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Please note: I do not promote Christianity, especially not if there is that horrific understanding that the Creator had planned the bullshit to bring him near to him by Armageddon and the horrific plagues they were creating in the Bible for mankind.
However, I do not fight it either but try to tell you that it is the satanic Version of Heathen science and Connection with the Creator ...They just turnt all around and now they wish to bring us Massgenocide: From Circumcision to Massgenocide, you better innerstand the bullshit. is them not the Creator (wether she is a Woman or a Man or whatever else). What is for certain is that the Creator created the Paradies, otherwise known as Earth.
However these men had done a lot to inform People About the EMF Shit

Criss-Cross your Energy Body System

Please also note: the Bible is a book of the Seasons and Medicin - unfortunately it is hidden away, written in codes and parabels. "Holy Book" means in German Language: heilig ….please look the word up: it means: "heil" like "healthy". The Book was of Course not written by God what you assume as Creator of everything but probably by the "Goths", of whome some had converted to Christianity. What these Christians did is hiding the wisdom which might have been in the open in the times of the Heathens: You see Knowledge is the Key, not only to Health but also to Power and Greed.
The Celtic Cross is probably a Nautic Symbol, as a small apparatus with what you can measure where you are when you are on Sea.

Our Body is also built in a criss crossing way transporting Energy and so fort from the Heavens towards the Earth, meaning the spine down and upwards ….
When you get out of the Religious Overglue, you will be able to see and to connect all the dots. The Bible is called the "Holy Book" talks in Parabels not so much literally. The Translation of the Word "holy" into German brings you further, you get "heilig" and that means "healthy.

The Celtic Cross has two Rings, one of them is fixed the other one can be moved. Hold into the Heavens (Sun) you can find your Angles it is meaning your way across the Ocean ….You get it?

Hospitals are Temples of the Occult_

Osmosis is the Process of deliverance of something through a thin line into another vein or vessel; it is a biological function of "In and Out" (Breathing Air). In Fact all Life is based on that wave_ somethings is being intaken, processed and outgiven and from there used elsewhere . But the Vatican is using Double Speech or "Speaking in tounges" for the following process: Getting Values from the Host towards the Parasites by the Use of Jesus (meaning: I pig ...look it up in a translator to Latin): CrissCrossing him ..Sacrificing him "instead" of any man and women …..meant is: like him everyone will be treated. unless you are a Member of the Inner Circle of the Clan and can use the given Name by your parents. So I do not think that it is a Remedy but a Diffusion. The Point is that their thin lines are built up with all Kind of Officers: started with the Medicis ...and also ending with them, when they even take Money (Power and Values) out of your dying or dead Body. You can use the Christian Name - also given by them ….and what then? Exactly they come along and "uplift" your Child to better USE as registered property.of the Vatican ...all States respond to them ...

see my comment

the Body Snatchers sponsored by the States, operating on Admiral Law (= Pirate Law)

by that Special Armistice called instead of "Peace Treaty" the "Treaty of Peace" which they execiized in Versaille with its disgusting Treaty of Versaille: Let us live from the Wealth of the German People - still ongoing
this got signed by non-authorized Freaks, see it in the document:
"GERMANY, by: Mr. Hermann MULLER, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Empire; Dr. BELL, Minister of the Empire; Acting in the name of the German Empire and of each and every component State,"
Germany did not exist but the Country "Deutsche Reich" which by the way had been Sovereign and free from the Vatican and did not practise Usury.



Herbal Jedi

Wonna be strong and fit? Take this.

