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I just screencasted my reading of reviews then edited the video with my opinions

The finishing touches are being made. If i Have the time it might even be up tonight. Get your tin foil hats ready

the result of the first day.

Hidden in plain sight.

I might end up Making this again. Almost a spelling mistake on every slide. Ill use another method next time so i can edit the text rather than it been flattened onto the image itself.

Telsa is an entire subject but i kept it simple to just to highlight the struggles of Ostracism and why it happens and what i have found that helps.

what i failed to mention is even if you don't believe in god or religion. if you see god as good and devil as evil metaphorically then aim towards god. even if you don't believe aim for what the idea of him stands for and you will live a more honest life.

Please watch the videos of BASIC TRUTH to get a brilliant understanding with voice over if you want to further your knowledge on this subject.
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In the wake of Google, Susan & Youtubes personifying of god trying to control our minds , what we say, do and think. I have made a basic quick tutorial on how to slowly merge your account into bitchute.

see you on bitchute.

However bitchute will only Upload new uploads automatically so old material you will have to do the old fashioned way


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