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Good morning, I’m Still reporting on the coup.
Vice President Mike Pence had every right to do what he did on Wednesday and early Thursday morning and allow the electoral votes from the disputed states to be counted.
It was his decision and his decision alone to make. Being elected to a position of authority means that you have to make tough choices that effect in this case not millions of lives, but billions of lives since the president of the United States of America is the most powerful human being on the planet.
But Pence was not man enough to admit that he was making the decision that fraudulent voting in the presidential election would be allowed. He made the decision, but he refused to own that decision.
Instead Pence wimped out and said that he didn’t have the authority.
Pence states in his letter to Trump:
“As a student of history who loves the Constitution and reveres its Framers, I do not believe that the Founders of our country intended to invest the Vice President with unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted during the Joint Session of Congress, and no Vice President in American history has ever asserted such authority.”
This statement goes right along with the radical left’s efforts to rewrite history. Not only have vice presidents asserted that authority, but one of the vice presidents who did so was Thomas Jefferson who also happens to be one of the Founders of the United States of America, so he didn’t have to do any historical research to determine what the Founders intended, he knew.
In 1800 Thomas Jefferson was vice president, John Adams was president and the two were running against each other for president.
The electoral slate from Georgia four votes was considered deficient, it did not meet the legal standards to be submitted to Congress to be counted. However, Jefferson and Jefferson alone decided to count the legally deficient slate of electors giving himself the four votes from Georgia and enough votes to defeat Adams. It took Jefferson a while to defeat his vice president Aaron Burr, but Jefferson made the decision to count the deficient electoral votes from Georgia that gave him the victory over Adams.
In the election of 1856, Congress could not reach a decision on counting the votes from Wisconsin which were challenged. The electors because of a blizzard did not meet on the appointed day, but met a day later. Congress could not resolve the issue, but the vice president decided to count the votes. Since counting or not counting Wisconsin would not change the outcome of the election, it was not as controversial as in 1800 when Jefferson elected himself president by counting the deficient electoral votes from Georgia.
Jefferson clearly believe that the Constitution gave him the power to make the decision on the votes from Georgia and just how deficient the electoral votes were was not known until Jefferson opened the envelope which was itself deficient. Jefferson could have thrown the question to Congress to make the decision on whether or not to accept the votes that did not meet the form specifically spelled out in the Constitution, but he did not. He decided that as Vice President he had the power to make that decision.
Making the argument that the Vice President has the power to count legally deficient electoral votes, but does not have the power not to count fraudulent electoral votes is apparently the legal argument being made.
Or perhaps the argument is that Jefferson overstepped his authority and was therefore an illegitimate president.
Pence could argue that the interpretation of the Constitution has changed, but to claim that no vice president in history had ever asserted such authority is rewriting history.
I’m still reporting from just outside the citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The late great Rush Limbaugh was fond of saying “Words mean things.”
He was right and if we don’t agree on the meanings of words we can’t have a rational discussion.
The left believes and has been successful at giving words new meanings and one of the latest efforts is to redefine insurrection.
Here is a fact. There was no insurrection at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.
The definition of insurrection according to the Cambridge Dictionary is “an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat
their government and take control of their country, usually by violence”.
The rioters who broke into the Capitol were definitely organized which also means that they were not inspired by President Donald Trump’s speech, since Trump was still speaking when the organized violent mob started fighting with and easily defeated the unorganized and completely unprepared Capitol Police who are now being charged with not only being unprepared but being complicit.

Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Although Impeachment 2.0 of former President Donald Trump didn’t come close to convicting Trump, it would have been interesting to see how the Democrats would have tried to enforcement such a conviction since Trump had already left office. Of course, what they were really after was they are still so scared of Trump they would love to deny him the right to ever hold office again.
Had that happened there would have certainly been a constitutional challenge to impeaching a private citizen, something the Constitution doesn’t consider.
Perhaps some Democrats are so filled with the Trump Derangement Syndrome that they actually believed they could get 17 Republican Senators to vote to convict Trump. But those with clearer heads, had to know the chance of getting 67 votes in the Senate to convict a president for giving a speech they didn’t like, particularly a president who had already left office, was minuscule at best.
In other words, the idea behind the impeachment was not to remove Trump from office - something that couldn’t be done. It was a purely political move meant to embarrass Trump and more importantly the Republican Party, and actually drive a wedge between pro and anti-Trumpers.
The Democrats knew this and there was never any question that there would be 50 votes in the Senate to convict Trump. All of the analysis leading up to the vote was about how many Republicans would vote to convict, there was no consideration that the Democrats didn’t have the votes of all 50 Democratic Senators locked in before the House Impeachment Managers presented what they called evidence.

Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Warning! This is the unsanitized version of this report. Not appropriate for children up to and including most millennials, or the elderly with underlying conditions.

Last week, The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest medical journals, founded in England in 1832, published a highly-political diatribe against - not just the Trump administration – but President Trump specifically - for politicizing science which “posed a uniquely urgent threat to public health.”
And here is why this report falls squarely under our category of reports on the coup.
It is a textbook example of an age-old exploit cut straight from the spymaster’s handbook called smoke-and-mirrors – in other words, blame your enemy for exactly what you have been caught doing – in this case, politicizing science.
The Lancet has a long history of mixing medicine with questionable political postures in the past, and consequently has suffered the humiliation of having to make several full-blown retractions. But these medical blunders have typically been swept under the rug by the MSM when they wish to use The Lancet’s latest shaky political pronouncements as medical gospel.
But the worst blunder of all came in May 22, 2020 when The Lancet published fake data which claimed that hydroxychloroquine was not effective in treating COVID-19.
It was apparently a political hit piece designed to bash President Trump’s support of HCQ as a possible remedy for the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis and thereby help promote the highly-expensive Remdesivir, which, although lauded by Dr. Fauci, has subsequently shown less than impressive results.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
According to a highly-placed Trump White House official, Peter Navarro, Director of President Trump’s Trade and Manufacturing Policy, the person most responsible for the Republicans in Congress for not forcefully objecting to the electoral vote counts from the six battleground states during the infamous Jan. 6th Joint Session of Congress was Vice President Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short.
According to Navarro, Short kept members of Congress from meeting with Pence in the critical final 10 days before the electors from the various states were officially counted.
But, according to Navarro, Pence was hardly blameless :
“ what he did that day , on the advice of Mark Short, was to cut an run from the president of the United States , an from the constitution, because you know what was going to happen on that day.”

The power of the mainstream media - which is even to the left of the Democratic Party - to create an issue is awesome and not in a good way.
Take Texas Sen. Ted Cruz going to Cancun while Texas was in the midst of a terrible winter storm. When the MSM got wind of it they blasted Cruz for being AWOL when Texas was in dire straits.
Cruz rushed home and publicly apologized in front of TV cameras, admitting he had made a mistake.
Really? Why? Cruz is a US Senator, he’s not governor. Cruz, as a Senator, has power when he can convince at least 50 of his fellow senators to vote on a piece of legislation with him.
Cruz as a US Senator doesn’t have any particular power in Texas. He can’t order schools to be opened to provide shelter for those without electricity, schools that do have electricity that is.

This morning, the FoxNews affiliate in Washington, D.C. learned that 6 Capitol Police were suspended without pay for encouraging protesters to enter the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to the Gateway Pundit.
In addition, 29 other members of the Capitol Police are under investigation as well. Here is the statement from the U.S. Capitol Police:
“Our Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the actions of 35 police officers from that day. We currently have suspended six of those officers with pay. Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behavior is not in keeping with the Department’s Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline.”
At least two of the rioters told the FBI that a Capitol Police officer told them: “It’s your house now.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Energy Armageddon.
Sometimes you can just see something coming, especially if you have covered a particular topic for a long time.
Texas’s power troubles were as predictable as the morning sunrise, but it took a very unusual confluence of negative events to bring the horrible consequences we now see playing out on one of the least deserving violators of energy common sense in the nation.
But California is wayyyy overdue and literally living on borrowed time. The fires of the last two fire seasons showed us how easy it is to interrupt the electricity flowing to your home – especially if you live in the Golden State. Under the cloud of confusion which is the current green energy climate, California has waayyy overshot common-sense energy mixes that will eventually lead to civilization grinding to a halt.
For example, let’s take a close look at three cities in Los Angeles County that have wisely prepared for the coming energy crisis years ago, but the greenies are destroying their prudent preparation with nonsense greenish regulations and legislation that are short sighted and without doubt self-destructive.
Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank jointly own a significant portion of a coal burning plant in Utah, the State
legislature has mandated it be phased out in a given number of years.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.

