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As functionally Jewish dindu riots continue to rage in America over some armed robber porn-star allegedly dying from lack of oxygen, Australians will be thrilled to know that this wave of what would likely be termed neo-negritude by Benjamin Rush (one of the founders of American Psychiatry), will be hitting our sunburnt shores very soon.

Now far be it for me to reiterate the wise words of World Jewish Congress founder Nahum Goldmann, but when White advocates can’t even hold a legally permitted rally but full automatic Jewish negro rioters can literally level a city, don’t be surprised when Jewish billionaires look to cash in on insurance claims from multiple insurers.

And whilst Trump makes glib gestures to pro-White Jew critics about based “bloodlines”, as he flexes to the millions of non-kosher users who’ve been exiled from Twitter for calling out Jewish public officials like Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, and repeats empty rhetoric about labelling ANTIFA “terrorists” whilst he has hung every alt-lite and alt-right group out to dry since Charlottesville, White people should keep in mind that Trump’s record is worse than Obama’s.

America which epitomises the chief exporter of Talmud tier Anti-White gayops around the world, needs to start realising sooner rather than later that the more they help the Tay-Sachs tribe of liars, thieves, pornographers, traffickers, organ harvesters, extortionists, paedophiles, rapists and murderers the more they will sink into the ninth circle of Hebrew hell.

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Genocides such as that committed in the Khmer Rouge killing fields of Cambodia left an unspeakable amount of forensic evidence supporting the atrocities which took place.

Yet a supposed historical event substantiated solely by Zionist Allied courts, Hollywood movies, occupation approved school textbooks, and the organised criminal syndicates parasitically suckling at the teat of the plutocratic state whilst suppressing the liberties of gentiles, lacks congruity to say the least.

Even if the logistically ludicrous allegation of industrial scale slaughter using one of the most difficult forms of execution actually happened, the stupefying explanation as to why millions of kosher corpses were not found requires the same suspension of disbelief it takes to think Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea.

Not only that but when not even half of the official demographic figure resided in set occupied territory during the time period, it takes a huge amount of ignorance or cognitive dissonance to buy such bald-faced bullcrap.

As this intergenerational scam is used to annex ancestral lands and resources from gentiles for the enrichment of transnational Zionism, it isn’t beyond the scope of belief to foresee where these bastards seek to erect their future memorial “mitzvah” billboards.

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In a time when working-class gentiles are at risk of losing the roof over their head as billionaire Jews get “their landlords over a barrel”, bagel munching trusted flaggers receiving reparations payments for a fake genocide are gleefully getting folk like myself kicked off Twitter for naming that den of thieves, pornographers, traffickers, organ harvesters, extortionists, paedophiles, rapists and murderers known as Israel.

My last post which merely pointed out the fact that Australian Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg isn’t a gentile appeared to be sufficient to get me banned. Laughably the multiple Jewish Twitter censors who mass reported my profile had the hutzpah to accuse me of being on par with Kim Jong-Un.

But when you understand that Jewish power emanates from instigating infighting amongst gentiles, so gentiles don’t rise up against their Talmudic terrorism of deviancy and death, you understand why they need to ban voices that call out their treachery.

Wouldn’t it be a damn shame if the gentiles of the world were to unite against the Zionist Occupation Gangster Governments and bring these criminals to justice.

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Back in the 2000s internet activists mobilized against the Church of Scientology in what was termed Project Chanology. They primarily cited the Church’s Fair Game policy which ostensibly acted as a religious canon for Scientologists to attack critics via doxxing, harassment, vexatious litigation, employment termination, business sabotage, dehoming, framing people for crimes and contributing to one of the largest infiltrations of the United States government in history known as ‘Operation Snow White’.

Meanwhile, parasitic loyalists to various private intelligence agencies directing the machinations of the Zionist occupation government have systematically carried identical battle tactics, that have far surpassed that deployed by the Church of Scientology in magnitude.

