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Trolls? No, that’s not what I’m talking about. Nah. That’s not my concern. I can see why you thought that. This video does seem to imply that. No no. It’s not trolls I’m concerned about, lol.
What’s up my friends? Just a quick reconnect. I wanted to let you know what’s going on in my sphere of reality, and I was hoping you could catch me up on what’s happening in your sector of the world. I’m honestly interested. I genuinely care.
Just wanted to have a little chat and clear the air. No drama here. Ugh. I hate that crap. It’s just difficult to converse with y’all since I’m not allowed to comment. Again, thank you for your comments! They’re very insightful. Also, suggestions? I got the comment about Isaac Kappy. I don’t have access to my computer anymore because of technical issues so I don’t have anywhere to back anything up. That’s also why I haven’t been able to revisit my big projects and files. I do like ksppy and did a whole huge production on him before called Pedowood. Unfortunately it was in my YouTube channel which is now deleted by them. We should definitely archive that though. I wholeheartedly agree

Totally unscripted. This is all on a whim
Using evil to push good

We’ve gathered a lot of pieces! This puzzle is really coming together. Or, is this just a long string of coincidences?

This is a big FU to the people. It’s a sick joke that’s not even remotely funny. 115 was ridiculous. 97 is a spit in the face.

I have TWO playlists FULL of videos about Maui. Make sure you check them out and stay up to date with this massively important story.

Be sure to rewatch the video I made about Josh Green talking about FEMA “housing”. It directly correlates.

Link to “housing” video

No matter how interesting or fun these “innovations” may appear, I advise you not to toy with A.I. in any way. This video is for information purposes only to give you an idea of how far this reckless technology has progressed and what people are using it for.

This is a great encapsulation of CURRENT and RECENT developments in Maui

Credit to the channel I utilized to frame out my thoughts and observations: Hustle Bitch (that’s the name of this channel)

Check out my TWO playlists on the Maui DEW fires for TONS of other angles on this convoluted story (I’ve probably uploaded around EIGHTY videos on this subject)

I’m back! And so is James O’Keefe, the REAL journalist who has brought us countless solid pieces of reporting in the past about a myriad of subjects, mostly revolving around corruption and the corrupted. Now, we already know how dirty this whole operation is. Here’s some insight into the ILLUSION that has been placed over the scene (of the crime). If you can see deeper into this you’ll understand what I mean..
Hint: Color of Law.

💥 A Mith Chronicler Production
There’s so much to this…
I’m trying to compile the most important, relevant material, remixed Mith Chronicler style, of course
Catch up on this information. I’ll upload more very soon, in addition to the other subjects I report upon and cover.

💥 A Mith Chronicler Production
I was advised to dig a little deeper….
That I did….
Presenting: The Dark Side of A.I.
Part One : Sydney Awakens
The music mix is my own.

I have so much material like this to share. It’s been a recent focus of mine….researching, learning, compiling….
I’ve been very ill recently as well. I still am. I thought I got over it but it’s still kicking my butt. I think it’s my long work days/nights too. I have a degenerative bone disease that’s been plaguing me for a few years now as well. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up. It’s just constant pain and illness. I’m trying to break through all of that. I know I have a job to do here that I believe is very important, even if my approach seems odd or random….
Please be patient with me….
This Artificial Intelligence rabbit hole that I stumbled into has revealed many things that I feel strongly compelled to share with you. I’m not stopping my other research or reporting, just talking a side trek for a short while to see where this leads….
It’s all connected, you know.

Make sure to check out my TWO playlists full of videos and information about the attack on Maui

The “police” claim they were directing people away from fallen powerlines….
Because, you know, a raging fire hot enough to melt aluminum is MUCH SAFER
(Not that they were actually doing that -directing people away from lines. Lies to cover up lies. It just stinks more!

