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Good evening, I’m still reporting on Trump.
It is worth repeating that yesterday, President Trump ordered various agencies of the U.S. government to pay no more for American-made prescription drugs than any foreign country pays.
Besides his economic support for the nation during the coronavirus lockdown, this is one of the most significant domestic economic policies he has implemented.
Trump couldn’t order the companies themselves to lower their prices, but since the United States federal government is by far the world’s biggest purchasers of prescription drugs, that gigantic buying power has leverage – leverage that no other president has dared to use for the benefit of we, the people, lest they anger America’s big pharma giants.
Millions of Americans struggle to decide whether to pay for ever-increasing drugs that keep them alive, or food to do the same. Yes, this makes a big difference to millions of hurting Americans.
This was an unbelievably bold move by the President, but necessary to fulfill one of his last campaign promises. Little did he realize just how powerful big pharma money is. Did you know that American big pharma provides more lobbying money than any other industry trying to influence Congressional legislation – and that includes all the big defense contractors.
As a result, according to the President, big pharma is already starting to run anti-Trump TV advertising – joining the all-out war on Trump by not only the Democrats and the Romney Republicans, but the Chinese communists, most of the MSM – that is CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc., many of the big city newspapers, and most other politically radical groups on the face of the earth.
But that isn’t slowing down the steamrolling President.
Less than 24 hours after announcing that he might do it, has signed four executive orders to defer payroll taxes, extend jobless benefits, halt evictions, and defer student loan payments for millions of Americans struggling from the inane economic shutdown of America’s economy created and exacerbated by his above-mentioned enemies.
Trump’s executive orders came after two weeks of fruitless negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Trump’s likely opponent, Joe Biden slammed Trump’s executive orders, calling them “half-baked” measures.
The Democrats had stubbornly insisted on banning voter ID as part of their so-called relief package, as well as providing stimulus checks for illegal aliens, and bail out state pension funds that have been badly run by Democrats for decades.
As the President put it:
“What does this have to do with the coronavirus. [They want] to hold this vital assistance hostage on behalf of very extreme partisan demands. They want to steal an election.”
“If I’m victorious on Nov. 3, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax. Biden probably won’t be doing that.”
The second executive order directed the Department of Housing and Urban Development to be sure that neither renters, nor homeowners are evicted from their homes through the end of the year.
The third executive order extended unemployment benefits of $400 per week with the states contributing $100 of that total.
The fourth executive order provided additional relief to student loan borrowers.
According to the Washington Times, Trump added that the Democrats are actively blocking funding to help K-12 schools reopen, provide extra money for the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and direct payments to most families averaging $3,400.
Democrats may try to derail the President’s plan, however, this could accelerate the demise of Biden’s so-called lead in the polls.
Biden called Trump’s eviction moratorium; “… woefully inadequate to deal with the emerging housing crisis;” but offered no better approach of his own.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Ivermectin for COVID-19 disease.
An Australian researcher, Prof. Thomas Borody, says that a triple combination of three legacy drugs has proven to be able to kill COVID-19 disease in 4 to 6 days.
According to an interview published last Tuesday by the Australian journal, Mirage News, Dr. Borody says that the legacy drug, Ivermectin should be considered immediately to fight Australia’s COVID-19 crisis.
Ivermectin was discovered in the 1970s and is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.
According to Prof. Borody:
“If nothing else, make it available in aged care homes immediately. Our elderly are at the highest risk and this is a very safe option especially when we have nothing else except ventilators.”
“Also, our frontline workers deserve more protection with a preventative medication like this, and as emergency treatment if they test positive.”
“An Ivermectin tablet can cost as little as $2 – which could make it by far the cheapest, safest, and fastest cure for Australians and the Australian economy.”
Dr. Borody is an internationally famous researcher for being the first to discover the cure for peptic ulcers which has saved more than 18,000 lives in Australia, and millions internationally.
Prof. Borody says that this new triple combination is similar to his cure for peptic ulcers – a triple therapy of Ivermectin, zinc, and a legacy antibiotic, Doxycycline.
He says that he knows of medical professionals who are already using it as a preventative therapy on themselves.
“I believe this is a potential life-saver right now,” said Prof. Borody.
“These 3 medications are already approved. They do not need pre-clinical or clinical trials … unless the aim is to combine in a single capsule, for example. Patient treatment programs have been done in the US and elsewhere which indicate it can work within 4-6 days.”
All three drugs are widely available right now and are very inexpensive. According to Prof. Borody, the tablets can be taken at home as a preventative treatment by high-risk individuals, or for those who test positive to prevent hospitalization.
Prof. Borody recommends that distribution teams be deployed to Australia’s COVID hotspots to treat infected patients immediately.
Prof. Borody says that COVID-19 is a disease that responds to treatment like a parasite.
“It is time to capitalize on the full public health potential of ivermectin [as an anti-parasitic].”

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on finally rolling back drug prices.
President Trump this afternoon announced at a press conference held in New Jersey, an historic change in the way big pharma can charge Americans for their prescription drugs.
Trump is requiring that drug companies cannot charge Americans any more for prescription medications than they charge people in foreign countries for the very same drugs.
Trump explained that for years, big pharma has forced Americans to bear the burden of research and development of new drugs by charging dramatically higher prices to those in the United States.
Every modern president has promised to cut into the profits of big pharma and their middlemen, but now, finally President Trump has done it.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
This story is one of hope. The last 12 years have been characterized as a time of rising disrespect for the rule of law in general, but this last year a crescendo of violence against cities governed by Democrats for decades has turned explosive in a way never before seen in American history.
Many of you have become disheartened by the apparent lack of response to regain civilization itself. That’s what we elected Donald Trump to do, but as it turned out, the forces of destruction have been sown deep and wide. It seemed that even the formidable determination of President Trump may not be able to rout out the rot.
It’s all about the lack of indictments. When is something going to happen? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to argue that Attorney General Bill Barr – and even President Trump – are not themselves members of this notorious “deep state.”
But the problem has been the pervasiveness of lawbreaking, not the lack of enthusiasm to restore the rule of law.
Under these conditions, it has taken more time than normal to get to the bottom of this stinking barrel.
