for all the Gentiles worldwide

Get rid of their imaginations and stop delivering their imaginations to your children, meaning destroy the TV

and stay away from Hospitals (haha)? Or what else is going on? Probably they know, may be instinctively, that they should not show up in the Hospitals ...I really do not know

and no Joke at all but will be used to let plenty of people be killed by the Dummies: Medical Stuff and Soldiers.

You better understand this. These people are order followers and if they get ordered to vaccinate you, they do so because they never questioned at all, what they are doing. They are "Believers" in all that bias. If this was not so, all the Medical Stuff would have come out already and told everybody that this thing is a dangereous Hoax and they would have walked away from the Hospitals and so fort. Did they? Only few ....

The Soldiers/Police, well what to explain you about them. They are all voluntary on contract - not by force.
So, if you are clever and want to survive this Mass Death Commando then please stay away from those "Professionals" and keep your Elders and Children close to you and at home. Do not bring them because of a "sneef" to the doctors or Hospitals. In such case put them in bed, let them sleep nicely and give them Lemons/Citrones ...that is all to do.
Check with who you communicate: those with the Masks belong to the Dummies ....just to give you an orientation. Some of them might use the masks to stay under cover ...but most are stupid believers and order followers. So stay away from them and do not talk too much to them. They can all go to hell, so to speak, if they wish to believe in all that nonsense and never to use their senses nor brains.

Even Mother Nature might not have further use of these Idiots. How many years are they attacking her already with all their chemicals? Any little weed got ripped out of the ground by these Idiots; you get me, I hope. The whole virus thing could not have functioned at all without these plenty of Idiots who believe that Nature is a threat against them and that they are not part of Nature themselves but need chemicals and much of beton to "defend" themselves against Nature.

This is completely ridiculeous but had been so, for many many people and plenty of years. In case they would feel sad, they would take alcohol or drugs instead of going through the sadness. In case they would have little pains they would not take a rest or walk into the forest or eat differently but take tablets. For some their tablets got even their food. So, indeed we have got plenty of people infected ...not by Corona but by this Mind-Virus, which symptoms I just described.

"Mac Bum" gives you a good survey what bullshit is set up all over the World by the Media:

Remember the prayer which I designed for you to use:
Everybody who (intends) harms me or my loved ones stays now and for ever away from me;
I stay away from everybody who (intends) to harm me or my loved ones.

Get yourself into that clear Mindset by repeating it often. You need to be able to see through the bullshit and stay away from it.

Do not suppress your fears as they are very normal faced with that death threat - but do not act on them fears with panic. Calm yourself however you can do it, so that you can use your anger when time comes to do so, par example in order to protect your children from the Dummies. They might try to take them away from you.

Your Governments and "Anti-Social Workers" are on that Agenda as well, not only on the Viruse Agenda.They might combine things now.

working and living in Germany reported here that the first Patient who apparently had died caused by the Corona Virus was in the last stage of cancer and stationed in palliativ care. Short before his death they took spit from him which was infected by Corona. This got him the famous reputation of the first Corona sacrifice in Germany.
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi reports that this is practized in the same way in the whole world but first in France. Serious (otherwise caused) sick people who are dying are getting identified as dying by Corona.

The Professor points out that this will eventually bring about that relatives will not be allowed to say good bye to their dying Elders and Relatives. He is asking if people really want this to happen.

Hope you know what this means: Soylent Green.

The Professor also directed an open letter to canceler Merkel.

All medical Professionals are hereby demanded to declare that they are not willing to comply in this horrific agenda against mankind.

And some clear words for the Sheeple: your stupidity paired with ignorance is gruesome and you better never claim any say about my and my loved ones well being: none.

You can take all kind of poison, you can take tabletts, or you can inject it does not matter, but you keep your stupid hands from me and my loved ones.

