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One need not study history to know that the history we have been fed is absolute nonsense. Studying the news will suffice.

One can hardly go a week in politics these days without hearing some reference to history's archetypal villain being invoked. Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, the Axis Powers, any number of derogatory slang terms. These are invoked not to shed light upon a situation, or to avoid the repetition of prior unenlightened darkness, but rather, to make as certain as one can that the situation is not understood at all. To silence one's opponent with the fear of being cast next to the most reviled caricatures our culture has to offer.

So ingrained is the response to this that even the uninformed understand that to be called a Nazi carries with it an implied threat of violence. The whole entire purpose of the term is to say that no act is too depraved when carried out against those so maligned.

And what did the Nazis do to become our go to reference for evil incarnate? Was it the invasion of a foreign land? A record number of deaths attributed to them? A particularly cruel method of slaughter? Perhaps it was their hostility to Russians? I kid.

No, of course, none of the above are the cause for the Nazis to be our cartoon villains of choice. We are to believe that the Nazis are the epitome of evil because they killed precisely six million Jews.

We are further to believe that because the Nazis killed six million Jews, the entirety of the world order and domestic politics must be organized around the central principle that this must never happen again.

To prevent this grim fairy tale from repeating itself ad nauseam, we must indoctrinate our children with this lore from their first studies of history. Some might not even have learned to read before being exposed to their first picture book to inculcate Holocaust mythology in the young. Among such titles are Hedy's Journey, by Michelle Bisson, and A Picture Book of Anne Frank, by David Adler, and The Tattooed Torah, by Marvell Ginsburg.

In American schools, children will be told more about this supposed Holocaust than they will be told about the American Revolution and the War of 1812 combined. They will be told plenty pertaining to the American Civil War, but they will learn almost nothing of worth about it, because its only narrative purpose is to invoke further imagery of race hysteria born of the guilty and fearful Jewish conscience.

This has predictable results on later outcomes for the country.

As those propagandized and poisoned minds grow older and become active participants in the National Destiny, they know one thing more than they know anything else. That Hitler was the Devil and in both the United States and Russia our national pride is centered around his defeat in war. For the United States this takes on a uniquely caustic character as our State religion has at the core of its doctrine that this martial victory endows us with the right and responsibility to rule the world.

Here at SurrealPolitiks, we do not aspire to make of ourselves a gossip column. Nor do we take a libertarian approach to people's personal lives.

So, we were met with a bit of a challenge as the news was flooded with remarks about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem carrying on an extramarital affair with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who is also married. On the heels of this, video emerged of US House Member Lauren Boebert getting handsy with her boyfriend in a crowded theater.

Leftist hypocrisy was predictably on full display at both announcements. The people who tell you that gender is a social construct and that marriage is an oppressive patriarchal institution that should be destroyed through promotion of homosexuality, suddenly found themselves very upset at the lascivious conduct of these elected officials and their associated lust interests. A casual observer might celebrate the news that marriage was once again sacred sayeth the moral authority of the Democrat Party, but the inevitable subsequent all ages drag show would quickly dispel such a myth.

We might first note that this demonstrates amply a thing we've long said about the Left. They are adept political strategists who make keen observations about the political battlefield, and act on them with reliable and ruthless efficiency. This clashes with the often aired image of them as well meaning if misguided participants in our national discourse, since such savvy observations would not present from people so disconnected from reality as to believe that children benefit from pornography and transgender propaganda in elementary schools.

What the Left does to destroy families is not misguided. It is ruthless and calculating and malicious and intentional. They are at war with the civilizations that host them, and they operate without any of the standards of conduct which usually apply to soldiers on a battlefield. Their wanton pursuit of chaos and destruction is slowed only through force, and no moral premise, law, contract, treaty, or concern for internal consistency may stand in their way.

From the Right, the response was substantially more mixed.

As postmodernity exhibits its final throes and we witness the collapse of the facade, perhaps the best representation of all its cartoonishness is the English speaking American transvestite who acts as a leading propagandist for the Zelensky regime in Ukraine. A perfect metaphor of liberalism's excesses and reliance on coercive deceptions, Michael "Sarah" Cirillo routinely takes to social media to say that he is a woman and Ukraine is soon to win the war, with equal truth value in both statements.

