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... there are lots of lousy claims that Hitler was an agent of the cabal run by the jews. Watch the debunking rebuttals. (From "Jewbergstein" Bitchute-Channel)

Pedogate 2020

Kindesmissbrauch - Ex Scotland Yard Beamter & WHISTLEBLOWER Jon Wegder - Teil 1 DEUTSCH

Jon Wedger ist ein ehemaliger Kriminalbeamter des Scotland Yard, der sich dem Kampf gegen sexuellen Missbrauch, vornehmlich Kindesmissbrauch und dem Schutz von Whistleblowern verschrieben hat.

In seinem Gespräch mit Aline N. Brandstetter erzählt Jon, wie er bereits sehr früh während seiner Amtszeit von Kollegen und Behörden attackiert und bedroht wurde und weshalb Kindesmissbrauch bis zum heutigen Tage ein Tabu-Thema sowohl in den Medien als auch in der Politik ist.

Inhalt: Die Ausmaße des weltweiten organisierten Missbrauchs von Kindern, europaweite Polizeikorruption, die Rolle von Medien & Politik

A questionable report of allegedly fighting underground facilities in the United States
and the rest of the world

Ministry of Health instructs how doctors have to fill out death certificates.

Deeper down the rabbithole - Ted Gunderson on 2005

Germany in Berlin, Saturday morning, April 4th 2020 - no lockdown for muslims

Bringt eure Toten raus - Sven Liebich aus Halle
Bring out your dead - Sven Liebich from Hall in Saxonia
The Lock-Out will stay for the next 25 Years

Re-Upload von YouTube -YT-Kanal "Russland Ungefiltert"

Billy Six sieht sich in Berlin um zum Thema Corona-Virus und dessen Auswirkungen in der Öffentlichkeit (28.3.2020)



unexpected headbut

John Wedger - Former Police Officer

Hanau - Voices of Bystanders -
The observations and their descriptions of passersby from the so-called killing spree in Hanau deviate completely from the official statements in the mass media

Germany is a Land of Clowns of Snowflakes

La gazza ladra - pezzo di apertura alla gazza ladro
(Opening piece of the thieving magpie / Ouvertüre zu die diebische Elster)

Il barbiere di Siviglia - pezzo di apertura al Barbier di Siviglia
(Opening theme of the Barber of Seville)

Halifax, West Yorkshire

Historically in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the town has been a centre of woollen manufacture from the 15th century onward, originally dealing through the Piece Hall. Halifax is known for Mackintosh's chocolate and toffee products including Rolo and Quality Street. The Halifax Bank was also founded and is still headquartered in Halifax. Dean Clough, one of the largest textile factories in the world at more than 1⁄2 mile (800 m) long, was in the north of the town. The premises have since been converted for office and retail use including a gym, theatre, Travelodge and radio station.

Halifax is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, and evidence of the early settlement is indefinite. By the 12th century the township had become the religious centre of the vast parish of Halifax, which extended from Brighouse in the east to Heptonstall in the west. Halifax Minster, parts of which date from the 12th century is dedicated to St John the Baptist. The minster's first organist, in 1766, was William Herschel, who discovered the planet Uranus. The coat of arms of Halifax include the chequers from the original coat of arms of the Earls Warenne, who held the town during Norman times.

Halifax was notorious for its gibbet, an early form of guillotine used to execute criminals by decapitation, that was last used in 1650. A replica has been erected on the original site in Gibbet Street. Its original blade is on display at Bankfield Museum. Punishment in Halifax was notoriously harsh, as remembered in the Beggar's Litany by John Taylor (1580-1654), a prayer whose text included "From Hull, from Halifax, from Hell, ‘tis thus, From all these three, Good Lord deliver us.".

The town's 19th century wealth came from the cotton, wool and carpet industries and like most other Yorkshire towns, it had a large number of weaving mills many of which have been lost or converted to alternate use.

In November 1938, in an incident of mass hysteria, many residents believed a serial killer, the Halifax Slasher, was on the loose. Scotland Yard concluded there were no attacks after several locals admitted they had inflicted wounds on themselves.

Here you can see clearly how hundreds of muslims from Halifax (near Leeds) were purposely led by the police from downtown Oldham (near Manchester) to the outlying district.
This non-Muslim district was specifically chosen because Tommy Robinson was given to do no further provocations.
In the film, it can be clearly seen how the blackjacks during the march rock up there and prepare for a serious confrontation and all this under the supervision of the police!
The whole thing is a huge scandal, since days before in other cities at election events, the police were misused as political activists.
The police depend on their jobs and have to do what they are told to do from the top. But you also see a few police officers doing more than was expected of them, and clearly in a desired direction. These are the future climbers and so it works in a dictatorship?
It will be fumigated the last nests of resisters to make room for the "new" England.
Here, the same tactics used as in the second Boer War in South Africa (1899-1902). First and foremost, children, mothers and old people are attacked in their settlements in order to wear them down and render them harmless. What followed at that time were the first concentration camps in the world.

or: stay away from the fuzzie-wuzzies

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