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Excellent presentation of the Holocaust FALLACIES - BASIC UNDERSTANDING

The lies keep coming - with my commentary.

Good scientific explanation

How far does it go to protect people of faith? How far does it go forcing on us the offensive lifestyle of another? Should YOUR rights, businesses be respected or 'dissed' for political correctness?

Sunday Bible Study, reviewing Gen, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers by STUDYING Deuteronomy.

Jim and Joe, Another PBS movie spreading lies and Jewish propaganda with the ADL discussing the new movie - "U.S. and the Holocaust", sanctioned with delight at ADL's Virtual National Leadership Summit 2022.

Goyim Defense League in action (often learn about things through our enemies)
Stop Antisemitism - Dressed in Nazi like uniforms and screaming "the Nazis are coming", Jon Minadeo II and his cronies from ‘Goyim Defense League’ harass guests of the Beverly Hilton at approx. 4pm PST today. Antisemitic graffiti covered the vehicle they arrived in. Police were called ... cont.

Most of the kids in the camps survived, NOT exterminated when they arrived at the camps, as DECLARED and were well taken care of. NOT ONLY THAT - who do you think survived to COLLECT the extortion money - REPARATIONS!!!???

LIVELY CONVERSATIONS - Using the Bible to expose the abomination of: gender realities, curse of abortion and the curse of radical feminism, the sodomites.

Not believable - add this to the FAKE news list.

Our military is useless when it comes to illegals
This is what you call open borders - protecting us against free speech, but not the drug cartels coming over the border.

Part 4 of our discussion, more shop talk
*** New England History
*** Mutual Jehovah's Witness Experience

Lively discussion about several issues particularly MA Politics and Current Events

I guess the world has gone insane

BettyAnn does a great job explaining the Forefathers Monument in Plymouth.

Some good History about our State

Changing the MA Flag
Puritans vs Pilgrims
Salem Witch Trials

Websites such as CATCHING FIRE NEWS are not getting to the TRUE problem makers - not going far enough to name the criminal - THE JEW!!!

Time to take a stand

Do nuclear bombs exist? And were atom bombs used against Japan? Ten reasons nukes are a hoax, Chris Caskie.

From the movie And Justice For All with Al Pacino 1979. Available on PLUTO TV.


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