothing for her grandparents, her great grandparents, her heritage, history or genetics. She wrecks thousands of years of DNA spreading her legs for any animal that whispers sweet bullshit in her ear. She has no loyalty to family, ancestry, community, or neighborhood. She thinks with emotion only... no long term consequences enter her Whore brain. She is easily brainwashed by Multicult propaganda & carries zero accountability to her people. Of course, after the Beast beats her, cheats on her, lies, steals, bullies & dominates her against her will...she runs back to the same White community she betrayed, fully expecting them to embrace her stupid White Whore behavior. Other White Whores console her.... in the end, she becomes OJs wife... a statistic. Or... she embarrassingly hides her jungle fever past until she can convince a White cuckold SJW to accept her past "mistakes". Along with her ugly Negro children that LOOK nothing like her family, heritage or ancestry.... nor ACT nothing like them. They applaud each other for how "tolerant" they are as they further the destruction of European Heritage. A Woman’s value is in her breeding & when those years leave, she is worthless. The White Whore craps fecal stained mud babies like a fly spawns maggots. She is a despicable traitor too dumb & selfish to grasp the wreckage she blazes. She is so dense, she calls it “progress”.

Location: Denton, TX
Negro Murderer: Xavier Patterson
White Victim: Meagan Darling

Brainwashed dingbat believes media propaganda, despite what vision, smell, hearing & instinct senses warn against. She's dead now. With her pet sub-species caged at the Negroid shelter, what will become of the 1/2 breed mutant species she crapped out? Well... our tax dollars will fund them of course!! And like Oboingo & Kaepernick...the 1/2 breeds will grow up to hate their White ancestral heritage even though they benefit genetically from it immensely.

Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Negro Murderer: Lamuel Lee Roberts
White Victim: Kaitlin Nichole Roberts

Jerry Pastore worked for 40 years in the restaurant business before fulfilling his lifelong dream of having his own place. He became the owner/operator of Shamrock Deli 2 years ago & it was an immediate hit in the Camden, New Jersey neighborhood. The story goes like this: Man works entire life. Man saves. Man opens business. Man provides jobs. Man fosters neighborhood cheer. Man fulfills dreams. Negro kills it. Its the same story in every city, USA. Once again, we trade off a productive contributing member of society for a leech parasite that only sponges & consumes resources. Now tax payers get to house, feed, clothe, educate & medically care for this Negro for life.

Location: Camden, NJ
Negro Murderer: Dyheam Williams
White Victim: Jerry Matthew Pastore

Robert Long was a noted Chess author. He was known worldwide for some of his publications on Chess. His home was burglarized, he was robbed & strangled to death by Charlie Gary III. Another case of an quiet elderly White person suffering a violent heinous death at the hands of a worthless, criminal Negro. Another case of losing a productive, contributing member of society for a consuming leech that only sucks resources & never contributes to the community it sucks dry.

Location: Davenport, IA
Negro Murderer: Charlie Gary III
White Victim: Robert Long

Larissa Marie Cole thought it was "cool" to party with Negroes. She's dead now. She bought MSM diversity BS & didn't live to fight another SJW battle. Her final life experience was contacting Jerome Denell Dzwonek to buy her some liquor via Facebook. She met up with it, smoked dope with it, fell asleep in it's car, then got strangled TWICE by it. Allegedly Negroid thought White girl was stealing his wallet & phone, but instead of checking...he did what Negroid genetics naturally do...killed. He then dumped the body behind a skate rink. Not one person alive with an IQ above retarded is surprised. Partying with Negroids is like smoking dope around kegs of TNT. Her family, friends, community & media are all trying to "process this tragedy". Gullible White fools jeopardize all White people with their naive idiocy & willful ignorance.

Location: Redding, CA
Negro Murderer: Jerome Denell Dzwonek
White Victim: Larissa Marie Cole

Gustav Christianson was with his girlfriends baby, sitting in the back seat of his car. The baby, Jayden Redden was in his car seat when Jquan McInnis stalked Gustav and confronted him. Gustav allegedly owed a debt from the past & Jquan's way of dealing with a past due debts was by gunning down a 20 year old man and an 8 month old baby boy. Negroes lack impulse control. Negroes are unable to contemplate consequences. When Negroes cry, they cry for themselves because they lack the ability to feel empathy for others. Charles Darwin considered Negroes to be a sub-human class of Homo-Sapiens. Science has repeatedly shown us, Negroes are closer to primate than human. Why does Govt FORCE Whites to integrate with animals when it threatens their life to do so? Diversity is a lie and the evidence mounts daily.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Negro Murderer: Jquan LeeArthur McInnis
White Victims: Jayden Redden, Gustav Christianson II

There are millions of White people that need help all over the United States. Plenty of charities & organization supply minorities with aid, welfare & assistance. White people have no organization to benefit them. They are considered "privileged". Think about that when you squander money on people that hate you. Family, Brothers, Community, Tribe 1st.

