Read this full description----> I did this video in 2011 but it still holds up. The commie propaganda is even more blatant today than it was 8 years ago but nevertheless you should see this. I also made the point that an additional media outlet was necessary and one good way to do that was to infiltrate public broadcasting and use that media. Of course, Republican/"conservative" establishment types or the parasites running "conservative" alleged non-profit scams are usually dumbshits who aren't interested in doing anything that would really be effective so nobody took up my idea. Commies infest anything wholesome and take it over and they've been winning by doing that for as long as I've been alive. So naturally instead of infiltrating public broadcasting with their own programming, those Republican/"conservative" establishment alleged non-profit tards don't want to do what the commies have been successful with because that would mean they'd have to spend some of the money they've been swindling out of little old ladies promising to bring back mom and apple pie to their righteous positions in American culture instead of paying for that new Beamer and in-ground pool they've been wanting. So anyway, if you ask me, the commies have already won and Trump is just a big speedbump. Things will be back to bidness as usual as soon as he's out of office in 2024, even if another Republican follows him. Most Republicans are just collaborators anyhow - the odds say nobody could be as stupid as they appear to be. Note, this was made before FNC decided to become CNN-Lite, and before NewsMax (the founder of which is chummy with Hillary), and before OANN who will never step outside the bounds of PC because they're beholden to ComCrap, among others. Enjoy :)

Kicking White People in the Head - It's what they do. Update on the Minneapolis chimp attacks plus an interview with one of the victims. I know this shit gets old after a while considering how often it happens but folks need to be reminded how dangerous and unpredictable mentally retarded, primitive, murderous, savages can be. More BS from the media about how it was drunks that were targeted instead of just whites. 50% of blacks are borderline mentally retarded to full-on retards. See the series "Race In America: Black and White" from the MarxFreeTV homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the list.

In case you missed it, an attempted Chimpvasion foiled by white dude with AR-15. This happened last Aug 2.
Original raw video:
Discussion and interview:

Funny as hell and brilliant to boot.

This is what black people do. Pack-attacks on white people. It's what they do. Every one of the feral chimps you see in this video should be swinging from a government gallows in public in 6 weeks. Nope, not gonna happen. So arm yourself and avoid any contact with black people.

You are about to witness a murder.

The murder was committed by a feral primate that goes by the name of
Cadesha Michelle Bishop.

On March 21, 2019, this feral primate murdered Mr. Serge Fournier, 74,
in Las Vegas. He was deliberately and brutally shoved out of a bus from
the top step, landing face-first on a concrete sidewalk. He lingered in pain
for a month. He succumbed to his injuries in hospice care, leaving his
disabled wife with noone to care for her.

Serge Fournier 1945-2019
Murdered by a barely sentient, feral primate. With a hair-hat.

50% of black people have a criminal record.

30% of black males are felons.

Black people commit murder 9 times as often as whites.

50% of black people range in intelligence from borderline
mentally retarded to full-on retard.

Never, EVER, turn your back on black people.

This video is illustrative of why blacks - as a group - are dangerous.

The crime you are about to watch is black-on-black, not that it matters,
and it started over possession of a stolen Bluetooth speaker.

What it demonstrates is a common level of savagery, the inability to
realize the future effects of current actions, and what you could expect
if you were the victim.

The savage in question is Melton Kelly, 25, of Oakland, CA, who police
say is a convicted felon and was already on probation for robbery.

He was booked at San Francisco County jail on 11 felony charges,
including attempted murder, ADW, robbery and mayhem on 181231.

Remember, roughly 50% of blacks have some kind of criminal record
and roughly 30% of black males are convicted felons.

Andrew Gillum's self-admitted communist intern has been arrested for throwing chocolate milk on a group of Florida State University College Republicans among other misbehavior, reports Fox News. See what Communism does to women, before and after.

At the end of this segment, we show, and provide links to, the original Senate discussion of the 14th Amendment. If you read them, you'll note that the discussion centered around whether the Amendment would provide citizenship to American Indians and whether they were "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" or whether they were subject to the "foreign power" of the tribes that the U.S. negotiated treaties with. The idea that the children of foreigners would automatically be granted citizenship never really even entered the discussion. Read it for yourself. The term "jurisdiction" has both legal and political implications. The idiot punditry don't understand that.

