Nuclear Bronson Rex

Best Movie almost Ever

Indonesian: Rock Horror

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Watch this movie with us tonight.

The hero is a rapist. Need i say more?

This looks like the best movie ever made. We'll all watch it soon. I got another movie planned fir tonight though.

Wrestling might be gay butt stuff about wrestling is fun.


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Dogs suck. Dog people suck. Yes, all of them.
Rolling Stones are a terrible band with a misshapen big-headed-ape as a singer that dances like a sissy. Apes are suppose to be strong you stingy armed sissy-man Mick. Glamtera is infinitely better than Phil’s Pantera. Johnny Cash is crap & so are each & every person that likes him. I wouldn't even tell AC/DC that they were good for a garage band. The Talking Heads is for blow-hard nerds. Rap sucks, hope that doesn’t need to be said. Nirvana is for emo queers. The Beatles suck and Lead Zeplin(not googling how to spell it)... not a fan.

Hair Metal, Thrash-Metal, Sissy Rock & 80s Pop Forever! This page is basically a WASP fan-cite. Don’t make my love a crime.

I'm gonna make new videos for Bitchute alone, soon. Love me.
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