Real Crusades History

While the point of the author is also interesting, you should realizing as well:
1. who are the Lords? Relate it please to the Lord Gods mentioned in the Bible ....I guess it was just a title of leaders relating to the Goths, see later video
2. what do you think happened during crusades when women were not available? Relate it please to homosexuality and Transgenderism, first probably only a practice to hide homosexuality

they are the "Shapeshifters"

German Videos

Why is it that you never wondered why there are 2 words which seem to mean the same thing? Well those are words which make you assume that they mean the same thing. Did you even know that the word "thing" once was the word of germanic Tribes for their meetings once or twice a years on which they agreed on this and that and probably also held judgements if needed? Even the word German is just bias: our ancestors did not call themselves like that but the Romans did who I used to call like they name themselves: Storytellers. A Romane is a Story, a Drama, a Novelle - not a Tribe who is living on the land which we call Italy but just that little space which they call "Rome": beyond the 7 hills there lives a maiden much more beautiful than you the "old and ugly Mother". You know the story about snow white, do you? You see you can apply a whole other meaning on the story depending from which perspective you take it. If you apply Mother Earth to that story would you still think of an old ugly Woman similar to a Witch? But that is what you do. You put other planets out there and apply whatever to them: when I look into the sky I do not see any planets at all there with my very good eyes but I see plenty of stars. That it is what the Romans did, did they not? They created all kind of Planets out of these Stars to who they did not only apply Planets but also names such like Ju-Peter or Venus and then made them into Gods and Statues. Apply another Letter ...and you get Statutes. Look them up; only these 2: Jupiter and Venus. You might find also some interesting things to know herein However, all people are storytellers but really we should at least try to realize the differences between true stories like my+your story+our story ....and just bullshit like most of what it is called History and or Religion. Can´t you see that the name "Jesus" does not even sound like a name let us say like Joachim or Sabine? Can´t you see the ending "sus" in Jesus litteraly translate into pig or Schwein (german). The letter "J" did not exist in earlier times but "i" you get "ie" in front of the pig: meaning: that means ...all together ..that means pig. Put into the Translator (Latin to Englisch or German) the ending: ius and you get "right". Finally the so called name Jesus sounds at least today like french: Je suis ...and then again you end up with Mosis. If you cut the syllables you get mo like probably Mother or what about the Chemical Element "MO", sis like She: actually we get bombarded with that special Identification of "sis". What did you think are spellings: casting spells. People communicate with words ...Bibel: At the beginning was the word ...Really? Who had been the Speaker? Probably some kind of Actors? The world is not the Earth. The World is Theater, created by People who got Maniac on Power and need to be restricted, seriously restricted or they are going to destroy Mother Earth and all her beings for many decades because they believe they can create an artificial Earth - their World.

By now many know already that the self elected Elites use Uprisings to install even harder Oppressions and kill off people by their weaponized Forces, they even invoke them by themselves by the use of all kind of Groups who they establish with this or that Ideology, Trainings and Weapons of course. Do not fall for that shit - because it is shit, which ever Ideology is given: religious or otherwise, does not matter. The same shit they do with their Theater of Elections, which do not happen other than for the Theater filled with Transpeople. So what remains is: First of all: Use your imagination, not for you indivual purposes alone but that of your Kind and mankind in the whole. You must know that the white people, especially the American white People must lead that: Unfortunately they hold the weapons but are still pretty stupid and believe either in the Religions, The Priests and Popes or Obomber or the Man of the House of Orange, if you know what I mean. The Netherlands used to be everything: Monarchy and Nazi ....But we Germans won`t be able to take it on us again ...we are not only occupied by mainly American Forces but completely surrounded with Foreigners who do not even know themselves what it is going on with the White People and if we are totally stupid. So, we must use our Intelligence to analyse the Situation, our Imagination (Visions, for what we are exceptional capable) our Creativity for survival and warfare ...and our ability to create alliances with other people on that basic of mutual aims, such as: Geoengineering, Bioengineering (medical frauds of all kind) ...this are things also Muslims and Africans or Asians won`t like: or do you think they love to be sprayed and poisoned to death? The next thing is to take down the fake FED, the private Banking system which is based on Fraud (Usury) ....But first of all you need to get a vision ..not their vision but our Vision.


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