Tunahan Kuzu, a Dutch politician of Turkish origin and leader of the Denk Party said native Dutch who had a problem with "diversity" (becoming a minority within their own country) should "get the hell out". A brief look at Kuzu's Denk Party and its platform and policies for the future of the Netherlands.



Native Dutch Told to ‘Get Out’ if They Don’t Want to Be a Minority in Own Homeland

Dutch people become minority in Poelenburg

Migrant Party Wins Seats for First Time in Europe at Dutch Elections

Violent Turkish migrants FILM THEMSELVES beating up a cyclist, dancing on police cars and intimidating officers

Migrant Party Calls For 1,000-Strong ‘Racism Police’, Dissenters to be Put on Register

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (national anthem of the Netherlands)
adapted by Adrianus Valerius, composer of original unknown, 1568 (arranged by Walther Boer, 1932)
Performed by United States Navy Band (2004)
United_States_Navy_Band_-_"Het_Wilhelmus".wav ‎(WAV audio file, length 48 s, 2.82 Mbps overall)

While the media focuses on the personal aspects of Trump vs Merkel at the NATO summit in Brussells, the dire situation of the German military is ignored. A disturbing analysis of what appears to be a German military that largely exists on paper and not in the real world.


Trump and Merkel clash at fraught NATO summit

LAUGHING STOCK Germany’s soldiers forced to use BROOMSTICK for a gun as Donald Trump blasts Angela Merkel over NATO spending

Troops tote broomsticks at Nato war games


Germany's military is falling behind, and the US is putting it on notice

Germany: From Machine Guns to Broomsticks

Germany's Bundeswehr 'lacks basic equipment' for NATO mission

German army used broomsticks instead of guns during training

President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States created by Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement. An examination of the ridiculous situation of leftist media and political hacks besmirching the character and record of an obviously qualified nominee with over the top hyperbole.


President Trump Announces the Nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Bio for Brett Kavanaugh at United States Court of Appeals
District of Columbia Circuit

Moonlight Sonata (by Beethoven)

Angela Merkel's pro migrant German government bans reporting on the near total decapitation of a 1-year old infant in Hamburg, Germany during April. Niger migrant Mourtala Madou murdered his own child and the child's German mother on a train station platform in Hamburg in an apparent "honor killing."


Video of aftermath of incident

Mourtala Madou's Facebook page

German Criminal Code 201a

Search Warrant for Heinrich Kordewiner's residence,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

The recent goings on the left have caused a movement of Democrats to declare they are leaving the party, called #WalkAway. How the increasingly fringe positions many prominent Democrats are adopting are alienating some of their more moderate members.


Original Video from The Unsilent Majority (Brandon Straka)

Rameses B - Game Of Thrones
Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)


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