Anyone calling out these malicious actors are derided as “Nazis”, “anti-Semites” and “racists” by kosher approved trusted flaggers who have seething exterminationist hatred of gentiles.

Thusly the cold calculated strategy of the kosher anti-gentile oppressors is to deploy dialectic distractions that cause cannibalism amongst gentiles so to speak, so people are disempowered from noticing the ethnic nature of the cabal seeking our destruction.

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As the warring factions of clandestine caricatures continue to rage over the Hegelian dialectic laid out by their establishment overlords, it’s becoming more apparent day by day who exactly has it’s fangs in the necks of world superpowers.

Billions are being funnelled by these plutocrat powers into the coffers of kabbalistic conspirators, who use set war chest to insipidly insight international clouding of consciousness with clichéd tropes, that conceal the true nature of their canonised covenant against their gentile outgroup.

Of course when you concisely combat their contrived con with fact based consideration, these “Children of the Covenant” prefer to enforce ignorance rather than enlightenment.

And whilst their prominent private intelligence agency deploys spies, infiltrators, disruptors, and agents provocateurs against their enemies, it’s important to remember that the noble hardworking White Christian is intrinsically cut from far fitting fabric than the black bekishe bolstering the Babylonian Talmud.

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Whilst working the graveyard shift this week I noticed old Julie Nathan over at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry was doing her best to frame viral videos of Jews coofing on people around the world as being some sort of criteria for COVID-19 specific “Antisemitism”.

This coincidently coincided with reports about organised psychiatry further trying to formalise a path for “antisemitism” to be classified as a psychopathology in which to give wider legal scope to vexatiously litigious persons and groups, such as those which emanate from the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

Meanwhile your XYZ was holding some feminist Victorian government official to account for conflating coronavirus with the arrival of European colonialists. I couldn’t help but put forward the obvious question as to what would happen if Julie Nathan’s mob was on the receiving end of such a comparison.

Joe Hildebrand, one of Australia’s leading lanky neoliberal butt-goys, also felt compelled to weigh in on the debate, but got his jimmies rustled when I objectively outlined that Joe has made a career maligning the White working-class of Australia as evil pariahs (which ironically is not dissimilar to what is expressed by the likes of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry).

Jimmies rustled Joe who has enriched himself significantly by schmoozing up to pernicious Zionist media outlets, appeared to not want to comment further when I responded to his commentary about the issues surrounding poverty.

Perhaps Joe with his millions of dollars in assets and access to a multi-billion dollar media network didn’t want to square-off with some “dumb racist” epileptic grunt aged care worker, who calls bullshit on his liberal biased pontifications from TV land.

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A technical term trademarked by a certain transnational organisation founded by a certain agent who worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence turned New Age religious leader, portrays perfectly the mechanism by which a certain anti-gentile occupation government mesmerises and murders a nation.

This Mishnah malware which is prevalent through-out the milieu of social media had terminated me from the likes of Twitter back around 2017 for knowing too much. But like Lazarus I have arisen and returned to tenaciously talk truth, against those shuckling to the shredding of White history in order to install Noahide hegemony that will domesticate and destroy their enemies.

With Hasidic Haaretz writers like Elad Nehorai feigning concern over health and liberties, which frankly have fostered the failings of the fallen state of feygeles, its funny that the Chosen are so tone deaf to their pathological inclination to exaggerate harm to heighten hostilities in which to enrich themselves.

But as the likes of Laura Loomer interpret free speech as being reserved only for those who fanatically favour Israel, there probably has never been a better time for Former Governor Jesse Ventura to run as a Green Party Presidential candidate against the red and blue kosher cartels.

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In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus communicates to his disciples that “many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” In the current year some hasbara hucksters who’ve hoarded huge sums hustling homeopathic tier horsecrap to hope-starved audiences, are so audacious about their wealth and success that they can barely conceal their disdain for those of us working run of the mill jobs.