Yesterday, President Trump finally blasted Mitch McConnell:
“The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm.
McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse. The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle—they’ve never had it so good—and they want to keep it that way!”
“We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First agenda or Biden’s America Last.”
“It was a complete election disaster in Georgia, and certain other swing states. McConnell did nothing, and will never do what needs to be done in order to secure a fair and just electoral system into the future. He doesn’t have what it takes, never did, and never will.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell let Donald Trump have it in the back with both barrels after the impeachment vote. It should come as no surprise that McConnell would kick a fellow Republican when he is down, but having done so McConnell needs to pay a price.
McConnell is furious and he has a right to be, but not at Trump. McConnell up until Jan. 20 was one of the big three in Washington. The president, the speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader hold all the cards in Washington.
Now McConnell is Senate Minority Leader where they let you sit at the table but you don’t get any cards and after his speech there can be no doubt that he blames Trump for his downfall.

Good Tuesday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The country is in more danger now than at any time since 1865 when 11 states had seceded from the Union and were fighting a war over their right to do so. Today, we are in danger of losing our form of government once again because it depends not only on free and fair elections, but in the belief of the people of both parties that the elections are free and fair.
Right now, we don’t have that because millions of Republicans – and even a significant fraction of Democrats - believe the election was manipulated over the Internet.
The future of the country is now in the hands of the Supreme Court which has agreed to hear three 2020 election cases. Donald Trump has alleged widespread fraud and has amassed sufficient evidence to convince millions of Americans he is right that the election was stolen.
So far, the lower courts have almost universally agreed that once a vote was counted in the 2020 election it is by definition a valid vote. This has not been the attitude of the courts in the past. Election challenges are common and are heard by courts all over the country.

Good Tuesday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The country is in more danger now than at any time since 1865 when 11 states had seceded from the Union and were fighting a war over their right to do so. Today, we are in danger of losing our form of government once again because it depends not only on free and fair elections, but in the belief of the people of both parties that the elections are free and fair.
Right now, we don’t have that because millions of Republicans – and even a significant fraction of Democrats - believe the election was manipulated over the Internet.
The future of the country is now in the hands of the Supreme Court which has agreed to hear three 2020 election cases. Donald Trump has alleged widespread fraud and has amassed sufficient evidence to convince millions of Americans he is right that the election was stolen.
So far, the lower courts have almost

Good Monday morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
It’s amazing how quickly the political situation can change when God steps in.
This week, Jumpin Joe Biden decided he was going to try to strike a death blow to the most prosperous states in the nation to try to divert attention from the bigtime troubles of the nation’s #1 and #3 most populous states; California and New York.
California’s Governor newsom has mismanaged the covid situation so badly that a recall petition is spreading like wildfire, and at this point is likely to succeed and bounce governor Newsome out of his chief executive chair in the next month.
In New York, governor como will be lucky to escape a jail term after his apparently deliberate mishandling of his state’s covid response by clearing out the hospitals of the already impoverished covid patients, and throwing them in to nursing homes where he knew the deadly virus was likely to spread.
So, this week, Biden has proclaimed that he will try to punish Florida for its success, by imposing a travel ban in and out of the state!

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Today’s summary sentence is from Luke.
Luke, a medical doctor, a gentile, and the author of both this gospel and the book of Acts, focused largely on Jesus’ healing ministry in his account of Jesus’ life, and his two-volume set of Luke and Acts (written for Theophilus) gives us an overview of Christ, the origins of Christianity, and the birth of the Church!
“Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught” (Luke 1:1-4).

