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Since the Cabal pulled the trigger on its big End Times planetary lockdown project - ie: the "COVID pandemic" - it's become clear that little Tony Fauci has long been a bagman for the CIA and trans-Atlantic Cabal's fixation with "disease production and depopulation projects," including his prior pivotal role in creating the international HIV-AIDS and Ebola outbreaks. The testimony of Dr. Judy Mitovits is a real eye-opener re: her collaboration with Fauci in an NIH lab, working alongside the Ft. Dietrich bio-weapons lab on HIV-AIDS research decades ago. She has documented Fauci's activities seeding the initial HIV-AIDS outbreaks in Africa by lacing infected retro-viral compounds into "donated smallpox vaccines." Sound familiar?

Dr. Mitovits isn't the only one with a world-class bio-chemistry and experience working with Tony Fauci, who knows him to be a criminal and liar. This clip features Nobel prize winning bio-chemist, Dr. Kary Mullis, criticizing Fauci's abuse of the PCR testing methods he invented - regarding Fauci's HIV-AIDS role - which "testing fraud" Fauci and his criminal cartel partners at CDC, NIH and WHO have all intentionally repeated vis a vis COVID.

Friends & Acquaintances waking up to the real COVID agenda? This video can help them further connect the dots. Then, encourage them to take action to help prevent the Corona Crimes cartel from achieving its "Great Reset" objectives.


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