These videos are from my trip to Joshua Tree during February.

The first clip is on fiddlemans arete (v1) near ryan’s rock. It is the first v1 I have sent outdoors and it took about 3 or 4 tries. This was only my second time outdoor bouldering so thats why I’m still at v1.

The second clip is from a route that I forgot the name of but is somehow a 5.9. I have no idea why it is graded with the yosemite decimal system considering it should be a bouldering problem, but I can see how it could be trad since there is a great place towards the end to put a trad nut. However I free solo’d it. Its definitely the hardest outdoor route I have ever done and the only one that took more than one day. The part in the middle I traverse from the ledge to is not a ledge which is what it looks like in the video. It is a sloper that is really steep. My friend steven could not get past that part and it cut his hands the last time he slipped down it. The third area has a nice crack in it and thats where you put the clip I assume. My highest grade for something like this before hand was 5.8 but on top rope so a free solo for 5.9 is cool. If I had to give it a grade for bouldering I really wouldn’t know what to say so I guess it makes more sense for it to be graded for lead.

The last route is a random v0 i found and flashed. It was fun and had a big campus jump at the end where you had to land on a sloper. I really don’t understand how that qualifies as a v0 considering v0’s are supposed to be possible for the common man to do and it requires some decent strength and skill. Joshua trees grades were pretty sand bagged compared to other places though.

Yuuji Urushihara vs Drew Drechsel - Sasuke 36 Ninja vs. Ninja Match-Ups (Part 1 of 3)

Yuuji Urushihara, along with many others such as Tada Tatsuya and Matachi Ryo challenges what we thought we knew about who the strongest competitors were, and who had passed their prime this season. Many will claim that Yuujis stage 3 run was the greatest run in the Rising era, and they may be right. One thing that is undoubtedly true however is that Yuuji Urushihara is far stronger than we imagined. So in this video we will compare his strength, to that of one of the competitors we would have expected to get his result, America's favorite Drew Drechsel.

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Although yuuji Urushihara lost in the last match up video he was featured in, he recently surprised us all when he almost defeated the vertical limit in sasuke 36. Despite many citing his training videos on youtube to explain how he became so strong, I am still baffled by the results we saw. Nevertheless, the verdict of Makoto Nagano being the overall winner in the previous episode of ninja vs ninja may be wrong, and it seems like Yuuji Urushihara is much stronger than he seems as his results put him on the levels of several other competitors like drew drechsel and kawaguchi tomohiro, who have not been able to surpass the vertical limit either. Ultimately Due to his result I was left with one major question after sasuke 36 ended, and even though I choose to retire this ninja vs ninja video series and not release the last 3 episodes I created due to its underwhelming failure, my curiosity to discover if urushihara was stronger than drew drechsel could not be contained, and with that I bring you a brand new 3 part special of Ninja vs. Ninja

Part 1: Yuuji Urushihara vs Drew Drechsel

Although I am beginning to wonder if Yuuji urushihara is better than many of the top competitors ever since sasuke rising began, Instead of opti..

Sasuke 36 Review - Was It the Greatest Sasuke Tournament?Sasuke 36 was recieved as a great tournament by fans, featuring many amazing runs from competitors such as Yusuke Morimoto, Yuuji Urushihara, Matachi Ryo, Kawaguchi Tomohiro, Tada Tatsuya, Drew Drechsel, and Many More.

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Sasuke 36, also known as Sasuke Ninja Warrior 2018 was the second tournament this year and uniquely featured a live finale, making the tournament much more exciting as a whole, as we got to witness Yusuke Morimoto and anyone else in the fourth stage ascend the tower as it was actually happening. This was the first live ninja warrior event that was not fan run.

Epic competitors from older eras somehow did amazing this season, as Yuuji Urushihara cleared stage 1 and 2 and somehow defeated the ultra crazy cliffhanger, leading to him falling on the vertical limit kai, with matachi ryo doing the same. Although Yuuji may be towards the end of his peak as he is now 40 years old, Matachi Ryo is only 27 and still has many great years ahead of him.

Sadly Drew Drechsel disappointed us as he failed on the obstacle after the backstream, which is not an official obstacle, but is a slide where he got dqed. It was sad to say the least and heartbreaking as many expected him to finally have a shot at stage 4.

