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Angry Goy II has been out for less than a week, and the critics are absolutely buzzing.

If you’ve kept up with the Radical Agenda or pro-White movements for any period of time, you’ve probably heard of Matt Heimbach before. He had been a prominent figure in our movement for quite some time in various roles, perhaps most notably in his leadership of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

I didn’t always care much for Matt. As I came into this movement, I was more an edgy libertarian than a Nazi, and thought of socialism as a dirty word with no place on the Right. We had Matt on the show for EP298 to debate the virtues of free markets vs. central economic planning, and whatever disagreements we might have had over the subject, the guy had earned my respect.

Fast forward down the timeline a bit, after I ended up in an enemy cage, and was subsequently silenced and made to suffer financially at the hands of Jewish market dominance. I finally came to see State intervention in the market as a vital necessity. I read Mein Kampf, Hitler’s Revolution, and came to understand the difference between National and “Democratic” socialism.

I further came to appreciate that while Matt was an intelligent guy, and talented orator, he didn’t shy from getting his hands dirty either. Matt and the men who saw fit to follow him showed unrivaled courage in the face of enemy aggression. It is thus appropriate that we speak to him today as our countrymen celebrate veterans’ day, and when people in our movement threw him and his guys under the bus following the Battle of Michigan, I became absolutely furious.

Then the box broke, and Matt largely faded from public view in disgrace.

After a brief stint in jail. Matt has returned in association with the National Socialist Movement.

Happy Kristallnacht everybody! The gifts have been piling up since we last spoke, and today is a special day indeed.

After the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court went through, I posted to Gab “Let’s hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls down the fuckin stairs tonight!“. It took weeks for our prayers to be answered, but on Wednesday, the 85 year old Jewish communist subversive did indeed fall while leaving her office at the Nation’s highest court. She broke three ribs in the process, but tried to man up and power through it like a proper feminist. When the pain became too much to handle the next day, she went to the hospital.

The Blue Wave turned out to be almost as exaggerated as the Holocaust, but Democrats thinly regained control of the US House of Representatives, rewarding their violence and deception with subpoena power. This is very bad news for America. Not only will Democrats now use their control of the House to launch bogus investigations into the President and obstruct his administration, but the black clad communist rioters who have been waging war on our streets for the last couple of years, have been told that their violence is a political tactic which brings great success. Anything that gets rewarded with political power, is sure to become a regular feature of our existence, so prepare yourselves for more of that.

Now you can see why the Jews are so afraid of Gab. People are mentioning Jews and truth in the same paragraph. Jews consider free speech to be hate speech, because if Whites are allowed to speak freely of Jews, Whites will begin comparing notes and hating Jews, because Jews are terrible people, and Jews know this better than most Nazis. If anybody knew what the Jews were doing to us, of course those people would hate Jews.

You probably know JF already from YouTube, where despite addressing controversial subject matter, he still somehow manages to maintain a monetized presence. He has some great guests and has some really fascinating conversations.

He used to co-host a much less entertaining production called Warski Live, but the inferior intellect of his co-host I suspect proved to be too great of a challenge for our highly intelligent friend here, and so he ventured out into the wonderful world of independent production.

That is actually how we first came into contact. I had been invited onto Warski Live as a guest. Sadly, during and after the appearance, Warski cucked. JF then called Warski out for slandering me, and shortly after, JF quit Warski.

Here at the Radical Agenda, it is quite rare that we have a guest on two episodes in a row, especially when news is breaking so fast and we have so much to cover. But on the prior episode with Art Jones, the duly nominated Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives in Illinois third congressional district, we barely scratched the surface on the issues we meant to address. Early in the pogrom, I asked Art how he got into politics, and he told us one of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever heard. It was making such great radio, that I could not bare the thought of interrupting him.

So after the show ended I called Art on the phone, and he agreed to come back on the show for more Q&A from your humble correspondent, and to take calls from the audience as previously promised.

Art Jones is the Republican nominee for the third congressional district of Illinois. Were he to win his election, he would take incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski’s seat in the US House, which he has held since 2005. Art has his work cut out for him. The third congressional district is so solidly blue, that the GOP wasn’t even going to run a candidate. But Art isn’t your typical Republican.

When the media erupted saying Nationalism was racist, I smiled, not because I actually think Donald Trump is a Nazi, but because the media did my job for me. They reminded everyone stupid enough to listen to them, that the Nation is a racial concept.

An informed population with 3 digit IQs will soundly reject the insane, suicidal agenda of the Far Left. To accomplish their ultimate goal and destroy America for good, they need these illegal invaders to actually vote in federal elections which, of course, is illegal.