Mr. Cirillo recently made headlines by announcing that "Russia hates the truth, but their obsessive focus on a Ukrainian volunteer is simply allowing the light of the Ukrainian nation's honesty to shine brightly. Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash ever harder, and their rabid mouths will foam in uncontrollable frenzy, as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. Russia's war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down, and justice will be served, as we in Ukraine are led on this mission by faith in God, liberty, and complete liberation."

Which God endorsed Mr. Cirillo leaving his family to become a sex freak and advocate the slaughter of journalists is not made clear in the video, but we are able to discern from the context that the volunteer in question is one Kent "Boneface" McLellan, and the "favorite Kremlin propagandist" is Gonzalo Lira, aka, "Coach Red Pill". Americans one and all.

Mr. McLellan famously told RT that the CIA sent him to fight in Ukraine, and this combined with his face being covered in Nazi tattoos, provides no small challenge for those seeking to dispute American support of such groups in Ukraine. So, clearly, the only appropriate thing for the Ukraine regime to do is arrest another American and call him a Kremlin propagandist, put him on trial, and cause him to "face justice" which likely involves a rope and an object taller than the man in question.

In the constant rush of information dumped upon us by the Internet and modernity more broadly, it can be easy to get caught up in the distractions of the day and speak endlessly about the news or whatever ultimately inconsequential fluff is fed us by the people who do not want us to make any progress. Here at SurrealPolitiks we aim to rise above this, and we consider ourselves ahead of the game when we say that the results have been mixed.

The news of the day is not without consequence. One must be informed to be involved in discussions, and discussions are ultimately second only to physical force in terms of political importance, but it is among our aspirational goals to cut past the minutia and get down to the Realpolitik.

In keeping with this I spent many hours last night on what may at first glance appear a frivolous exercise. For more than 12 hours I was arguing with subhuman intellects on a discussion forum about the merits of promoting homosexual propaganda through advertisements in the web hosting industry.

As one might expect from that description, most of my opponents were not up to the task. They resorted to slander, personal attacks, making inaccurate critiques of my physical fitness, and generally behaving like a bunch of poorly raised children on a playground.

So why would I bother to get in the mud with these wretches? Have I nothing better to do with my time than to try and convince fools that they are in fact fools? What benefit could there be to enduring slanderous personal attacks all night long from people who are wholly invested in their own ignorance?

Well, clearly, if this is what I had done, this would be a waste of my time. Fortunately, this is not what I was doing.

The forum in question is known as LowEndTalk. It is the discussion forum for a blog called LowEndBox, and this is themed around discounted web hosting. It is not a place where politics is generally the topic of discussion. I have been a participant there for many years and I read their newsletters with some frequency because I was in the web hosting business prior to becoming a media personality, and because I need to stay apprised of what goes on in that industry to stay ahead of deplatforming efforts and other disreputable behavior by our political opponents.

You can read what I was able to save of the discussion thread on my other website, but the content of the discussion there is not so much what I mean to get at today.

I have titled today's episode "Pressure Points" because this is a meaningful lesson in Realpolitik. The people I was arguing with made no effort to address the point being raised because they did not have a leg to stand on, and real debate would not suit their agenda. They understand as well as anyone that the transgender agenda cannot actually exist without a great deal of help. It is an extremist political movement parading as civil rights. They require the assistance of governments and corporations to inculcate their ideology into the minds of the people, because this is not an actual thing outside of the propaganda.

The culture war does not begin when the drag queen starts reading "Lawn Boy" to the kindergarteners. It begins well prior to this, and in no place more prominently than in the advertising industry. It is a parasitic relationship between these activists and the ad industry. The activists want to tack their message onto the advertisements of businesses, so as to get a free ride into the minds of their victims. The advertisements are supposed to be selling products, but instead they are made to sell projects. This comes at the expense of the companies being manipulated by activists who parade as marketing professionals.

The incident in question came at one of the more crucial intersections of our economy. This was an advertisement, for web hosting. Web hosting is what makes the Internet work. If you can get your message into the infrastructure of the Internet, then you are functionally a part of the central nervous system of society, and this has profound implications well far from the wires and the electrical signals in the air.

