Here is one of GAZ's best productions! We all know it, the rest of the world needs to!!

An excellent video that was uploaded by Dennis Wise years ago. The TRUTH regarding life in NSDAP Germany, by Hans Schmidt.

This is an older file that I saved some years back. it was originally named, "How Awakened Are You TEST?". It was created by a man named "Dark Votam".
All of this stated, see how you "score" Kameraden........

Well Kameraden, the title says it all!

Kameraden! Here is the VERY popular animated video, "Juden Attack", that YouTube would pull down within HOURS of being uploaded.
Download, share and archive!
We are NOW, more than ever before, in the BATTLE to the DEATH for our Aryan Volk and our National Socialists beliefs/virtues!!!
We are not only fighting for our present Aryan Volk, but fighting for the HONOR and COURAGE of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists that gave their ALL for National Socialism!

Here is the latest video from my Italian Kamerad, "Muh Fashy Bookshelf".
Visit and subscribe to his Channel Kameraden! Support our Italian Brother!

That, the Fuhrer and the National Socialists "disarmed" the German People is yet another LIE perpetrated by the SATANIC JEW!!!!

This is an EXCELLENT video created by "stjohnofthe88keys"!
Go to and subscribe to his channel, support his work Kameraden!

This is a "Re-Mastering" of an older video from years ago.
It is still one of the best explanations and illustrations regarding the JEW. It also exposes "peoples" stubbornness to accept the FACT of what the SATANIC JEW really is.

This is straight out of the SATANIC TALMUD !!!
The JEW must be STOPPED!!!!

Here is the first of my Eric Hunt "Holo-Hoax" educational videos. This and the forth coming videos were created and produced by Eric Hunt.
This, "The Last Days of the Big Lie", was the one I have always considered his finest work.


Here is the first of many Dean Irebodd Holo-Hoax educational videos I'll be uploading over time.
Dean made/produced some of the best Holo-Hoax videos in the early 2000's.
I will also be uploading all of my Eric Hunt produced videos over time as well.
Kameraden, we MUST always fight the SATANIC JEW and his LIES!

This is a NEW video I just re-uploaded from Jim Rizoli's YouTube Channel. This is performed by Graham Hart and is quite good!

Here is "Wort und Tat", ("Words and Deeds"), from 1938. This is a National Socialist documentary, released that year, outlining the VAST improvements to the German Nation under the leadership of our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Government. The documented FACTS show how, over the course of 4-5 years, Germany was OUT of their Weimar depression and VERY prosperous! THIS the JEW could NOT have.........so they created a continuance of the first World War, sent it to our beloved Fatherland and subsequently set out to destroy the GREATEST period in man's history! The JEW will reap his justice for what HE has done!!

Kameraden! Here is a documentary from 1974 entitled, "SWASTIKA". I had long forgotten I even had this downloaded and saved amongst my research. This is ORIGINAL film footage etc. It is well done and shows the GREATEST time in man's history, the years of 1933-1939 in Germany, during National Socialism in the Fatherland! Hope you enjoy this footage, as much as I have and continue to do. Save and re-upload this, as it must be preserved. This "heaven on earth" for our Volk must be shown to our future generations, so they may see the GREATNESS of our beloved Fuhrer and National Socialism! To show them how WELL it WORKS for our people and NOT to accept the JEW system they are under!

MORE truth exposing the JEW!

Here is the TRUTH regarding National Socialism, told to US by OUR beloved Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. HIS Spirit and the Spirit of National Socialism is eternal!

Here is some more TRUTH about WHITE GENOCIDE!!!! Based on FACTS and the (((United Nations))) definition of "Genocide". This is NOT just "my" take on it, as again, this is based on the "accepted definition" of what "Genocide" is.....according to all of the "peace loving democracies" of the world!
Be advised! This also shows WHO is responsible for this GENOCIDE!!!! As if one needs to ask!


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Promoting the TRUTH about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. EXPOSING the FRAUD and LIES that are the "Holocaust" (Holohoax) and FOREVER fighting the JEWS !!!! The DESTROYERS of EVERYTHING, that is of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everywhere the JEW goes, they bring with them Sodom and Gomorrah !!!