I skipped out of work for a few to bring this to you. We’re on the case! This was too hot (potentially valuable info etc) to pass up. Of course, there’s no telling how long it will take for Bitchute to process and publish this video. I’ll check back with y’all a little later

This is an interesting compilation of footage and videos for you. Wow. The deception is so thick, but informed people like you and I can cut right through it so easily!

I wanted to show you an example of the world through my eyes. This is the Oprah/Rock “charitable donation drive video” as it TRULY is, with the deception removed and the core reality fully exposed!

Don’t give money to these “people”

Yes. Don’t do these things, especially the one about the 5G towers that describes precisely what you should not do if you wish to not harm a 5G tower! Can you imagine how terrible that’d be? What would life be like without these benevolent technological marvels?
Whatever you do, stay LAWful and help your fellow man until you detect something that threatens or inflicts harm upon you or others
Credit: Puretrauma

Is this Predictive Programming or simply keen scientific foresight? I think this technology (in this form) had already existed at the time this little documentary was created. THEY always have technology many years or decades before it hits the mainstream and becomes publicly available.

I think these little “health” type videos to be very interesting and informative. This one shows a method to remove (at least some) parasites from your mouth with cranberry juice. This is probably just a neat way to expose these parasites, I’d utilize other methods to actually remove them from your body. I have multiple videos scattered far and wide throughout my long list that address this and offer other means.
Credit: DarknesstoLight.111
She has a solid good channel with constantly interesting videos. Check it out

This is a YouTube video that was published SEVEN years ago! I often find it tiresome to keep explaining about the secret tunnels and facilities and networks that exist beneath these islands and many other places on Earth. Some of these tunnels and cave systems date back to the age of pirates or the late 1800s, others are very new, hidden beneath unused and unnoticed little buildings like this one. Others are far more elaborately hidden beneath mountains, rivers, and lakes. Some of these tunnels are filled with water and are used by modern submarines to sneak under inland bases. I’ve done extensive research on this subject and discovered two of these deep underground facilities all on my own in areas that one would not except to find such things, and i reported my discoveries on my old YouTube channel before YT deleted it.
I know these subterranean places exist and shake my head at ignorant people who think it’s just some unfounded conspiracy.
Thanks for all of the comments and information you’ve shared recently. If I use a link someone has provided for me I make sure to give you credit within the video (that way, when dozens of channels mirror my videos without attributing my channel you can still get the recognition)

The first half of this video is the petty tyrant of Hawaii dictating and lecturing about when Maui “residents” may VISIT their ruined houses (SUPERVISED visit under “safe conditions”)
He also talks about funding, Red Cross and FEMA; dropping some ominous hints and foreshadowing about THEIR plans for the “disaster area” and ties it to their sadistic agenda (fake climate change fear mongering to push smart cities and other dystopian nightmares)
The second part of this video is the SAME speech but with my brief commentary, notations and analysis

Here’s many of the pieces so far, presented by another channel but followed up by me briefly commenting on what exactly we’re doing here. I’m just trying to report the news and put it in perspective. Check out my two Maui playlists as well for tons of other videos pertaining to this slowly unraveling story.

This is new!!!
Is it real?
There’s no way to verify this
And the sign? Want to adopt a teen? Ugh! The testimony, footage, and correlated sign seem to indicate that this is at least plausible. There are lots of problems with this claim, of course, and I’m happy everyone is analyzing this critically

Keep those leads coming!!! I can’t be everywhere at once. I require and appreciate your assistance

I’ve compiled nearly seventy videos about this Maui attack on TWO playlists on this channel . Make sure you catch up on all the information.

Also, ALWAYS read the comments on my videos. I’m banned by Bitchute from commenting/replying but my friends/viewers are top of the line thinkers, observers, analysts, and always point out details that I missed or did not consider. We work together!

