You know he's been dying to reveal this forever. I wonder what gave him the power to say it? Wild rumblings behind the scenes! This is all about to break loose!

Dear Kung Fu, I'm so madly in love with you

There's hardly anything more beautiful and right in this world than Kung Fu. My love for martial arts and for the legendary 1970s classics of kung fu has greatly deepened over the years --- until now, I have no shame to say, this love has utterly consumed me.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of kung fu movies I've seen (some of them countless times) the final fight from 60 Second Assassin (1978) has to my current opinion...the BADDEST, most INTENSE, MASTERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and CAPTIVATING fight of them ALL!!!

I turned this fight into a love song.
My Love Song to Kung Fu

If you can't appreciate this, or you hate my editing, or you think my selection of music sucks......
💥 Please understand: I don't care.

A beautiful and truthful explanation of why people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines are becoming magnetic.
This is happening to people all over the world in horrifying numbers while the propaganda stations (mainstream media) mightily struggles to "debunk" it, laugh it away, and demonize the countless people who now suffer from this magnetism and many other extremely serious adverse effects.
As it turns out, the makers of these "vaccines" INTENTIONALLY added ingredients that cause magnetism to force the mRNA altering substance through people's bodies and increase their susceptibility to it.
This is so insidious, and we now know that it is only the tip of the iceberg. How many millions or billions of people will die? Is this the prophesied Mark of the Beast?

For the sake of yourselves, your children, and all of mankind PLEASE do not let them "jab" you, at least until it can be proven that they are safe (don't hold your breath)

First, a look at just two of the countless cases of people who have become magnetized

Then a quick talk with yours truly, followed by the main segment of the video. Stew Peters and Doctor Jane Ruby BREAK IT ALL DOWN

This is the irrefutable proof that compelled Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, to predict that President Donald Trump will be back in his rightful seat in the White House around August of this year. Lindell hired top White Hat hackers to procure this evidence, and he interviews one (blurred out) during this production. The evidence that he presents can not be faked or falsely created in any way. It was recorded live during the election, and it proves without a doubt that China, Iran, and other countries hacked our voting machines to collect data and flip votes during the November 2020 Presidential election in America.

The short segment at the beginning is my own creation.

A fearless look at what THEY are doing to us and our children. Coronavirus vaccines are making people magnetic so that metallic objects stick to them, 86% of children who get coronavirus vaccines have adverse effects, deaths and injuries from vaccines are grossly underreported, mold is growing people's lungs from them wearing masks, medical tyranny, top level cover ups, depopulation, and more!

This corresponds with my previous video about the former sex slave Madyson Marquette who testified nearly a hundred times in secret military tribunals against Joe Biden, Soros, and scores of other disgusting elites.

This video delves further into her work with anti trafficking groups to rescue children and other people from monsters who rape, harvest, sell, and murder them.

This remarkable woman shares a story that will break your heart about how she and her team stormed a trafficking house and found multiple children of varying ages who were imprisoned in this location and horribly abused to the point where many of them died and others were mortally injured.

Madyson Marquette found a little boy around five years old that had been raped and tortured so badly he died in her arms as she sang to him and described Heaven. He was so innocent and precious she named him Angel, and the story of Madyson and this boy will echo through the ages and remind us of the days when monsters roamed and ruled the Earth and good people rose up to stop them.

Share this story FAR AND WIDE. The WHOLE WORLD needs to hear it.


*** I highly recommend that you watch this video, especially if you are interested in the secret war that is being waged behind the scenes in America and across the world.

This brave woman survived almost ten years of sex slavery and abuse by Hollywood celebrities and satanic elites like Tom Hanks, Matthew Mcconaughey, Joe "Beijing" Biden, and Dr. Evil himself George Soros. Now she's fighting back with a fury, exposing these criminals and testifying against them in secret military tribunals over one hundred times! Madyson Marquette, who worked in the porn industry in her teens before she was forced into slavery, tells her horrific story, revealing much about the secret world behind the political curtain and about Human trafficking, famous stars who rape and murder children, and other atrocities.