Well, I think we are finally there now.
Former CIA chief, John Brennan, thought by many to be the Chief Operating Officer of the Trump coup –has been subpoenaed to appear before federal prosecutor John Durham’s grand jury.
This is in keeping with the standard practice among prosecutors to save the biggest fish for last – and since Obama and Biden are probably considered untouchable for political reasons, Brennan represents the top of the pile of the prosecutable coupsters.
Bill Barr has said that he expects “developments” by the end of the summer. President Trump has been told that Durham’s conclusions will be explosive, characterizing what has been uncovered as “breathtaking”.
“… it’s beyond what anybody ever thought even possible how bad it is… and it should never be allowed to happen to another president.”
So, hope springs eternal, and that’s almost always a very good thing.
The Desperados can squirm and manipulate all they want, but in the end God is in control of this, and his timing is something none of us can improve upon.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the virus.
It is slowly becoming clear that the lockdowns are probably the most damaging and controversial result of the COVID-19 response in the United States. Going for herd immunity would have been the best way to deal with the COVID-19 virus. And it won’t be stopped until herd immunity has been achieved. But instead, we allowed ourselves to be panicked by the MSM for their own anti-Trump reasons.
Former New York Times reporter, Alex Berenson, author of “Unreported Truths of COVID” explained on Laura Ingraham’s show last night that this was the thinking of the top experts in the field for the last decade.
[insert from: “… to “… dying from flu.”
If you only take away one fact from this video, please memorize this 9-second clip and repeat to everyone you come in touch with:
[insert again rewind from: “The CDC says…” to “… complete failure.”]
Worse than that, it is raw propaganda spewed out by the left wing media combine in the United States, united by their desire to install a communist totalitarian state in the U.S. and send President Trump to the showers.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the virus.
When it comes to the COVID-19 virus, the world, unfortunately, is divided in to two distinct camps.
The first came are those who believe that Dr. Faustus knows all - masks and social distancing and economic suicide in an attempt to to slow the spread of the virus. Have you noticed that no one says “stop the spread”? Why? Because you can’t. That can’t be done except with herd immunity – or the Bigfoot of this theory – the legendary vaccine.
The second camp consists of those who believe the COVID-19 virus just another version of the flu virus, no more deadly than most, and if you are 50 or under your risk of dying from it are negligible.
Here is a CDC chart from June 6th. The actual numbers today are better than this, but this is the latest I could find quickly.
It shows that if you are 55 to 64 years old, your risk of hospitalization was .136 percent. That’s just a little over one-tenth of 1%. Put another way, for every 1,000 people only one would catch the COVID-19 virus so badly that they would need hospitalization.
If you were 85 years or older, only 5 out of 1,000 would require hospitalization.
And that’s before you start counting two legacy drug treatments that have been proven to be effective over 90% of the time.
Now these figures include folks with what’s called co-morbidities – conditions that pre-dispose a person to catching a bad case of the COVID-19 virus.
The co-morbidities mentioned are:
- Cancer
- Chronic kidney disease
- Weakened immune system from solid organ transplant
- Obesity – body mass index – BMI – of 30 of higher
- Serious heart conditions
- Sickle cell disease, and
- Type 2 diabetes mellitus
So let’s just say that if you don’t have any of these conditions, you may be 10 times less likely to end up being hospitalized with COVID-19
So, if you are 64 or younger, and don’t have any of these 8 serious co-morbitities, your chances of ending up in the hospital are one in ten thousand.
So, do you really think all the hassle of masks and social distancing and killing off the best economy in American history is worth you taking a one in ten thousand chance of ending up in a hospital with the COVID-19 virus where if you could be treated with either of the two main legacy drugs recently studied so successfully, you would have at worst a 10% chance of dying?
Is that really what America is all about?
So how does this dichotomy play out on the nation’s television screens every night:
[insert starting at: “… a deep dive” to “… testing program.]
No way! College kids social distancing? And what would that distance be? 6 microns? Give me a break!
So let’s see what Dr. Scott Atlas has to say about all this:
[insert from: “so here tonight…. To end]
Dr. Atlas and nearly every other scientist knows we cannot stop the spread. We can only slow it, and right now, there is no shortage of hospital beds in the U.S. This virus, will continue to spread until herd immunity is reached, and that will be long before any effective vaccine will be found and proven to be safe.
Here’s a practical example of how this is playing out at grocery stores. So Beth and I refuse to wear a mask in our favorite grocery store. We talk to the cashiers and managers about the reality of this mask thing.
Last week, Beth was by herself and she was talking the manager about how long the masks will be recommended. The manager eagerly confided in her: “We’ve been told we can maybe take them off by November.”
Nuff said.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
So I heard about this story from ace reporter Cherie Zaslawsky 24 hours ago.
I decided not to run it for one reason – cowardice.
The truth is that these days telling you the truth can get this entire channel killed. I have been told by a knowledgable source that the only way to be safe on YT is to not go with a story until it appears on the MSM. And this is not just a threat of demonetization by YT, but total death of this channel and its collection of 3600 videos over 13 years.
So unfortunately, I have to tread very carefully – until our new channel is officially launched.
But tonight, Tucker Carlson, who has wealthy backers and tons of lawyers to protect him, can afford – thank God – to speak his mind and to tell the truth to the American people.
So, tonight, he took on the just released police body cam footage of the earlier stages of the George Floyd arrest. Before yesterday, we had only seen the last 8 minutes of it – the part where a Minneapolis police officer detains him by kneeling on his neck.
Well, the truth of the matter is that kneeling on someone’s neck with moderate pressure is a known tactic to subdue someone who has overdosed on Fentanyl and experiencing a panic attack.
The police are taught that you put the victim on his stomach so he will not choke on his own vomit – which, of course, was the cause of death of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix nearly 50 years ago.
The toxicology report of George Floyd’s death noted that he had a fatal concentration of Fentanyl in his blood – as much as 3 times that necessary to kill.
Tucker Carlson used recently released police body cam footage to set the record straight tonight:
[insert to Floyd being stuffed into cop car]
Back on June 3, 2020, The Houston Courant ran a story that the knee restraint technique used by officer Derek Chauvin is taught to police as the best way to restrain a fentanyl overdose victim undergoing a psychotic event, which obviously Floyd was undergoing.
