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So what Joe Biden is saying is he'll destroy anyone who speaks out against currency collapsing, porn peddling, war worshipping, child abducting, organ harvesting, misery trafficking, terrorist sponsoring thieves, rapists and spies?

Ryan Messano is a bloody legend and Jews are a currency collapsing mongrelized Mishnah mafia of Murder Inc. Marxist paedophile vermin!

I'm amazed Zio DeSantis didn't kvetch against this in Israel when he signed the most oppressive anti free speech laws in America to be used against Floridians. Imagine supporting this Kosher certified faggot 😂

Every. Single. Time.

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Talmudic tyranny is a testament to why Jews are the enemy of gentiles the world over!

Banning circumcision receives two thumbs up from me 👍👍

I love how that AlJazeera fuck asks "why are you conflating Israel with all Jews?" You know why you AlJazeera cunt, because 95% of American Jews hold favorable views of Israel. The 5% are the exception NOT the rule amongst Jews.

Capital punishment should be dished out to anyone who opposes the 14 words!

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children!

Jews Will be Hated Forevermore

6 million is gematria for gullible.

All of (((them)))

A couple of years back when the demonic kippah wearing vermin at the Anti-Defamation League strongarmed Roald Dahl’s family into apologizing for his “antisemitism”, I made sure to affirm that Roald Dahl did nothing wrong and that those accusing him of wrongdoing were ostensibly functionally retarded Shabbos goy stooge oxygen thieves unworthy of life.

In the last day or so we’ve seen where this Jewish “wokeness” takes us when Roald Dah’s publishers moved to bastardize the language in his children’s books with pernicious politically correct editing.

This is once again more proof that these grotesque “Pintele Yid” monsters are an explicit affront to freedom of speech.

As someone who knows all to well firsthand what these Kabbalistic sorcerers seek to suppress, I find it telling that woke universities are all too willing to permeate their black magic, against objectively truthful writers who call out the Rothschild terrorist base of Isra-hell, whilst year on year hate of them continues to grow leaps and bounds.

Daily reminder if you’re prepared to censor and re-write for Jewish hegemony no amnesty should ever cover you from the equal and opposite reaction that inevitably will ensue!

Mr. Douglas Christie B.A., L.L.B was the defence lawyer for Ernst Zundel during the Canadian Free Speech trial pertaining to the publication of Did 6 Million Really Die?

The title of this Australian League of Rights lecture delivered by Douglas Christie is "The War Crimes Threat to Christian Justice" (October, 1991).

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Mr. Bruce Carlyle Ruxton, AM, OBE was an Australian ex-serviceman and President of the Victorian R.S.L. from 1979 to 2002 when he retired.

This is an Australian League of Rights lecture delivered by Mr. Ruxton in 1990.

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"For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; that ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well." - Acts 15:28-29

I don't view my prior HEMP Party candidacy as being inherently contradictory towards my ostensible current year existence as a human far right meme.

Cannabis was first brought to Australia in 1788 aboard the pioneering First Fleet, at the behest of Sir Joseph Banks, and was cultivated by rum drinking gun touting White colonialist settlers.

The entheogenic effect of cannabis thusly amplifies sentiment that would be regarded as "radical" or "extremist" in tone.

The decadent establishment political class postulates cannabis causes "paranoia" and "psychosis" (as if suspicion or mistrust of all levels of government in Australia these days is an abberant oppositional defiance disorder threatening national and state security).

There's good reason why kleptocrats keep cannabis illegal, to artificially inflate it's value so much that an ounce is worth as much as a tonne of barley, so as to bolster kosher crime syndicates as opposed to funding hospitals and schools.

Food For Thought.

In 2021 the Fletcher family got together to celebrate Christmas on Thursday 23rd December. Little did they know that the 23rd was also the date of the secular holiday known as Festivus. Let the Fletcher family Festivus festivities commence!

Again Jones isn't retarded he is intentionally seeding bullshit for both power and profit amongst his Ashkenazi backers.

His hardcore audience of marks who internalize his near daily batshit misdirection filibustering rants (which are widely syndicated across dozens of networks and studded with an array of celebrity esque guests) are ostensibly the retards in the equation.

Giving your money to Jones whilst he tangentially tells you patently fraudulent tropes about how the world is run by Nazis, Chi-comms, British eugenists, "globalists" and such helps fund a Kosher certified propaganda outlet that cuts your mic and gets you memory holed when you mention the Jews (like Jones did when deleting the David Duke interview off his site).

At least with intelligent "anti-Semites" you get a cogent understanding of cause and effect which aligns with reality.

Tell me with a straight face Alex Jones is cogent and based in reality.

Jones is on track to lose more civil suits than Jews getting expelled from countries.

Supremely based Payday Monsanto schools the public about the (((Gun Grabbers)))

Payday Monsanto is the supremely based rap artist who makes awakening to the JQ a streamlined process.

Daily reminder that InfoWars is Kosher certified schizophrenic wingnut anti-thesis Zionist approved depatterning rants designed to make you internalize retarded non-think.

On the Friday episode of The Alex Jones Show last week (7th October, 2022) Jones referred to this CATO institute scumbag Adam Posen as a "White guy" some dozen or so times. Posen is not White, he is a Jew. Why would Alex Jones, who says he is "Jewish", that "the majority of globalists are White", and that he "don't care if the United States is 80% brown in 30 years", want you to think Adam Posen is White?

Food for Thought.

If Alex Jones did more of this sort of anti-Israel commentary in the current year to his millions of listeners he would be lauded as a hero rather than being tied to the Sandy Hook hoax clickbait.

Back in 2020 Fred Stoller was gracious enough to give my Mum a shout out for mother's day with his iconic self-deprecating style of humour. Before the Twitter Stasi booted me for the 25th time Fred shared this animation I did of his shout out with some kind words for both me and my family.

If the ADL or ADC were headed by someone as endearingly nice as Fred I sincerely doubt there would be as much aversion to the Jewish community as there is.

If you cast B-grade movie vampire villains like Jonathan Greenblatt or Dvir Abramovich as your PR heads to antagonize and bull-bait people into hating you then what can I say?

"Get off the phone!" 😄


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