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Short update about Tattoos

Jim and Diane Lipshits (hoax survivors) share their day in Auschwitz, a parody to indicate it was a FUNCTIONING WORK CAMP, NOT A Death Camp.

Jim Discusses the LIES of the Sausage Lady with Laughter and Mocking. (You gotta laugh at them)

The Jews are the modern day Synagogue of Satan

Jim Rizoli talks about the differences in all those Jewish Tattoos.

jim and Diane discuss the latest on Florida teacher who dared to question the HoloHoax God

Jim Rizoli shows the truthers and the liars with the books written

Jim and Diane show how the media works overtime to demonize people who tell the truth

So many of the so called "Patriots" are just controlled by the Jews

Some people just don't get it.

Jim Rizoli on denying the HoloHoax is criminal

Some added thoughts about the Jews as a race

M.S.King is a great writer and publisher that needs to be heard and read.

Jim and Diane discuss the question are the Jews a Race?

Jim and Diane Report Benton Bradberry's Death and Provide a TRIBUTE to him and his HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT:

Jim Rizoli explains how the Jews have not let up on their HoloHoax shakedown of companies and Govts for their
extortion money.

Jim and Diane discuss how you can't trust any media source today for the truth.

It's finally official Ashland Cable TV has canned Diane's show forever.
Another case of the liberals censoring the truth.

This is a rare 2 hr interview with HoloHoax exposer Jim Rizoli with
British patriot Oliver in 2018. Much was discussed in this interview that could be helpful for
others learning to understand how the HoloHoax is used as a boot on our neck
to keep us under Jewish control today.

Jim Rizoli had enough of the time wasters on a podcast in 2019

Jim, Joe, and Diane discuss how the Truther movement has been commercialized
to the point of being compromised from telling the whole truth.
Real reason.....The Fear of Jews!

Jim and Diane discusses having a balanced view of Hitler is it possible?

We are not happy with latest book from Revisionist Michael Hoffman

Just added some other thoughts about my 911 video
this is my 5th time trying to get it uploaded here...

Jim and Diane Discuss Part 5 - GERMANY'S HITLER, Final Chapters (13-15), Sept 16, 2019


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