-2 portal transport
-error fixed: top text buggy visibility
-portal design cleaned up, now shows a view out of the other side
-player can actually see their own body, completion UI information to be read by looking down at body-worn UI elements
-control scheme swapped to mouse for portals

to do next:

-enemy hunting behaviour is being planned out.
-noted error to be fixed: players bottom half is floppy
-level needs more layers of props added to put more things in your way
-main level is a type of hub. smaller puzzle dungeons will be accessed one by one on finding goalposts


-main menu to game loading
-using the warp portal as a travel tool.
-goalpost capturing

to do next:

-noted error to be fixed: top text buggy visibility
-enemies hunt you and kill you
-level needs to be fully built
-the return teleport acts like a budget portal gun. seeing that in practice, i want to try adding portal-like puzzling across the level.

the smaller and first of this years yuletide gifts. on Christmas or before that, i've got a larger thing incoming. i was going to post this after getting back to work officially, but fuck it, have it now

the "royalty warhammer" is the last ship new design i want to add into the tech demo, being the largest, and most equipped, war/combat vessel. here's the timelapse of building/designing it

any major modelling errors or design bugs are going to get fixed during implementation

music from xurious -


demo out soon

-players third eye vision works
-all aspects of combat work, so far only on some test NPCs
-the player drowning to death in water passes testing
-green HQ security NPCs: mushroom guards and poison bugs
-attacking NPCs in a faction area results in all their ally units also going into alert
-known error: certain parts of the UI are currently inert, even if their attached features work fine
-system NPC: the lady HEL

new NPC: HEL

hel isn't a normal NPC, she can't be killed, and her coding makes her a system object in and of itself. she's literally the games backbone of life, death, and respawning for the player, NPC, and any item that can be considered live. if you watch any item being "cleaned", even then you'll catch her

anything "living" that dies, could leave behind either a "corpse" (IE the physical body, which has been ruined beyond all locomotion, action, and/or travel) or a "ghost" (IE a mental iteration describing the NPC/item/etc as a soul with a grievance to be filed and acted upon). these leftovers needed hel added because something needed to be a "custodian of death"

the idea is she'll also have the power of opening a dialogue with you at select times upon death

in-universe RE: the missions you'll run into, you'll even see other NPCs invoke and call her purely to get an accurate death report of certain important characters IE an expert testimony and/or when a body is discovered.

crowdfunding via subscribestar:

-doors between levels
-ingame world clock. roughly 5 seconds IRL = 1 ingame minute roughly plus or minus system distortion
-ingame clock means tasks, entities, and items can be timed specifically when designing gameplay. IE if trigger X, then after 3 days pass, engage NPC Y in behaviour pattern Z
-water areas subject to swimming and/or drowning
-noted errors: doors may currently be buggy
-dialog box interaction/display module
-changes to the faction HQs and their rosters
-starting work on the rest of the other faction HQs


-main menu added with options for several other ships
-UI reworked (and still subject to change)
-flight controls reworked (and still subject to change)
-changes to ship spotlight and vessel performance
-new starting area
-working gravity
-other ships to fly with and interact with


-warp travel
-the warp
-the warp connects a large number of smaller levels in "realspace"
-1 ship design needs building still
-all new ship designs need wiring in as the players vessel, and not simple props.
-missiles and drones must be smaller follower vessels to the ships that control them


this spider can't walk yet. but give it some time.

no really. this creature is a fully rigged physical ragdoll, capable of propelling its limbs via muscular action. it has the capability to machine-learn the ability to move and walk. it knows nothing when you start the game up, except that it needs to go as fast as possible.

the product will be ready to roll out, just as soon as i add a save/load system. the price will be set at a very cheap 5$, and that's a fair offer i think for advanced AI

till then, here's the project page:

crowdfunding via subscribestar:

i beat up some harmless mushroom people, enjoy.

-pausing the game now applies a time-stop effect to all objects and entities that can move

-player short weapons work

-player long weapons working

-NPCs can now both receive damage, and die

crowdfunding link via subscribestar:

-cleaner UI

-warp ability removed

-more things to fly to

-better shipflight

-certain 3D angles and metrics that weren't fully zero-G before, got successfully broken, and can now rotate freely

crowdfunding via subscribestar:

-first time start-up now enters a character creator for first deployment. in the future, player will be limited here to only some basic start-up options (with other items hidden throughout the world, obtained through crafting, or sold by vendor NPCs)
-player gained a mutation slot wherein physical attributes are granted, gained or changed
-added: flight
-added: player now has a direction marker bearing a display icon for UI usage. this step marks basic system parts, which will eventually become combat, casting spells, using items, etc
-parts of the players helper drones are being upgraded to full function
-enemy NPC added to earth HQ: dark ghost

