Duel against Rare Hunter. Even with all of those seekers he just could not pull of Exodia.

Duel against Espa Roba. I think this video shows I have better psychic abilities than Espa Roba

Duel against Bonz. Good draws ended this quick.

Duel against Weevil. Weevil ran out of tricks.

Duel against Rex Raptor. Rex Raptor was able to drag things out because of my poor draws.

Duel against Mako. Anyone can be dangerous if your draws are poor.

Duel against Bandit Keith. Toying with Bandit Keith.

Duel against Mai. Mai had very poor draws.

Menu exploration, game previews, ads.
The extras not shown in the video are accessible on the PC or MAC. The extras included screen savers, backgrounds and icons.

Duel against Pegasus. I toyed with Pegasus a bit too much.

Duel against Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura put up a good fight.

Duel against Bakura. Bakura kept up his defense better than some more recent card slingers.

Duel against Grandpa. Thanks for the help Grandpa.

Duel against Tristan. Tristan tried.

Duel against Tea. Tea had nothing.

Duel against Yugi. Yugi was able to defend his self for a little while.

Duel against Joey. I started out pretty sloppy, but it was only joey.

Duel against Kaiba. Kaiba had poor draws.

Game start up, intro, menu and first mission of the marine campaign. Found a copy of this game at the junk shop today. No manual but after a few retries on the first level I think I am getting it. I do not care for the movement, it keeps the group off screen unless you move the window back to watch them run. It seems like a lot of the game will be taking place off screen. I am still looking forward to the second mission though.

This video was recorded with an XBOX HDMI Pound cable through a Elgato HD 60 Game Capture.

Duel against Yami Yugi. Yami Yugi's cyber jar helped me a lot.

XBOX DOAXVB Lisa playthrough with Tina island tour, volleyball, casino, pool hopping game full island trip through to the end credits . Partner is Tina until a swimsuit goes over poorly then Christy until another bad swimsuit and poor volleyball playing drives her off. The rest of the trip is pool hopping and lazing around.

This video was recorded with an XBOX HDMI Pound cable through a Elgato HD 60 Game Capture.

Duel against Duel Machine 3. Duel Machine 3 had nothing.

Duel against Duel Machine 2. Duel Machine 2 likes to lock you down with gravity bind and attack you with a collection of three point monsters.

Duel against Duel Machine 1. Duel Machine 1 never had a chance.

Duel against Shimon. Shimon was able to drag things out due to my mistakes and poor draws.


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