Whilst there are an array of awful people out there clinging to awful ideas, according to a certain grumbling Golgothan, those of us breaking our backs in care facilities dealing with the drudgery of shit, piss, puke, blood and pus are supposedly glued to Netflix and Porn whilst having orgies, getting drunk and doing drugs.

Whilst I’ll be the last person to judge a man for utilising a god given plant to address their euphoric and medicinal needs, I find it repugnant that some e-celeb CIA backed radio bruiser who has smoked pot LIVE on air himself would project these characterisations unto care workers and nurses. Particularly when set big-headed bruiser has got done in for drink driving after fighting with the wife, and engaging in questionable online pornography viewing habits himself.

I’m not sure whether this talkback toadstool has contracted amnesia after eating a “big bowl of chilli” or something, but seeing as though part of his funding comes from soliciting snake-oil products produced by publicly presenting Jewish owned alt-health companies, perhaps the Talmudic Texan shouldn’t throw proverbial stones at healthcare workers.

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A common crutch for White people coping with the cancer of kleptocratic kritarchy is to profess their covenant with constitution. Yet most White people not totally disconnected from their critical faculties are able to discern that constitutions and covenants are good when afforded to your racial in-groups yet prove to be totally pointless when afforded to hostile out-groups who want you and your kin dead.

This speaks to the proverbial panopticon prison of the spirit and mind which obfuscates awareness of objective reality by instilling processes of Mossad tier mesmerisation amongst mongrelised masses with allegiances to kosher ideological axioms so to speak.

In the case of Communism a certain Talmudic out-group was able to exterminate millions within national racial majority groups in order to enrich this particular parasitic out-group with power.

This is epitomised by those who prostrate themselves before some Orwellian re-definition of “freedom”, which propels compromised fraudsters and fiends to positions of absolute power and affluence. Thusly disseminating demonstrable fallacies are Satanic whilst the revolutionary act of telling the truth is the only real path to freedom.

#globohomo #freedom #power #Jews #Communism

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The current kosher year in which we reside is a simulation serving certain Semitic interests, who pathologise and amplify our weaknesses in order to programme pacified plebs who pursue product at the detriment of their own survival.

In the context of the current chaotic co-ordination of the kleptocratic kritarchy (colloquially termed the Jew World Order), people who’re inflicted with the contaminated cognition of demoralisation, induce outright injustice against White people to intensify the crisis of anarcho-tyranny.

Jews like Sidney Gottlieb who have more verified evidence stacked against them than Joseph Mengele, reinforce the sentiments expressed by people of their tribal in-group, which allude to a radical inversion of reality for rat-brained reasoning.

Thusly the philosophical pharmacology as it were is an either/or proposition posited between those who ingest blueish blissful ignorance and the red eyed untamed truth.

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As the Anti-Defamation League and I celebrate April 20th in our own ways, I thought I’d take some time to talk about the false dichotomy that exists between the ADL and InfoWars host Alex Jones.

A phrase Jones likes to profess is that he is “not running a cult here people”. Despite what Jones determines to be a “cult” he absolutely is running a depatterning operation with his daily four hour long distorted ramblings broadcasted to millions of listeners.

In fact most people who religiously pick apart the layers of the Infowars onion have determined that Jones’ infrastructure is set-up to serve the interests of: the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Special Operations Command, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Tel-Aviv HQ based private intelligence agency Black Cube.

Surrogate sites that tap into Jones’ “tip of the spear” mantra include Australian truther sites, run by Nick Minchin’s wife Kerry Wakefield who as part of the advisory council for the kosher controlled conservative lobby group Advance Australia, has a close colleague who is a leading figure in the Chabad Lubavitch movement and is also a fellow contributor to The Spectator Australia.

Whilst it is plain to see that there is definitely a degree of kompromat information inducing Jones to endlessly name symptoms, it is also plain to see that those who name the cause are either downplayed or written off by the InfoWars network of “truthers” as being “mentally ill” or an “anti-Semite”.

