Pat Bastard and the Spurious 5

Pat Bastard and the Spurious 5

I stand here bored and look at you
Clapping like monkeys at a zoo
A horde of maladjusted miscreants
All pumped and primed, just what could possibly be
Limping through
Your one-track minds? I can't believe you wonder
Why i think that you're the enemy

Bleating and babbling they fell on his neck with a scream
Wave upon wave of demented avengers
Marched cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

I've been around the world
And every story ends the same
But when the lights are dim
You won't remember my name
I don't want no scars to show
I don't want no one to know
So I'll be killing time in the Blue Shadows

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If you didn't care
What happened to me
And I didn't care for you

We would zig-zag our way
Through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain

Wondering which of the
Buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing

As you know, Kurt "Calamari Sutra" Eichenwald is a big fan of tentacle hentai. When he's not whacking it to monsters from the deep, Kurt "Ramming Qt Grills With My Tendrils" Eichenwald likes to take to Twitter to push politics and get people locked up for gifs. Though some narrow-minded bigots may shame him for his perverse, pulpy longings, I for one salute Kurt "Cthulhu Is My Waifu" Eichenwald, and push for the day when he, too, and those like him, will be able to make a public display of their love in front of Yog-Sothoth and their families. The hashtag is #CalamarriagEquality. Get it trending for Kurt!

The over-indulgent machines were their children
There wasn't a way down on Earth here to cool them
Cause they looked just like humans
At Kresge's and Woolworth's
But decadent brains were at work to destroy
Rats in battalions were ruling the street scene
Generation landslide
Closed the gap between 'em

And I laughed to myself at the men and the ladies
Who never conceived of us billion dollar babies

Happy Halloween you gaggle of NEETs and reprobates. In this, the first ever Halloween Special, P. Bastard is settling in for a night of slasherkino with the greatest and best video nasty of all, Unhinged. But Mchumba, skinwalkers and a power cut may change those plans.

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Do you ever notice, when you're walking home alone at night that as you pass a streetlamp, your shadow stretches out in front of you, as if racing away from the light at your back?

How much terror would fill your heart if it were joined by the shadow of another figure at your side?

"Shadows" stars Olivia Bush and is directed by Pat Bastard.

Someone’s sitting in a field
Never giving yield
Sitting there with gleaming eyes
Waiting for Big Pumpkin to arise

In 2015, WPC Maxine Tracy was committed to Jason Hawkins mental institution following a series of unsuccessful suicide attempts.

In 2016, kinographer Pat Bastard joined the River Warriors, a post-apocalyptic punk rock bike gang led by Melville "Longcoat" Oppenheimer. Only one man stood in their way: Maxine's mentor on the police force, PC Dale Goodrich.

After the legendary chase that gave them their name, the River Warriors expanded to become the city's largest and most powerful gang, while Dale was kicked off the police force.

But now, in 2017, a chance meeting between Maxine Tracy and Pat Bastard could mean the beginning of the end for both gangs.

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Two years ago, officer Maxine Tracy was committed to a mental institution. Now she's back on the streets and about to go head to head with the River Warriors, a post-apocalyptic punk rock bike gang that has taken over the city.

But there's a catch. For Maxine has unknowingly entered into a relationship with hapless gang member and underappreciated kinographer Pat Bastard. He doesn't know she's a cop. She doesn't know he's a crook. Mayhem and confusion ensue.

Donut miss it u plebs!!


In which Pat meets with a mysterious faction active in the city's underworld whose operations may be holding back a darker power yet from rising.

Ashes to ashes
Funk to funky
We know Major
Tom's a junky

Amitai Angor Open Sea video:

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Blues was the original greentext.

(They did the mash)
They did the monster mash
(They did the mash)
It was a graveyard smash

Bumped to traffic patrol, Officer Dale stops the first motorist he sees – Pat Bastard – and sends him to speed awareness course.

At the course, Pat falls in with a tough crowd of post-apocalyptic punk rock bikers. To prove himself to them, he helps them escape, hijacking the instructor’s car and kidnapping the instructor.

Dale gives pursuit, in the world's first Mad Max on pedal boats kino.

In the first part of this kino from Pat Bastard and the Spurious 5, Officer Dale Goodrich sends Pat Bastard to a driving safety course, where he falls in with a post-apocalyptic punk rock bike gang.

They should never have let her out.

After the darkness comes the light.

Note that this video was originally filmed and uploaded before the 2016 election and is derived from the Esoteric Kekism meme that was popular at the time. It has nothing to do with the Kekistan forced meme which we at this channel regard as cringey and gay.

Learn how to play mankind's oldest and most powerful instrument, the guitar, with Pat Bastard.

In which Mchumba first meets Pat, and the horrifying spectre known as Doctor Bastard.

Months after the fall of Barcelona to the monk parakeets, we return to the city to find a new threat growing.


Looking for something to help your little ones sleep? The Legend of Storybook Vale is a story of wonder, horror, and the infinite darkness at the roots of reality.

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