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Jim Rizoli

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Self explanatory

Watch how rabid mental Jew verbally attack Brian Ruhe

Fred and crew go back to visit 3 other camps
and expose the lies about homicidal gas chambers

Another expose of this HoloHuxster

Deborah Lipstadt Holohoax LIAR debunked

Watch this embarrassing video by HoloHuxster Deborah Lipstadt

How the Soviets lied about the gas chambers by fabricating morgues into gas chambers

Especially on what is not a homicidal gas chamber

How many bodies could they cremate in the camps?
Experts speak out

David Irving talks about his persecution from Jews

Jim Rizoli explains the concept of numbers mean
nothing when dealing with the reality of what could be done.

Coming after the Holocaust deniers who deny the holocaust deniers.....

Nice explanation of what went on in the Zundel Trials of 1985, and 1988 by
a writer who was there to write about it.

Great interview with Michael Hoffman by Ernst Zundel
Whites were slaves too.

Ernst Zundel talks to John Ball on the no photo evidence

Excellent video, quality not so great, by Ernst Zundel and friends on the TRUTH about Auschwitz and how
the media has lied about what really happened in the camps

More complaints

We have a restaurant that is not legal but still given a chance to operate
Watch how they tried to silence me by cutting of my mic for the first 2 minutes

Fed Leuchter hands over the famous Auschwitz files associated with the 1988 Zundel Trial

Latest update on what's happening

Sad to see one of the best congressman ever die before his time

Harold Covington pays tribute to Edgar Steele and some case files facts

Most likely his last big interview before he died

Jim Rizoli talks about three cases of Govt. corruption


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