Part 2


Blue's Clues corrupting the minds of our children! Despicable.

These are not gay rights activists. They are insidious predators, and not only are they in your libraries and schools ( Drag Queen Story Hour with their unsurprising ties to the Clinton Foundation), now they're on Blue's Clues on Nick Jr. just in case your child missed an opportunity to "experience" them.

Sick. Please look after our kids and report criminals abusing them in any context in any environment.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about this one.
We've been watching this unfold for months, watching the media and Congress sweep it under the rug, feeling like nothing good is ever going to happen. Will justice be served? Will this fraudulent election stand? Is America lost forever?
Thanks to God Almighty and selfless patriots like Mike Lindell and many others, including countless patriots who fought so hard to bring this truth to light, FINALLY, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! According to Mike Lindell, who is on the FOREFRONT of this battle and knows far more than you or I, the Supreme Court will unanimously vote to overturn the fraudulent election and re instate our favorite LEGALLY ELECTED President, Donald J Trump around late August of this year!

Please note, it's not me who's making this claim. It's Mike Lindell. While I think it's a great development, and I see many more developments in the pipe, and I think big things are really happening, I don't personally believe in "date flagging" , but I don't have all the information that Mike Lindell does. He seems very confident, and I've seen his work. It's very impressive.

Side Note: The Republican Governors event that Mike Lindell references and says he is going to attend turned him away minutes after he collected his credentials. Cowards.

After 30,000 of 147,000 mail in ballots turned out to be FAKE (different paper, not folded which means never sent in envelope, machine filled in bubbles, etc) and out of 950 military ballots 950 of them were for Biden (absolutely not possible, and they were in sequential order!), Georgia State Senators (with six sworn affidavits from veteran election officials) will move to demand Governor Kemp De-Certify the 2020 election results! This is a huge development! Will it pan out?

Here are the all time, most extraordinary, bizarre, and ridiculous CRISIS ACTORS on parade like you've NEVER seen before!
Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, Christ Church, Vegas, and more!

💥💥💥MUST SEE 💥💥💥
Though the sinking of the Titanic is one of the most widely known and researched tragedies in naval history, few people know the REAL story behind the INTENTIONAL sinking of the Titanic and the subsequent formation of the Federal Reserve.

This is probably the biggest and best production I've ever made. I spent over 200 hours on this documentary, not to mention the time I spent researching EVERY ANGLE of this convoluted and fascinating story. It's PACKED FULL of TRUTH and revelations. You've never seen so much vital information in one spot, and I took great care to make this extremely entertaining as well. This isn't your usual historical documentary. It's been MITH CHRONICLERIZED!

Jfk assassination
Secret societies
Federal reserve
Titanic and the Federal Reserve
Jp Morgan and the Titanic
Satanic Cabal
Global Elites
Titanic sinking
Titanic conspiracy

💥💥💥MUST SEE 💥💥💥
Though the sinking of the Titanic is one of the most widely known and researched tragedies in naval history, few people know the REAL story behind the INTENTIONAL sinking of the Titanic and the subsequent formation of the Federal Reserve.

This is probably the biggest and best production I've ever made. I spent over 200 hours on this documentary, not to mention the time I spent researching EVERY ANGLE of this convoluted and fascinating story. It's PACKED FULL of TRUTH and revelations. You've never seen so much vital information in one spot, and I took great care to make this extremely entertaining as well. This isn't your usual historical documentary. It's been MITH CHRONICLERIZED!

Part 2:

Titanic and the Federal Reserve
J. P. Morgan and the Federal Reserve
Rothschild family and the Globalist Banksters
Novel Futility
Predictive Programming
Jesuit plot to sink the Titanic
Secret societies
Assassination of JFK
Fallen angels and Giants
Titanic conspiracy
Titanic underwater footage
Abraham Lincoln
9/11 truth
American Revolution
War of 1812
American Civil War
Bank run
Captain John Smith
Jekyll island and the formation of the Federal Reserve

