Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Dear Men out there,

I am a woman and wish to add: All of us, the woman, the boys and daughters are waiting for you because we love real men. May this encourage you to be those real men who we can take seriously. Partytime for silly boymen is over, hopefully. Look around you and see all the horrific destruction, the sufferings because of the Parties of Irresponsibility. You have to be Partners and you have to be Fathers. I feel horrified by all the MGTOW-Fans out there who would rather burn women than to get the Men they were supposed to get all along. Ask youself you silly MGTOW Fans: would you really follow any MGTOW in an Emergency Situation; really? So how comes you expect women to do this? Look in my last post what the German Women did when they finally stopped to (fire)bomb them and the children. They were the Cinderellas of the Time, back then. Plenty of you did not understand to this very day how important it is that you love the Cinderellas. Be Men and the Cinderellas will go with you.

by the lies and guilttrip they tried to get into out people. The Holy Wickedness even tries to tell around that the Turks had been building up Germany after nearly all towns got bombed and firebombed. Well the Turks did not even know where Germany was those days. They came in the 60th when things were already and long time nicely build up. Now the Holy Wickedness is placing the idea that Slaves had built up Germany after the war: Which Slaves? My Ancestors had been the onliest Slaves around, those who were still alive and not hanging up for chilling I guess in Sibiria. The Holy Wickedness has no more shame. They cannot even admit that mainly the German Women built Germany up again, not even that, can they admit. so please download the video and spread some German Pride for our powerful Ladies back then.

In Germany by the way they name socialworker send into Families of their choice to be supported "flexible education help", in short "Flex"

He_brew Beer, Vine and Corn. Who? The Monks.
Alcohol, the first injection to get you weak and me rich and powerful.
Monk = MonArchAngel ...the Crown of the Corn ....connect the Dots
Coincidence exist, that cannot be, can it?

Global Warming is actually the Temperature of the Creator for its Earthlings. And these Evildoers do not like this.
brought to you by the Catholic Church, and its branches
otherwise also known as Roman (Story Telling) Empire

In order to cast a spell you need body parts or fluids
Even Water contains Information
but what about Skulls and Bones?
It doesn`t matter if you name your God Odin
it doesn`t matter if you are mad about multiculturism
it matters if you do not care the fuck about the children: white children, yellow children, black children
They are bringing all the races and folks into the prisons they created in the industrialized countries: do you get that?

You might not like to go into this ..... because of the tears .....however you must

do not use the Mobiles and do not ever give them to your children. You can get your land line. That`s it. After that you use your feet and to get to your neighbours and friends or coming friends and actually communicate face to face and especially with your children. You do not give them so called legal drugs but go with them into the Forests or what is left of them ... but you move into Nature. This will fight off the depressions and better your body. You will feel real hunger and then you will eat real food and not Fast food filled with poison. Anyone and again I say anyone can do this, so please do it. Don`t be a Dummy anymore and do not allow your children get dummies.

Unfortunately I forgot where I had grabbed this video. The title was

People cannot eat Gold but they can breath the air from the Trees. They can eat the plants in the Forests and they can enjoy Life within the Beauty of Nature. Children who cannot move into the Forests and climb the Trees up and down get mad right from the beginning of their Lives. And so it continues throughout the adult Lives. The Green Movement had actually been a movement for the destruction of our Forests in Europe. Germany par example had been a beautiful country filled with Forest and allthough it was highly industrialized. These things are not opposites but can be done pretty and integrated. The industrial means must adjust to Nature not the other way round. Why is it that most Europeans meanwhile have to live in ugly Towns with ugly Streets and no Trees nor Birds in them? That is horrible - a death culture, nothing worth to live in. The Greens actually have destroyed the environements with their ugly Windmills (as if we never have had the beautiful ones from the Middleages. There had never been an Energy Crisis unless created by the Communist Greens. The person here talking refers to the Germans during Nationalsocialism ....Well, it is something true in it: anything which is still intact and beautiful remains from the Times of the German royal Empire and the Third Reich - the destruction though had been implemented by the Communist Greens and pretty cynical even under the disguis of the Environment - just how they are using now Greta to fool the masses over the heavily disturbing attacs of Geoengineering. The Trees are the European Folks ways and we must get them back. The Forests are the real sources of air and food - healthy and happy Lives. Think about it Folks-How does it feel to move through grey betonized Towns where you can only buy stupid shit which you do not need but will get rid of on the garbage mountains? Dismantle the false Green Agenda by the Communists and put instead the real one: all together. How happy I would be to finally see the Trees back and the Beton everywhere ripped away. How happy I would be to listen to the Birds who would come back to us if we would have the Trees and Forests for them?