Cucked Sucka Matt White ate spoonfuls of ghetto BS from Chauncy Black when they met 5 years ago. Cucked Sucka was so fooled by negro BS he ran a GoFundMe campaign for little Chauncy. It went viral racking up $350,000. Chauncy had big dreams & Cucked Sucka was the vehicle to get them. Eventually negro wanted to move to a nicer area...which translates to WHITE AREA, so he took the money & bought a home in nice clean White suburbia. It wasn't long before the house fell into disrepair because Negroes are lazy & cannot grasp the concept of "maintenance". Also it wasn't long before the neighbors began to hate them...NOT because of racism, but because the police were called 53 times & 7 arrests took place. Crime increased with the new Negroes wrecking the neighborhood. One family of Negroes wrecking the neighborhood for 100s of others. On January 4th, 2020 that criminal negro behavior resulted in rival Negroes doing a drive-by type shooting in the middle of White suburbia & Chauncy Black firing back. But Chauncy missed the perps & shot his neighbor across the street dead. The neighbor was a high level Engineer, college graduate, husband & hard working man. He worked hard to get where he was... Thanks to Cucked Sucka Matt White moving Negroes into the nice neighborhood, he died in his house struck by a stray bullet. Cucked Sucka's arent as dumb as Blacks, but they are naive, gullible, foolish & street stupid. They haven't learned yet, that its NOT fathers, family, poverty, access, education, community, special programs or Govt funding that's the problem. Its genetics. Always has been always WILL BE.

Location: Cordova, TN
Negro Murderers: Chauncy Black, Timothy Black, Jaylin Edwards, Tyrek Edwards
White Victim: Kaleb Bruce Wakefield

Randolph Cannon was walking his dog on the morning of December 30th, 2019. He was walking along a dirt road which is bordered on both sides by his own acreage, its a remote area. Upon his walk, he discovered a strange vehicle with people he didn't recognize parked on the dirt trail. He strolled up & informed the strangers they were trespassing on private property. This is when Deondra Jones exited the vehicle & began shooting at Randolph Cannon. Mr. Cannon ran as fast as his 63 year old legs would allow him, he ran for his life. Deondra Jones is 20, he chased him down & shot him 6 times. Randolph Cannon died on the side of a dirt road. In Negroid mind, informing others of property rights is worthy of execution, Its "disaspectfo". When Randolph's family began to worry why he hadn't returned, they searched for him & discovered the grisly aftermath. The police were called & an investigation ensued. Within days tips poured in & the murderer: Deondra Jones had been bragging about killing Whitey. When Police questioned the girl that accompanied Deondra that morning, she confessed everything. When Police questioned Deondra himself, he also confessed everything. Deondra was arrested on charges of 1st degree murder, but the Sheriff & Prosecutor may pursue Capital Murder charges. Alabama has the death penalty. The dog survived. Family, Friends, Neighbors, & the surrounding Community all mourn. This case begs the question: "Are Negroes waging war against Whites?"

Location: Hurtsboro, AL
Negro Murderer: Deondra Jones
White Victim: Randolph Cannon.

Negroes are the rudest, loudest, most obnoxious humans on Earth. They have difficulty following laws, keeping order, obeying rules, or observing common decency. In public, when in groups, they're almost always a menace & threat to everyone near them. They park in handicap spots, butt in line, are ridiculously loud & throw their garbage on the ground ◄--That's the good behavior. This channel documents their bad behavior. They are uncivilized animals in public. What do you think the petty BS argument was over that made angry Negroid-Mestizo's kill a father on a business trip to Georgia?
It was at a Motel 6 on Monday night. We can all assume Negroids felt "disaspected" and the only option for primates is killing.

Location: LaGrange, GA
Negro Murderers: Tony Renoso, Joshua Osterman
White Victim: Jeffrey Flansburg

The purpose of the series "Cucked Sucka" isn't entertainment. Its purpose is to point out 2 things. How generous White people are, and the fact that Negroes take & take...never giving back. Not only do Blacks NOT reciprocate in any civilized society worldwide...they rob, rape & kill you for your kindness. Whites need to stop feeding the mouth that bites. Further, Whites need to hold those accountable that are responsible for unleashing these world class parasites on civilized society. This channel does NOT advocate violence...but it most certainly does advocate for separation & segregation of races. Diversity is a lie.

Johnny Rebel: Still looking for a handout

No race on earth gives more charity, aid & welfare to the negro than European Whites. Whites practically feed them from the tit.
Instead of being thankful & grateful...they rob, rape & murder Whites daily.