And by the way: Nurses and such: take your stupid hands from the patients are not allowed to vaccinate anyone and you better keep it like that. Stop vaccinating children and stop vaccinating anyone.

they are fashionable these days

The problem with Voodoo is that most people do not know that it works and especially those who are under a Voodoo Spell.
Thankfully, their Stomage will remind them soon, that something could be wrong ......

as she is working and working allthough of the Attacks against her by ignorant and evil humans.

but probably should use it first. Afterwards we do not need that help anyway.

"From figurative senses of VIRUS in the old "poison" meaning we get words like VIRULENT and VIRULENCE. These were used earlier in medicine, in reference to wounds or ulcers that were "full of corrupt or poisonous matter." The figurative senses seem to date from c. 1600."

well, it is probably about time to take distance from "them" as they carry the most disgusting viruse not only in their brain but in every cell. They know nothing than destructing and uglyness, rape, theft, murder more words for "them".
If you wonna follow them - good luck

and the Corona-Viruse in France

You have got the best vaccines in your hands - so you now please use them wisely to vaccinate your Governors Joffreys. You see those Governors are suffering severe viruses such like giving your industry to China and your best Friends in the Middle East. Your Governors are suffering the idea to send your boys and even girls to all parts of the Earth to come back sick, traumatized or dead.... because they cannot get other Work any longer than working in the Army.

And now your Governors want you and your children even faster sick, traumatized or dead. And if they got you, they got the rest of their fake World: Billions of people sick, traumatized or dead.

We are Earthlings and need to finish their "World". And you dear Americans are now please leading this kind of Vaccination. Do not riot but go through all your counties and take the perpetrators out. ...And do not forget to send the videos around. We will all follow your example with forkes and whatever we find and our mental support of course. You can do it - and you must do it. Do not comply to the Bullshit but take the Idiots out.

sprayed like bugs from the sky,
given poisoned water and food,
vaccinated from birth .....
and now quarantined ...
till evicted ....
and put to death at Fema Camps
and then counted how much of us are left ...

I have really not much of respect left for many people right now ....
how long were we telling you again and again and again ...
for plenty of years ......
and now you run around with gloves and full-body-condome ...

either to protect yourself from the Viruse - as you are a Believer into anything told to you
or to protect your Intelligence and Sanity from those Idiots just mentioned.

So, get your full-body-condome right now!

plenty of them around these days

Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi is declaring here (in german language) that a virus is part of human life and that only few viruses can even be called responsible for diseases, let alone as only factor responsible. He declares that other factors are playing a bigger role, namely other diseases usually from elder people. He claims that even this freshly discovered viruse would only take about some 22-40 lives from elder people a day (in Germany), which is pretty much common anyway.

He also mentions that China is a place which shows a pretty high rate of environmental pollution which would also be the case in Italy.

Well, I do not know that from Italy (other than by Chemtrails) but from China it is well known that they are running around with their masks since a long time. So what would anyone expect?

It is good that this Doctor is pointing this out.

Asked what he thinks of the current orders due to the Corina Virus he states, that it is grotesk and will bring a collective suicide. Much more elder people are going to die just because they can`t do nothing to keep themselves healthy, while being isolated in their houses. So they cannot go out, do sports, have social contacts etc. So they will die even earlier and in greater numbers.

And then again there will be problems in other fields of health care because nurses and such stay at home .... And economical in general things ordered are existential.

do you really think they will spare you if you go along with their shit? Exactly you ?
I think, they won`t. And you better understand, even if you should survive these assaults ...what kind of life will you have? Watching your children being sacrificed? Watching your animals being sacrificed? Moving some 10 meters in horrific pains because you got shot from 5 and 6 G?
Well, you decide.

are not dead make sure:
1. you do not catch cold (have something to cover yourself and your lovely ones)
2. have something to drink and to eat and know where to find it
3. be nice with your lovely ones and useful towards the rest of the idiots
4. know the difference between your lovely ones and the idiots
5. never panic but if you panic nevertheless: make sure to get calm and make your lovely ones calm
6. do your creative mental command: I let go everyone (intending or) harming me - those also let me go