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As the January 6th "fedsurrection" cases continue making a mockery of our legal system, two Pride Bois leaders were recently handed lengthy sentences for Seditious Conspiracy. Joe Biggs and Zach Rehl were sentenced to 17 and 15 years respectively, and this, we are to believe, was lenient, since prosecutors sought terrorism enhancements which the Judge appropriately rejected.

As this audience knows too well, your humble correspondent has also seen the business end of a Judge's gavel more than once in service to our cause. As we speak, hundreds of men await the pre-dawn raids to drag them back to Charlottesville, for the crime of carrying a Tiki Torch in the summer, more than half a decade ago. This month, my dear friend Ian Freeman will enter a federal district court to find out how much of the 70 years prosecutors seek to incarcerate him for will be granted. Ashley Podsaid-Sharp was recently sentenced to 8 years in Britain, for possessing a book.

Innocent men, one and all.

This occurs while actual criminals brag about murder and arson on social media platforms that supposedly ban "hateful conduct". It occurs while child sex predators drug and mutilate toddlers in the name of civil rights, and hold press conferences about it. It occurs while outright election theft is carried out before judges appointed by the victim, and a war drags on for the benefit of none but the crackhead son of the man who stole the election.

From these facts a man necessarily infers things about his environment and the threats therein.

For most, prison ranks second only to death in the hierarchy of disfavored outcomes. For a smaller number, perhaps second or third behind dishonor.  Whatever the rank, only certain homosexuals prefer it to liberty, and so one seeks to avoid it.

But how does one go about this in an environment where innocent men are persecuted the most vigorously, and criminals are praised as heroes? In a world where good is evil, men are women, and anarchists riot to demand more government, one might infer that the best way to stay out of prison, is to commit a crime.

Were a man listening to this show to embark upon such a course he would likely find he was in error, and a grave error at that. Innocent men are persecuted not because they are innocent, but because they were to be persecuted one way or another, and evidence of a crime was not forthcoming to the persecutors. Were evidence of a crime to be found, this would only make easy the job of his persecutors. This happens often enough, and is considered for the most part unremarkable.

Ukraine is back in the news after former prosecutor Viktor Shokin made an appearance on Fox News's One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.

Kilmeade, normally among the most shameless of pro-Ukraine propagandists, aired the interview last weekend, during which Shokin stated what is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention "Yes, they were being bribed" referring to the Biden family.

But Kilmeade, as you might expect, skilfully danced around the relationship this has to the war ongoing in the region. He has to, since he keeps on trying to convince us that Zelensky is the next Winston Churchill.

Tonight I will go over some history of Ukraine, and the SBU intelligence agency which worked with the US State Department to overthrow the elected government of Viktor Yanukovich and set the stage for the war that is currently destroying the US economy and standing on the world stage.

I have tried to make a point not to dwell on the Trump indictments because I don't think there's really a whole lot for me to say on it that you won't hear elsewhere. I haven't read the indictments, and I'm not going to. I know enough about our legal system to understand that whether or not Donald Trump broke the law has absolutely nothing to do with the process playing out on our televisions and newspapers. Drag a man into a courtroom often enough, he eventually ends up bankrupted and imprisoned, it's really that simple. In this environment, legal analysis from qualified experts is of very limited utility, and I am but a famous pro se Defendant.

I do like to think of myself as one with a knack for reading people, however. I am occasionally proven wrong about this, but that is the nature of the art.

I see much in Trump's recently released mugshot, and it confirms some prior conceptions.

Imagine you are him for a moment. When you were a child you were told not to judge people until you had walked a mile in their shoes. Surely many of you think this would be a joy, but I doubt many would last long in the shoes of Donald Trump. Men who live online anonymously, afraid their wives or employers might find out that they had expressed an unpopular opinion, have the nerve to curse a man who took on the forces they claim to oppose, and now faces the rest of his life in prison for doing so.

You may live to see a day when you wish a man so noble as Donald Trump might so much as understand some portion of your concerns.

But for now, you have him, and you should consider yourself very fortunate for this.

Look at that mugshot. Imagine it is you looking into that camera. What is going through your mind? You are the frontrunner to be the nominee for the Republican Party. The current President is unpopular. An unpopular war is raging in the country where your opponent's crackhead son became wealthy. Imagine the power of the Presidency of the United States within your grasp as you stare into that camera.

You have a very important decision to make. Should you smile? Should you give the appearance that you do not care? Should you give it your best poker face?