A study in the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology in March 2019, titled: “Applied Force During Prone Restraint Is Officer Weight a Factor?” concluded:
“Our data do not support the hypothesis of restraint asphyxia.”
In other words, it’s unlikely that you can kill someone this way, and under the extenuating circumstances of not only deadly levels of Fentenyl in Floyd’s blood at the time of death, but meth and THC created a deadly combination that made it extremely likely that this drug overdose was the cause of Floyd’s death. But this will be judged by a jury of officer Chauvin’s peers.
[insert Tucker at: “But you should know…” to “… we wouldn’t have seen that video.”]
And so, this was the infamous match that lit the explosion of summer rioting in dozens of big metro areas in the United States. Why? To tell the story – which we now know was a lie – that the U.S. is still a horribly racist place and its cops hate black people.
It’s a lie. It’s not true, and it was only to accomplish one goal – try to defeat Donald Trump just 91 days from now.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Last week, the Minneapolis Police sent out an email to residents of the embattled 3rd precinct – the southeast portion of the city – that all but surrendered to the rising criminal element which now runs rampant since George Floyd’s death in May.
The email lists about 20 tips for Minneapolis citizens in light of the huge ongoing uptick in violence as the police are forced into an unprecedented non-aggressive posture when it comes to crime prevention because a majority of the City Council now favor a complete defund of the police all together.
So this is what residents are being told by the police:
• Do not walk alone
• Be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times – pay attention!
• Carry only items you need, and carry less cash
• Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet
• Do not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say. Your safety is most important!
• Be a good witness. When you call 911, be prepared to answer many questions. How many suspects? Age, height, complexion, hair and eye color? Scars or tattoos? Weapon – what did it look like? What direction did they leave in? Vehicle description?
The Minneapolis PD has reported a 46% increase in carjackings and a 36% increase in robberies compared to this time last year.
Despite that, a majority of the City Council voted to change City’s Charter – it’s like their Constitution. The Charter currently states:
“… The City Council must fund a police force of at least 0.0017
employees per resident, and provide for those employees' compensation, for which purpose it may tax the taxable property in the City up to 0.3
percent of its value annually.”
There are several ways to amend the charter, but the most expedient way is to put it to a vote in November.
However, last week, the Charter Commission rejected by a vote of 8 to 6, putting the Charter amendment on the Nov. ballot.
So at this point, those who want to abolish the Department are stuck until the August 14th meeting of the City Council.
Of course this entire defund the police issue is a big plus for President Trump’s re-election chances. No suburban mom wants to see scenes of the recent violence in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland come to their city. And they all want their phone calls answered swiftly when they have to dial 911.
In the meantime, the police are complaining that the sudden increase in anti-cop hysteria is causing their officers to suffer from PTSD as though they were in a war zone. Approximately 150 sworn officers – about 20% of the force of 800 officers - are making that claim and 100 of them have left the force all together.
According to the Washington Post, Ron Meuser Jr., a personal injury attorney who is representing some of the officers who were trapped inside the 3rd precinct in May trying to hold off radicals trying to take it by force, some sent out what they feared would be their final texts to their loved ones thinking they would be killed. Some of the officers carefully counted their ammunition to make sure they would have a bullet for themselves to avoid being beaten to death.
The officers were eventually told to stand down and evacuate the building.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The economic news from Thursday, July 30 was about as bad as it gets, or in fact worse than it has ever been – a 33 percent drop in the second quarter.
Because the president always gets blamed for bad economic news – unless of course that president’s name happened to be Barrack Obama, and in his case the mainstream media turned what was the worst recovery from a recession in history into a great economy – but President Trump is not Obama and the media is going to stick him with bad economic news every time it can.
So the numbers on Thursday were horrible and the MSM was heating up the barbecues to roast Trump.
Then out of the blue Trump tweeted that maybe the election should be delayed. The mainstream media, which all operates like lemmings, all ran from their barbecues and spent the rest of the day talking about how horrible it would be to delay the election.
Economic news doesn’t have a long shelf life – half a day only it its refrigerated and that’s if it’s really terrible. The shelf life is less if it isn’t so awful, and the amazing numbers that the Trump economy was racking up prior to the coronavirus hardly even made it to the shelf. The mainstream media didn't want to talk about it, except when they tried to give credit to Obama.
But Trump foxed them again. Friday morning he didn’t retract his statement, but said that nobody wanted the Election Day on Nov. 3 more than he did. He said what he didn’t want was an election where the winner wasn’t known for days, weeks, months or with litigation years. He talked about the huge fraud possibilities of mail-in voting and made it clear he wasn’t talking about absentee voting, which does have safeguards. It was a masterful performance.
[insert Trlump]
So the MSM spent the day running around like the sky was falling and, at the end of the day, the terrible economic news was buried under a huge pile of more timely news.
In other words, Trump did it again. The tweet seemed weird when he sent it out because you know Trump is confident and doesn’t want anything to delay the election. But Trump is a master politician and a master of media. He plays with the MSM like a cat plays with a mouse, and like a cat with a mouse there is never any doubt who is going to win in the end.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
According to the Daily Caller, James Murdoch, has resigned from the News Corp board of directors due to:
“… disagreements over certain editorial content” published by Fox News or other outlets the company owns.
Murdoch and his brother, Lachlan headed up the Fox empire of their father, Rupert Murdoch, when the elder Murdoch announced he was stepping away.
Commenters on this channel complained that this was the doom of the last conservative major TV network in the U.S. I disagreed, arguing that the Murdochs were good businessmen and gutting FoxNews would be vacating a tremendous business advantage. Plus, there was no way that the father would let their sons destroy his most profitable property.
That has proven correct. Lachen Murdoch, the elder son, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the News Corporation and publisher of the New York Post, resigned both job in 2005. This left younger brother, James, the last Murdoch with an official position in the company.
James has been spotted fundraising for Jumpin’ Joe Biden last month. He known to be opposed to the position of most of the FoxNews headliners who he called “climate-change deniers”.
James has been reported to be eyeing putting up to $1 billion into left-leaning media outlets.