Laura Ingraham is an attorney who always regretted not taking a right turn early on in her college career to become a physician.
But she’s now in an even better place a triple threat lawyer interested in medicine with a TV show with around 3 million viewers. To put that into perspective, in the last 365 days, I’ve had 9.1 million viewers. So there.
Laura has finally found her spot in life as the 3rd member of Fox’s 3 -musketeer evening lineup.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
So we're going to do something a little different for the next 27 days. This morning I ran across a website entitled Bible study tools dot com, so it's
They are starting a feature of a one-sentence summary of all 27 chapters of the New Testament – one new one per day, which I’m going to run instead of my usual verse of the day before the regular report.
The first summary in this series of 27 is from the first book of the New Testament, Matthew. The one sentence commentary was written by Kristi Walker, dated Feb. 11, 2021. The commentary will be in yellow text. The actual verse from the Bible will be in traditional white text.

Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup

Good Morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
During the 2020 election cycle some conservatives said there was a nationwide conspiracy to illegally manipulate the election by the far left which included the media, big tech, groups such as Black Lives Matter, unions and other far left organizations.
These conservatives were derided in the media as crazed conspiracy theorists who wore tin foil hats and saw black helicopters circling over their houses.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Sometimes you just have to laugh.
The FBI recently published a photo of so-called insurgents inside the Capitol dome in an attempt to seek the public’s help in identifying the renegades whom the Capitol had invited in the building on that cold Jan. 6th day.
One of these sort-of wanted posters unfortunately had a well-known porn picture photoshopped into their official document which had escaped the eagle eyes of FBI supervisors.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
What passes for journalism these days just is not nearly as much fun in the Biden administration.
Remember back when Trump took office when he called foreign heads of state, we got actual recordings of those calls and transcripts leaked from the White House.

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.
So, Rep. Sandy Cortez, better known by her political nom de guerre, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claims that she feared for her life when a riotous mob took over the Capitol Building.
It may be true. Cortez may have feared for her life, she doesn’t appear to be well grounded in reality. She may fear for her life every day or multiple times a day, many people do.

Good evening, I’m still reporting on elections elsewhere.
The Burmese military has arrested the nation’s political leaders who supported purported widespread election fraud in November’s elections.
Burma is now called Myanmar. Early on Monday morning, the Burmese military arrested Myanmar's state counselor and president, after widespread allegations that they had committed election fraud.
The official election results in Myanmar show that the liberal National League for democracy ( NL D ) had one the race . However the conservative nationalist union solidarity and development party (USD P ), which is supported by the country's military, lost several seats in the Myanmar parliament.
In mid January, the USDP released 94,242 cases of election fraud in six townships, And then called for a new election supervised by the military and the country's election Commission.
In one village an underage girl was able to cast a vote. “she was forced by her neighbor to go vote.”

The spokesman for the Miramar military, said that there were 8.6 million voting irregularities in 314 townships including people who had voted multiple times, and he urged the election Commission to take action.
However, the election Commission did absolutely nothing. Then the head of the Burmese military called for the election Commission to provide final voter list for crosschecking. Again, the election Commission did nothing. Their only response was :
“weakness and errors in voters lists cannot cause voting fraud .”
as a result of such a weak kneed response, the military issued an ultimatum to the NDL government suggesting that the role of the armed forces was to stop government from abusing the nation's laws.
Again, neither the nation's election Commission, nor the parliament, did anything about it. Consequently, the military decided they had no alternative but to arrest the politicians who are not abiding by the nation's constitution and laws.
in the latest twist of this story the new Biden White House To be out is said to be outraged about the arrests, After the BBC reported that a Liberal Party leader told supporters in a letter that the military's actions would put the country back under a dictatorship.
Joe Biden was said to be outraged especially after “the media” of the nation said there was no fraud.
The White House released the following statement :

