A new narrative has now emerged where the evil in the land can run but no longer hide, Furthermore they are far less protected as they were in the past.

There are millions of people that are not human seeking to destroy us.

Implants And Cybernetics


Like the TV series The I land our reality may be just as rigged as theirs was.

This is the eternal struggle between Darkness and Light.

Where are the Spartans of old and those who fought for God, faith, and family. Where are those who fought for freedom and liberty? have have joined the circus of people known as the rainbow pussy willows.

We are the ones we are waiting for. But the problem is we're not ready yet.

Reality is not written in stone and changes every day. The past and the future are constantly changing each other. What you think is real may just be a program in your remind. Your whole life could just be a script not based in reality whatsoever.

Right after they first met, an instant love affair developed between Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere, Mark still had an unsettled feeling that Patricia was an agent that he could never trust. In this dialogue, Mark expresses some of his concerns. He states that Patricia's back story is unprovable. The conversation is between Mark Sargent and his exfriend Johnathan From Jersey. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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I do not worship dead and forsaken Jesus on a cross who is forsaken. Instead I worship Christ Within who is the power of God and the Living Waters that flow. Again I do not worship a dead Jesus on the cross. I worship the living eternal Christ Within who is the light of the world and source of all truth.
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Article https://ourwayisthehighway.wordpress....

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This video is limited by YouTube. We should Boycott all advertisers that work with YouTube! Let them all be offended!

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Check out scarabperformance the host at:

The Democrat Party is inverting on itself and is now ready to be flushed down the toilet. YouTube's going to really freak out with this video but you'll find it up on bitchute tomorrow.

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I failed to mention that Flat Earth was always considered real. Then was taken from us by so-called science. Then it made a come back around 2012 and before. That come back came with social engineering. I guess you could look at it as good social engineering.

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One of the reasons The Matrix was created was to keep you away from the truth and to keep you away from the real reality.

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"There was a slap in the face and how quickly I was replaced"
After years of solid devotion Patricia Steere suddenly vanishes?

Mark Sargent's short and glib announcement about Patricia leaving Social Media around 9 minutes into the show.

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Mark Sargent was placed in Flat Earth to disrupt and confuse the movement as well as creating much infighting as possible. It is common for them to select somebody to act as a front for any organization or Grassroots movement. Right from the get-go Mark was talking about spies and agents as he program the public with his own lies and manipulation.

On my video cover it says Patricia Steere's specialty is INFILTRATION ---Public mind control to turn her into a lightning rod of division.

Video Mark and Patricia starts around the 32nd mark.

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Change the social narrative

Banned by Youtube. Why?
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The foundation of our perceived reality is non-physical.
Correction: With regards to the god Jehovah I use the word create rather than the word construct.

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The Thirteenth Floor


Matrix What is real?

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Roger Eldert's last words

On dealing with the reality of his death in those first few moments:

I was stunned. But as we realized he was transitioning out
of this world and into the next, everything, all of us, just went calm. They
turned off the machines, and that room was so peaceful. I put on his music that
he liked, Dave Brubeck. We just sat there on the bed together, and I whispered
in his ear. I didn’t want to leave him. I sat there with him for hours, just
holding his hand.

On Ebert’s spirituality before dying:

The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said
that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward
the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed
away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place.
I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much
medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This
is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he
was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I
thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting
heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you
can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were
happening all at once.


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