Not if you are Donald Trump. Not with all that power, the power to have your vengeance, so near at hand.

You know you cannot send the threatening messages you wish to send. You know that you may soon have even greater restrictions placed on your ability to speak about the matter at all.

This is the most important message you will ever send, and you must send it without speaking.

That is not the face of a man who is in on the joke.

That is the face of a man who is warning his enemies that he will have his vengeance, even if he must wield the powers of the presidency from a penitentiary.

And I dare say you would be a fool not to wish him the best of luck in that endeavor.

With some merit, it has become something of a cliche to say that “change is hard”.

Of course, one could as easily say the opposite. For things to remain stable actually requires a great deal of effort. Chaos is the default setting, and in chaos, things change uncontrollably, often at an overwhelming pace. In the hysterical debates over “climate change” it is often said that the only thing constant about the climate is change. This being but one of the reasons people need to stop freaking out about the weather.

But, to be fair to the cliche, it is more often applied to people trying to change themselves. It is often said that “people don’t change” or “once a so and so always a so and so”. I suspect there exists scant data to support this, but it may be and has been said that “the best predictor of future behavior is prior behavior” and this is about as close as we can get to an accurate axiom on the subject.

Perhaps the best explanation for the difficulty of changing oneself is their own perception that they are being inauthentic. No less frequently, the fear that they will be perceived as inauthentic by others.

As one who has changed a few times, I understand this thought process quite well.

Though I have changed my clothes, my speech, my opinions, my behavior, the name of my company, my address, my phone number, my diet, my weight, my muscle mass, my credit score, my criminal record, and near everything but my name, race, sex, and height, I am proud to say that when I read your comments, and rest assured I do, that one of the most consistent themes I notice is people complimenting me on my… authenticity.


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I had occasion to contemplate beauty for awhile. Hours, as it were.

I ended up binge watching videos by this female violinist named Lindsey Stirling. Turns out I have her discography up to like 2017 in my MP3 collection, but I don't listen to a lot of music and as far as I was concerned I was seeing and hearing this beautiful and amazingly talented woman for the first time that night.

After watching these videos I started to compose much of what I am about to say, and I was proud of it because I had poured my heart into it.

Jean-Francois Gariepy returns for his second appearance on the Radical Agenda.

Me and JF go way back. Our first interaction was while he was co-hosting Warski Live.

In the wake of that appearance, Warski acted disreputably, and JF called him out on it.

Shortly after, he began hosting his own show, the Public Space, on which I was proudly featured in February of 2019. During that time, I was embroiled in a great deal of controversy, and our guest gave me the fairest of hearings. Today he is still in production, and calls the show JFG Tonight.

But nobody just shows up in media. To do this, you have to be interesting in advance, and of course, JF fits the bill.

At the University of Montreal, JF studied biology. n 2008, the Society for Neuroscience awarded him their prestigious “Next Generation Award”, and in 2012 he completed a doctoral thesis, and went on to study social interactions in monkeys at the Institute for Brain Sciences at Duke University. His 21 research papers have been cited no fewer than 529 times.

After making his media debut with an absolute buffoon who called himself “The Amazing Atheist” on a show called the Drunken Peasants in 2015, JF joined Warski two years later in 2017.

In 2018, he published “The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends“. In it, JF makes the case that the first molecules of DNA on Earth were fabricated by a previous life form. He warns that mankind may at this very moment be creating the life form that comes to replace us. In March of this year, he published a shortened version of this warning in a Bitcoin ordinal.

Unlike most dissident Right media producers, he has not been banned from YouTube. JF made the choice to delete his YouTube channel voluntarily. His lasting as long as he did, until 2019-2020, was impressive in itself, given all the censorship on the platform. Choosing to leave voluntarily, before being banned, I’d say, is a strategic maneuver that exemplifies our guest’s skill for navigating a perilous battlefield.

For these and other reasons, I expect we have much to learn from him, and I look forward to doing so when the Radical Agenda airs this Friday, as we do every Friday, at 9:30pm US Eastern time on Odysee and the GetMeRadio App for Smartphone, FireTV, and Roku.

Tom MacDonald's distribution company refused to release his new song!

Or something like that...

On Radical Agenda Stage Five Episode 53, Air Date July 19th 2019, Christopher Cantwell investigates the censorship of Tom MacDonald.

