FBI agent Peter Strzok testifies before congress.

A brave new reality, by Google!

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"Every time Jimmy Kimmel cries..."

Spread the word! Tell Jimmy Kimmel #NoMoreTears!

The great yodel meister sings this classic Kekistani folk song, "The Cuck-A-Doodle-Doo!"
ALSO! A special message from the plucked cucks at Boston Antifa!

And praised be to Kek and always, #freekekistan

This is CNN.

Giant Chicken?

Arab television reacts to the Trump/CNN wrestling meme.

Steve has a new vision to #NormalizeAtheism and he wants YOU to get involved.

This one is for Bearing.

Straight from MTV Dubai, it's Jihad Jackass!

One video is a joke. The other is real. Guess which one was "too hot" for Youtube.

In honor of the first anniversary of the pussy hat March I offer you the following presentation.

Special thanks to J-MAC Customs: https://www.jmac-customs.com/

Glamour Magazine gathers celebrities to preach from the Gospel of Fourth Wave Feminism.



The religion of peace steps into the ring!

The Scotland Police reminds you to always keep an eye out for hate crime in all its forms. Don't suspect a friend. Report him!

Report all suspected hate-crime to: 01786 289 070

Hate crime is no laughing matter!

Clips borrowed from the ever brilliant RackaRacka. I urge you to watch the original footage:


The video deemed "too hot" for Youtube!

A lotta boobs, a bit of trolling, & a little 90s-era techno for those who remember.

The song is "James Brown is Dead" by L.A. Style.

Masculinity isn't the problem. Bigots like Michael Ian Black are.
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It wasn't just Jordan Peterson. It seems Cathy Newman has a history of going bonkers...

Sometimes we don't know what we have until it is gone.

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In times of crisis may Kekistani meme opera lift our spirits.
#Kek #FreeKekistan #Kekistan


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