Hakuna Matata live at Kulturni centar Mesnička, 17.10.2018.
Krešimir Mišak, guitar/vocal
Danko Stefanović, bass
Goran Markić, drums

An old video from 20 years ago. Short version.

Preparing gadgets for the next season. This one is almost over.

My second visit to camp Zagreb. The camp is located near the Rakitije lake. It's a kids and dogs friendly place.

My friend bought the first bike. After a few days of waiting, that day came. Transfer of ownership and registration. Now a bit of practice, at least for the next season. This one is almost over.

It was a lovely time this Sunday. Bikes are clean, tanks full, time to go for a little ride.

Just a quick helmet microphone test.

A short visit to the MC Hollister gathering in Orešje, 25.08.2018.

Had to take my Z750 for a service in Karlovac.
The best service for Kawasaki engines in Croatia.
KMS Kawasaki:

18.& 19.05.2018. Moto party in Malinska hosted by MK Griffons, Krk.

Just a little ride thru Zagreb.

Left my car for some upgrades, so I had to be a passenger on the way home.

Performed by: Sherri T. Hill c 2002

The Battle of Wizna was fought between September 7 and September 10, 1939, between the forces of Poland and Germany during the initial stages of Invasion of Poland. According to Polish historian Leszek Moczulski, between 350 and 720 Poles defended a fortified line for three days against more than 40,000 Germans.[1] Although defeat was inevitable, the Polish defence stalled the attacking forces for three days and postponed the encirclement of Independent Operational Group Narew fighting nearby.[2] Eventually the tanks broke through the Polish line and German engineers eliminated all the bunkers one by one. The last bunker surrendered around midday on September 10.[3]

Because the battle consisted of a small force holding a piece of fortified territory against a vastly larger invasion for three days at great cost before being annihilated, Wizna is sometimes referred to as Polish Thermopylae in Polish culture.[4][5] One of the symbols of the battle is Captain Władysław Raginis, the commanding officer of the Polish force, who swore to hold his position as long as he was alive. When the last two bunkers under his command ran out of ammunition, he ordered his men to surrender their arms and committed suicide by throwing himself on a live grenade.

Music: Sabaton - 40:1


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Another great song.

Video made for this great song.

Walking with my best friend.

Just playing around with some free music and stock footage.

"Wicked Garden" was created as the idea of ​​Dario Bulatovic and Vedran Cecelje. Long-time friends also share the interest and love of rock music in the 90s, especially grunge. Matej Hoyt, a friend of Darius and a member of the band, was soon found in this story. They got a call to go to the 90th Rock Classical Concert for the Night of the Museum 2012. and agreed. On the first try they saw that there was chemistry, professionalism and most importantly, that it was fun to play. All three have years of experience with instruments, Vedran and Matej are classical musicians, and it is especially interesting that in some things Matew plays cello, Vedran drum or guitar, sings etc. Soon Mihovil Konečni, who plays everything, joins the band. They also combine a fiery set and an unplugged set to provide an evening full of different emotions, an evening where people can swim and chill for a few minutes with the beer. Prepare for Alice in Chain, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Metallica, Foo Fighters etc.

The Zagreb Rock'n'roll band Markiz was formed in 2009. The first studio album was recorded in collaboration with one of the best domestic rock producers - Denyken. On the album "Perfect World", which is released in the release of Croatia Records, the band publishes 10 own songs.

Music critics give a high rating to the album and rank it among the best albums in 2010. With The single "Naiv" the band is presented to the audience in May 2010. The song takes high places on top lists. In the early fall of 2010, the band released another single for the song "City", which became the biggest autumn hit in Croatia. The song wins in a very short time the first places in more than 20 cities throughout Croatia.

At the beginning of 2011, Markiz released the third single "Nas", with another animated video spot. Next is the single "Perfect World".

The band's success is confirmed by the double nominations for Porin, the category of best new artist and best rock album.

22.09.2011. as part of the Day of Fight Against Violence Against Women, the band releases its fifth single for the song "Stay a lady". In March 2012, the band turns to the recording of another studio album, and publishes the single "Couple of Beautiful Words". Shortly thereafter, a productive job entrusts Srđan Sekulovic to Skansi. In October 2012, Markiz announced the single "Morning".

After the super-successful single "Morning", new songs were made "Do not Worry" and "Heaven", and the release of a new studio album titled "Microphone". For the album "Microphone", the band gets another nomination for Porin in the category of the best rock album.

By the end of 2014 Markiz wins the award for the most uncommon single at the Rockoff Festival. In early 2015, the band released the single "Who Are You Afraid". After a year-long break, at the end of 2016, the band recorded vocal collaboration with Mirel Priselac Remi of the band Elemental in the song "Surrender". In February 2017, hit single "DaDaDa" came out.

In June 2017, the band released a remix of "Today I'm Awake", which is becoming one of the most singled-out summer singles in Croatia with 4 consecutive months on HR Top 40.

The third studio album "RED" was announced with a single "All I Want Now".

The band's permanent appearances include Ines Mlinarić, Andrej Babić, Neven Jurić, Ivan Vranješ and Marko Tomljanović.


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