The "Riesengebirge" was taken away from the Germans by the Versaille Treaty. However the Mountains of "Rübezahl" and Mother Earth it remain.übezahl

was more beautiful than it looks now, after 74 years of occupation
translation into English underneath

Since Germany is still occupied by the Allies they are responsible to keep the Laws of the "Deutsche Reich" (German Empire by Kaiser Wilhelm) during their occupation of our Country. This was signed by many countries, including the occupying forces as Law of War and Occupation (Haager Landkriegsordnung). Actually it is mainly the US who would be responsible. But of course also the UK, France and Russia. But,as those countries have lost their sovereignity as well ... at least seemingly ...and act as cooperations under the Law of the Vatican ( unclear what this means at this time because there is a difference between Canon Law and Admiral Law.I do not know if the Admiral Law is the usual part of the Canon Law) the German people are lost in space, so to speak. The "Deutsche Reich" had had nothing to do with the Vatican but was independant from it and had had own laws. The so called "Weimarer Republic" and also the "Third Reich" had been occupying forces led by the Zionistic Forces and the Vatican and probably both of them together, who wished to crack the Independance of the Deutsche Reich. The UN is still in War with the "Deutsche Reich": they won`t tell us which one they really mean: The German Empire or its Occupation by the Third Reich? Lots of Tranny Trickeries are running here. Par example did the Allies forbid the Third Reich but took its laws and gave the thing different names such like BRD and DDR and Poland. With other words: who is not well read with Laws is mixed in his brain and even those who are well read don`t get it anymore. The Chosen t(y)rannified Ones had made such a huge ball of wool that even them might not know any longer how things would be in truth and lawful. So there is of course a little hope that those Degenerates fight each other off without our help ...But this is not yet certain. Meanwhile we can try our level best to detangle the ball of wool on many levels.

But what is clear is that the whole world (United Nations) is still in war with the German Folks.
The Versailly Treaty (armistide only) is finished - I guess, at least paid off since 2010 and the "Third Reich" got forbidden by the Allies after 1945. People might think that it is alike for them what will happen to the German people it is heard of by certain stupid English Entities: "At least we do not speak German ....." while being occupied with over 300 Languages from all over the World. The thing is: All of the worlds countries are run by Martial Law as long as they do not go for Peace with us Germans. And if the last one of us is gone ....I do not know if then there will be peace or they will just run furtheron on their Martial Law by declaring that they cannot make a Peace Treaty because the Germans are dead.

So, you got it -folks: things in Germany should interest you and especially if you are an American, English or French Man or Lady or Russian. Martial Law is not good for any white people. So, it would be clever if you force your Governments to go for a Peace Treaty with us Germans and if they have to grab some German Aristocrats out to do so. (In fact things are not that complicated; if officially called for it, we Germans can reactivate our Deutsche Reich and find our own new Kaiser or King. Bio-Germans of course. But as long as you do nothing the Vatican and their special LGBT breed will just continue to introduce some new dark ages in Europe and that means worldwide. Actually this means that they are stealing our children. How does this work? Well, the internal "organisations" who are pretending to be German organisations and not part of the former occupying Buerocracy got a problem. Why? The Allies actually freshly forbid a lot of Laws so that those organisations have no basic at all to enact anything, including the Family Courts and the Police. They are all acting like Pirates, completely private. But they are weaponized of course. And guess what: we Germans have no weapons. So we are living here in a kind of Wild West System and that means that some pretty dirty people from the Youth Administrations are stealing children out of the families. Mister Merkel of course does not feel any shame about that situation. He is busy with collecting awards such like the Kalhergi Award and so fort. And the Pope is preparing the Introduction of the Church of Satan. Coming soon also to your doors, dear Americans. Move, your ashes know what you have to do, don`t you? After so plenty of wars in which you were engaged you can do now the one which heals everything which went wrong before: it is called Citizen Arrests.