On Monday, Warren’s campaign released a video which she says vindicates her claims. You might be asking yourself “Did she use Ancestry.com or 23andMe?” but Warren was not leaving this to chance. After all, we’ve heard reports that one of the “major ancestry testing companies” was tampering with results to “screw with racists”. Warren, bearing an uncanny resemblance to her white oppressors, could easily be confused for a White supremacist, and so she hired Carlos D. Bustamante, a Stanford University professor and expert in the field, to handle her test privately.

Bustamante was recently featured by the MIT Technology review in a piece titled “DNA databases are too white. This man aims to fix that.”


Rapper Kanye West visited the White House and damn near cured my racism. Hillary Clinton said “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about” which convinced me that she too, listens to the Radical Agenda. Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick them” which, given the recent treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, seemed like a call to join the Rise Above Movement.

Chalk up another failure for the “Radical Democrat” resistance. Largely along party lines, and with Vice President Pence acting as tie breaker, the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court over the weekend. His confirmation leaves the court with a solid 5-4 conservative majority, and the Left’s reaction has been quite a thing to behold.

Johnny Benitez is a Right wing event organizer out of California who Univision has called a “Hispanic white supremacist” for his support of President Trump, and skepticism about the benefits of uncontrolled immigration. Among others, he organized an “America First” rally in Laguna Beach last August in the immediate wake of the Unite the Right rally, where upwards of 2500 people attended, and several were arrested as leftists attacked demonstrators.

Johnny contacted me on Gab, concerned that he might be facing some scrutiny for his connections to the Rise Above Movement, of which several members were recently arrested on federal charges. He wants to get his story out there, and I’m happy to help him do it. So he joins us for the first hour of the show today.

Yesterday, federal prosecutors announced charges against four people in connection to last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Before the press conference, I was contacted by the Huffington Post seeking comment. I told them this was news to me, and that it surely had to be Leftists in custody, since I had not heard about any of our guys being arrested, and local authorities already brought charges for every crime real and imagined that weekend against our guys. Surely if the feds were getting involved, I figured, they had to be finally getting around to prosecuting some of the many well documented crimes committed by Leftists.

It turns out, sadly, that I’ve been made a fool of for thinking that some semblance of justice might someday become a priority for the Justice Department.

The Left does not want decent people in government, anymore than they want honest people being heard from on social media. They don’t want immigration or trade policies that lead to prosperity for the United States. They want the people in power to be as corrupt as they are, and for decent people to spend their lives cowering from the violence and smear campaigns the Left is orchestrating in plain sight.

What I think has been most remarkable about the last two years of American politics, is a growing realization that there is no redeeming value to Leftist ideology or the people who advocate for it. Trump’s election was a rejection not only of the Democrat Party, but of the Republicans who cowered from, and cooperated with, the routine dishonesty and belligerence of the the Left. Americans have completely had it with the constant disingenuous screams of racism and sexism. They have learned the hard way that no amount of capitulation, altruism, or self sacrifice will satisfy the Left’s insatiable appetite for power. They have reluctantly concluded that they share their continent with a hostile adversary who has rejected reason, truth, order, and decency, and can thus only be confronted by power.

Antifa tries to pretend they are a decentralized grassroots movement fighting for noble purposes, while the Democrats pretend to be a reputable mainstream political institution with a solid grip on reality. In truth, they are singular cohesive unit, together with their mainstream media allies. They have a militant wing, a political wing, and a propaganda wing, all working in perfect unison to deceive and coerce the public in their relentless pursuit of Democrat rule.

Brett Kavanaugh should already have been confirmed to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court of the United States. In a desperate attempt to protect the abortion industry from justices that will uphold the US Constitution, Democrats withheld a sexual misconduct allegation from Christine Blasey Ford until the last minute. The allegation dates back to the early 80s, lacks details, and has been categorically denied by everyone but the accuser. The timing, and stall tactics since deployed, have made the fraudulent nature of the accusation obvious to all but the most senseless of Americans.

The Left managed to delay a vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation until this coming Thursday, when Ford is set to tell her lies under oath. According to Tucker Carlson, any delay beyond this Thursday would likely stop the confirmation altogether, since Senate rules could prevent a vote from coming before the midterm election this November.

As if on cue, another woman named Deborah Ramirez has come forth claiming that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while she was drunk at a college party. Ramirez, you may be shocked to hear, is a registered Democrat. She told the New Yorker that she “works toward human rights, social justice, and social change.” She also said of Kavanaugh, “What does it mean, that this person has a role in defining women’s rights in our future?”

Aria DiMezzo, aka the Anarchist Shemale, joins the Radical Agenda to discuss running for Sheriff of Cheshire County

The closer we get to the midterm elections, the more you can see why Democrats hate White men so much, and seek to replace them with less intelligent animals. Anyone with a three digit IQ and access to Fox News has to realize that the Democrats are basing their ambitions entirely upon the stupidity of their constituents. The recent sexual assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is only the most recent in a long string of obvious and increasingly repetitive lies.

