Please circulate. People have to know the truth regarding what is really happening.

Extreme tyranny coming your way, usurpation of parental rights, criminalizing Internet speech, mandating enforcement of public heath measures, etc. Links are below.

Yuval Harari is Klaus Schwab's closet advisor.

Disturbing, but every child subject to this abuse, this torture deserves every adult to bear witness, do what they can to get this stopped.

The War On Children The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

I highly recommend subscribing to Patrick Lancaster on youTube. He is Ukraine reporting on the ground. the link to his channel is below:

If you have not done any work on yourself, than you are bullshitting yourself re: wanting change. You're simply a status quo within the status quo.

Candidate for Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake, ended an interview with a MSM journalist, and was attacked by the MSM reporter. His verbal attacks revealed the biased immaturity of MSM. It was actually hard to watch.

Neil Oliver succinctly points out what few people see.


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