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As the Jews finished up celebrating the plagues of Passover this last week, Jonathan Greenblatt over at the ADL has been struggling to remind everyone that noticing the cause of the coronavirus spread is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

With Rabbis schooling the online shule attendees that coronavirus is for the gentiles not the Jews, and Jews from Israel to New York to the UK coofing on anyone suspected of being anti-Semites, is it any surprise that when ZOG puts quarantine controls over critical information we’re likely to have outcomes not dissimilar to that of the Titanic?

As the Iranian Health Ministry sponsors an awesome coronavirus cartoon contest, and Chuck “the schmuck” Schumer struggling to get his really big nose into a N95 respirator, some people say the gematria of COVID-19 has more nefarious meanings, and other question how long till the end of the Kali Yuga so we can cycle back into the Golden Age.

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An operative rule expressed by veteran political consultant Roger Stone is that “hate is a stronger motivator than love”. Hence why a common denominator amongst the diverse field of political fighters is the elemental esoteric force of “muh paranoia”.

For those of us who dedicate our free time to the art of psychopolitics and it’s foundational literary truth in forming antibodies to enemies, propagating public domain pontifications from certain Peace Prize parasitic elites, is alleviated only by pandemic parodying as we’re locked out of our pub-based politicking so we can shitpost from the safety of our gamer-tier self-isolation.

With workers in the crosshairs of current year containment and daily reports reinforcing narratives of top down erosion of rights and liberties, to which some express dismay they don’t have greater ability to erode set rights and liberties, it’s not inconceivable that the concept of quarantine is being conflated with martial law.

However having worked in Aged Care for roughly 8 years or more now and seeing my fair share of quarantine and isolation procedures, I frankly would love nothing more than to be compelled to spend more time at home to work on my creative past-times and affinity for gardening.


Cheers Rob!

#DonaldTrump #Trump #Satire #Cartoon #Meme

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According to most pundits I have a general affinity for, the coronavirus is another man made manoeuvre in the broader game of mind checkers, looking to tread on muh fundamental rights and liberties.

However some would argue that when clown-world’s operative axiom is “anarcho-tyranny good”, general common-sense becomes a borderline thought-crime for Tik Tok users licking toilet seats, as irony illustrates starkly what is and isn’t an essential service.

While some are confident that coronavirus is more worthy of parody than pandemic status, fact is it’ll likely take care of miserable bastards who won’t take care of themselves.

But I suppose as Benjamin Franklin would say “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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Organised Jewry have begun producing fallacious reports drawing upon anonymous Shabbos goy pseudo White Nationalist social media profiles likely run by Federal agents and JIDF hasbara operatives.

It’s not totally inaccurate that White Nationalists are revelling in the culture of the coronavirus, as it has produced rock-like political protagonists, fuelling the fracas for fortified rhetorical fronts. Not only that but it has provided a necessary reality check as to what is regarded as “essential” services.

But in all honesty the Jewish community have good reasons to be fearful for they are rightly being singled out as the traitors in our midst, as well as being a demonstrably greater antagonist than the coronavirus itself.

When the Jews cast themselves in the role of informant and influencer for the dystopian Ingsoc they can’t really be that surprised when we White dissidents take aim at their murderous, fraudulent, extortionist, predator perversions and lies.

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As many people continue to conflate China with the cause of the current contagion, a growing amount of non-Jewish observers are noticing a certain pandemic profiteering parasite, not being spoken about in the corporate controlled fake news media.

With Uncle Sam cutting a YUGE cheque to sustain certain Semitic interests above that of the gentile citizenry, who quite frankly are in the direct crosshairs of containment, and kosher brain AIDS from the verminous paedophile Hollywood celebrity class, supposedly it is those of us with affinity for White people who have no institutional power which are to blame.