If you wanted a population that could be fooled by such obvious nonsense, you would hate White people too. Diversity truly is a strength, for unrepentant liars who prey upon the gullible.

Before I got into libertarianism, I never thought much about the nature of money. Like most people, I spent plenty of time thinking of how to get more or what I would like to spend it on, but exploring the underlying concepts never occurred to me until I started learning about libertarianism.

To hear the libertarians tell it, we have few political problems that could not be explained by monetary policy. Back in the good old days, money was mostly gold and silver, or notes which one could redeem for gold or silver. This had some considerable advantages in their view, most notably that it made expansion of the money supply a rather difficult task. Whereas today money is created digitally in bank accounts, or “printed out of thin air”, back then, the only way to create money was to mine the precious metals.

Rapid and perpetual expansion of government is impossible without the ability to print money, and try though the alchemists might, they never did figure out a way to print gold. Governments require money to expand their power, and raising taxes is rarely popular, so today’s “fiat” money system provides the State with the ability to spend more than it collects in taxes, by inflating the money supply. Thus, if you are someone who is interested in limiting government power, going back to “the gold standard” seems like an appealing option.

I bought into this completely myself. Over the years I probably talked more about monetary policy than any other single topic as I tried to convince anyone who would listen to me to become a libertarian.

So attached was I to the gold standard, that when my friends started talking about Bitcoin, I ridiculed it as just another “fiat currency”. As time went by, and Bitcoin’s value skyrocketed, I was compelled to reconsider.

As the focus of the Radical Agenda shifted from economics to demographics, this subject has not gotten nearly enough attention. I recently was a guest on Heel Turn with Eric Striker, and we got into an economics discussion where monetary policy was briefly touched upon. Eric understandably assumed that I was still a gold standard advocate, but I was no longer certain that I was. It occurred to me in that moment that I was not entirely certain what sort of monetary system I favored, and so I tossed around a few ideas without holding a solid position. I spent some time thinking about this after the stream ended.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who himself was shot last year by James Hodgkinson in a failed attempt to assassinate the Freedom Caucus, chimed in on the subject of leftist violence recently.

What I found most surprising about the coverage was how surprised the talking heads still seem to be about all this, and the simultaneous calm with which they react to it. Scalise is calling on “the Left” to speak out against the violence, and becoming concerned about their unwillingness to do so. On a recent podcast he said that some Democrats are “almost encouraging” political violence.

Some? Almost?

You would think a guy who has been in politics since 1996 and literally took a bullet from these psychos would endeavor to understand who he was dealing with. The only Democrats who aren’t calling for race war and revolution are the ones who are providing cover to the ones who do. On the rare occasion they find themselves so cornered that they are compelled to distance themselves from the violence for political or legal expediency, there is always a “but” involved or some horseshit about “moral equivalence” to continue providing cover to their criminal friends.

This did not start last June on an Alexandria baseball diamond. Black Lives Matter has been terrorizing the country for years, setting cities on fire, murdering cops, and calling anyone who questions the wisdom of such tactics a racist. All during the Trump campaign, Leftist maniacs came out, started brawls, set fires, and hospitalized people. Then we find out through Project Veritas that these provocations were coordinated and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, through Democracy Partners. Antifa had been wreaking havoc at Right wing events from coast to coast before they attacked us in Charlottesville, a fact conveniently ignored by everybody left of Hitler as I and our other political prisoners sat in jail for defending ourselves.

Their mindset is, as Democrat operative Scott Foval let slip while unaware Project Veritas was recording “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker.”

I was a 9/11 truther for a bunch of years. I had bought into the story hook, line, and sinker, but some life events and an intense dislike of the Obama administration caused me to reevaluate my trust in the government. I was suddenly all too willing to believe the worst about the government, even that it would murder thousands of its own citizens just for the sake of a power grab. I’m still uncertain if that is or is not the case, actually.

I became convinced for several years that most of these news stories about terrorism were little more than war propaganda and false flags. Interestingly, it was race realism that snapped me out of this. “Holy shit, Muslims really do blow things up! That’s why we can’t let them into the country!”

Today, I know with absolute certainty that all these eternal and ever expanding cries of “racism” are communist subversion. Trying to tell people what actually happened in Charlottesville is even harder than telling people that 9/11 was an inside job, and this is something I was an actual eyewitness to, and have countless hours of video from. I can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the events of that weekend were a planned attack by violent communist agitators, and that obvious truth, with all of its abundance of evidence, is more taboo than any “conspiracy theory” Alex Jones ever peddled.

If you want to talk about threats to democracy, the steady State, be it deep or shallow, with all of its anonymous “rebels” and “sleeper cells” fits the description. If the men who listen to the sound of my voice become convinced that voting cannot change government policy, then God have mercy on the souls of the men who think government policy will remain unaltered for long.


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