An impromptu stream about alcoholism, Section 230, the Democratic Primary debate, religion, philosophy, and the Chinese Virus.

Meeting Shanny for Christ, preparing for the worst, getting locked out of the US, and a primer on why the only person worse than idubbbz is Venti.

A lot of mail, government-sponsored genital mutilating microwave attacks, and some cooking - live from Serbia.

Committing cyberslaunder, the DOW plummets as Coronavirus spooks boomers, October Evans the deaf musician, Shanny for Christ makes history.

I read a lot of legal documents and celebrate white privilege.

Intro: Imakuni's Theme - Pokemon Trading Card Game (Cover by Pheanir)

Outro: Would you be Impressed? - Streetlight Manifesto

Quick updates on Wuhan, Girlcocks, Schizos, and a lot of minor stories.

Intro: In the House, in a Heartbeat - John Murphy

Outro: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

Dancing Song: Beta as Fuck - John McIntosh ft. Peter Coffin

Boomer-killing virus takes the 24-hour news cycle by storm, GNOME takes a CoC, Onision drops a baby off a roof, Yaniv bashes the fash, and a 30 minute critical analysis of Boogie telling lies.

Intro: Claude Debussy's Golliwog's Cakewalk performed by Seong-Jin Cho

Outro: Third Day (of a Seven Day Binge) - Marilyn Manson

Phil goes bankrupt, the curse of Encyclopedia Dramatica claims another admin, Boogie eats a dog.

Gotta get down on Friday. Greasing up my entry to a new timeslot with some quality content. Recapping the Fuentes controversy, recent drama with the #Killstream, I sample some halal meat to fill a void, Steve Horner leaves me some voicemail, and Opie & Anthony ex-fans petition for help.

Intro: Friday - Rebecca Black (Instrumental by Z FIELDS)

Outro: House of the Rising Sun - Wilbert Eckart & Volksmusik Stars

I usher in the New Decade by vaguely recalling some things that happened last year while desperately trying to avoid a sense of impending doom. A special thank you to my podcast frens for a fun 2019.

Lowtax has fun on the Internet.

Andrew Torba busts balls and makes a fool of himself, Lowtax sipping Mangosteen while letting people do it for free, Chantal goes on a 6 hour diet, Greta wins TIME’s person of the year.

Intro: Yoda Cock and Ball Torture ASMR (Hardstyle Remix (2019)) – RealDeadFriend

Outro: I’m a Coomer – Hollowed

Colombian girls prefer dogs over cats, Chantal pops, DarkSydePhil saves YouTube again, cautious optimism for BitChute livestreaming, Boogie2488 finds God, and we mourn the passing of Simba Lion.

Intro: White Girls love Dogs (ft. Alinity) – Rusty Cage

Outro: Yoda Cock and Ball Torture ASMR (Hardstyle Remix (2019)) – RealDeadFriend

Wishing it was Impeachment Day, I get my computer back, YouTube loses to the FTC and so does everyone else, "Literally Who?" is living out of spite, fake Onision emails, real Schizophrenic emails, and Jim wants to take Hotwheels to poundtown.

Intro: R. Mullen - Yippah

Outro (Director's Cut): Send in the Clowns - Jay-Jay Johanson (Cover)

Dick discovers Discover card, I discover my notes are bad mid-stream, Fredrick discovers his fursona.

Intro: The Wednesday Ritual – ZimoNitrome

Outro: 1901 – Pheonix

A mother's 20 year plan to legalize weed.

Intro: Behemoth (Perturbator remix) - GosT

Outro: Afterlife - BENE

WE COMMAND YOU, 8chan gets sued, Valve does its laundry, and Turning Point USA has a bad day.

Intro: Invader – DANCE WITH THE DEAD

Outro: I Can Hold A Grudge Like Nobody’s Business – Adam Jensen

My canary and I go for a flight.

Intro: Taking over the Halberd - Kirby Super Star

Outro: Paper Planes - MIA

Farmers rise up, Mountain Jews back at it again-again, women critique a room, and CHYNA.

Intro: F A R M E R W A V E (Midnight City – M83 Remix)

Outro: Without the Communist Party There would be No New China – Brother Hao

8chan is dead, a ghost of IRL livestreaming haunts my psyche, a game developer states a fact, and a man gets a inmate kippah.

Intro: Grinch's Ultimatum - PilotRedSun

Picture Description: Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride

Outro: Evil Spider - Bene

The week after the hack, /pol/ underestimates the Chinese, RMS is gone, Amberlynn eats a chicken, Virgo eats raw scallops

Intro: Crush – Metaform

Outro: Человек и кошка – Сергей Гармаш (Man and Cat – Sergei Garmash)

Sleeping Frogs, Maddox lets me down, TYT talks to Brianna Wu, Goku has choice words for Gohan, Verizon respects my webzone, Lowtax shouts us out, an FBI report, a Private Investigator report + phone call, and closing words on Zoe Quinn.

Intro: Awaken - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Twitter Song: Item Bounce - Kirby Air Ride

Outro: Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey


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