Kawaguchi Tomohiro also did not perform his best as sadly he failed on the ultra crazy cliffhanger, surprising as he works building rock climbing shoes since he loves climbing so much.

A random guy who has never surpassed stage 1, Tada Tatsuya, somehow made it all the way to the vertical limit, as he demolished stage 1, stage 2, the planet bridge and ultra crazy cliffhanger.

Sadly all the all stars fell in stage 1, they were yamamoto shingo and takeda toshihiro.

Sasuke 36 Review Sasuke Ninja Warrior Final Stage Yusuke Morimoto Final Stage Matachi Ryo Matachi Ryo Stage 3 Matachi Ry..

Drew Drechsel is one of the greatest ninja warrior competitors, and he will be competing in the upcoming tournament sasuke 36, nevertheless, despite his greatness he has had failures in the past and now that he has become one of our fan favorite competitors, we are on the edge of our seats every time he competes to see if it will finally be the year he takes total victory. He has a greater chance than ever now in sasuke 36 since he is flying to japan for the live final stage finale, but in this video we will look back to some of his greatest runs in ninja warrior and sasuke!

Part 1:

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Drew drechsel has had many close calls in stage 3 before and has had many great rivalries with obstacles such as his ancient foe, the hang climb, in addition to the vertical limit kai, the crazy cliffhanger, and the ultra crazy cliffhanger. But now he has defeated all of these obstacles at least once. Some of these falls were more epic than others and in this list we will discuss our favorites!

Sasuke 36 Stage 4 Predictions!

In todays video I am going to be giving my predictions for sasuke 36, however due to productions issues I can only do predictions for the final stage in this tournament, so here are my predictions for sasuke 36's fourth stage.

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In Sasuke 36 it is almost guaranteed that someone will be going to stage 4 due to the live red brick studios finale. Because of this fact, in todays video I will go over which competitors have the best chance to make it there, and how likely they will be to win stage 4 if they do get there. These people include drew drechsel, hioki masashi, nagasaki shunsuke, kawaguchi tomohiro, yusuke morimoto, and more! maybe even matachi ryo can win!

Here are my predictions for everything else though:
51 Karen - Karen, also known as the cyber japan dancer that competes in sasuke, is an interesting competitor to say the least. She has competed for the past few seasons but only appears to be there to promote the show and is likely paid by inui. Unlike other celebrity competitors like ABC Z and Darvish Kenji, Karen never found any inspiration to figure out how to beat the rolling hill. Despite this I believe that in time you eventually will figure out this obstacle by failing on it over and over, so i am going to make a bold prediction and say that she will beat the rolling hill and fall on the next obstacle, the Wing slider

70 Can Yutaka Golden Bomber - the golden bomber drummer can yutaka is another case of a celebrity competitor who does not really want to succeed, and because of that I predict he will faill on the dragon glider.

80 Tsukada Ryoichi ABC Z - , thankfully Tsukada Ryoichi, also known as ABC - z is a celebrity who cares about at least improving, though I doub..

Today we discuss the information we know so far about Sasuke 36 which will air on december 31st 2018!

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For the first time ever sasuke 36 will have a live final stage, meaning the first three stages have already been filmed and the competitors who beat stage 3 are awaiting their stage 4 climb for a live attempt on new years eve. This is going to be a spectacular sasuke event.

Additionally obstacles like the dragon glider have been modified in addition to the the tie fighter which was replaced by the wing slider which is basically just a modified tie fighter, and not really a new obstacle.

The shows color scheme has reverted to red and their is a new logo. Additionally athletes like yusuke morimoto, drew drechsel, kawaguchi tomohiro, and sato jun are set to return and people who know spoilers dont know how the show will even end this year.

Ninja Warrior, known in Japan in Sasuke, has had many historical years in the past, but no year has been more revolutionary for the sport than 2018. Welcome to Ninja Warrior 2018: The Year Sasuke Changed Forever, where we will go over the most significant events of they year, such as American Ninja Warrior 10, Sasuke 35, Sasuke 36 (as much as is possible) and many other events.

