Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli


Zundels life and times with the courts

Gas Chamber Lies
Have to keep pounding away at the gas chamber lie

Dave and Andy are promoters of Holocaust TRUTH

Dave Gahary and Andy Hitchcock are doing something about getting the information out there to expose the Jews.

Chatting away on favorite topics

No sugar coating the topic here....LOL

Good news in the publishing front
Best books about the Holocaust

How important Sheriffs are
Excellent examples of how much power Sheriffs have.


Women shows the hypocrisy of academia and schools

Eric Interviews Monika, Jim, Diane - UPDATES, Feb 15, 2021

Eric Gajewski from TradCatKnight.org Interviews Jim Rizoli - Truther Hypocrisy; Diane King - Odd Devastating Winter in THE SOUTH and Remembering the Heinous Allied crime represented by Dresden; Monika Schaefer - Alfred, Dresden, Summation Comments.

Fred,Jim,and Joe talk about Fred losing his livelihood because of his
investigation of the fake gas chambers in Polish camps

Jim speaks with another Bitchuter

Another HoloHuxster spreading lies

Jim discusses the main points of why he does not believe in the Holocaust that can be summed up largely in this way: Since Germans were considered the most intelligent and most efficient people, they would not have transported jews hundreds of miles to near the Soviet border to kill them with bug spray.

Fred talks about his life and times dealing with the Holocaust fallout back in the early 90's

No surprises here, the CIA altered the Zapruder film and lied about JFK killing

Jim Rizoli 's HoloHoax short videos on several different topics

Good honest interview

Eric Hunt tells the story

Topic of discussion..... the sinking of two German ships resulting in the
deaths of thousands of innocent people.


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