-grey HQ and green HQ got crowds of bystander NPCs
-green HQ got more prop foliage added
-grey HQ got teleporting robot wizard security guards
-player armor/visual system got more options added. progress has begun on a character creation screen

crowdfunding via subscribestar:

gabara did something in 1990

-overall audio/visual design refit to invoke the 80s (as is the plan), via pseudo VHS effects
-overall visuals: fuzzy and blurry pixels turned into sharp and clear pixels
-new main menu design with norse designs more strongly included
-the voat-goat is now a more filled out character design, with a fully rigged up visual skin system to be shown deeper later. IE the player can now be shown as either female or male, now resembles the voat goat better, and features the ability to actually show worn clothing and armor. at a later date, new games will start off from a fully built character creator.
-VHS overlay on level entry is now the size of the entire screen
-NPC: security drone - drone can follow either random patrol points to comb the area at random, or the player so as to attack them
-NPC: mimics - they exist now.
-NPC: ??? - dangler-fish bait light in the dark. spooky, timed movement when triggered.

there's a lot going on here, so instead of explaining, i'll let the video speak for itself

-great library section starting construction begins

-ingame units are being re-textured with realistic textures

-ingame units being prepared for their respective NPC scripting

-hangar music replaced with the podcast show, and army blocks are being put behind game completion barriers. each consecutive game played = in-game world advances forward, plus another army is unlocked

-several new armies to be made

-other armies receiving their units

i sort of accidentally figured out spaceships because i was bored

a trial run in the area of 3D open spaceship combat, this time just the 3D movement part. an example ship flying in a pretty, and serviceable solar system

not something in my normal work schedule, but i blame @SsethTzeentach for making me addicted to starsector, thus giving me some cool scifi ideas. noice.

if you'd like more spaceflight sooner rather then later, comment as such, or maybe donate to my subscribestar page and tell me as such there:

testing out both the ground version of the drone movement script + LOS gunfire principles. the enemy shown will be armed with a midrange single shot rifle, and act as the most basic distance firing unit. with no melee ability and a (relatively) poor weapon, the unit has no option but to fire one good shot, run away, and try again

current AI cognitive tasks:

1. travel within firing range of target

2a. if in firing range but LOS is not clear, move in closer

2b. if in firing range and LOS is established, light up the line for the gunshot (with random aim variable already calculated), then move back out from ideal fire range

3. repeat step 1

TLDR kite in, find a shot, fire the shot, get out, repeat till target has been pecked to death with intermittent gunfire.

to be added

-fire control and weapon code + weapon effects

-gunfire hurts the player

-LOS detection is currently slightly buggy and needs polishing

intro scene = redone slightly

main menu = online

text reading level for talking about nerdy AI things at some point = online

gameplay coming online = baby steps

as per the last video regarding NPC flight testing, this is that same intention

this time though, the code now works in 3D, and can carry out kiting maneuvers where they dip in close, then dip out again, then repeat

no combat capabilities added yet, only navigation at this stage. at some point though, the enemy in this video is gonna chuck fireballs at your face

testing out the capability of player-following NPCs to keep track of the players location, and how they traverse complex terrain, and complex travel situations in areas with a layout of props in the way

test animation to try my hand at visualizing music and audio


a warhammer 40K inspired strategy game, built on a highly experimental presentation of the genre.

here's the progress so far.

gameplay details to be revealed with build progress

for some reason recording gamecapture ate some resolution and framerates, also i might have to shrink down this UI a bit (or let you choose UI size), but still

gameplay format will be a fairly simple grid-based strategy game featuring you trying to out-commander the AI.

project page:

main menu music credit: TechnoAxe

-transition key press added

-work continues on making the menu look "nice" in context
-known issue: SOMETHING in the main menu is eating framerate right now, and its probably the scripts fault, as several major stuff has yet to be properly working.

-bigger, more elaborate, prettier
-runic layout props
-fun and physics-props area being built
-basic level pieces being constructed
-rogues gallery of enemies is being designed, built, and placed. the rough plan is that ice block area you see is a "prisoner stasis" section where you can get some early idea of what you'll be killing
-weapons arnt added back in yet, but the original models and textures still exist, so its just a matter of assembling the right pieces


rock paper scissors rigged to a simple learning AI, that slowly learns the best way to defeat you.


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