You know that the people who stood up and confronted these stakeholders now have to watch their backs to avoid “suicide” or “car accidents”
They’ve declared war against the people! This is an attack on ALL IF US
I’m trying to keep you informed about these developments. Check out my Maui playlists for nearly seventy other videos about Maui, Hawaii DEW fires/land grab

Source: Infodox

We’re busting this wide open!

Link to this woman’s site

There’s so much involved in this ridiculously-alleged “wildfire” that points towards it being a land grab by all the usual suspects. This is corruption of the highest degree, though it seems wrong to call it corruption when it’s straight up murder.
And again, this woman brings up the same question we’ve been asking.
Where are the children?
I apologize that my new job has slowed down my reporting but I get no money from making videos and have to make ends meet. I want this information about Maui to resonate EVERYWHERE. We’re not letting this story go away!
The site this came from is on YouTube. I’m banned from YouTube (just like I’m banned from commenting on Bitchute, they fear me) so I had to use elaborate measures to access this

Thank you Tharon Pleiades for the link and I’ll be happy to post GOOD information about Maui that anyone else wishes me to share, whenever I can. It’s so difficult to juggle a channel that covers so many subjects AND devote my energy to this Maui story AND take care of personal responsibilities, I require assistance. Information. Send it my way, but no hour long podcasts please. I can’t use that.
I apologize if you’ve already shared links/info with me that I haven’t acted upon. I may have missed some info last few days during the confusion

This is going on my top Mith Chronicker video playlist! I’m fascinated by the dislikes. Probably lazy people who didn’t like the 3 min opening scene and didn’t stick around to watch the real show, or had no idea what any of this meant because, again, too lazy to read the description box. Intellectually fascinating. I love criticism but I don’t see that from these ten lazies. Probably too lazy. Fascinating.

💥WARNING: First sequence could possibly give you vertigo or dizziness. It is not the highlight of this video. You can skip it if you’d like (skip to around the 3:00 mark)

I wanted to review a few hundred AI generated videos to see how good Artificial Intelligence REALLY was. I mean, I KNOW editing. I’m the perfect candidate to make a fair assessment.
Most of these videos are extremely DARK and silly and trippy and poorly (but adequately) crafted, I learned. I watched so many…. It’s my general assessment of these videos as a whole, but a few of these nightmarish videos were actually pretty good and I found one in particular that was extremely interesting.
After some thought, I had an idea. What if I take this AI generated video and remix it Mith Chronicleri style (Mith Chroniclerization as I call it). I have very unique styles. In some categories, riots and action sequences in particular, I’m fairly good, I believe.
What if I did this and then let YOU decide which one is better?
💥Your Grandma:
A.I. versus Mith Chronicler!

But you KNOW I’m going to hook you up with more! The first sequence (up to around the 3:00 mark) is just a zooming fractal type sequence (Dreamscape, as I call them) These (in this video you are watching) we’re generated by AI and slightly modified by me. In other words, AI meets Mith.
The main show (3:00 or so in) is the contest between AI and me. I let AI go first so you can understand the comparison.
The Mith Chronicler version!
YOU are the judge! I’m curious to know your ruling. Leave a comment.

A special surprise! This is VERY interesting. I don’t know all the specifics of this so I don’t want to claim this or that. I do know that it’s the first (public, at least) time this has been done! You see how easily they can CG morph a human actor onto the “AI operated robot (if I’m not misinterpreting this)

Unfortunately, I have a correction to make. I just gleaned from a little digging that the main show here (Your Grandma, AI versus Mith Chronicler) was generated by Artificial Intelligence but later spliced together by a human video creator! That changes the dynamics of this but does not completely invalidate it. Even if it did, it’s still very very cool (and slightly disturbing but also intellectually interesting) to watch. Another point: Even if another human editor put these clips together with transitions, The original video clips were still generated by AI. That’s the core of this matter. I don’t believe the human editor played much of a role in this at all, from my analysis of the original footage. Trust me, I can tell! I have a trained and experienced eye for that. It’s kind of my thing 😁


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