Homo-Jewus Infectus

Interesting how perspective changes with the truth. No wonder jews don't want you to have it.

It happens @ 48 seconds.

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Look at their game. There are pieces everywhere. It's not hard to figure this shit out of you want to. The Truth is not for All men, the Truth is only for those who seek it.


I'm American, but I know BULLSHIT LIES when I hear them. After what America has done to Arab countries in that region, WITF would possess them to attack innocent ships? Cargo ships? Who attacks and kills innocence? JEWS!! (and those loyal to or working for them). Don't believe a god damn thing Government says. Government = Gubernare Mente = Gubernare - to govern or to control -- Mente = Mind +++=== Government = Gubernare Mente = TO GOVERN OR TO CONTROL YOUR MIND!!! The brain dead cockroaches in the audience should all be suckin on the tail pipe of my truck!!



This video has been delisted from the main page. Only been 8-10 hours. Video's on main page go back for 18hrs 24hrs, 1 day 16hrs. My video is gone from the main page. If they take you off the main page, you get no views, little views and people don't see your stuff. There IS fuckery afoot on this platform.

June 13th 2019 - BitChute is Actively preventing me from uploading. Videos just sit in "Process And Publish" state.
There IS flagrant censorship on Bitchute and it's as obvious and flagrant as it is on youtube. How do people assume there will be no censorship in Zionist controlled Europe...where bitchute is. The control is everywhere.

Jewish Blood Ritual using an infant. Hey, whadda ya what, they claim it's their religion. They claim "religious freedom".
How many reasons does one need to want these people eliminated from the planet?

READ IT!! READ IT!! READ IT!! - 73 pages, THAT'S ALL!!
If you haven't read this and you won't take the time to read 73 fucking pages, unsubscribe from my channel, then kill yourself....go play in rush hour traffic, drink some battery acid...just end your pathetic existence.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion



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Showcasing the reality of what these filthy jew beasts really are! They give baby blow jobs. Jews are satanists. They do blood rituals. They sacrifice humans and specifically children. They practice Black Magick (Can you say Kabbalah?). Jews are not fully human. They're a sub human race of the Human species. Khazarians, Ashkenazi, Edomites & Sodomites. They are human viruses. Cockroaches or Parasites (both fit well) in human skin suits. Jews ought to be shunned at every chance one gets. Don't watch their TV. Don't buy from them. Don't frequent their businesses. Expose these filthy vermin for what they are...every chance you get. They mutilate baby penises and old wrinkled up, decrepit ass Rabbis lean over, put that bloody baby penis in their mouth and begin sucking the blood with their fcuking mouths. Baby blow jobs under the auspices of "Religious Freedom". Filthy fcuking jews!!!! When the SHTF, fuck going after government, exterminate fcuking jews.