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Signs are mounting that the Desperate Dems are growing even more desperate as now they brought Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, on stage with former President Bill Clinton at the Aretha Franklin funeral.
Farrakhan isn’t a black leader. He’s specifically an anti-white Islami.
Even the Washington Post ran a story on this, although they cropped nearly half of Farrakhan out of the picture.
Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz blasted Clinton for Farrakhan on stage with him.

It’s taken months to sort all this out, but the spurious allegations of Trump-Russia collusion which have distracted the President and his incoming administration for the last 18 months, is now clearly a mirroring disinformation operation, clearly run by someone in some intelligence agency. Why? To hide the crimes one candidate was totally guilty of by blaming them on another candidate.
What is mirroring? It’s nothing new. That’s why for centuries they have called this particular type of intelligence tradecraft “smoke and mirrors”. In fact, when the history of the CIA is written, this will go down as THE most well-known example of the smoke-and-mirrors technique.
Young Jesse Watters, who started out his career at Fox News in a very unserious way, is now turning into a very serious and brilliant reporter and will be doing good reporting for many decades to come.
Yesterday, he interviewed Fox News attorney, Gregg Jarrett, and former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino on the lack of criminality underlying the infamous meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and others with a Russian attorney.

Legal experts are dumfounded by the latest discovery by Judicial Watch. After hiding the proceedings of the FISA court that led up to the FISA court giving permission for the Clinton camp to use the FBI to surveil the Trump campaign – an event unprecedented in American history – Judicial watch has finally forced the government to reveal that there were no hearings on the matter before the FISA court. It was purely a rubber stamp job.

Judge Jeanine blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions with hard and cold facts tonight.
First of all, she points out that President Trump can fire Sessions and then appoint a new Temporary Attorney General who would have the full powers of the office immediately and not have to undergo Senate confirmation hearings.
Secondly, Sessions has now lost the support of his two best friends in the Senate.

President Trump and Kim Jong Un have signed a deal in Singapore to rid North Korea of its nukes and its future nuclear weapons capabilities through stringent inspection protocols. In return, Trump has stopped war gaming military exercises with South Korea, and pledged support for opening North Korean to the global economy – a move that could slingshot the NK economy into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Two days ago, in SR 2270, I mentioned that in my opinion, Trey Gowdy has turned to the Rhino Republican / Deep State / globalist cause. His turn came just before the 2016 election. Since then, his tone against the deep state coup has moderated considerably for those who have been watching closely, but it was not until his appearance on Martha MacCallum’s show on Tuesday, May 29th that the new Trey Gowdy was revealed in its full glory.

Judge Jeanine interviewed Rep. Darrell Issa tonight. The sad truth is that there is only one way to clean out the corruption in the DOJ and FBI, and Issa puts it out there.

Judge Jeanine blasts Democrats for not only not supporting President Trump in tomorrow’s history-making Singapore Summit, but outright lying through their MSM propaganda organs about the wins he has achieved so far.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: UFO Stalked U S Aircraft Carrier for 4 Days, 2273

I'm still reporting on Trump. All signs are good and getting better for the best US economy in decades. In fact, it's so good that even Nancy Pelosi can't make a sensible argument against it.


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