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Sasuke Theater S2E1:

Sasuke 35, 36, American Ninja Warrior 10, Ninja vs. Ninja, American Ninja Warrior Junior, the birth of Russian Ninja Warrior, and many more are just some of the names of the ninja events we saw take place this year. And many of these seasons, specifically sasuke ninja warrior 2018 (aka sasuke 36), and American Ninja Warrior 10, fundamentally changed the sport like never before this year.

In this video we will see how the values of the ninja sport changed this year by analyzing the years biggest events so far while also summarizing many great obstacle modifications like the new ultimate cliffhanger, and the modified vertical limit that follows the ultra crazy cliffhanger in sasuke, as well as many of the amazing runs we saw this year from yusuke morimoto, kawaguchi tomohiro, drew drechsel, and sean bryan in the third and final stage of the competitons.

Throughout Ninja Warrior History, beginning in 1997, there have been many historic years that changed the sport forever, the first being in 1999 when the first total victory was achieved, then 2001, 2007, 2011, 2015, and now what may go down in history as the most important of them all 2018. If you look back at that list it may be obvious why some of them are there, in 2001 kane kosugi left which caused the all stars to be born, in addition the course massively evolved, in 2007 makoto nagano acheived the second and most history ..

Stage 4 is the final challenge that competitors on American Ninja Warrior must face to claim total victory. In sasuke stage 4 was the greatest challenge that went undefeated for years and still is hard for competitors to beat in the modern era but in American Ninja Warrior the stage is too easy and has a 0 percent fail rate. And it has not been modified to our knowledge. Because of this it is more than likely that any competitor to reach it will achieve total victory and so in this video we will be ranking each of the competitors who have the best shot at going to stage 4 in terms of how fast they will likely ascend the rope. These competitors are Josh Levin, Daniel Gil, Mathis Ohwadi, Drew Drechsel, Adam Rayl, Jake Murray, and Najee Richardson. Although I only predicted Drew Drechsel will clear stage 3, he will also likely clear stage 4 and therefore I made predictions for all 6 of these competitors who have what it takes to clear the final stage of mt. midoriyama

In the last video we went over my predictions for the second stage of american ninja warrior. Now I will predict how the remaining competitors will do in the third stage of the Las Vegas finals.

This year in stage 3 competitors will have to face many obstacles such as the Floating Boards, Stair Hopper, Crazy Clocks, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Curved Body Prop, Peg Clouds, Cane Lane, and the classic Flying Bar.

I will be making predictions for such competitors as Adam Rayl, Drew Drechsel, Daniel Gil, Mathis Ohwadi, Chris Wilczewski, Jake Murray, and many more.

Ultimately it will be a very interesting finale of anw, and probably not that many competitors will actually be taking on the third stage, however some of them may and hopefully someone will clear stage 3 this year and take total victory.

In just a few days the American Ninja Warrior 10 season finale will air where the second, third, and possible fourth stages of the las vegas finals course will be featured. Today we will be going over my Stage 2 predictions for the final 30 competitors who completed stage 1.

These competitors will have to take on various obstacles including catch and release, deja vu, the criss cross salmon ladder, swing surfer, wingnut alley, and the water walls.

Deja Vu, Catch and Release, and the Water Walls are new obstacles to vegas's second stage and Deja Vu and the Water Walls are entirely new to the show, however water walls are just wall lifts underwater.

Some great and classic competitors will run this course such as Drew Drechsel, Austin Gray, Karson Voiles, Jamie Rahn, Dan Polizzi,
Ethan Swanson, Josh Levin, Sean Bryan, Daniel Gil, Mathis "Kid" Owhadi, Chris Wilczewski, Najee Richardson , Josh Salinas, and Jake Murray

In the first episode of the 6th las vegas finals for american ninja warrior the course had some unwarranted yet exciting new changes, that were far greater than they appeared to be. These new obstacles caused unexpected and exciting runs throughout the episode. Many competitors such as Joe Moravsky, Daniel Gil, Mathis the Kid Owhadi, Jesse LaBreck, Allyssa Bierd, Michelle Waranky, Dan Polizzi, James McGrath, and many more ran and some of them unexpectedly failed while others unexpectedly passed.

Great new obstacles such as Jeep Run, Archer Alley, Twist and Fly, and Razor beams all looked terrible from Jamie Rahns run preview but were actually fantastic in the episode and past favorites such as the jumping spider and the double dipper made the episode truly legendary.