Interestingly, the father, Rupert Murdoch, initially said he was stepping away from NewsCorp entirely, but behind the scenes, perhaps not trusting his sons’ leftist tendencies, retained the title of Executive Chairman, and this is no doubt why Fox did not restrain it’s deep talent pool of conservative reporters and hosts.
This also bodes well for helping President Trump retain the White House and increase his leads in the House and Senate.
Good health to you Rupert and long life.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Last night Dr. Simone Gold, a Board Certified Emergency Room physician, went on Tucker Carlson’s show to talk about the unprecedented banning of the entire America’s Frontline Doctors Summit – a 2-day event which presented reems of documented evidence concerning who is affected by the COVID-19 virus, and what the treatment options are, including a certain drug that has been around for 65 years with a great safety profile, that is suddenly so dangerous that it’s very name can cause even a respected physician to lose her job.
But before we cut away to Tucker, and Dr. Gold, please write something down for me. It’s one of the internet’s simplest addresses:
If anything happens to my YouTube channel, this is where I’ll be. There is no content right now – just the framework. It will be up and running next week.
[insert at: “…it’s a little bit strange.”]
She’s talking about the simple quinine derivative from which the unmentionable drug comes was used by George Washington on his troops to prevent infections. Have you noticed how careful both Tucker and Dr. Gold have been to NOT mention the name of the offending remedy? Until now.
[insert to end]
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The battle between Congress and the Mega-billionaire boys club who run the enormously profitable internet companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple who appeared before Congress on Wednesday, is supposed to be too complex for us mere mortals to understand.
But at the core it’s actually simple, something the billionaire boys and Congress don’t want the people to know.
You can’t sue Facebook, Google or the others if someone posts something false, derogatory and downright mean spirited about you on one of their sites. If however, The New York Times or any other news organization ran the exact same words in its print edition or posted it on-line you could sue them and many people have.
The reason is simple, when the huge tech companies were little tech companies getting started they argued that they did not control the content on their sites so they could not be held accountable for that content and Congress agreed. It saved them a bundle in costs because unlike other media, they didn’t have to worry about the validity of what was being posted. They didn’t have to hire people to read the content, lawyers to decide if it was actionable or have the expense of going to court to defend their decisions.
Attorney General Bill Barr compared it to a bulletin board where people could post anything they wanted and as long as the owners of bulletin board didn’t control what was posted on the board and were only providing a service to the community then they should not be held liable for the content of that bulletin board.
And here is where it gets a little tricky, the billionaire boys said something like what if someone posts child pornography on our site, we do want to be able to take that down and the government agreed, granting an exception for violating “community standards.”
But what has happened is that the Billionaire Boys are now taking down content that is not harmful or illegal, but content that they that takes an opposite political position to their own. Since the Billionaire Boys are avowed leftists, that means conservative content is being taken down every day.
To use Barr’s analogy again, now instead of allowing anyone to post anything the Billionaire Boys are going over the bulletin board with a fine toothed comb and taking down posts that don’t espouse their own leftist political views. Plus now they don’t just have one bulletin board but control practically all the bulletin boards.
Conservative content is regularly being taken down because it expresses a political view that the Billionaire Boys and their minions don’t like.
Republican Congressman Jim Jordan went through a long list of conservatives who have had their posts removed or been banned from sites because their posts violated, “community standards.”
[Jim Jordan video here.]
If there was a corresponding list of Democratic Congressmen and leftist pundits who likewise had had their posts removed, then that would at least represent some attempt fairness; but there is not.
The big issue is censorship. Because these companies have been allowed by the federal government to become enormous and control so much content on the Internet, if they ban you it effectively bans you from getting your ideas out on the Internet where today most people get their information.
That’s very important right now. The Desperados control the House of Representatives, so there will be no legislative mandates issued by Congress to fix this gross imbalance – this over-centralization of power.
Therefore, Big Tech knows it can do what it wants up to and including the coming election.
President Trump is so concerned about the election fraud due to mail-in ballots that he even tweeted the following this morning:

“With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

Here’s the problem. Big Tech knows it only has to get over one final hurdle – the election in 98 days. This is do or die for them. If Trump wins, he will probably win back the Congress as well, then their Marxist ambitions to take over the United States fall flat. The minions of Satan will be fully prosecuted and the Republic – once again – will be saved.
And speaking of Minions of Satan, this one sidebar should interest you. According to this George Papadopoulos tweet from this morning:
“According to reports, treason charges are being looking into for those who perpetrated the counter intelligence trap and spying operation known as “the Russia hoax”.

The federal government has broken up monopolies before sometimes with great success. But whether the monopolies are broken-up or not, the federal government needs to take away the special protection these companies were afforded. Let them either go back to not controlling the content or de

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
This week, the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons – or AAPS - has sued the FDA and the Dept. of Health & Human Services for the ability to prescribe hydroxychloroquine once again.
According to a filing in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan Southern Division the AAPS said:
“As confirmed by another recent study of thousands of patients at the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan, HCQ is both very safe and highly effective in treating COVID-19, reducing mortality by 50%.”
“Countries with underdeveloped health care systems are using HCQ early and attaining far lower mortality than in the United States, where [HHS and the FDA] impede access to HCQ.”
These assertions are supported by a new graph showing how 8 nations which adopted early HCQ use on COVID-19 patients had far lower deaths per million than 5 of the most advanced nations, according to 65 studies, 39 of which have been peer reviewed.
“Citizens of the Philippines, Poland, Israel, and Turkey all have greater access to HCQ than American citizens do,” observes AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly.
“In Venezuela, HCQ is available over the counter without a prescription, while in the United States pharmacists are prevented from filling prescriptions for HCQ.”
“The mortality rate from COVID-19 in countries that allow access to HCQ is only one-tenth the mortality rate in countries where there is interference with this medication, such as the United States.”
In its filing, the FDA insisted that the public has no right to access nearly 100 million doses of HCQ which were donated to the Strategic National Stockpile. HHS is having that medication waste away while Americans are dying from COVID-19.
“In some areas of Central America, officials are even going door to door to distribute HCQ,” Andrew Schlafly adds. “These countries have been successful in limiting the mortality from COVID-19 to only a fraction of what it is in wealthier countries.”
