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Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli


Jim Rizoli Diane King American Free Press IHR discussion why aren't they doing more?

Jim and Diane discuss Trumps State of the Union Address, the good, the bad, the ugly.

A lively discussion on the BDS movement, censorship and more

Nice pictorial of what the Auschwitz was all about....hint it wasn't about mass extermination.

Youtube censorship and Jewish atrocities the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

Jim Rizoli discusses what is Hate and who determines it?

Revisionist meeting disrupted by antifa threats

The Holocaust more important than God

Shifting The Holocaust Blame P 1

Shifting The Holocaust Blame P 2

90% of Brazilians are illegal

Six Million Lies

Germar exposes the Holohoax with the facts

There were NO homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps and the chemistry of facts will prove it.

Jim Rizoli on the usage of zyclon b in the camps

Jim Rizoli with Holo-Shorts # 5 The Six Million figure

Jim Rizoli talks about Cremations

Basic things you should know about the HoloCost

Are you?

Americas Decline

Anne Frank

Jim Rizoli on the Six Million Lies

Holocost and Higher Education censorship

Treblinka and the HoloCost LIARS

Holocost Denier Fan Club


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