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This week in the Minneapolis Finals we viewed the last competitors in the finals attempt to qualify for vegas across many great obstacles such as the New Hinge, returning Iron Maiden, the archer steps, the salmon ladder, and the spider trap.

Many feature runs by megan martin, ian dory, leif sundberg, and joe moravsky occured, including jon alexis jr.s victory.

In the final week of the American Ninja Warrior 10 Qualifying episodes we see many famous faces take on the course, most notable Joe Moravsky and Lance Pekus, and also hear of the tragic stories that have happened to many competitors over the past year, whether or not we even know who they are. Despite that this episode had many amazing runs and obstacles with the most notable runners being Eric Middleton, Abby Clark, Megan Martin, Joe Moravsky, Enedina Stanger and more probably.

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Some of the obstacles featured this week were the floating steps, battering ram, diamond dash, ring jump and double twister. but dont forget about the infamous mega wall that caused this seasons most tragic moment with joe moravsky this episode.

American Ninja Warrior 10 is wrapping up its qualifying episodes and I am now back to review them after a long hiatus. In this episode I will review the Philadelphia qualifying episodes and course. In this video I will talk about the runs I considered to be standout highlight runs featuring competitors like the incredible Casey Rothschild, Jamie Rahn, James McGrath, Eric Totten, and Ryan Carson. Other competitors also ran like Allyssa Beird but had less than spectacular runs. Also Najee Richardson ran in this episode and it was an expectable great run from him so it was not notable.

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This episode also had several great and several less than great obstacles in its course. These were as per usual the floating steps and mega wall (with the warped wall). We also had the awful spinning bowties, the average broken bridge obstacle and the lightning bolts obstacle.

#anw #americanninjawarrior #anw2018 #americanninjawarrior10 #anw10 #ninjawarrior2018 #najeerichardson #lightningblots #megawarpedwall #warpedwall #floatingsteps #ninja #ninjatraining #ninjawarrior2018 #caseyrothschild #erictotten #allyssabeird

American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia 2018 anw philadelphia course philadelphia qualifying broken bridge american ninja warrior lightning blots ninja warrior casey rothschild ninja warrior jamie rahn ninja warrior allyssa beird mega warped wall ninja warrior philadelphia 2018.

The KNG Games is a Ninja Warrior competition for kids. In this competition competitors will face 5 weeks of calisthenics challenges. After that the top 3 competitors will move on to the 4 stage finals obstacle course.

This week competitors will go head to head in one of the most essential calisthenic abilities of ninja warrior, the pull ups. competitors will place higher on the leaderboard for every pull up they achieve and will earn points for each competitor they outdid. these points will add up until the end of the competition to determine who moves on to the 4 stage final obstacle course.

Many competitors such as Parker Lupher, the debows, and Zachary England are returning this season to compete, we also have new competitors like the Pham family.

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Kid Ninja Warrior
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Kid Ninja Games
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Kids American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior for kids

In the finale of Ninja Games 3 competitors will take on the undefeated third stage upper body gauntlet and if they defeat it they will take on the final stage speed challenge. Only four competitors of the original 19 remain, they are Jaden Cortez, Anthony Mardiros, Joshua Nielson, and Jordan Burkhardt and only one can go the farthest. It is now time to see who that person is.

First in the third stage competitors will take on the new clockwork cliffhanger obstacle where competitors will perform 2 frenchies on a one inch ledge. Once they complete this obstacle they will move on to the dips obstacle where they must complete 10 straight bar dips. After that they move on to the pull ups obstacle where they must complete 24 pull ups. If they beat that then they move onto the undefeated final obstacle, the angled knee tucks, No one has defeated this obstacle yet and only one has ever attempted it, but if it is cleared the the fourth stage will emerge and competitors will be put against the ultimate test to see if they can achieve total victory and become the First Generation Ninja.

Jaden Cortez first appeared in the southern region where he sadly could not rank on the leader board and was eliminated. Despite this he got a second chance in the division 2 course where he cleared the obstacles and earned a spot in stage 1. After that he cleared stage 1 and 2 and is now one of the 4 final competitors.

