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WARNING: Occasional Strong Language

Riccardo BOSI – Leader AustraliaOne. Lt Col. (Ret) Australian SAS

Graham HOOD - Qantas Pilot (32 years with Qantas; 52 years flying time)

Johnny LARDY - NSW Snr Paramedic & Mayor [Suspended] in court against Brad Hazzard

Alex COONEY – Snr Constable (Former)

Christian MACK - Science Teacher (Heading up a New Union)

Charlie WARD – Hosted by Just Charlie

Save the Children at Tweed Heads

Riccardo Bosi interviews Alex Cooney and Craig Backman

A call to arms and a week with Ita.

Questions for Ita:
 Why is ABC concealing the fact surrounding adverse reactions to injections
 Why is ABC concealing the real reson for the increaing numbers of suicides
 Why is ABC conceaing unlawful basis to lockdowns
 Why is ABC concealing unjustified police brutality
 Why is ABC concealing coersion by GOVT of disadvanteged groups
 Why is the ABC conceaing the destruction of the people’s businesses
 Why is ABC concealing the connection between big pharma and WHO CDC

Riccardo Bosi explains preferential voting and where A1 will put their votes come election time

Riccardo Bosi - National Leader of AustraliaOne

A Call to Arms by Rick Youll

To all my brothers and sisters in arms
Do not fade into the background and only rear your heads on Anzac day
The Australian people need us on everyday
Even after the slouch hats have been hung
The uniforms put away
And the boots stored
The call has gone out
Stand up
You know what is right
Put the uniforms on again
Lace up the boots
And dust off that hat
Let's finish what we all signed up to do
And answer the call

Our Victorian State Coordinator Craig Cole and Victorian Assistant Alma Besserdin provide some guidance around the mandatory vaccinations

▪ This presentation should not be considered legal or medical advice.
▪ Please note this presentation is aimed to provide general information and guidance only, and it's not aimed for any specific individual advice.
▪ We encourage you to research your own information and seek personal legal or medical advice.

At request of the Australian people, Riccardo answers 7 very important questions!

1. Do you intend to return to the 1901 constitution and make any changes by referendum?

2. Will you swear an oath to the Queen of Australia?

3. Will we be trading one oligarchy for another oligarchy?

4. Are you proposing government, for the people, by the people?

5. Will you withdraw from the WHO, UN and Paris Accord?

6. Will you release the sealed investigation naming 28 high profile pedophiles?

7. Do you support legislation that indemnified UN troops from committing violence against the Australian People?

Australia's real racists

Riccardo Bosi from AustraliaOne has an important message for all tribal leaders

Riccardo Bosi is interviewed on The Aussie Cossack Show

Our Victorian State Coordinator has a message for Daniel Andrews

Riccardo Bosi explains why we must not be distracted by Gladys Berejiklian's resignation

National information session with our Victorian Coordinator Craig Cole

Riccardo Bosi speaks with John Wilson.

Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to have Mr Wilson on camera so we had him speak via phone.

Why we don't unite with other parties

Waking up communist Australia with Riccardo Bosi, Carly, Julia and Charlie Ward

Riccardo Bosi of Australia One gives a warning that the entire world needs to hear.

AustraliaOne and the Bosi's wish to thank:

1. Reese Report (found here: and RealAlexJones and
3. Info Wars (found here:

Infowars presenter Alex Jones interviews Riccardo Bosi who calls for Australia to stand with the people and deny the lockdowns!

Our National Coordinator Sarah Youll speaks with Ros Nealon-Cook, a NSW Psychologist who recently had her licence suspended for posting two videos. We apologise for the poor quality however the words spoken are INVALUABLE

View Ros's videos here:


Q&A with Riccardo Bosi - 30th August 2021

AVN (Australian Vaccination-Risk Network) interviews Riccardo Bosi - 5 September 2021

Riccardo Bosi live streams with WA to answer all their questions - 29 August 2021


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