I’m still reporting from jjust outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The left and their buddies in the MSM continue to claim that these riots where fires are being lit, countless bottles and rock thrown, property being destroyed, police being attacked and people being injured are peaceful.
The MSM has miles of video footage of peaceful protests because that is how they start. The real radicals, Antifa, enlist the help of thousands of useful idiots who have a cause. Black Lives Matter, has legs which makes it a great cause for Antifa. They get thousands of people out in the streets with their home made signs and middleclass outrage all the while Antifa is using that as cover for its real purpose - violence and destruction.
The Chicago police department, may not very good at keeping peace on the streets, but we are just now coming to understand the level of sophisticated orchestration that goes into turning a peaceful demonstration into an all-out deliberate street battle – a battle for control over a city.
I would LOVE to have this guy protecting my family and my property from this mob.
Do you think the local TV stations would have spent their precious TV time to give you this level of detail about the dark organization behind these riots?
No way. These are not home-grown demonstrations that get out of hand either. Someone paid for all this. Someone paid the manpower to create these weapons of street warfare. This is not natural! This is not a part of our Constitutionally-protected right to peacefully assemble.
The Chicago Police did an excellent job of documenting how the useful idiots provided a cover for Antifa to act. These Antifa guys, and most are middleclass to upper middleclass white guys, who sit in their parent’s basement playing video games all day and only come out at night.
These are the guys whose parents took them to play soccer when they were little and even though they never once kicked the ball in the right direction and their team never “won” that is if they were allowed to keep score, at the end of the season got a big trophy.
Because they got that big trophy they thought they were stars and now they play video games where they kill countless video images with a wide variety of video weapons. But now they are being allowed to play those video games in the streets.
If you watch the violent demonstrations in Portland, it looks like a video game. They have umbrellas, and makeshift shields. They are dressed up from helmets to boots with homemade armor and look like a scene out of The Road Warrior.
When the federal law enforcement agencies fire tear gas at them, they have the financial resources to buy leaf blowers to blow the tear gas back. When the feds throw flash bang grenades at them, they have fireworks to throw back. They have umbrellas, pvc pipe, frozen water bottles, rocks and finally came up with a way to break a hole in the fence surrounding the federal courthouse in Portland.
The problem is that the violence constantly escalates. Sunday night law enforcement arrested people and confiscated Molotov cocktails and loaded rifle magazines. There isn’t any reason to carry ammunition for a rifle to a peaceful rally or to carry rifle magazines if someone is not carrying a rifle.
Antifa goes out every night with more homemade weapons and now real weapons. They are constantly using these white, privileged 20-somethings to experiment in what works in low-cost urban warfare.
Heck, the Chinese may never need those dozen new aircraft carriers rumbling out of Chinese shipyards if they can simply bulldoze over American police departments and for all practical purposes take over the political structures of entire cities – and then states.
If these people aren’t arrested and taken off the streets, the violence will only get worse and people will be killed. Shooting fireworks at the police is fun, but someone is going to bring a homemade bomb that either goes off unexpectedly and injures or kills a bunch of violent demonstrators or worse injures and/or kills law enforcement officers. Or those rifle magazines are going in a rifle and then the nights of tear gas and rubber bullets are over, law enforcement isn’t going to be firing pepper balls and rubber bullets at someone firing real bullets at them.
As long as Antifa is allowed to battle every night without consequences, it will continue and continue to escalate until there is a tragedy that results in the handcuffs being taken off law enforcement and put on those who are causing the violence.
It’s not a game and it is long past time for the authorities to stop playing and use whatever force is necessary to bring this violence to an end.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
As I’ve said over and over, suppressing the good news about Hydroxychloroquine is THE most important exploit of the coup détat against President Trump.
Why? Because if there is an effective cure – there is no more fear. And if that cure also can prevent you from getting COVID 19 at all, there are no masks, no social distancing, no lockdowns, kids back in school, and the federal government can focus on going after the revolutionaries trying to literally destroy America as we have known it. That’s how important a cure or better yet, a preventative agent is.
Today concerned physicians who have loads of experience treating patients on the ground met in Washington, D.C. to bring this good news to the people of this nation: there is a cure!
Here are just two of the doctors who spoke today. DO NOT MISS THE SECOND ONE!!!

So, a week ago, Pastor Greg Locke, at Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, TN, set his GoPro camera up in his vehicle and went out for a drive. Beth and I have done that too. The car is a great place to think, and it doesn’t take long for Greg to warm up. Good topic for a Sunday.

I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

The Democrat governors and mayors who are resisting the use of federal law enforcement officers to bring order to their cities don’t know much history.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler might want to take a look at the actions of their Democratic predecessors in resisting the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s.
After a 1954 Supreme Court ruling known as the Brown versus the Board of Education decision, which said that racially segregated schools were inherently unequal, Democrat Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus, in 1957, decided he was going to defy the Supreme Court ruling by calling out the Arkansas National Guard to block the first 9 black students from entering Little Rock Central High School as part of the federally ordered racial desegregation. It became known as the Little Rock Crisis of 1957.
Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower had taken on the Nazis and won, so there was no way the Democrat governor of Arkansas was going to get him to back down.
So, Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard and ordered them to go home. He then sent in the US Army - but not just any Army unit - he sent the 101st Airborne division to enforce the Supreme Court decision to desegregate schools.
Eisenhower wanted to make sure that everyone got the message that the federal government was not to be trifled with.
The idea that President Donald Trump is overstepping his authority in sending federal law enforcement to bring order to cities where Democratic elected officials insist on allowing violent anarchists to literally rule the streets, ignores history. In fact, if President Trump did not restore order he would be shirking his duty, just as if Eisenhower had allowed the Democratic Governor of Arkansas to defy a Supreme Court ruling ordering school integration.
It is nearly impossible today to find any sane person who claims that Eisenhower overstepped his authority or that Faubus was right in blocking the integration of schools in Arkansas.
Back in 1957, no one was hurt. It all ended peacefully as the rule of law was firmly applied and backed up with a show of federal force.