Anthony has been competing since the first ninja games but sadly he has never become a finalist. In season 1 he fell short of appearing in the final showdown due to his poor performance in the challenge rounds. Then in season 2 he failed in the second stage on the chin ups challenge. Now this season he defeated stage 2 and all of the obstacles before hand and is here ready to take on the great upper body challenge.

Joshua Nielson first came into notice in team ninja games 1 where his team was sadly eliminated in the first round. Because of this Joshua did not receive the re..

The Ninja Games 3 Finale will air this saturday at 7 am. Sorry for the production delays, editing is done now and it turned out well, I will explain everything later in a video or during the after ngn 3 live stream. Owen Joined me once again to announce for this finale and there are many spectacular twists, turns and surprises in the episode that you have to wait to see!

it will come out either next tuesday or saturday depending on if things keep going wrong. if you are disappointed you can watch an old episode and maybe it will make you feel better. most ngn fans havent seen season 1 so maybe you want to see that. idk

Today I bring you my predictions for the Dallas Finals in American Ninja Warrior 10 and I did my research this time and learned a lot about some of the lesser known competitors such as the extraordinarily strong Josh Norton!

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Recently the Dallas qualifying episode came out as american ninja warrior 10's premier. 33 competitors advanced and somewhere between 15-17 will make it to the next stage, stage 1 in the finals. today we will predict which competitors will advance and how far everyone will go. I will not use spoilers in the predictions for what we know about runs or obstacles. I will assume the last half of the course will be the salmon ladder, an obstacle with many factors, a stage 3 level upper body obstacle, and a tower climb. we can also assume the first six obstacles will remain mostly the same, those being the Floating Steps Alternative
2. Catch and Release
3. Bouncing Spider
4. Tuning Forks
5. Crank It Up
6. Warped Wall

We will make predictions for competitors such as Daniel Gil, Josh Salinas, Brent Steffensen, Mathis the Kid Owaldi, Matthew Day, Mike Murray, Steven Tyler, Jeremiah Morgan, Brian Burkhardt (NOT MY COUSIN), just kidding im not mad. Also we have karsten williams, thomas stillings, barclay stockett and more!

Will anyone clear the course, I dont know, well I can guess and you will learn of my guess today!

For years many have not been allowed on the American Ninja Warrior TV show due to their age or in a local Ninja Warrior competition due to the scarcity of Ninja Warrior Gyms. Now these people have come together in the ultimate world wide obstacle course. In the Ninja Games several competitors will take on our 4 stage obstacle course that is built entirely of obstacles that can be done with minimum equipment. this allows anyone to enter from all the away across the world. In addition the salmon ladder will be featured in this episode!

This week our 7 remaining athletes take on the second stage obstacle course. In this skill and power obstacle course known as stage 2 competitors will take on a total of 3 obstacles that must be completed in under 50 seconds combined. The Obstacles are the Salmon Ladder, Pull Up Flip and the Handstand walk obstacle known as the handwalk. Alternative challenges exist such as clapping pull ups and pull overs.

If anyone clears stage 2 they will advance to the third stage course which focuses more on endurance obstacles and specifically grip strength and endurance. If they beat that they must race against the clock to beat stage 4 and become this Generations Ninja

Season 4 Application Link:



Ninja Games Online:

In the salmon ladder obstacle competitors will take on the salmon ladder obstacle previously seen on television shows like american ninja warrior and sasuke as well as other ninja warrior competitions. In the salmon ladder you do explosive pull ups to hop a bar up to the next rung. Afterwards you do the Pull Up flip, where on the unstable salmon ladder bar you must do 4 pull ups where you jump and flip your grip position (pronated to supinated or vice versa) in mid air and land on the spinning bar. Finally if you do all that you move on to the handsta..

American Ninja Warrior 10 aired yesterday starting with the Dallas qualifying. Although Dallas was not filmed first, its clear why this episode came out first. It was an overall great episode. Amazing new obstacles and old obstacles were featured such as the Floating Steps, Catch and Release, Bouncing Spider, Tuning Forks, and Crank It Up in addition to the Mega Warped Wall.

