The treatment of the GREAT German is REPREHENSIBLE!!!!
The "Allies" were FAR worse than the "NAZIS" they claim were so evil!
Streichers last words, whist standing on the gallows, were "HEIL HITLER!!!!!!

Here is a video that I have mirrored from "Cybergnostic's" Channel. This is HIS work, NOT mine: but I feel it should be shared!

Here is another great work by GAZ, (The Impartial Truth)
As a Christian, I agree 100% with EVERYTHING Dr. Goebbels states in this address to the Deutsche Volk.

The best of the BEST! Here is my favorite of all the National Socialists produced movies.
Not ONE thing in this 89 year old film is untrue! It STILL applies to this very day.

Dr. William Luther Pierce featured on "Race And Reason".
VERY early footage of the GREAT Dr. Pierce.

The myth of White Privilege is perpetuated by an oppressor, Liberal-Socialist political class in the West; its aim is to disarm the urge for self-preservation among European ethnic groups, while demoralizing them into impotent sheep for the slaughter...

Dr. Pierce gives his thoughts regarding "skinheads".

This is the "infamous" Hal Turner Radio interview with Dr. Pierce.
Those of us "old" enough, all know who/what Hal Turner ended up being.....
That said, it still does NOT negate the TRUTHS that come forth from the GREAT Dr. Pierce!

This is the National Alliance meeting in Parma Ohio, recorded in 1998.
This is Dr. Pierce at His finest!
NOTE: Let us "older original" National Alliance Members NEVER forget, that it WAS Eric Gliebe that destroyed the National Alliance
from what Dr. Pierce had created! Eric did this in a FEW short years after the death of the GREAT Dr. Pierce! Eric is to NEVER be forgiven for what he did!

This is the documentary of Dr. Pierce, done in 1992 by a local television station. It is rather well done and not as "slanted" as most were.
Take SPECIAL note to the JEW from the local "ADL" chapter. He is nothing short of an ignorant BUFFOON!
MORE Dr. Pierce videos to come Kameraden!

This is the LAST public speech Dr. Pierce gave before His untimely death in July 2002.
He worked for OUR people, fighting the SATANIC JEW up until the VERY end!
His passing is one of our people's greatest losses, only second to the Fuhrer!

"Dr. William L. Pierce on Guns, Race and Freedom" from 'Race and Reality' with Ron Dogget (1994)

This is one of the VERY last productions, from the GREAT Dr. Pierce before his untimely death in July 2002.
We NEED Him and the "original" National Alliance, under His leadership, NOW more than we ever did!
He was the GREATEST!! I miss Him DAILY!!!

"The Turner Diaries Interview" On CBS "60 Minutes" with Mike Wallace (May 19, 1996)

Dr. William L. Pierce on Race. "Race and Reality" with Host: Ron Dogget (Jan 18 1993)

Here is some video of the GREATEST W.P. Band EVER......B.E.D.!!!
Recorded in 2002 at a live concert. Footage is not the best, BUT it is still Drew and the guys!!!!

Here is a video compilation from OUR Fuhrer! Giving ALL of us ever more encouragement and guidance as to how we should be living our lives each and every day!
Heil Our FUHRER! Adolf Hitler!! Heil National Socialism!!

Here is the FANTA commercial that the JEW raised SO much hell about, that it was "pulled" in Germany!
Due to the reference: "the good old days".......WELL THEY WERE!!!!!
Note: FANTA was created in N.S. Germany, due to their inability to procure sugar, PLUS "Coca/Cola" shutting off their products to Germany as well.

Senator Schumer says God made him a guardian of Israel

A video created by "ANDKON'S REICH".
Not very reasonable for us to think THIS America will EVER return.........

A well done video by Matthew Drake!

Here is "S.A. Mann Brand". This has been one of my FAVORITE National Socialists film for many years now.
This is the fighting stance we MUST take! Or DIE!

"The mutiny of Western Women against their men and civilization was the result of a great, hidden sabotage. The black serpent of Oriental psychology was merely the doorway; and with a mesmerized trance do they now trod on all things sacred. We are running out of time to save them, and the very soul of Western Man..."


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