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They want even more advantages than they already have.


Police Shootings by Race:

Race and Homicide:

Cross-Racial Homicides:

Race and Cop Killers:

Simulation and police reaction to black and white perpetrators and civilians:

Pro-Black / Anti-white Bias at the Subjective Level among Blacks and Whites:

Racial Bias Among Jurors:

Surveys evidencing that belief in oppression is a function of ideology and has no relation to actual (like non-existent) oppression:

To get past paywalls, find and enter the DOI into t..

It's wigger time! Not the typical "highbrow" content, but this dip needs to be dunked on before he starts thinking he has any place in the public space. Lets be the "boot in the face" that he talks about.

Apparently Jason Kessler, the Mosley guy (who said he was in the army but wasn't) and our very own Baked Alaska are joining this transparent psy-op in some last gasp for relevance.

Baked Alaska is especially amazing - he wasn't even a wignat. He just went straight to ex-wignat.

It's a gaggle of disgraced losers who got PTSD from being BTFO'd by literally everyone they ever knew, and maybe this is their corny attempt at revenge? I never thought of that angle. That this is just the butthurt buttercreamer brigade desperate to soothe their jimmies and try to distance themselves from the nightmare that is themselves by externalizing it as "the movement" when really it's just them.

Mostly about population estimates of Pre-Columbian North America, and how the rate of decline does not imply anything commonly considered a "genocide", and a rant at the end about when there are undeniable objective outcomes, the traditional heuristics of expertise vanish.

Aggregate Effect By Racial Group In The United States On Government Finances. More Charts Debunking Institutional Racism. Made By Ryan Faulk. Capitalizing All Words.


--- Sources ---
US Government Revenue in 2018:

US Government Spending in 2018:

Racial Distribution of Income Brackets:

Tax Payment by Bracket:

Income By Race and State:

Medicare Usage by Race:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D

Medicaid Usage by Race:,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D

Social Security Usage by Race in 2017:,+Sex,+Race,+and+Hispanic+Origin+2017&source=bl&ots=6lrbUZJ7uP&sig=ACfU3U2S9AqC3gfhTwKl7577fpY8-_eXPQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj73vKUu6boAhVeJDQIHVUtAiEQ6AEwBnoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=Social%20Security%20Recipients%20by%20Age%2C%20Sex%2C%20Race%2C%20and%20Hispanic%20Origin%202017&f=false

Cost of Living by State:

Percent White by State:

--- Original Article ---

Talking about Explicitly constructed vs. Implicitly arrived at beliefs, organizations as a kind of organism that acts on it's own, and synthetic intelligence having the problems of explicit construction vs. the inherently complete emergence through evolution.

After Effects was acting up so no shwoopy-woopy line.

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Paper Cited:

What I think will be final response to Shaun's initial video. Art by Johnny

There's about 10 minutes of blank video at the end, I have no idea how to remove it. I couldn't find anything in the timeline that causes this, maybe I'm just blind. But, the video ends at like 44 minutes, there's nothing hidden in the final 10 minutes.

Davide 2019 on Population differences in Polygenic Scores:

Race and IQ related genes:

What the experts really think:

Art by Johnny

Part 3 of our journey through the mountain of interlocking falsities Salad Fingers as thrown into the limelight

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To get past paywalls, go to , and then type in the DOI for the article you're looking for.

Relation between ASVAB and Soldiering Performance:

SAT actually OVERPREDICTS performance of NAMs:
- i.e. SAT is actually racially biased against Whites and E. Asians

IQ tests OVERPREDICT school performance of NAMs:

- Evidence of IQ tests having anti-white & anti-east asian bias

Article on black-white variance in relative subtest performance:

Snyderman and Rothman 1987:[email protected]

Rindermann, Coyle and Becker 2013:

Same people from 2020:

Friedrichs 1973:

Sherwood and Nataupsky 1968:

(Forgot to show this one, evidence of greater popularity of opposing divergent evolution in 1968 than today).

