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Really? If Europe is already worse but to listen to this Shit knocks me out. The Slogan should be: America the Land of the Stupified.

Stop working for Bullshit Companies who implement the 15 Minute Cities and other Terrorprojects
I know that the Nation US does not "Exist" but is run as a Company by Admiral Law. It is also not 90 but much less Percent who took the Jab; However the Talk is important anyway

Selling Cold as Hot
or are they announcing the extreme Radiation out of their 5G Towers.
By the Way- the Country Side is also radiated

held by Religon who tell you that you were born as a Sinner and by a Sinnerin (Eve)
held by the Banker Temple; Usury fot You and all Wealtj and even Health for them
held by the MediSinners
and all the Rest of the Voodoo Masters
What the Matrix does not want you do know
Brothers in Crime

I did my own Investigation near me where there is an Palastenian Restaurant. Asking them about the Bombings they did not know what to answer ... surely no one dying.
So expect some more of Refugee Welcome Stuff: You pay - they enjoy and destroy your Country and especially Germany with ugly Designs, ugly Clothing and Drugs while they drive around in big Car --- laughing at you while sweating Tears. Time to get them all home.
please note: Jew is Jew, even if they take another Religion or call themselves Khasareans. (They are a Mixed Race built from Incest and outpimping in order to steal other Peoples Genes so that they can operate in each Country undiscovered.) Just like you cannot get rid of being a Biogerman, you cannot get rid of being a BioJew. Just saying.

Also note the Confusion which is taking Place with that Blabla: "they say they are Jews but are not" .... which shall imply that there are better or real Jews and the others are Pretenders. Confusion is a very important Part of the Re-Legionaires (Members of Religions). So note: An Arab is an Arab and only a Muslim as well if he believes into that Religon. An European is an European and only a Christian, if he believes in Christianity. With other Words: What is more powerful? Exactly: the Creation of God. And God did not create Religions but Races and Tribes.

However you find here a powerful Testimonial that the Jews owe all BioGermans much of "Shekels" (Gold) to be paid back when their newest Warcrimes against Mankind (all gentile Races but especially the white gentile Races is over and won)

Note: the Term Humanity is a jewish Term such like the worthless Human Rights. The real Term for all People is Mankind or in German language "Menschheit" ( by the Way: all Americans should learn immediately German as we need one another and also because German is a more accurate and based Language than English)


Make sure that no Merchant comes along and buit a Shopping Center over here


with Vaccinations and at leasr with Chemtrails
Learnhow to clean: first your Blood, then your Cells


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