Fast forward 63 years – you are out driving the kids somewhere late Saturday afternoon buzzing along at 70 miles per hour on an 8-lane interstate highway in suburban Denver, Colorado – far away from the recent troubles of the West Coast. Suddenly, you round the corner and there in front of you blocking at least your 4 lanes of the interstate are a thousand so-called protesters – an equal mix of young white university students and more hard-core Marxists, most of them armed one way or another, and just looking for an excuse to hurt someone.
What to do? You can’t turn around on the Interstate. Surely, you can just play it cool and slowly get thru the crowd. There was no time to call the police. You realize suddenly that you are – possibly for the first time in your life - totally on your own.
Let’s let some cell phone camera footage posted on Twitter last night show you what it was like to suddenly be thrust into a lawless America. Let’s see how comfortable you would be to be cast into this peaceful protest.
So what do you think? Does this look like a peaceful protest to you? Would you mind being in that situation with kids in the car? It was scary to me just watching it.
But you will never see this on CNN. Nope, it just doesn’t fit into their narrative which portray s President Trump as a racist Nazi who is sending in stormtroopers to prevent this kind of peaceful protest.
In the Comments section below, please tell me what percentage of the American voting electorate would like to have this be the new normal in the United States for the next 4 years. My guess would be certainly less than 10%.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good Saturday evening, I’m still reporting on the election.
You all should really check out the Comments to these reports. Lots of really smart people who prefer to remain anonymous, but contribute significant information from their chosen field.
Today one guy put up a electoral college prediction map and then explained his reasoning, and it just clicked for me. So I’m adopting it as my own. I would love to credit this guy for his brilliant approach, but he took his comment down for some reason. The only way I was able to retrieve it was by looking back at my browsing history and luckily I found it.
If this person sees this report, please contact me. I would love to work with you for the next 100 days.
Here is his final electoral college map for 2016. Trump needed 270 to win, and he got 306 to 232 for Clinton.
I missed on only two states that year. I thought he would win my home state of Virginia, but he lost, and I knew Wisconsin was close, but calling Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania for Trump I thought would 3 out of 4, so on the coin flip, I gave Wisconsin to Clinton. So my prediction was 309 to 229.
But it was a very close race in many states. But the little-known difference was the 3rd party candidates, especially the Libertarian Party which having re-nominated their most conservative team they had ever fielded for the top two spots, Gary Johnson, the former Gov. of New Mexico, and William Weld, the former Gov. of Mass., the LP was able to pull an astounding 3% of the vote – most of that coming out of Trump.
Typically, Libertarian candidates are more leftist to anarchist in political philosophy, and that’s being charitable. Though most of you don’t know it, I ran for the Libertarian nomination for President in 2012, against Gary Johnson.
I’ve faced him on the live debate stage many times. He was very well funded. I know he had political consultants around him who were billing at $350 per hour, because I talked to one who showed me the paperwork. I raised a mere $5,000, but that brought me a second place finish in the Florida primary in a field of 7 candidates. I finally ran out of money at the Ohio primary and had to drop out.
The reason I’m recounting all of this is that I know from an insiders perspective that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were the most conservative candidates to ever run as Libertarians, and I am positive that a conservative estimate of the votes they drew away from Trump versus Hillary would be at least 75% came out of Trump and less than 25% from Hillary.
But this years Libertarian Party nominees are a return to the old leftist LP. Here is a picture of the Vice-Presidential nominee this year – the guy with the stuffed animal, standing along side of his mentor, perennial LP candidate ….. – the guy who always wears a boot on his head. I mean, these guys are from a Saturday Night Live skit, not a legit American political party. This is a group this year that only the left could love, and we predict that virtually every vote cast for these LP candidates will come out of the hide of Joe Biden – or whoever is the eventual Desperado nominee.
So, having said all that, the following Electoral College prediction map is a conservative calculation of approximately 75% of all 3rd party candidates combined added back in to Trump’s 2016 percentages and subtracted from the Clinton’s percentages. And this is a very conservative estimate. I don’t think Jumpin’ Joe Biden can pull the same centrist voters that Hillary could.
On top of that, some polling is now showing that up to 49% of blacks may vote for Trump, where in 2016, only 8% voted for Trump.
Here is a simple bar graph showing how whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians voted. If you go cutting a sizeable chunk out of both the black vote and the Hispanic vote, the Desperados are done.
And that’s before you see what happens to the suburban mom vote. How do you think they are feeling about violence in the streets coming to their towns?
But this initial Electoral College prediction map takes none of these factors – all of which significantly favor Trump’s re-election – into account. This map is ONLY based on moving most of the Libertarian vote – which was 3% nationwide – over to the Trump column.
So here it is: 363 for Trump and only 175 for Biden. And this is pretty much the worst-case scenario for Trump. Trump could pick off Illinois or Conn., or even New Jersey. And don’t forget, Maryland has a sitting Republican governor right now.
The dark red states are solid Trump – forget what the lying “suppression” polls of the MSM have to say. Just like last time, these will gradually show Trump gaining strength a we get closer to election day.
The pink states are closer, but this shows that Trump will flip Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Virginia this year. I’m not so sure on Virginia, but was stung in 2016 by the loss of my home state.
So yes, it is possible that Trump could win over 400 electoral college votes in November.

Good Saturday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
People are asking me when I’m going to start reviewing polls. As I’ve said before, there is just no use right now because they are even more skewed than they were in 2016.
Does anyone in this nation really believe poor old Joe Biden leads President Trump in the polls? At this point, the guy doesn’t dare to even have a live discussion with anyone on any topic.
Earlier this week, President Trump said that in a Fox News poll only 20-something percent of those polled were Republicans.
On Thursday’s Hannity show, Trump, blasted the polls again, which he refered to as suppression polls.
But before he came on, Sean asked Leo Terrell to give the President some advice. Leo is a veteran civil rights attorney from Los Angeles and has never voted Republican in his life. The result was pretty funny:
[insert Sean to: “… these phony polls]
There’s the term – suppression polls – polls that have been scientifically designed to suppress the vote of one candidate.
No nation has ever faced such a scientifically sophisticated Marxist takeover of a nation as the United States is facing today. And no man in this nation is better equipped to handle it than Donald Trump. He’s got that New York toughness which turns some people off, but in a situation like this you need a tireless warrior.