Thusly the quackery of the fiendish Leftist plague doctor is contrasted with the cartoonish clown-world caricature of Whiteness, which compounds the truth causing cracks in the canards propagated by the kippah wearers seeking goyim death.

This is why their bane is once again the bald angry White man strategically imitating art derived from the pages of Jewish comic-books, as their villainous impulse to collapse currencies and cause global devastation becomes more apparent to the casual observer.

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As Jewish paedophile communists mirror Gab shitposts to Twitter to publicly signal their handlers in ASIO, CIA, NSA and FBI as to which punditry is to be purged for anti-globalist guilt by association, Australia is apparently getting a second wind of common sense thanks to the present pandemic. Some people say this a much needed glimmer of hope for the resurgence of W.A.P. Australiana.

As we’ve been framing in the last couple of episodes the configuration of the political compass, is calibrating the conscientious quarantined gentile compatriot to the reality of an age old truism.

Those of us with an affinity for traditional norms and virtues which underpin the pillars of occidental openness, are totally averse to the establishment of the Noahide hegemony of the Third Temple Talmudic technocracy.

Whilst we all know Asians are really good at math, Mel is really good at making glaring coincidences compel the public consciousness to realising that ‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.’

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As “the homeland of the Jewish people” moves to further the ‘legal’ scope of the habitual maiming and murdering of Palestinians, the kosher moonbat media are taking aim at the White Nationalist rebels deploying Haman tier humour towards the Hasbara whores seeking global goyim death.

Whilst the public discourse is still squarely fixated on the Chinese as the source of the disease, thanks in no small part to the ramblings of Black Cube’s big headed bullbaiting bruiser, the strategy is to transform largely White populated areas, into a total polluted cesspit pile-on of decadence, disorder and death.

It’s important to remind yourself of this pivotal fact as the parameters of the pandemic seek to break down what immunity we have left to the kosher meat-grinder of Mordecai.

Questioning why millions of bones can’t be processed through a cremulator fast enough is anti-Semitic don’t you know.

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With uncle Blumpfberg unable to name the “hidden enemy” in triple parenthesis that has induced loser tier outcomes for the occident, precious little pinko ‘panickers’ are pissing themselves as they realize the coronavirus pandemic has great potential in revealing the reality of diversified anarcho-tyranny more commonly known as clownworld in chaos.

Like a corrosive ‘ism’ intended to spread kosher brain aids to the unwary cornball conservative struggling to decipher the Haman-istic gematria behind Jewish germ-warfare, the corona cash flow is intended to bolster carnage rather than comprehensive health care.

As local supermarkets descend into North Korean supply territory, and entitled boogaloo deniers profess the virtues of bug eating, Chinese multinational conglomerates are buying up Disney™ and Apple™ stock, to fulfil the prophecies disseminated by the all-knowing InfoWars™ who implore you to bite the bait which glows.

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Julie Nathan’s cohorts at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) have professed their mission in a public statement on Thursday as being the exclusive betterment of Jews in Australia with regards to the coronavirus.

XYZ pundit and journalist David Hilton pushed the point home with Julie and Co. because the ECAJ’s operative trope is that ethnocentrism for Whites is bad.

The coronavirus fits into the Jewish paradigm of legalism, parasitic prophecies and fabricated history, but don’t take my word for it the rabbis are happy to publicly recite this for you, as well as the Zionist state’s chief minister for terrorism.

Julie and her Knesset kosher cake eater criminal mates are clearly suffering from a massive Purim tier hangover if they think gentiles care about their kvetching in 2020.

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The Chabad-Lubavitch mafia are attempting to characterise the coronavirus as a ‘fallacious trope’ as it were, dreamt up by people who “hate” them for supposedly no good reason. With the notorious paedophile protecting Zionist Jew terror lobby jumping on this very talking point the other day, it should be of little surprise this will be added to the long list of things that the kosher power structure will legalistically use to oppress their gentile enemies.

