Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli


Exposing the HoloHoax lies

Jews are mounting a huge assault of Holocaust "Deniers"

Catching up with Truther John Fitzgerald in California 5-14-19

Jewish fella exposes the power of the Jews

All Wars Are Bankers War

Black man Praises Hitler

The HoloHoax liars continue with their lies

Canadian miscarriage of justice again on what free speech is

Fighting a business owner who is not a good neighbor

We are slaves and we don't even know it....actually some do.

If you need to lower your IQ

Dr. William Pierce shows how the Jews are our misfortune

Six Million Lies by John Niems

See how the radio people deal with truthers like me.

The Jews are running scared they've been exposed for their lies

Jim Rizoli and Dane King on on their way to Toronto to speak in two cities.part 1

Summing up our trip to Toronto.

Jim Rizoli Diane King discuss the history of the Jews

Jim and Diane history of the Jews part 2

Jim Rizoli and Diane king speaking in Hamilton Canada 4-28-19 on the topic of Jewish power and control

Jim Rizoli Diane King in Toronto talking about Jewish control

Dr. James Sears has been found guilty of telling the truth....latest update from Toronto Canada

Great video that dispels the Jew lie that Hitler was a Zionist Bolshevik.

The censors are working hard to stop us

John Fitzgerald ran for Congress and lost here is his story.


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