Survey of Experts on Cultural Bias of IQ tests:

Expert Judges picking "Culturally Biased" Questions:

Rank-order difficulty does not vary by race:

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--- Time Stamps ---

0:24 - Start
0:56 - On Taking Moscow
2:02 - Sovet-German Peace Talks in Stockholm
5:48 - Comparing Napoleon With Hitler in taking Moscow
8:40 - How big and populous is the USSR REALLY?
14:50 - Potential of a Japanese Invasion
22:59 - Scenario in which Japan invades the USSR instead of attacking the USUK
25:11 - Me being mean and ending the video

--- Sauce ---

Stalin and Prospects of a Separate Peace:

Population of Russia:

1939 population and casualties:


Dunkirk Numbers:

Population of Moscow:

Railroad Map:

UK Army Manpower 1939:

Oil Production Numbers:

Japanese Monograph No. 77 - "Japanese Preparations for Operations in Manchuria (Prior to 1943)"

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The Authoritarian View of Knowledge II: The Expertise of Experts

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--- Sources ----

Study on Health Science Knowledge Retention:

Study on Consumer Behavior Class Knowledge Retention:

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Knowledge Retention Study:

Knowledge Loss of First Year Science Students in Saskatchewan:

Knowledge Decay in Economics Students:

Cognitive Ability by Credential Level:

Meta-Analysis of Old Studies on Retention of Basic Scientific Knowledge:

University of Colorado Retention Study:

Average Age of Doctorates:

Meta-Analysis on Statistical Prediction Rules:

Papers on Academic Mobbing:
Hoel and Cooper 2000:

Recorded on Phone, just a description of what "The People's Veto" means and what the logo means


Social Media:

=== Time Stamps:

5:55 - Big vs. Small Journals

11:51 - Judging Methodology Based on Conclusions

15:59 - BMJ Study on Error Identification Rate

17:37 - Prestige and Paper Acceptance

22:59 - Inter-Rate Reliability

24:17 - Does "Peer Review" CAUSE Studies to be Better Done?

26:58 - A HOT TAKE on "Peer Review"


1. Reviewer Bias, Annals of Internal Medicine:

2. Peer Review and Editorial Decision Making:

3. Effect of Institutional Prestige on Reviewer's Recommendations and Editorial Decisions:

4. Effect of Blinded Peer Review on Abstract Acceptance:

5. Double-Blind Peer Review Failure Rate:

6. Are Road Safety Evaluation Studies Published in Peer Reviewed Journals More Valid than Similar Studies not Published in Peer Reviewd Journals:

7. A Reliability-Generalization Study of Journal Peer Reviews: A Multileval Meta-Analysis of Inter-Rater Reliability and Its Determinants:

8. Prestigious Science Journals Struggle to Reach Even Average Reliability:

9. Confirmational Response Bias Among Social Work Journals:

10. Testing for the Presence of Positive-Outcome Bias in Peer Review:

11. What errors do peer reviewers detect, and..

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+++ Time Stamps +++

Sickle Cell
- 0:00:48
An Elegant Pause (NOT that I may have perhaps screwed up the editing):
- 0:04:11
It's Phenotypical, Not Genetic
- 0:07:41
A white person is genetically closer to a black person than another white person
- 0:11:34
Test Bias and Vaush's Mythical Consensus
- 0:16:52
- 0:29:18
Epigenetic Effects and Alleles
- 0:48:53
Romans and The European Revolution
- 0:58:47
The French Weren't White
- 1:30:34
The Red Tails
- 1:51:51
- 1:58:22
- 2:25:38
Concluding Remarks
- 2:31:32


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Google's decision to ban Moderate, Liberal voices smeared as "far right" is immoral and can only lead to bad things for Google. It is at best a craven response to astroturfed outrage, at worst a deep internalization of racist revenge narratives of the far right and scapegoating of the European Diaspora.

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This will be part of the STOP LIKING THINGS series. Though this first one is a little different since I hadn't decided exactly what I wanted to do while working on this video.

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--- Sources ---

Marine Combat Effectiveness Experiment:

Star Wars Box Office Numbers:

Review numbers are easily searchable (except for Rotten Tomatoes!)

Accuracy of Stereotypes:

Creativity and Stressors:

Women Control Most Consumer Spending:

Sec and Suicide:

Women Earn Slightly More than Men when a true apples to apples comparison is done:

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Time Stamps:

Maize: 15:18

Comparing Crop Yields: 20:54

The wonders of the Potato: 22:24

Amaranth and the Spread of Crops: 27:55

???: 37:38

Andean-Mesoamerican Contact: 37:52

Multiple Domestications of Rice and Barley: 50:30

Just-So Stories: 57:11

Africa: 1:11:59

Beasts of Burden: 1:25:03

North American Blood Libel: 1:42:51

End of the Line: 1:54:49

Jared Diamond's Master Race: 2:27:58


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Absolutely despicable. Kill count up to 49 now.

There are things even more despicable.


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