I do not know of any other Man who openly critizises Men for their deeds (if so ..) and protects Women for their deeds (If so ...) than this Mag, a black Man as you can hear. I am still waiting for a single white Men who would stand up and thank the women who had grown them up although their Fathers had been going astray because they had been falling for the Sexual Revolution and its Peter Pan Syndrom. Men avoid the topic and prefer just like the portrayed ashwhole in the Video never to talk about how and when they went astray: disconnecting themselves from all kind of responsibility for their seeds. You see, long before there can be any Feminism there is Sexual Revolution for Men which is telling them to use women as toys and also let them alone just like toys. After about 30 to 40 years from the last period of Men who went astray ....there are now those who cannot even stop their mouth with bashing Single Mom`s seemingly hoping to stone them to death to carry their stupid Peter Pan Syndrom even further with their lovely Homosexual Partner for stolen (adopted) children ...because they finally find out that something was missing in their life: some kind of Adulthood ..taking care for someone ...and if they steal them now from good single Moms or Surrogate Moms who they did not exploit yet enough. I am not a Feminist: (Some) Men are Feminists. This movement had been created by homosexual and transvestite Men and swallowed up by Hetesexual Men and not ever by any natural Women. This Feminism trained men to follow their senseless "Sexual Revolution" and to tell the women to carry the babies alone or to abort them, they would not care but run.
Women had never ever time for such shit because they were growing their children plus working and so fort: Providing to them fatherless children everything they could. Of course they cannot provide their sons with masculine self esteem. Only Men can provide their sons with that by example of their deeds. If those deeds are those of a Run Away Man or those of those Men who only get busy when jealeousy cause them some move away from the TV and Bottle of Beer (this are the men who think they do not even need to make their women sexually happy ...) there will not grow any self esteem through the Fatherline ...unless you develope it by yourself.

You see, real Feminism of Women never happened such like a worldwide sex strike towards men as a collective: you change your ways or the doors to our wombs get closed till you grow up into Men which we can respect and do not need to hold such like boys. In other words: natural women would actually love to have real Patriarchs at their side who can fit that position whith content other than with childish bias: I am a Man ....And what.... ? A man who runs away when he sees a dog coming the way towards him? A man who puts his salary into the next Football Game or Casino or the Liqueur Shop. Imagine such stupidity of those American Men who actually vote for a former Casino Owner as their Leader, their President.escorted by his(her) Tranny Wife Melania.

This my friends of Male Gender is the most hidden secret on Earth: Eve had been a Tranny and you went astray with her Love Spell -the red apple- for stupide games, so that you would remain to be boys instead of the adult mental and otherwise strong Men you were meant to be ...and who any natural woman would follow till everywhere and everytime. Get attractive please ...please get attractive and remain your attractivity for women by your attractive adult ways. I guess, you indeed know what I am talking about dear Men, don`t you? The women do anyway ...they are waiting since a long time for your adulthood. Many had suffered through their lives as Single Moms who some of you even bash into their faces that they had born you and grow you. No single Mom loves to be alone with the children. They did not choose it ...She has not much of riping time if she wants to get children. So she might end up with a boyman ...such man who will run when he sees challenges for Adults coming his way. This my dear men cannot go further unless you men grow up from within things will degenerate even more..

anything else from that got altered through medi-sinners and anyone into bioweaponry as part of the domestication of men
The men here teaching us about the masculine sexorgans is obviously a bit corrupted already concrning his basic line of interference into the body. Most likely he might be a Medisinner, not even being aware about this function (they usually, as far as they are not Trannies, see themselves as healers even if their results are much more of the opposite at least since they left nature and got chemical artists. So please do not swallow anything criticless up what he says and especially not his ideas about: "if a men does not want to have children" blabla. A man does not know shit if he wants to have children if he remains a big boy for a long while (you know all these Mama and Papa Boys who were not held responsible for anything during their youth such like bringing their share to the household on the table. So these degenerates of course can grow out of their upbringing lateron in their life when they find out through sexparties, porn and depression that they are actually missing to be responsible for someone, not only themselves but also a wife and children and pets: you know that what fullfills a life. So - no vasectomy ever. The rule is: Do not put you Penis into any women for who you wish not to have responsibilty, she is not a toy. The elder people who were actually thinking that way had much happier lives within their families than what we are going through since the so called "Sexual Revolution". Then again: keep your fingers from your baby-boys penis and foreskin and do not allow any medi-sinner to alter it. It was made that way to protect the penis and to enable the grown up man to "smell" his wife and to innerconnect with her and not with Millions of women and even Trannies. Hope you can see the stupid picture what they were introducing into our societies. By the way there is water enough out there to keep your body clean: they are just talking shit what infection you would get if you would not cut off your foreskin. The opposite is the case. I wonder how anyone can swallow this shit up. The foreskin obviously protects the penis against anything of danger (par example in a fight) and it keeps the Penis moist. A dry body always feels horrible.
You will also learn here about the Gonads and the Testis-determining factor. Be assured that they are fucking already around with this and are trying to alter the genders of people during pregnancy. Women: do not chew on medicin while you are pregnant whatever the medisiners are telling you. Nature is your medicin and you are not sick but only pregnant, in good hopes as the elders were saying.

Lection about the Men
Lection about the Women
Well, so you know: neither real women nor real men are behind this shit
But real women and real men have to destroy this shit