Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli

Shifting The Holocaust Blame P 1

Shifting The Holocaust Blame P 2

90% of Brazilians are illegal

Six Million Lies

Germar exposes the Holohoax with the facts

There were NO homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps and the chemistry of facts will prove it.

Jim Rizoli on the usage of zyclon b in the camps

Jim Rizoli with Holo-Shorts # 5 The Six Million figure

Jim Rizoli talks about Cremations

Basic things you should know about the HoloCost

Are you?

Americas Decline

Anne Frank

Jim Rizoli on the Six Million Lies

Holocost and Higher Education censorship

Treblinka and the HoloCost LIARS

Holocost Denier Fan Club

Holocost Propaganda Film

Hoax Train Song

Hitler Good Guy or Bad Guy?

Holocost Denier

Germany before Hitler

Fred Leuchter now Holohoax Revisionist has been the one most instrumental in exposing the Holocost lies with his famous
expose of the Auschwitz camps as not being able to gas people as set up.

Older video when David Cole had control of his senses of his trip to Auschwitz and what he found there.

More exposing of the HoloCost lies


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