#BJJ #KneeMount

2:05 Knee Mount: Top Position.
5:51 Knee Mount: Top Transitions.
7:50 Knee Mount: Bottom Position.
12:11 Knee Mount Submissions.

#Bjj #Turtle
6:23 Turtle: Top Transitions.
12:21 Turtle: Bottom Position.
19:45 Turtle: Submissions.

#HalfGuard #BJJ
0:11 Half Guard.
1:09 Half Guard: Bottom Position.
2:54 Half Guard: Bottom Transitions.
9:02 Half Guard: Top Position.
10:06 Half Guard: Top Transitions.
13:46 Half Guard: Submissions.

#SideMount #BJJ
0:41 Side Mount: Top Position.
3:46 Side Mount: Top Transitions.
6:16 Side Mount Submissions.

#RearMount #BJJ
0:54 Rear Mount: Top Position.
3:00 Rear Mount: Top Transitions.
6:43 Rear Mount: Bottom Position & Transitions.
12:59 Rear Mount: Submissions.


#BJJ #Guard
6:44 The Guard.
16:30 Closed Guard: Top Transitions.
21:30 Closed Guard Submissions.
22:19 Open Guard: Bottom Position.
24:35 Open Guard: Bottom Transition.
31:05 Open Guard: Top Position.
34:14 Open Guard Submissions.

#BJJ #FullMount
0:12 Full Mount.
1:29 Full Mount: Top Position.
6:39 Full Mount: Top Transitions.
12:05 Full Mount: Bottom Transitions.
16:52 Full Mount Submissions.

#WingChun #Siu Lim Tao #Randy Williams

#WingChun #108WoodenDummyMotions #GungFu #RandyWilliams

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

Close Range Combat Wing Chun; Volume 1: Blocking, Striking, Kicking and Footwork Fundamentals
by Randy Williams

Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume 2, Explosive Self Defense Techniques
by Randy Williams

Close Range Combat Wing Chun: Volume 3, Explosive Self Defense Techniques
by Randy Williams

Get the Poster here. Sifu Randy Williams 108 Wooden Wing Chun Dummy Techniques 39"x28" Poster

Randy Williams - Wing Chun Gung-Fu 07 - 108 Wooden Dummy Motions Part 1

Covers the first 60 motions of the Mook Yan Joang Fot Yut Ling Bot wooden dummy forms and their applications. Also covered are dummy structure and installation.

Note: These videos are copies of the original VHS series. The publisher simply copied the VHS tape to video without menus or extras. Think of them as flat video tapes.

Review from Ted Mancuso from Plum Publishing:

"The wooden dummy form is presented in these two videos. Teacher Williams shows the motions in the very classical form of the Yip Man school. Every motion is explained in Part One for the first 60 actions. He shows not only the applications on a partner but much of the strategy and many follow-ups. Very clear and thorough presentation if, to our eyes, a bit mechanical. Overall a serious and forthright effort.

