I recount some fun adventures on Twitter and the psychological harm it's done to me as a result. Styx, the anime avatars, Dream, and CallMeCarson get recapped.

Something no one has heard of before (the Comptroller of Currency) is the MVP in the US Government right now. Ralph takes the L. Jim Sterling takes the HRT. New illness called Florian syndrome causes arson. Bob McKim preaches the virtues of metal rooves.

The apocalypse happens and no one can be bothered to care, so I escape into space.

I found my own Space Station and take a crack at art critique.

Raining on your Macy's Day Parade, how to appeal your ban in a video game, Amberlynn gets canceled (not really), a long-shot theory, and Capcom DMCAs some pretty internal documents.

Reality TV star Mama June, mother of child pageant diva Honey Boo Boo, has had a tumultuous fall from stardom. Most people wouldn't think a woman microwaving ketchup and butter together has far to fall, but when LA gets involved, there is no rock bottom.

The original stream started at 6pm CET on October 30th, 2020. At 23 minutes in, during a clip showing Sugar Bear holding a pig, Discovery Communications (parent company of TLC) automatically claimed my livestream. This claim included a geographic ban for Turkey, New Zealand, and South Africa. YouTube's systems seems to halt livestreams if geographically restricted content is being played. It continued 7 minutes later on Dlive.

Intro: Carnival Kerfuffle - Kristofer Maddigan

Gina's Theme: BoJack's Theme - Patrick Carney

Outro: This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson

Have a Happy Halloween!

The fat man's shot heard around, Chris thanks his brother for a sentimental gift, and a gay guy with a fetish for married men has a great week.

I accidentally stream for two full hours because a lot of people are very mad on the Internet. Chantal, Amberlynn, H3H3, Harry Potter fans, and many others seethe in a particularly angry week.

This episode is terrible, if you're a pedophile. I stop the mosque at Ground Zero, watch my Internet dads take shots at each other, talk kino, and go over the 5th proposed bill to alter Section 230.

Intro: We've Got to Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero - Trade Martin

Outro: This Song Sounds Terrible - The Minute Hour

Continued success, cuties, one day away from Onlyfans, and Kay continues to inspire.
Comfort eating, ignoring reality, reviewing a drawing, and some legal documents.

Secret Gamer Girl has a secret buried in 5 years of GamerGate drama. Can YOU guess what it is?

I get banned from Space and Github, Ralph is still mad about corn, mourning David Dees, and a rant about America again.

Intro: Be Patient (Still) - Smidi

Outro: Baby Blue (Ron Paul 2020 Remix by Yours Truly) - Badfinger

Recorded May 28th, 2020.

Returning from space. A look back on the conspiracy drama. H3H3 vs Keemstar. Two dude’s penises. A story of a real gamer buck.

Phil wins by losing, powerlifting female murderer simulator 2 files a a DMCA 2, pedogroomer has a divorce on the forum, and God wins on the Internet when I tempt fate by playing random clips.


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