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For those in the know, it would be repetitive that I say I try my best to be a good Republican. With rapacious Left wing predators fully in control of the apparatus, it is best we not work to undermine one another. Pity that those who fancy themselves our betters never seem to learn this lesson.

For this reason I am inclined to give all the leeway in the world to conservatives who embody the warnings of Charles Murray's 2012 book, Coming Apart. Their elitist bent and undisguised contempt for Republican Primary voters, is a comparatively smaller problem than the pathologies which attend to Democrat rule. Namely, open borders, drag queen story hour, or this Ukraine fiasco. Not that our more prominent Republican friends have done much to stop any of this.

But today I read something in the National Review that so angered me I felt compelled to spill some ink.

Executive Editor Mark Antonio Wright describes Oliver Anthony's "Rich Men North of Richmond" as a "Fuzzy Lament" and goes on to repeat some very familiar platitudes about America being the land of opportunity. Like many conservatives, he commits a familiar error, if not a malicious choice to deceive, by acting as though he believes the options unique to Americans are somehow lost on Mr. Anthony.

Of this, I have my doubts. Not every musician is necessarily well read, nor studied in the dismal science of economics, but I have heard Mr. Anthony described as an "off grid farmer". Doubtless men like Mr. Wright think the term "farmer" to be synonymous with "idiot", but to be a farmer of any sort, and much more so to be one absent the conveniences of connected society, is a task not only demanding of one's willingness to sweat, but also one imposing tremendous technical burdens, and requiring of a great deal of planning. In short, it requires intellect.

Mr. Anthony's lyrics are not the idle musings of a drunkard. They are a keen observation of what other people are experiencing, even if not a letter for letter description of the actual state of affairs.

Good art rarely is.

Degenerate art, like pornography, discards all the subtlety and imagination that once defined the practice.

Good art does not so much depict actual events as it sheds light upon them. It is by no means so fictional as what one might read in the New York Times, but it conveys a feeling about the events described, and relies, necessarily if foolishly, on journalists and historians to get the facts right.

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Country music, as the name might seem to imply, is near universally patriotic. Among the most popular songs ever produced is Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”. Country music is packed with cultural references that appeal to conservatives; guns, work, family, self reliance, community, honoring military service. Even in what has been dubbed as “Outlaw Country” there’s a respect for American institutions.

So it was an interesting phenomenon to me, as a casual observer of this genre, the back to back releases of two songs which indicated people have just about had it with the state of affairs in American modernity.

First there was the much talked about “Try that in a small town” which was dubbed as racist violence by Left wing fanatics, because Jason Aldean questioned the virtue of robbing liquor stores and car jacking old ladies. But even here, Mr. Aldean grouped “Stomp on a flag and light it up” in with these violent criminal acts, indicating that his patriotic streak had not been diminished by the ubiquitousness of the scenarios he laments in the song.

Then came Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond”. This song by a man described as an “Off Grid Farmer” was recorded and promoted by Radio West Virginia, and quickly shot to number 1 on iTunes and has been trending on Twitter for days. I myself have listened to it maybe a hundred times.

One rendition I listened to came as he played for a live audience in North Carolina, his first live show since becoming famous. One line stands out in the context of our theme today.

“Young men are putting themselves, six feet underground, because all this damn country does, is keep on kicking them down”.

In the live performance, he takes his hand off the guitar, points to the audience, they sing the line, enthusiastically, and he allows it to hang in the air for what seems like an eternity, before he finishes the song.

Not a boo, not a moan, not a single hint of disapproval from an audience near universally accustomed to their favorite artists praising America no matter how much they themselves are suffering.

Six years ago I took a historic journey which would change my life forever.

With your help, it has the potential to change the world.

"Charlottesville" is a name that will live in infamy, whatever the outcome of history. If we, and the truth, prevail, it will become synonymous with deceit, public corruption, and anti-White terrorism. If history maintains its present trajectory, and the news is dutifully recorded by the scribes as fact, it will become synonymous with White supremacist terrorism, and the brave lawyers and revolutionaries who put an end to colonialism.

You have a say in that outcome, and what you do today may well be determinative of what happens generations from now.

