In today's video video I share with you an experience I had a couple weeks ago, where I decided to go with my gut feeling and drive to Miami and spend a few hours there.

I made this in hopes that sharing my experience would help give you guidance on when you have a gut feeling / hunch that you don't know if you should go with or not.

In today's video I share with you a recent scenerio that happened to my life when I went to visit Miami and check out where I would be living in Florida. So if you don't know me or are new to the channel, I have had goal to move to either Miami or Tampa by September 15 for quite some time now.
I had my heart set on Miami, at the time of going to visit, Tampa was only really a 10% consideration at this point.

On our first day of driving we drove 1000 miles and made it a few miles into Florida in a town called Madison, and spent the night in a pretty gross motel, but we needed to sleep and they had a room available.

The next day I was in a hurry to get to Miami, but that would've been about another 8 hours of straight driving taking I75, my dad ended up convincing me to stop in Bonita Springs so we could have a couple relaxing days of driving.

Staying in Bonita ended up being the blessing in disguise and the reason I made this video.

This area I wasn't even considering to live in. I thought it was mostly old people and that there wouldn't really be anyone my age.

This was untrue. I ended up enjoying the area (the people, heat, and of course the sparkling clear water beach on the Gulf) so we booked one more night at the place we were staying, and checked out the area a little more the next day, going to visit Naples and look at some Yachts at the dock.

That night I looked for places in Brickell but because it was the weekend all of the good places were way overpriced for the budget I set for the trip, so we decided to stay on the west coast for the weekend.

Sadly the next couple days the place we were staying was booked, but we were able to find a good priced shared home in Naples where we stayed for the next 2 nights, and checked out some of the areas as Naples was now on my moving list for consideration.

Since we spend a good 4 nights in the Naples area I wanted to spend 3 days in Miami just to get a feel for what I like better.

Basically 10 minutes after we arrived in Miami I knew that I didn't want to live there at the current time. The government lockdown there went overboard and just to walk in public they basically force people to wear a mask (they will fine you for the first 2 times they catch you not wearing a mask, and can put you in jail for 180 days for the third time).

The mask orders in Miami were ridiculous and one of the main reasons I am not moving there, it made it feel like a really nice prison. If the city was normal and didn't have such strict "rules" I would move there in a heartbeat.

I still love Miami but just decided within 10 minutes like I said before, that this isn't the right place to be right now.

To be honest I was in a hurry to leave Miami since I felt that it was a waste of time to look at the area when I no longer considered it for the time being.

But we stayed and enjoyed what we could. My goal at this point was to basically see some of the nice areas, and go for walks to get some exercise in just to make the time there kind of enjoyable.

At the time I was only considering SWFL and not even Tampa. So we headed back to Bonita Springs for 4 nights after our stay in Miami, and just enjoyed our time there and got more acquainted with the area mostly.

I found I really like the people in the Naples area, the area is very prosperous, at this time the area has a mask mandate but not as tyrannical as Michigan's or Miami's, the white sand beach, and that it is always warm so I can basically walk and get fresh air enjoyably everyday.

Today I would like to share with you how releasing tension can be beneficial to your during the current lockdown.

I would consider now to be one of the best times to start to really self reflect as much as you can. Most people have more time on their hands than ever right now. And the amount of negative news can really hinder our well being if we pay attention to it too much.

I have even found myself caught up in it more than usual, which is one of the reasons I started to self reflect and work on getting rid of tension in my body.

Having extra time means we have more time to mediate, stretch, learn etc. In this video I share what I has helped me recently to release this tension that I have noticed myself build up.

In today's video I share with you a simple and easy meal prep video.
This meal prep is going to be an affordable, and healthy way to pack in protein, carbs, fat, and veggies.

The ingredients we are going to use are:

-Grass fed ground beef (2 pounds)
-Brown rice (4 cups)
-Coconut oil
-Your choice of spices


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