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Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli


George Carlin with added pics

A brief parody glad for the departure of this lying con artist.

HoloHoax cremation lies exposed by cremation expert

Jim Rizoli says to HoloHuxsters put up or shut up with the HoloHoax lies.

Jim Rizoli Exposes another Holohoax liar

How Hitler got Germany back on her feet when he took over

Diane Kings Forth of July Tribute to a forgotten people

Jim and Diane speak at Freedom Palozza 2019 in Pennsylvania on the HoloHoax and free speech
Pardon the video quality as it was recorded from cell phone

Ernst Zundel sets the record straight about the Holohoax

Fred Leuchter went to Poland to gather information for Ernst Zundel's trial in 1988 about the so called homicidal gas chambers......He found none!

Jim Rizoli goes over the Zundel Trials

Jim Rizoli exposes the Gas chamber lie

Diane and Jim discuss the facts that distinguish them

Diane and Jim Discuss how Texas has gone over to the dark side

Most of the Truther groups are Zionist

Ashland WACA cable banned Dianes weekly cable show....

The purge of conservatives continues

Jim Joe and Diane on the road exposing the censors

Why would so many people lie about the Holocost?

Can Jews be good if they lie about the "Holocaust?

Jim and Diane Discuss Hitler Madman or Genius and WW1-2 History

Jim and Diane expose those revisionist who have caved into Jew pressure

Jim and Diane discuss the military and who they actually are working for

Sadly, Christian Zionist love to support Jews who hate Christ...Go figure...

The White Nationalist wanted me to delete my video exposing them for their hypcrocity


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