Good morning, I’m still reporting on February.
So, this morning, as I was getting an early start this month, I was adding the name of the second month of the year into the opening slate of our reports – and realized – as I do every first day of the second month, that I don’t know how to spell it. So, I quickly checked with a handy calendar and low and behold, it is spelled F-e-b-r-u-a-r-y.
Where in the heck does that extra “r” come from? You would have to pronounce it Feb-bru-ary.
So, I quickly searched on Duck and found a plethora of videos on this topic.
Even in the UK it is not pronounced as it is spelled – Feb-bru-air-ey.
Now if you go to Websters Dictionary, this is how the word looks in phonetic spelling, which makes absolutely no sense at all.
But here is their alternate pronounciation
So, imagine if you were a new immigrant to our once fair shores. You would and should select the first pronunciation in Websters, and the only pronunciation you hear commonly, Feb-u-ary.
It takes years of writing for writers to realize that they not only some power, but primary power over how words are done. Therefore, it is writers who have the primary responsibility for improving the English language.
Who does Websters go to for new words, as well as the definitions, pronunciations and even spelling of old words? Us writers.
Here’s how Websters explains it:
“Each day most Merriam-Webster editors devote an hour or two to reading a cross section of published material, including books, newspapers, magazines, and electronic publications; in our office this activity is called "reading and marking."
“The editors scour the texts in search of new words, new usages of existing words, variant spellings, and inflected forms – in short, anything that might help in deciding if a word belongs in the dictionary, understanding what it means, and determining typical usage.”
Any word of interest becomes a citation. For inclusion in the dictionary typically numerous citations have to pile up.
“Merriam-Webster's citation files, which were begun in the 1880s, now contain 15.7 million examples of words used in context and cover all aspects of the English vocabulary.”
Even in Webster’s unabridged dictionary, only 300,000 English words make the cut. About another 700,000 words are either outdated, or too new and specialized to warrant inclusion. So, for a new word to be included – or a new spelling of an existing word - typically an older word must go.
The point of all this is that I beseech the 535 members of the 117th United States Congress to immediately pass the Febuary act, changing the spelling and pronunciation of the second month of the year to F-e-b-u-a-r-y. Feb-u-ary.
That should be sufficient to bring about a permanent change in the dictionaries by next Febuary, thereby eliminating much confusion for the hordes of new immigrants soon to be entering our nation.
I'm still reporting from just outside the Citadel of American freedom. Good day.