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Besides the fact that the ninja warrior dallas course was great in ANW 2018 we saw some great competitors but more importantly way more new competitors. alot of people were all skipped like jeremiah morgan, Andrew Lowes, Nate Burkhalter, and Brian Burkhardt. Though mathis the kid owaldi (mathis owaldi) and Daniel Gil had great runs in the episode and both attempted the mega warped wall.

The bouncing spider is a rare example of an amazing hybrid obstacle as it fuses the jumping spider, trampoline jump, and double pendulum, the tuning forks is the most innovative balance obstacle in ninja warrior.

The bouncing spider is a rare example of an amazing hybrid obstacle as it fuses the jumping spider, trampoline jump, and double pendulum, the tuning forks is the most innovative balance obstacle I have seen to date in Ninja Warrior (maybe not kunoichi), Crank it up is a true calisthenics element obstacle of american ninja warrior and the catch and release is a great easy obstacle to warm competitors up and get them ready to take on the rest of the course. The American Ninja Warrior Dallas Qualifying 2018 really was a good episode. I hope it sets a precedent for ANW 10. it is clear that alot of things have changed and for the better.

#anw #americanninjawarrior #anw2018 #americanninjawarrior10 #anw10 #ninjawarrior2018 #danielgil #bouncingspider #megawarpedwall #warpedwall #crankitup #ninja #ninjatraining #ninjawarrior2018

American Ninja Warrior Dallas 2018 an..

In todays episode we discuss American Ninja Warriors new $100,000 for the Last Ninja Standing, ANW's new product line in target, how they are trying to run small ninja businesses into the ground, ANW's podcast, Backyard Ninja Kids new Gym Ninja U, and so much more!

The new prize for the last man standing is interesting and I know a lot of people do not like this as it is not faithful to how the competition works and how the shows basis sasuke works. in addition to this you would have to win sasuke 4 times to earn as much money as the last man standing will but here is the sad truth. The Ninjas have to train like pro athletes but are not paid like Pros and therefore they don't have time to do so. So this prize will give them hope.

American Ninja Warriors new product line in target is cool but they blatantly stole from B4Adventure who invented many of the products they are selling. its also not cool how they are trying to run people like monster ninja holds, companies based off the ninja community, by selling the same things as them. I hate it. they also are trying to give Ninja content creators the boot by making a podcast and training videos. It is enraging how they are so disrespectful to all members of their community, to the privileged who get to be on the show, those who try and earn ninja money outside the show to fund their training, and those who are unprivledged from not being on the show.

In lighter news Scott from Backyard Ninja Kids opened a new gym called ninja U. ill let him tell you more about it:

Also you can watch stage 1 of the Ninja games here:

For years many have not been allowed on the American Ninja Warrior TV show due to their age or in a local Ninja Warrior competition due to the scarcity of Ninja Warrior Gyms. Now these people have come together in the ultimate world wide obstacle course. In the Ninja Games several competitors will take on our 4 stage obstacle course that is built entirely of obstacles that can be done with minimum equipment. this allows anyone to enter from all the away across the world.

This week our 12 remaining athletes take on the first stage speed course. In this speed obstacle course known as stage 1 competitors will take on a total of 5 obstacles that must be completed in under 45 seconds combined. The Obstacles are the Muscle Up, the Dips, The Spinner (180 degree bar spin), Bar Dismount, and the Broad Jump.

If anyone clears stage 1 they will advance to the second stage course which focuses more on skill obstacles and then onto the third stage which is an upper body endurance course.

Season 4 Application Link:
Ninja Games Online:

Josh Halprin:
Drew Nester ( Ninja Warrior Training Videos) :
Brayden Lupher (Ninja Warrior Analysis/Training Videos):

In the muscle up obstacle competitors must perform an explosive pull up or pull over that results in their upper body being over top the bar. In dips they must perform 10 straight bar dip repetitions on top of the bar. In the Spinner obstacle competitors must perform two jumps on the bar where during the jump both of their hands come off the bar and do a 180 degree spin. Next in the Bar Dismount obstacle competitors must do an 8 foot lache off the bar onto the floor. finally i..

Guys I am really sorry about the audio problems. that was the worst editing mistake in ngn's history. Here is the last 8 minutes of the episode re edited.

In addition to that the application link to ngn 4 did not work but it is fixed now. Sorry about all my failures yesterday. I shouldnt have tried to make 3 videos in one day.


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