Negroid Affirmative Action journalist is surprised when generous White Man sacrifices a body part for him... funny how zero Negroes stepped up for this "successful" ape to get a kidney. Negroes seldom give, especially not body parts. Even when getting a life saving organ, Negro can only focus on race. Nothing can please these animals. There's a waiting list for kidney transplants. The White man is the light of the world. No race gives more charity than the noble, generous White man

White people give to the homeless. Negroes kill them, especially if they're White.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Negro Murderer: Jeremy Anderson
White Victims: Christina Fowler, Gregory Corcoran Jr

Chandon Dakota Davlin was gunned down by career felon Negro Brian Christopher Lewis. Associating with Negroes is deadly & should be avoided. Blacks hatred of Whites shows daily. "Diversity" is a lie.

Location: Big Spring, TX
Negro Murderer: Brian Christopher Lewis
White Victim: Chandon Dakota Davlin

The last time Mackenna Milhon's family saw her, she was getting into a Black SUV. 19 yr. old Mackenna made the fatal mistake of going to "party" with a negro & its whore race traitor. Maybe the whore lured Mackenna in with tales of Negroid exploits. This combined with a liar media & a state run propaganda Dept of Education... Mackenna was duped into believing this is perfectly normal. Sometime during the "party" Mackenna was raped & she texted her mother, but nobody could reach Mackenna. A missing persons alert ensued. Mackenna Yvonne Milhon was never seen alive again. Turns out she was stabbed to death, throat slashed & dumped in a ditch behind an abandoned house. The Negroid, Lonnie Leroy Williams was being tracked by police. He told a slew of lies to mislead them & enlisted the services of his whore race traitor to cover up the crime. Whore burned bloody clothes & disposed of the murder weapon. Eventually, dipshit Negro tangled himself into lies & admitted to killing Mackenna. She didn't have a chance & was totally caught off guard by the violence of her death. Rape, Drugs, Negroes, skanky Whores & violence are the stereotype that AGAIN proved to be true, despite the efforts of Marxists to convince everyone otherwise. Mackenna Milhon's family weeps & the machine drudges forward taking another European life (and the White babies never born).

Location: Springfield, MO
Negro Murderer: Lonnie Leroy Williams
White Victim: Mackenna Yvonne Milhon

There are millions of White people that need help all over the United States. Plenty of charities & organization supply minorities with aid, welfare & assistance. White people have no organization to benefit them. They are considered "privileged". Think about that when you squander money on people that hate you. Family, Brothers, Community, Tribe 1st.

There are millions of White people that need help all over the United States. Plenty of charities & organization supply minorities with aid, welfare & assistance. White people have no organization to benefit them. They are considered "privileged". Think about that when you squander money on people that hate you. Family, Brothers, Community, Tribe 1st.

There are millions of White people that need help all over the United States. Plenty of charities & organization supply minorities with aid, welfare & assistance. White people have no organization to benefit them. They are considered "privileged". Think about that when you squander money on people that hate you. Family, Brothers, Community, Tribe 1st.

No doubt 18 yr old John Austin Shoaf was misled by MSM & Dept of Education propaganda to believe Negroes have the same moral, ethical & integrity standards that Whites have. I'm sure as he bled to death he realized he was duped. All business dealing with Negroes should be avoided. Blacks are only 13% of the American population...ignoring that demographic wont cost much. Its an easy business choice. However, if you are FORCED to deal with Negroes, all transactions should be conducted as high alert, triple security, triple backup, "paranoid" levels of safeguards as is humanly possible. Never relax.

Civilized behavior is void.

Location: High Point, NC
Negro Murderer: Deonte Lance Thomas
White Victim: John Austin Shoaf

New Years Eve 2019, Officer Chris Dickerson attempted to make a routine traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, Negro Gregory Newsom opened fire with a barrage of bullets toward the Sheriff's Deputy. It was early A.M., still dark & there's no way Officer Chris Dickerson could've known he was going to be ambushed. Reports indicate Negro shot at Officer Dickerson 6 times. Officer Dickerson managed to return fire & strike felon Negro in the leg. As Officer Dickerson lay on the ground bleeding to death, Negro fled. Area neighbors attended to Officer Dickerson as they called 911. First responders were on scene quickly. A volunteer fireman saw Negro fleeing & gave chase. He reported applicable vehicle information to authorities & provided GPS location. Negro was spotted & fled in a car chase near Shreveport, LA where Negro wrecked his car & tried to flee further on foot. K-9 units subdued Negro. He was arrested. He faces multiple charges including Capital Murder in Texas. As always, the White victim was an irreplaceable member of society, productive & relied upon. He was killed by a parasite of society who only sponges off the system & sucks resources dry. The community, family, friends & Sheriff's Office mourn the loss.

Location: Panola County, TX
Negro Murderer: Gregory DeWayne Newsom
White Victim: Officer Chris Dickerson


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