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the destruction of small, county newspapers.
I’ve never understood how Google makes so much money, until I read this story in the Epoch Times this morning.
A small, local newspaper group in West Virginia is suing Google and Facebook for anticompetitive business practices.
HD Media Company this week filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that two tech titans had colluded with each other to violate anti-trust laws by unlawfully exercising their monopoly power over the digital advertising market, which has drastically reduced the primary source of revenue of small county newspapers.
The lawsuit claims that Google and Facebook made a secret, anti-competitive deal between themselves to ensure they had information, speed and other advantages in the advertising placement auctions that Google runs for the mobile phone app advertising business each month in the United States.
The lawsuit further alleges that both companies knew the importance of this agreement being secret because they gave the project a secret code name - “Jedi Blue.”
The details of the alleged agreement were first revealed when 10 state attorneys general sued Google on Dec. 16, 2020 for multiple violations of federal and state antitrust and consumer protection laws.
The lawsuit alleges that the secret agreement came about in 2017 to stop Facebook from supporting a new method of selling online advertising which had successfully circumvented Google’s dominance in ad sales. It was called “header bidding.”
Facebook’s entry into the market WAS effective competition, and advertisers flocked to it and fled from Google’s supremacy whenever they could.
However, that competitive environment did not last long. Instead of competing, which would have reduced the profits of both companies and provided lower-cost advertising to we, the little people, Facebook and Google – allegedly - secretly colluded in the “Jedi blue” deal, suffocating other competition, such as small newspapers, small ad brokers, and small internet news reports, such as the Still Report.
The first few pages of the lawsuit lay out the case in a way anyone can understand.
“Over 20 years ago 2 college students founded a company that forever changed the way that people search the Internet. Since then, Google has expanded its business far beyond search and dropped its famous “don't be evil” motto.
“Its business practices reflect that change. As internal Google documents reveal, Google sought to kill competition and has done so through an array of exclusionary tactics, including an unlawful agreement with Facebook, its largest potential competitive threat, to manipulate advertising auctions.
“The Supreme Court has warned that there are such things as antitrust evils. This litigation will establish that Google is guilty of such antitrust evils, and it seeks to ensure that Google won't be evil anymore.
“Google is an advertising company that makes billions of dollars a year by using individuals’ personal information to engage in targeted digital advertising. Google has extended its reach from search advertising to dominate the online advertising landscape for image based web display ads.
“In its complexity, the market for display ads resembles the most complicated financial markets: publishers and advertisers trade display inventory through brokers and on electronic exchanges at lightning speed.
“As of 2020, Google is a company standing at the apex of power in media and advertising, generating over $161 billion annually with staggering profit margins, almost all of it from advertising.
“Google’s advertising apparatus extends to the new ad exchanges and brokers through which display ads trade. Indeed, nearly all of today’s online publishers (be they large or small) depend on one company—Google—as their middleman to sell their online display ad space in “ad exchanges” ….
“Conversely, nearly every consumer goods company, e-commerce entity, and small business now depend on Google as their respective middleman for purchasing display ads from exchanges in order to market their goods and services to consumers.
“In addition to representing both the buyers and the sellers of online display advertising, Google also operates the largest exchange AdX. In this electronically traded market, Google is pitcher, batter, and umpire, all at the same time.
“The scale of online display advertising markets in the United States is extraordinary…. Whereas financial exchanges such as the NYSE and NASDAQ match millions of trades to thousands of company symbols daily, Google’s exchange processes about [redacted] online ad spaces each day.
“At the same time, Google owns the largest buy-side and sell-side brokers….”
“Google has repeatedly and brazenly violated antitrust and consumer protection laws. Its modus operandi is to monopolize and misrepresent.”
This is the most important part; please pay attention.
“Google uses its powerful position on every side

Well, you will be somewhat pleased to know that finally justice has been served on one of the FBI’s perpetrators of the FISA court/ spygate/Trump/Russia scandal –which engaged the nation’s lawmakers for more than 4 years.
Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI attorney who still holds the distinction of being the ONLY government official indicted for anything related to this, the political hoax of the century, has finally been found guilty of something. He forged an email that resulted - at least in part – in the FISA court giving permission to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter page, and perhaps the President, himself.
US District Court Judge James Boasberg sentenced Clinesmith to a whopping 12 months of probation for forging that email, plus 400 hours of community service.
Clinesmith will have to spend 8 hours per week for the next year listening to the entire collection of the speeches of Barak Obama as provided by the National Archives.
[exaggeration for humorous effect ONLY]
Judge Boasberg lambasted Clinesmith’s forgery as an “inappropriate shortcut.”
He agreed with Clinesmith’s defense team, that the FBI attorney did not intend to lie when he forged a CIA document. The forgery gave the mistaken impression that Page was a spy working for Russia, instead of the truth, that Page was actually working for CIA.
This forgery nearly destroyed Page’s life, as well as the life and career of General Michael Flynn.
This was THE key element of evidence that allowed the intelligence community to launch its massive surveillance tools directed at the President of the United States and everyone on his team.
The “inappropriate shortcut” taken by Clinesmith helped the FBI build the narrative (known more commonly as a B.S. story), that Page was the connection for incoming President Trump to connect directly to Russian intelligence headquarters, and ultimately directly to President Putin, himself. This was supposed to justify Trump’s impeachment and removal from office very early on in his tenure as President.
It is remarkable that so many reporters in Washington’s news colony were able to ignore the massive credibility holes in this story. The three reporters who led the way out of the dark forest of FBI & CIA disinformation were John Solomon, Sara Carter and Molly Hemingway – all contributors to Fox News.
It is they who should have won the Pulitzer on these matters, instead of the Washington Post, who should return the prize for being soooo wrong on this story and helping to lead millions of Americans astray over the last 4 years.
I'm still reporting from just outside the Citadel of American freedom. Good day.


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