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The goal of my overwatch project is to examine as much data, information, and evidence as possible and compare it in an unbiased way to popular common and accepted notions about existence and see if they matched. The result of that search led to the shocking revelation that the concepts and philosophies we are taught and indoctrinated with about reality are all wrong in many ways. Atheism is a belief in reductive materialism and is a ridiculously broken and false philosophy. All religions including new age or modern spiritual concepts contain many erroneous notions and wrong dogmas but are correct in that there is a type of consciousness is not a product of the physical brain.

I share my thoughts, research and rational deductions about the true nature of our existence. You may also be unsatisfied with explanations from so-called gurus, religious leaders, and atheists that fall short of explaining all the data and evidence available. You may also be tired of listening to scientists that speak like they have all the answers but when examined in depth are revealed to have very few answers. I'm not a know it all. Every time I learn something new it usually leads to more questions. I am not looking for followers, but rather fellow open-minded thinkers, explorers, and investigators. I have spent years deconstructing my religion of birth and un-indoctrinating myself from what I was programmed to think. I figure there are others out there like me, so I built this website and published videos on YouTube to share my thoughts with fellow explorers. I am not here to tell you what to think, but rather to just share what I have deduced and my source material. Everyone who wants to understand their existence should aspire to be there own guru and investigator.

No matter what you are investigating about reality at the core of everything is consciousness. We are spiritual beings confined and hampered by a material experience. By researching anything weather, it is the afterlife, politics, conspiracies, science or anything else. If you start with a corrupted premise or belief, then all the results of your inquiry or investigation will also be damaged. "Garbage in garbage out," as they say.