#BJJ #BrazillianJiuJitsu

5:02 Forward Rolls
6:29 Backward Rolls
7:45 Forward Break Falls
9:19 Rear Break Falls
10:22 Lateral Ukemi
11:05 Fundamental Movements
14:46 Takedowns
16:17 Double Leg Takedown
17:20 Turn The Corner
18:00 Single Leg
18:49 Leg Flares Inside
19:30 Leg Flares Outside
20:29 Inside Trip Ouchi Gari
21:14 O Goshi Major Hip Throw
22:22 Harai Goshi Sweeping Throw
23:29 Mount Escapes
24:53 Trap and Roll
25:56 Overhook
27:10 Foot Drag
28:23 Foot Lift
29:24 Combinations
30:21 Headlock Escapes
32:55 To Kimura
33:53 To Armlock
35:11 Side mount Escapes
36:39 Classic Aide mount Escapes
36:22 To The Knees
40:35 Knee Block Combo
43:13 Armlocks From Guard
45:24 Armlock From The Guard Basic Move
48:51 Mechanics
50:46 Spin Under
53:32 Kimura
55:18 Telephone Armlock
58:24 Chokes From Guard
1:00:05 Palm Up Palm Down
1:01:26 Detail: Elbow Alignment
1:04:38 Loop Choke
1:06:35 Triangle Choke
1:09:02 Guillotine Choke
1:10:38 Sweeps
1:11:32 Scissor
1:27:57 Push
1:17:27 Spinning Armlock
1:29:23 Americana
1:21:35 Weaving In
1:22:23 Switching Arms
1:24:03 Palm Up Palm Up
1:26:28 The Fist Choke
1:25:26 Ezekial
1:27:54 Knee On Belly
1:28:25 Far Side Armlock
1:29:38 Baseball Choke
1:30:56 Back Attacks
1:31:38 Rear Naked Choke
1:32:07 Armlock From The Back
1:34:10 Back Escapes
1:34:20 Scoot Down Back Escape
1:35:22 Bridge To Top Arm
1:35:37 Bridge To Bottom Arm
1:36:23 Grab The Head
1:36:52 Hands Down Hips Up
1:37:20 Guard Passing
1:40:29 Zones Of Safety
1:45:07 Hand On Hip Resistance
1:46:20 Inside Frame
1:47:37 Thigh Switch
1:48:20 Step Around
1:49:07 Stand To Open
1:51:44 Leg Locks
1:52:52 Straight Ankle Lock
1:54:40 Toe Press
1:56:15 Knee Bar
1:57:14 The Heel Hook
1:58:07 Inside Heel Hook
1:59:25 Footwork Sequence
2:01:16 White To Black

#Jion​ #Kata​ #ShitoRyu​ #ChikubuKai​
Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

With animal characteristics of the Ram, this kata belongs to the same family of kata as Jitte and Jiin, and may have originated at the Jionji temple.

#Kata #ShitoRyu #ChikubuKai
Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

"Wind in the pines"--originally known as "Wankan"--"King's Crown".

#Kata #ShitoRyu #ChikubuKai
Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

"To smash and destroy"--this kata is from Goju-Ryu (Naha-Te).

#ShihoKosokun #Kata #ShitoRyu #ChikubuKai
Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

Empi, or Enpi, was originally known as "Wanshu", named after a Chinese martial artist, "Wang Ji". Characteristics of a small bird in flight.

"4 ways Kosokun" -- an altered form of Kosokun-Dai created by Kenwa Mabuni.

#Empi #Enpi #Kata #ShitoRyu #ChikubuKai #Karate
Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

Empi, or Enpi, was originally known as "Wanshu", named after a Chinese martial artist, "Wang Ji". Characteristics of a small bird in flight.


Website: https://www.einherjarmartialarts.com​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Einherjar-Martial-Arts-102940111845620

*Single hand techniques
00:00​​ Start Lesson
00:49​​ Bai Jong
01:25​​ Tan sao
02:03​​ Pak sau
02:41​​ Bong sau
03:25​​ Lap sao
04:02​​ Fak sau
04:38​​ Kau sau / huen sau
05:45​​ Jut sau
06:25​​ Biu sau
06:47​​ Tok sau
07:21​​ High Gan sau / jam sau
07:37​​ Low Gan sau
08:25​​ Gum sau
08:47​​ Jik kuen
08:50​​ Jing jeung
09:13​​ Chang jeung
09:14​​ Dai jeung

*Double hand techniques
09:37​​ Bong sau wu sau
10:08​​ Kwun sau
11:06​​ Hi and low gan sau
11:29​​ Double tok sau
11:36​​ Po pai sau
11:59​​ Double lap sau

*kicking techniques*
12:30​​ Chai geuk
12:40​​ Chang geuk
12:51​​ Che chang geuk
12:58​​ Sweep kick


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