Whether you give up, enjoy the decline, blow your brains out today, or indulge yourself in delusions about glorious combat and quick victory, the result will be the same. The truth will lose all relevance. The forces of darkness will prevail. The White race will cease to exist, other than as some fictional historical narrative like that which maligns Hitler's Germany. All that this race created, will in due course crumble. The people who stole it from us, will prove incapable of its maintenance and advancement. The chaos that enveloped the country throughout the year 2020 will come to resemble our brightest moment, as the animalistic impulses that drive the Left to chaos and anarchy are left entirely unopposed and unrestrained.

If you, by contrast, commit today to doing whatever is necessary, including the tedious, inglorious, and time consuming things, that trajectory may yet be reversed. History will be recorded from the blogs and podcasts of the last six years, instead of from the newspapers. Future generations will be warned about who seeks their destruction, the means by which they pursue that monstrous purpose, and the deep, unceasing, eternal ethnic animus that drives this malice.

I seek nothing more and nothing less than to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children. For that reason, I have chosen the latter course. I hope that you will join me in this. If you do, I promise you nothing but struggle, and perhaps the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done what is right.

Today I will present to you something I composed in the course of that struggle. Many of you have heard or read portions of this, but my opportunity to read it was cut short by time constraints.

The composition I speak of is my closing argument in the Sines v. Kessler civil trial, which took place at the end of 2021.

Of some interest to our political situation is the relationship between the sexes. These having been distorted to the point where men and women drug and mutilate themselves in effort to become the other. The outcome of this is frequently suicide, and universally misery and destruction.

In my own ideological journey, my rapid slide from libertarianism to the Right wing was prompted by an entirely appropriate revolt against the precursor to this abomination, namely feminism.

Feminism begins with the assertion that men and women are in all ways equal. Met with the impracticality of this assertion, it attempts to distort reality in myriad other ways.

Among them is a bifurcation between "gender" which is said to be "between the ears" and "sex" which is said to be "between the legs". Met with the impracticality of this, that which is between the legs is likewise altered, as well as matters above the waist but below the neck, such as when women remove their breasts, and men take drugs to cause lactation.

But these most extreme of examples are hardly the most destructive of the phenomena. It may be described as far more damaging that women have opted for education and career over marriage and family, having at once been given the choice and perhaps more to the point been propagandized to make that choice. This negatively impacts birth rates and gives rise to immigration concerns, which negatively impacts their happiness and safety, and being miserable as one might expect, they are propagandized still more to demand these burdens increase with the false hope that it will increase their happiness, and so the vicious cycle of societal decline rapidly cascades toward total destruction of our people.

Observing this, and taking note of its need for correction, Right wing movements have made a variety of attempts to conceptualize the issue and propose solutions. To date, none of have had the desired effect.

Of particular note is a tendency toward believing some of the lies of feminism even by those in steadfast opposition thereto. In particular, the idea that feminism promotes equality of the sexes. Believing this falsehood, anti-feminists have sought to reduce the  station of women in our society as a means by which to correct for their perceived elevation.

This was easily among the top five greatest mistakes of what was once known as the "Alt Right". Among them there emerged a pathology aiming to "take women down a peg" and this resulted in senseless hostility and insults which drove away the political support of roughly half the world's population. In what was arguably its most extreme form, a meme described as "White Sharia" emerged, and whatever its value as a joke, this took on a serious character in some circles and spiraled out into savagery.

But equality is not an accurate description of what feminism aims to do, much less what it accomplishes.

It has been too long since I  have been face to face with a guest on the Radical Agenda. In fairness to me, it's not entirely necessary most of the time. There are lots of great people who just by phone, even without a video feed, you get a pretty good idea of who and what they are.

But they don't make phone lines that can carry the bravado of this evening's guest. In Maine at least, the Internet, cannot carry his image.

Our guest this evening is larger than life in some sense. He has a reputation that shocks and alarms some, and lets others know that help is on the way.

Christopher "The Hammer" Pohlhaus, founder of the Blood Tribe White Nationalist movement. Some say he's a fed. Some say, he's the future.

You're about to find out.


Tonight’s guest requires no introduction for many of you. He has been in political media far longer than your humble correspondent, and has earned no shortage of notoriety.

For those of you so deprived as to not know who Ian Freeman is, I look forward to introducing you to this man, without whom you might never have heard of me.