If we ignore the contention surrounding Jewish Harvard scientist Charles Lieber for the moment, and focus on the fact that the most hygienic form of greeting is condemned as the most abhorrent evil gesture ever, by the current year Zionist criminal kleptocrat establishment should the we really be surprised that a certain “kosher spark” is in the proverbial crosshairs of blame?

True to the foundational chapter and verse of the Jewish identity to divide, conquer and exterminate the non-Jew, their strategy of using vexatious malicious litigation to destroy their opponents, is purely complimented by their compulsive DNST3 delusions of decimating nations.

Like the pernicious Plague doctor of old who charged gentiles additional fees for quackery, similar to certain CIA/military funded Zionist Shabbos shills in the current year, the symptoms are merely a secondary concern when their cause is to kill us all.

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Following an earlier report put out this week by XYZ pundit David Hilton, which further reinforces another running meme at the moment, it’s becoming clear that the so-called “Wu Flu” has transitioned into the dreaded “Jew Flu”.

As has been reported broadly across the corporate and alt media the estimated R&D waiting period for a coronavirus vaccine is to take “years”, however according to Israeli scientists the supposed wait time for a vaccine will take weeks.

This begs the question whether this is not merely one more deception attributed to the tribe of Jacob, and whether such deception can adequately be subdued in a world where their bubonic brain AIDS manipulation is everywhere.

With a myriad of lobbies lauding the ludenpresse, for gaslighting goyim with Gadsden tier individualism, playing to a slew of apocalyptic tropes, some people say it’s demonstrably clear who profits from riding the waves of the corona culture as it were.

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1 Timothy 6:10 informs us that “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

As we live in a time where glaringly obvious observations conjure up uncomfortable questions for subservient system suckling cretins, saintly sentiments such as that espoused by Gregory of Nyssa, illustrate the unholy evil that corrupts the occidental identity.

Simple truths such as demography dictating destiny, is perverted by pernicious pariahs who prevent us from enforcing our ingroup inclinations, aptitudes and living space, who propel sinful Shabbos goy stooges to seats of power, in order to usher in the outright subversive disease of sleaze.

Hence as the paper money that props up the fiendishly fraudulent faygele system run by kletocrats and kritarchs returns to its intrinsic value of zero, one can only hope the White night returns to slay the serpent of sedition.

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A video put out last month by a U.S. based Jewish group entitled “Judea Declares War on White Nationalists”, opens with the statement that “We believe in a future for this country, where everyone is free and safe.” It goes on to say “Our people have survived genocide and fascism, deportation and slavery.”

The comments on this video have been almost entirely critical towards the narrative being disseminated by this Jewish organisation. In my opinion these comments reflect the realities regarding the Rabbinical record of how Jews view gentiles, as some people would say Jewishness is downright exterminationist towards the non-Jew.

This is by no means some obscure fringe sentiment within the Jewish community. Hence why the notion of Christians rediscovering their traditional convictions towards the Jews, has been enough to motivate Jews to zealously self-inflict harm upon themselves and cry wolf, about how Christians rule the world (despite the fact that the entire American kleptocratic kritarch system sycophantically prostrates itself before Jewish interests to the detriment of White Christians).

Now far be it to me suggest this is merely Jews on the moonbat and neo-liberal end of the spectrum that’re inverting truth for the profiting of Jewish Supremacy. Prominent populist pro-Trump pundits who receive backdoor financing from certain State Department Special Activities Centers to engage in pro-Israel apologetics, are now having to get the Anti-Defamation League to target them more explicitly just to seemingly appear as allies of gentiles who’re countering Jewish power.

Whilst it is unfortunate that the Jews seemingly lack the ability to break with their cognitive dissonance and reflect upon the rabid aberrant behaviours, it is important that people don’t sacrifice their standards to placate to the pernicious mental illness of these perpetual “victims”.


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