💥 Irrefutable evidence of the secret nuclear powered tunnel boring machines, Subterrenes, that can melt through rock like a hot knife through butter!
💥 This is one of those special videos that I spent a lot of time constructing. I've researched this extensively for many years and know a great deal about almost every aspect of this subject. There are a lot of angles to consider.
💥 DUMBs (deep underground military bases) I touch on this topic but will cover much more in upcoming videos
💥 Official US patents for subterrenes. I show you the ACTUAL ones, including all of the diagrams, illustrations, and specs
💥 Elon Musk, Virgin, Hyperloop magnetic levitation vacuum tunnel train system, the ridiculous claim that they are just developing this technology now, the so-called first human test ride
💥 The history of Soviet battle moles, Nazi Midgarschlafen, and other projects, and how it intertwines with US and Russian relations today
💥 And so much more

What's really in the prickly swabs they stick up your nose to test for Coronavirus? PCR test = evil attack on humanity!

Finally, someone asked Eugenic Gates about the deaths and side effects of his Coronavirus vaccine.

Not sure if this woman will still have her job after this interview!

God save us. Beijing Biden goes off the deep end. Again.
I highlight this to keep the pressure up on the fake administration. They don't deserve ANY breaks.

China was so embarrassed by this viral video of people waddling after getting a Coronavirus anal test that the CCP BANNED this video on every platform!
😱 Short and Disturbingly hilarious!

What's REALLY going on with the effort to resolve the fake presidency, to drive out the globalist and Chinese occupiers, to clean out the fully corrupted Congress and courts, to restore Constitutional law, to restore order without tearing apart the whole nation and dooming us to decades or longer of starvation and ruin and war... And to do all of this BEFORE America crumbles!

Juan O Savin is an insider unlike any other. I guarantee you that you'll come to the same conclusion after listening to him lay out these incredible details and explanations of what's truly happening behind the scenes. No BS. Just truth.

The main portion of this video is from Juan O Savin's interview with David Nino Rodriguez

A huge development in the war against human trafficking and migrant smuggling. This is the official Interpol report of what went down during the 24 country operation that nabbed 195 offenders and rescued 500 slaves and other abused humans.

💥 The REAL story behind the massive Evergreen container ship called the Ever Given that got wedged into the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Boy did I dig deep on this one.
If I hadn't personally researched this epic story myself and seen all the information and heard all of the reports (a lot of which I put together for your information in this video) I'm not sure if I would have believed it.

This is people getting together and sharing information on a massive scale. Together, we have uncovered many pieces of what REALLY went down in the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal.

There are so many elements to this. Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation's involvement in Haiti, the international child trafficking and human trafficking networks that utilize giant cargo ships like the Ever Given to transport their living goods, adrenochrome, the powerful Elites, bankers, Cabal etc, nuclear weapons that can be mounted inside shipping containers, secret military operations and alliances, Space Force, deadly Chinese vaccines that were designed to kill, a giant male reproductive organ, and so much more!

As always, I encourage you to DO YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT RESEARCH in addition to watching my videos. I present stories with the information I have personally gleaned. I do the best I can to gather accurate information only but I probably missed some aspect or detail that YOU could uncover if you dug around a little. If you don't like the conclusions I draw from my research then go do your own research. It's as simple as that. I'm just the guy trying to make it easier on you.

A sniper almost took out our favorite President while he was sleeping!

Exclusive breaking news from "Dark Outpost" purports that there was an assassination attempt on Donald Trump that failed due to new bullet proof windows that Trump just had installed.

Also, purportedly, former CIA Director John Brennan ordered the hit! Details on that.

Actual Chinese drone footage with Chinese language audio and English subtitles.


Though widely claimed to be Antifa, the protester in this scene is from Extinction Rebellion, a climate action group. They were staging a protest at Chase Bank in Manhattan when this guy got a little too excited and mistakingly believed he was Spiderman.
After climbing about fifteen feet up the face of the towering structure he lost his grip, tumbled down, and snacked onto the concrete.

Search keywords and phrases
Extinction Rebellion protest in Manhattan
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Antifa falls off building
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Spiderman protester
Antifa fail
protest fail


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