Born Ian Bernard, Mr. Freeeman adopted the moniker turned legal name during his adventures in libertarianism, a school of thought to which he still adheres. He founded an open phones talk radio show while still living in the state of Florida, and for a brief period I was a co-host of that nationally syndicated show. That production served in no small part as the inspiration for the format you today enjoy on SurrealPolitiks.

Inspired by activism he saw in this state, Mr. Freeman moved to New Hampshire and joined the Free State Project, a libertarian political migration wherein adherents pledge to commit the maximum possible effort to ensuring the maximum role of government is the protection of person and property.

Maximum being an important part of this phrase. Mr. Freeman has described himself as a voluntaryist. Last I checked, he would prefer there were no government to speak of, and that all human interaction was voluntary. A noble enough goal, whatever its feasibility.

In pursuit of this ideal, Mr. Freeman started the Shire Free Church, and through this spread the gospel of Bitcoin as a means by which to remove the coercive element of government currency from our economic dealings.

For this he was hunted by the FBI, hauled before a jury to answer for preposterous allegations of money laundering and tax crimes, and convicted.

At the time of this writing, he faces more than 800 months in federal prison at a sentencing date imminently before us.

Ian Freeman is a dear friend of mine. He has stood by me when it was not easy to do. Though we live not far away, I have not seen him in more than three years, and I fear I may not see him again for many more. I am deeply troubled by the challenge he has ahead of him, and today’s episode may prove a difficult one as a consequence.

But it is my honor to present to you tonight his fascinating history, and his cautionary tale.

This evening we were joined by Dark Enlightenment, co-host of The Third Rail podcast on the TRS Radio Network.

Dark Enlightenment is a writer, podcaster and infrastructure expert that has been active in the nationalist dissident spheres for over 10 years, he joins us this evening to discuss solutions to the housing crisis and leftist political domination.

In addition to his appearances on the TRS network, you can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/Dark_Enlightenment

As one who has dedicated his life to media and activism for over a decade, I am not infrequently asked, in a variety of contexts "How can I do more?" for whatever cause it is the questioner may find him or herself involved in.

There is of course no singular answer to such a question. To begin, "more" is a relative term, and so, what counts as "more" depends very much on what one is doing in the moment. Then there are the specifics of the cause at issue, the circumstances of the moment, questions of geography, the choices one has made to date, and ultimately, one's innate capacity.

But I will today give you the briefest of crash courses in how one goes about giving the maximum they can. To streamline one's life in such a way that as little as possible may interfere with the passions. I am calling this Part 1 because we cannot possibly attempt to cover it all in a single two hour recording, and will need to revisit this again, but I hope to give you some information that you may find useful in other aspects of your life as well.

Another day, another celebrity sex scandal. Turns out Steven Crowder's least controversial move was telling his pregnant wife "I'll fuck you up". At least that was heterosexual, and whatever merit  there may be to the criticism of his treatment of women, I am not of the opinion that this video told us much or put his wife in the best light.

The latest news is, Mr. Crowder has been sending dick pics to male employees and whipping it out around the office, in between drug deals. This according to "five former show staffers and one source close to Crowder" who spoke anonymously to Mediaite, sharing text messages and photographs as proof. They said these incidents became so frequent that "I don’t want to say it became ‘normal’ but it became less of a big deal.” and "It happened all the time. It was a regular occurrence. It usually happened when he was in a really good, sort of manic mood."

I've got all the sympathy in the world for my fellow public figures. I am not complaining to note that this can be a stressful job. Fame can go to a man's head even when one is at as low a level as I, and the evils which must tempt a man in Crowder's position I imagine are all the more vicious. People telling you how great you are, which in my experience invariably coincides with you disagreeing with that person. Other people tell you that you suck. You tell them they are jealous losers, which is obviously true, but deep down you kinda think they're right. It can be a lot to deal with. The job and the persona can completely consume your life, and it's easy to understand a man seeking validation through other means.

Sex is very effective in this. It's got a similar quality to fighting in that sense. Just me and my body. No status. No money. No traffic statistics or Twitter followers or algorithms to credit with your success. No censors to blame if you fail.

When you fight a man, or you fuck a woman, that's the moment of truth right there. Are you, flesh and bone man, up to the task? Or are you a fiction of others' perceptions? You're about to find out.

And so is she.

