one comment was also
"Pruning the leaves also help. Air flow and pollution is the key. After I removed 40% of the leaves the zucchini went crazy in growing"

and also now: Not a Berliner but Paid Piper

just think about that word; does it not sound like your confirmation for a kind of Test, like the PCR Test or the old Testament or so? In Germany we have got out of the blue "a Movement" led by Doctors, from who we have never heard all those years their branch were actually poisoning people with all kind of medi-Sins. They also won`t touch their Virus nor Bacteria Ideologies they were spreading over a century and basically getting people sick and stupid (Fluoride par example made Dentist pretty rich and people pretty stupid). Those "leaders" also do not miss to have much of money to put up kinds of "Love parades" with huge Stages and Soundmachines.And of course you never miss the Transgender flag among those protesters or the Roman-Israel Flag or both. How comes they could all by a sudden bring out over a Million people? Sounds pretty much like well prepared, does it not and especially if the same Gurus come up in the UK and I guess also Sweden and all over in the Alternativ Media?
Folks you have to understand that all the last reconstructions of countries always followed coloured protesters by a local war, like par example in Jugoslawia or Egypt. They got even so far before the "Lockdown" to let Teachers bring children to Climate Protests. We certainly must get more clever about the ways they are leading people into bullshit and not into release. Unfortunately also little groups kind of function with big mouth self appointed spokesman who always appear and behave kind of strange, either because they have an agenda as a change agent or because they are just stupid and act on diffuse Feelings. But are things changing to the better like this? I find this Video next right on the point.

Dr. Wodarg informs that one of the sideeffect of the Cov!9 vaccines is Infertilisation

in german language

well, those who either hold huge mirrors in their Castles to carry out fire attacks on the peasants on the land
(Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land /Mirror Mirror on the Wall...)
or those who put up huge mirrors into the sky to block the Sun of God entirely and use the harvested energy to attack you with it, what they love to call Global Warming.

By the way, you cannot trust anyone who denies Chemtrails and any other Geoenergeering Weaponry, who does not know that the Sun of God is yellow and not white: most of them are just stupid and disconnected from Mother Earth and Father Sky ..others are responsible for that crime

you must know what they are up to: to destroy your breath and also food supply and housing for man and animals

how deep are we falling with these Leaders of the NWO?

to turn away from that book does not make you a human and animal sacrificing Pagan
but just a Heathen: someone who follows his inner voice and the Beauty of Gods creation. See the picture: this is an area in North Germany called "Lüneburger Heide". where the name Heathen (in German "Heiden") comes from, not from any crazy T(y)ranny under Jehovah who in fact hates everything on Earth and destroys people, animals and plants even in the name of serving Nature: what a "joke". Dear Americans, it is in your hands these days to turn things into better as you are a fully equipped army. Unfortunately you are also the most brainwashed white people by Christianity (Freemasonery) and the American Flag, another name for this would be Voodoo. Any Voodoo Spell is over as soon as the Targets realize they were under a spell and allow themselve to get rid of it. The guy here gives you some quotes which you please check out in any Online Bible. And yes, I noticed that he is wearing the Skull and Bones hat and I have no idea why. I also do not follow all his arguements, they probably lead into another kind of bullshit. But as you might have found out already: I hate Guru Worship. I expect you to follow the arguements of people, written or oral and deal with them and not with their general believe system. Of course you must also judge people for their deeds; you can have the most "loving" talky walkies who kill babies behind the veil. But here now I urge you to deal with your believesystem which might be pretty much murdereous. It is for a reason that America was first in line for so long doing everything the Israelites where asking them to do. And by the way: neither the black Africans nor white Europeans are those Israelites.
Here another version for Germans iin German language

really, does it help? Try and you will know. But take care not to engage in any cult out there, you know all those people who start a new religion out of everything

Do not let them impress you with their imaginations and imagine we blow them now away

Let it be known we are not dead and take it back