The Chinese still don’t know who they are dealing with. The American people are still asleep. The MSM is performing their propaganda mission vere effectively - even telling its audience that there is no violence in these big blue Democrat cities. I don’t know about you, but this looks pretty much like violence to me. I wouldn’t want to live there.
So this leftist propaganda game can’t last forever, and they know it, and so the Desperados are hanging on to their plan by their fingernails hoping against all hope that you won’t wake up to what’s behind this violence.
Too late! The American people are waking up more and more every day and if you thought the Monster vote was big last time – that is, the unpredicted heavy turnout for Trump – my prediction is that it will be twice as big or more this time.
The average American will not vote for a candidate that condones violence in the streets in any way, much less on a massive scale. They will run from the Desperados so hard they will lose the House of Representatives as well.
Trump is all over this. There are rumors that the espionage nest he took down in Houston yesterday may have been the headquarters of printing phony mail-in ballots, because if they could just take down Texas, that would be a major victory for the Chicoms.
There are other even nastier espionage exploits that may have been centered in the Chinese Consulate in Houston, but if I were to publish my guesses on that matter, you would never get to see this video.
Yup, that’s the sad state of affairs we are in today my friends, but let me assure you, help is on the way and riding hard to the rescue.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Last night, K.T. McFarland appeared on Martha MacCallum’s evening show on Fox to discuss U.S.- China relations over her sweeping career, ending as President Trump’s first Deputy National Security Advisor under Gen. Mike Flynn.
As a young college student studying international affairs at George Washington University in D.C., she work at nights typing the President’s Daily Brief.
When President Nixon decided to open up China to the world, McFarland became deeply interested in Chinese studies which became her major in college.
So, she has had a front-row seat on this entire 50-year debacle that let to this day when we now know for sure that China – as a communist dictatorship – will never join the peaceful community of nations. It is determined to surpass the power of the United States and eventually to rule over it.
[insert from: “I was a young…” to “… open society.”]
But that’s not how it turned out. This all fit into the new concept of a globalist New World Order that was pushed as a construct that would allow the world to end the concept of warfare between evil old sovereign nations.
Those of us outside the inside fast lane of Washington knew this was a spurious pipe dream designed to disarm the west while communism continued to grow in China after it was ousted from Russia.
But that was then, and at some point, K.T. figured this out and became an ardent opponent of the coming rise of China, and her next paragraph may in the eyes of history be the most important in statement she has ever uttered.
[insert from: “… to: “… going forward.”]
Yup, you heard that right – China “unleashed a bio-weapon on to the world.”
She was not the first government official to say this. A month ago, another White House official mentioned on a live interview o Fox that the China virus was a bio-weapon, but that statement was quickly withdrawn before I could capture it.
I’ve always liked K.T. She speaks her mind, but backs it up with facts. Now she goes on to put this Chinese bio-weapon comment into the larger context of overall Chinese strategy in international affairs that shows what China is up to in the long run.
[insert from: “Martha, I also thought…” to “… get crushed.”]
Now this next line, I just could not understand, so I had to get Beth to interpret and she says that K.T. says: “The Australians, for example…”
Are my ears that bad? Tell me in comments if you could understand this.
[insert from: “The Australians…” to “… they’re ruthless.”]
So-called ruthlessness can be excused to a certain extent when you are talking about trade negotiations, but this goes far beyond that. We are talking about the first known deliberate use of germ warfare. What I still unknown is whether this got out first in China accidentally, then the communist regime decided to send their virus spreaders across America to implement their plans – possibly a bit early, but President Trump probably has a pretty good idea at this point. And you never know what may have been going on in the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, which the Chinese have now been told to abandon.
[insert from: “I think that the pandemic…” to end.]
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Last night, Laura Ingraham did another great story on hydroxychloroquine – HCQ. She opened with a short bit from a CNN host sort of interviewing Trump Campaign’s Communication Director, Tim Murtaugh:
[insert from: “… joining me now … to “… ¬¬regardless.”]
This is so important for people to understand; there are treatments. HCQ is about 91% effective.
Just this week, a new study done in Bangladesh showed that the legacy anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin combined with one of the oldest of legacy antibiotics, Doxycycline, cured COVID-19 patients 98% of the time.
Then, two weeks ago a new legacy drug showed great results – Favipiravir – was found to be 96% effective. In fact, according to this story about this drug in TrialSite News of July 10, 2020:
“The U.S. Department of Defense spent over $200 million testing it in clinical trials just five years ago for exactly the kind of pandemic now faced. Why don’t Americans hear more about it?”
“Although there are a couple Favipiravir clinical trials in the United States, why isn’t the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) discussing this drug? Why does the press tend to avoid it in the United States while continuously discussing Remdesivir?”
Very good question.
Could it be that these legacy drugs cost about $10 per person to provide a cure. Remdesivir costs between $3 and $4,000 per person to treat, and it’s only 65% effective. So, for every million people treated with Remdesivir – which is still the only drug officially approved for the treatment of COVID-19 – that is a cost of $3 billion, and there are 330 million Americans out there.
Back to Dr. Risch:
[insert at: “As to the FDA…” to “…at this point.”]
Yes, you have, Laura. And this needs to be said, without you and Tucker, none of this would be nearing the surface now. And this suppression of a cure is THE most critical of the hoax exploits. Why? Because if there is a cure – or cures – and I forgot to mention the additional 3 anti-inflammatory medications that have now shown positive results as well – this coup could not hold together if there was a cure in the back of everyone’s mind. With a cure, there would be no fear.
According to Dr. Risch:
[“… once we have a handle on treatment. …”]
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Beth smacks the GOP for not having the guts to fully support the President.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Joe diGenova appeared on Washington D.C.’s WMAL and their “Morning on the Mall” on Monday.
DiGenova stated categorically that Justice Department prosecutor, John Durham, will be announcing indictments in the near future and also said that the Dems have made a deal with the devil to in essence destroy the fabric of America in order to take down President Trump.
Show host Mary Walter asks Joe about a recent statement by DOJ spokeswoman, Kerri Kupec.
