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Geoengineering (Chemtrails) are not good folks.The only protection in the end?..... The blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ! His grace and peace be with you!
I don't follow everything this guy puts out, but he's right on with the technical aspects of the fiber tech used in specific particulate spraying applications.

Download and share this hard truth, it will disapear soon as we see it is hateful to call people on hate speech. Good is evil now to this world.
Notice the “respect of persons” bestowed upon a certain people?.These attacks on speech are designed to bring in the “Moral” Noah!de [email protected] Law system which is the beast. These are the synagogue of Satan. Trump is part of it. All “world leadership” are complicit. The “average Joe ” does not realize how deeply they are deceived. Pray the Truth of the True Messiah, Jesus Christ be revealed to the Jewish people who humbly seek Him. Be strong in the Lord! Things may get quite chaotic and uncomfortable, especially for believers in Jesus – Jehoshua, King of Kings, LORD of lords! Put on the whole armor of God! Ephesians Chapter 6
Beware of those who call themselves “Christians” but are not! Try the spirits, whether they are of God! You will know them by their fruit.
Thanks to Israeli News Live YT for clip compilation.

Lets be grateful we still have a place to share what the world needs to hear, the Truth! Email me at kam weld at ya who dot com. it does help to spell it out :) God bless you all!

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