I think I heard about something like that. Greetings from Germania
some people have strange Gods and some think they are God
Did it happen recently that things got put through plenty of peoples noses? Yes it did. Did it happen recently that the little Homosexual from Israel declared that Free Will would be finished? Yes it did. Well, they could not get all of us but on those who remained without the Brain Bite it remains to destroy the threat and the perpetrators. We need to learn to read who is bitten and who not. It is not that difficult; they act bizarre and on codes like: Nazi, Antisemite, Homophobe, Transphob and Conspiracy Theorists, currently also Anti-Vaxxer without thinking for themselves. Own sensing and thinking got removed from them.

Folks, things did not happen through clever psychology alone but mainly through technology, the use of chemical poison and lots of Force.

Do not let anyone put anything into your body and again: get rid of TV and Mobiles, avoid electric devices. Fill your home with as much plants you can manage, the same do to your garden or balcony.
You need to enforce the POWER of GOD - it is still the most high Force, learn to use it by your own - not by any Priest, no matter which Religion. Religion has nothing to do with God.

I am wondering how many empty shells are moving around pretending to be members of mankind. Can we call a fish a fish if he does not realize that the water he swims in kills him?
And here you can listen to the fucking "Ick bin een Berliner" Kennedy. They do not control the weather because they are not God but they poison the sky day and night, they are murderers.

very good and simple tips what to do to help yourself. Here about hip and back problems which by the way plenty people suffer

My Advice different from him: Let them learn Farming or/and a craft

but we will remain.

Dear Invaders, please go home: we beg you only because we are a polite people even though you are acting as cowards and parasites. We are Germans and we work for ourselves. We cannot eat Dollars neither Gold, we live from Love and Work. May be you want to try that as well? Okay wonderful, but in your Homelands. Just a little German Woman speaking to you.
You see many of you Invaders are just drunkards, who could not manage your lives by Love and Work. These 2 go together with Beauty. You can have that as well but in your Homelands. Probably in Africa? What a wonderful Continent. Probably in America? What a wonderful Continent. Probably in Australia or in Asia? So much of Land and Beauty given by our Mother Earth. What is wrong with you to seek your Paradise Garden in a German Shopping Mile which no German ever designed by himself: they are ugly and were build by our Occupiers. We would not create such garbage. Please folks, just go home and do something for Mankind; each folk by its own.

One day people will understand how insane it is to be injected with poisons to build up resistance against them. It is just insane.

do not ask me what to do and what to leave. People are falling like Domino Stones, unable to say "no" confronted with coercion: If not this then that. The only way I can think of so far is: do not fall for that trick. There are many "if-s" and "then"- follow your own train. It is a mental issue in first line or to put it different: Follow the most high, otherwise known as God or Allah and not Criminals-no matter what.
People need to understand how their own brain system works and how they were trained with coercion. To explain this: It is a natural function to think of causes and results. Example: if I step from a huge step I probably fall down. This is with other words a helpful function of our brain. The thing is that this function got weaponized through education and religion: If you do not shut up you will not get ice cream later on and so fort. The one thing has nothing to do with the first one. It is the basis of politics, religion and pedagogic: incredible coercion,while the other function of the brain is imagination combined with compassion and inspiration, what would and is the superior or godly way to be but only if we keep the functional "if-so-then-so" commanded by the imagination. Most of mankind is out of that since the Roman-telling Churches (Banks) of all version are telling people that they would rest in hell forever if they do not pay them taxes and what have you else.
If you think back on your life you will find those coercions in all variations. When you lusted to play outside the Elders (themselves already properly coerced) told you the death would wait outside for you or the police or the Youth Department who would force you into the school prisons and probably take you from your parents into the "care" of foreign people: the social worker branch and so fort - even pedophiles. The whole system or matrix works like that. We cannot get free of this if we do not bring our brain to focus on the side of our Imaginations and innert desires for free expression, which always is related to Nature because we are also part of Nature.

The invisible rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
didn`t you know that once? Well, now mankind even runs into an ocean where the Thunder God just tries to release his anger. People love to be fried like frogs these days: the feelings seem to be magnificant or should I say "magnetic"? It sucks you in?
I once experienced the effects of a little drop of water into a (not properly sealed receptacle. It hit me against the wall of my kitchen - no way to disconnect myself until the wall took me down from that special rainbow.
Well this author seems to believe in Global Warming as a danger - what if the Electro Cooking is the Global Warming?
Got so called Allergies and you need to scratch yourself all the time as if you would have ants all over your house or right in your body? Well folks, you get murdered- slowly but surely unless we stop the Genocide. What you can do? Throw your Mobile against the Wall, finish it off. Do not allow anyone to use such Murder device in your house and your present (please, spare your energy: I know that you cannot move all day in a Faraday cage what would not be healthy either. But you can throw your Mobile against the wall, you can take such device from your child; you can reduce the use of all kind of electric devices: TV, Micro ovens, Fridges ( I live without such thing since over 10 years and it does not only reduce your bills but also your pains caused by the artificial Thunder God.) ... think of everything else in that direction. You see, everything starts with only one step and then another step and another step into the direction you want and need to go. Soon you will be able to run and that applies to all of us so that another Thunderstorm will come up, the Thunderstorm of natural Resistance and it will give THEM the final blow to THEIR Hell.

you are no amigos and you have to go as you are not fit for Earth and all living beings in and on it.

he had found another plane where he can sit alone. Adios

you were born from her on her and if you cannot accept that simple truth you better take your spaceship and move to wherever together with the destroyers. No more Medi-Sinners and no Monkey Virus.
This will happen anyway: with or without you.
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Mother Earth does not like their Climate Engineering and spends some huge CO2

till they go over the Rainbow - just like the plenty of tortured Cats

by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm (1812), translated by Margaret Hunt (1884)

folk song created for Angela Merkel and Friends and their afterlife
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