[insert to “… delighted that it’s happening.”]
Co-host Vince Coglianese then suggests that the report and the indictments happen at the same time.
[insert from “Of course….” To “…¬¬-by John Durham]
Joe’s answer regarding former CIA Director John Brennan is chilling.
[insert from: “No, and in fact….” To “… track record as it is.”
Destructive to the covert operations of the minions of satan, not the voices crying out for a restoration of freedom.
[insert from “… and it may get worse….” To “… Mueller’s work….”]
Let’s just get this straight, Shifty. Bill Barr didn’t have to lift a finger to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It his public testimony before a live nationwide television audience, Mueller disgraced himself by demonstrating that he did not know even the most basic general facts that his report contained. Mueller showed the world that he was a dottering old puppet of the MOS, desperately trying to play out his role, then disappear into permanent obscurity.
[insert from: “It seems as if they are getting….” To “… go with this?”]
Now listen closely to this next 83 seconds, and you may want stop at the next break and rewind this to listen to it again. This is the most concise and accurate portrayal of the ongoing coup d’etat not only against President Trump, but the entire experiment in political freedom that the United States has represented on the stage of the entire world history of nations. This is not just a coup against a president, it’s classic Marxists strategy to bring about a 1984-like totalitarian regime that will be unbreakable, reducing this planet to a level of slavery over the human mind never before even envisioned.
[insert from: “Ya know…” to “persists. Why?”]
Just a note about Washington D.C. media history. WMAL throughout all its history has been a classic middle-of-the-road news organization, tilting a little bit towards the state and the status quo, but always leaving open the possibility that they could have it wrong and so allowing different viewpoints into the discussion. Classic fair play. Now, ho-hum middle of the road, in this environment of the complete debauchery of truth, justice and the American way, sounds like a flaming conservative. That’s how far this leftist coup has moved the political discourse in Washington.
[insert from: “Because they have to…” to end]
Looking for ways to deconstruct society. Folks, this isn’t some minor uprising, this is the work that the world revolution movement has been involved with for 100 years. This is the way they deconstructed Russia into the Soviet Union. This is the way the deconstructed Germany into a Hitleresque dictatorship.
In both cases, it was freedom-loving Americans who came to the rescue of these two nation states to rescue from their totalitarian graves.
And that is the force that brought communism to China and only Trump stands in their way now. As Trump goes, so goes the nation and the world.
So now they know – the minions of satan know – that in order to succeed this time – where they failed twice before – it’s all or nothing. Trump has to be taken down, because only then will the rest of civilization crumble with him.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, the top epidemiologist at Yale University, made this stunning announcement on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox last night; that if the FDA would allow all U.S. physicians to do what many of them are already doing – that is treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine – up to 100,000 American could be saved in the next 6 months.
[insert to “the medical facts.”]
Dr. Risch said that the politics of this propaganda war has even affected some physicians…
[insert from: “… saying that all…” to “… usage of these drugs.”]
Well, Laura isn’t the only one, in fact, she probably got it from us. She was a follower to Beth’s Twitter channel before it was killed off by YouTube several weeks ago – yup, a Twitter channel with nearly 100,000 followers snuffed out for one reason – our work bringing HCQ to light.
So why would HCQ be so important to the minions of satan?
Because if it becomes widely believed that there is a cure – and possibly a preventative for COVID-19, then this entire debate about masks – what masks – and shutting down the economy and not reopening schools – all of that becomes moot instantly.
And what does that do? Kills off this main exploit the Chinese communists have been using to cripple the United States and to cripple President Trump – their strongest enemy among American Presidents ever!
[insert from: “Now, I’ve gotta…” to “It’s stunning to me!”]
And that is exactly why this ruse has been so effective. Never before in human history has such a huge percentage of the world of medicine been deceptively swayed by the world of politics. They claim to still follow the scientific method – but they are not! They have been pressured into not following the scientific method – not following the science.
No, for the first time, American medicine has ceded its treasured spot as the chief truth tellers in world medicine. That leadership has now been taken over by honest medical groups in France, India and Bangladesh.
It’s incredible that thousands of physicians on the front-line of this war against COVID-19 know it works. They take it for themselves and their families, yet so many will not speak out for fear losing their medical licenses.
That’s why it’s taken so long to sink in – because it’s unprecedented that physicians at the top would lie to the American public on such a dangerously large scale.
[insert at: “I think there has been…” to end.]
Wow! There has never been a medical deception so vast that it will deliberately cost up to 100,000 additional American lives - that could easily be saved - if only President Trump would place one call to the new head of the FDA, Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, who has only held that position for 7 months, and tell him to rescind his order which forbade physicians from using their own best judgments with their patients when it comes to legacy drugs already proven to be safe and effective for other indications like HCQ and Ivermectin.
This will eventually come out. Dr. Faustus will not be able to hide the facts forever.
[insert graphic of Fauci’s Lies]
Thank God, Dr. Risch is sticking to his guns at Yale!
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the probable source of the coup.
On Thursday, Attorney General Bill Barr warned U.S. companies about working with China.
He called the issue of China attempting to gain economic and military, as well as even political hegemony over the United States as the most important issue facing the United States and the world in the 21st century.
I have never heard before that China was “hacking” into our vaccine research. I think when the truth eventually comes out how this came about the average American will be shocked at the success and the depth of Chinese espionage.
[insert after “… here tonight.” To “… ]
Dr. Pillsbury is THE most respected scholar on China’s world domination intentions. This is a multi-pronged Chinese quiet war against the U.S. in general and Trump in particular.

[insert from: “So first off….” To “… Ping’s attention yet.”]
It’s now clear that Antifa is a Maoist communist group – i.e. under Chinese influence. The rioting in Seattle and now Portland probably has well-funded Antifa operatives at its core.
We just have to face the fact that President Trump is the first President in at least 50 years who has stood up to Chinese communist aggression and so he is now the primary recipient of this massive Chinese covert psychological operations campaign. They must defeat him. They will spend any amount of money to defeat him.
And America is now slowly coming to realize that a significant part of the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax was really driven to help disguise and confuse the average American as to whom the real enemy is, for as long as possible.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom.
Good day.


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