What Trump is proposing to do by executive order is to reign in a non-Constitutional usurpation of federal authority. It has nothing to do with "changing the Constitution" or anything else. The chickenbrain pundits you hear all over the internet, at CNN, MSNPC, et al., are clueless. The USSC goes to original intent and the language as it was used at the time the Amendment was written. Here you have a representative of the Senate committee who wrote the damned thing TELLING YOU WHAT IT MEANT. Are we supposed to use baby-talk to get through to these 'tards making false declaratory statements all over tv? Read the transcripts at the links above and you'll know more about the subject than all of the pundits combined.

An Austrian woman was convicted of "Insulting Religion" and was fined $500. Suggesting that Mohammed buggering a six year old might be a sign he was a pedophile is apparently too much for Muslims to take. The UNHCR affirmed her conviction. TC discusses with Brendan O'Neill. Europeans, bow down before your new overlords.

#GoogleIsEvil Google needs to be told in no uncertain terms that they shall cease and desist cooperating with China and withdraw any and all technical talent from there or on national security grounds, the US Army will surround their facilities, cut their fiber and power, arrest their executives and occupy their facilities, and the US government will seize any and all of their assets wherever they can be found. It's time to stop pussyfooting around with this menace.

Former FaceButt engineer exposes political monoculture in Zuckerborg's playpen.

Here's the spokesmouth for the Dinkins 2.0 election campaign (and the Clinton campaign in Ohio) going off on Carlson for pointing out the obvious. Yet another smirking, commie bitch that sensible Americans take an immediate and visceral dislike to for obvious and mansplainable reasons.

An internal Googleborg video. This is frigging creepy. It's time for Google to become a bad memory.


2016 marked a revolution in American politics when a political novice upended the entrenched political classes on both sides of the aisle, and achieved a stunning victory for the forgotten men and women of the nation.

Running on a common-sense platform of America First, a revitalized economy, tax cuts, a reinvigorated foreign policy, and a promise to reestablish American sovereignty with immigration reforms, Donald Trump ignited a dormant passion in the hearts of his supporters, and won the presidency in what was arguably the most significant election campaigns in our nation’s history.

Trump @War is a retelling of that story and a look forward to the high-stakes midterm election in November, which will help cement his legacy, good or bad.

Short, sweet, and true.

In case you missed it and were still under the misconception that Democrats aren't crazy cult members, check this out. Behold a bunch of people who need straightjackets. Mindless repetition of pre-programmed phrases. Fugly wimmen on the verge of a violent breakdown. The inability to demonstrate rational thought. Kinda like zombies, isn't it? This is what you're up against. These vicious loons would ship you off to a concentration camp in a heartbeat.

Short clip of President at Johnson City, TN rally. I second the motion. I'm not sure that many people fully appreciate how close this country came to flushing down the toilet - FOREVER. I know Republican politicos who thought, " [Her Thighness] wins, so what? Business as usual..." No, the complete commie infiltration and takeover was so close that complicit Republicans were perfectly happy to go along with America's demise as long as they could make a buck on the way down the drain. Trump gave this country a reprieve from a death sentence. It remains to be seen what Americans make of that reprieve. So thank you, Mr. President and Godspeed.

This was originally posted over at commietube and Tommy's channel here: What I did was to fix the audio and tweak the video a bit to improve it. Nothing added, nothing removed, just technically improved. If Tommy wants the original (before bitchute cuts it down to size) to repost, let me know, I'll be happy to make it available.

This was originally posted over at commietube and Tommy's channel here: What I did was to fix the audio and tweak the video a bit to improve it. Nothing added, nothing removed, just technically improved. If Tommy wants the original (before bitchute cuts it down to size) to repost, let me know, I'll be happy to make it available.

You know Republican senators are a bunch of eunuchs when it's left to a poofter like Lindsey Graham to give the 'rats the new asshole they deserve.


CLARKSDALE, Miss. — A Clarksdale police dispatcher is recovering after a brutal beating while she was on duty last week. Police say Clark continued to beat King until officers arrived and pulled him off of her. She now has bleeding to her brain, a broken arm and several face fractures. The chimp in question beat her nearly to death *INSIDE THE POLICE STATION*. How do you explain how somebody could go INTO A POLICE STATION and go full-on chimpout on an elderly, female police dispatcher?

Tucker Carlson on Google trying to manipulate the last election. #GoogleIsEvil Google needs to be the subject of an Anti-Trust action, broken up, and then be treated as a utility where they have no editorial control. Period. Same with Zuckerborg's Facebutt.


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Banned by Youtube. Apparently, telling the truth is inappropriate there. Well, MarxFreeTV doesn't hate anybody except Communists which must be why they banned it. #GoogleIsEvil

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