When one attains a certain depth of understanding about politics and world affairs, it can have a psychological effect referred to in some circles as the "black pill". This is essentially a sort of depressive state in which hope becomes hard to come by, as evidenced by real or imagined factors. It stands in contrast, as one might expect, to the "white pill" in which hopeful news is delivered, and messenger and recipient alike may do some celebrating.

(We had problems with the live stream so I recorded and uploaded this after showtime)

There is little good news to be had in the world today, and far less of this from Eastern Europe, wherein a fratricidal war fueled by Western malfeasance rages on, and exacts a steep toll in blood and treasure from all involved. A startling reminder of how intelligence agencies have been allowed to run amok, the Ukraine conflict factors heavily into inflation in the United States and throughout the world, has destabilized food and other commodities markets, and created dangerous shortages in US arms supplies. Then there are the pregnant Ukrainian women on the front lines, and all of what might be described as the more routine horrors of warfare.

While this has been a boon to Blackrock and human traffickers (who already had a booming business in Ukraine) and other nefarious types, scarcely can anyone of good character be said to have benefited from this mayhem.

But in the midst of all this wreckage one very tasty white pill has emerged. At the recent Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, a poll was taken of attendees which asked if they favored continued US involvement in the Ukraine/Russia conflict. A stunning 95.8% said they do not favor this, a consensus nearly unheard of in conservative politics, and exceeding even Donald Trump's 85.7% support in a poll asking who attendees favored in the upcoming Republican Presidential Primary.

Those numbers could not be more out of step with the donor class and the Mitch McConnell wing of the GOP, elements of our society more inclined to let the Democrats wreck the country than to forfeit their own positions within the Party. While Americans as a whole are more evenly divided over the Ukraine issue, and questions of degree predominate in that broader spectrum of opinion, it is clearly becoming the position of the Republican primary voter base that involvement in the Ukraine conflict is against American interests and should stop entirely.

Be what helps a conservative faction oust these traitors from party leadership in your area, and you will have gained a foothold within the Party. Play your cards right from there, and in a few years it would be you they curse when speaking of "the establishment".

That and more, in tonight's episode.

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but Poe’s law works both ways.

In a world gone completely mad, one cannot make a serious statement without being mistaken for a parody.


Did you know the government was running child porn sites and using them as a means by which to screw over and blackmail activists?

Of course you did, but we're still going to have a lot of fun tonight.

I was joined by Alfred from Rose City Nationalists for a special Sunday live airing of the Radical Agenda.

This group came up on my radar when they were attacked by Pride Bois who were apparently eager to mimic masculinity according to a kind of cartoonish stereotype they learned from watching Jewish television.

Aside from being outraged at the behavior of these testosterone starved homosexuals, I found the courage, restraint, and comradery of the Nationalist group inspiring.

As I said at the time;

The Nationalists really handled themselves quite well, I must say. These boys are the ones who ought to be proud today. They have made me proud.

1. They made a sincere effort to stand their ground without escalating.
2. Though outnumbered, they didn’t run when threatened.
3. Nor did they pop off like lunatics. They tried to de-escalate and avoid violence without caving into threats.
4. When the fighting started, they stuck together.
5. When one of the guys was de-masked, his friend rushed in to protect his identity.
6. When one of the guys was knocked so hard he could barely stand, he went to his friend, and his friend held him up.
7. When one guy went down, the other guys rushed in to get the goons off him.
8. After all of this, dazed, bleeding, and unmasked, they still did not run.

If any of you know these guys, please do let them know that I am singing their praises and that it would be my honor to speak with them and assist in any way I can.

Thank you for your service, gentlemen. You are a credit to your Race & Nation.

Thanks to you the listener, I was able to get acquainted with Alfred, who was my guest on this special Sunday airing of the Radical Agenda.

We talked a bit about his journey, the formation of the group, and what could be discussed about their future plans.

Radical Agenda usually airs Fridays at 9:30pm Eastern and you can watch or listen live on Odysee, GetMeRadio, and MyTuner.

Some days, you want to convey a cohesive theme. Some days, you just want to shitpost.

This is a day of the latter sort, and we here at the Radical Agenda feel entirely justified in this given the 20,000+ word masterpiece just published as "Sustained Action on the Path to Sovereignty", which ought not be confused with a SurrealPolitiks episode similarly named.

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