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A massive wave of fake refugees has hit McAllen, Texas and a large proportion of them are infected with Covid or have been exposed to Covid on the trip to the border. Those potentially carrying Covid are being placed in quarantine in hotels, but many are just abandoning their hotel and continuing on their journey to their destination in the U.S. The number that were released just this week is estimated to be 9,000 persons. If this rate were to continue, it would mean nearly half a million a year would be expected, just at this one location on the border. However, the rate of crossing may even increase. It's not clear that this is not just the beginning of something much larger, here and all across the border. This is happening, of course, because one of first things Biden did as president was to eliminate the new border security procedures and open the borders again.

This report was broadcast by Univision on 3/4/2021.

Playlist: Illegal Immigration, Caravans and Asylum Fraud

Self-described "queer activist" and Berkeley drop-out, Jonah Bigel was arrested at a weekly provocative political event at the boardwalk in Pacific Beach on a felony assault charge, felony vandalism and a misdemeanor possession of narcotics / controlled substance. The event is organized by a group called "Republicans of Pacific Beach" and seems intended to provoke leftists in this neighborhood. They have been succeeded in drawing a very hostile crowd to their events, where Trump flags are displayed, Merchandise is sold and a Recall Gavin petition can be signed.

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The fake refugee encampment in Tijuana is growing bigger. This is the pedestrian crossing that is called “Chaparral” on the Mexican side and PEDWEST on the US side on March 2, 2021. Last week there were about 300 people camped out here. They had a few tents, but not so many, as now.
Now, they have covered the plaza and the sidewalk. I asked, a nearby business operator if there are more refugees now or just more tents. That person confirmed that the number of refugees has grown. It’s hard to estimate how many are here, because many are inside the tents. There may be 400-500 people here at this time.
The Mexican federal government just built a huge shelter in Tijuana two years ago that will house 3,000 refugees, called the Carmen Serdan shelter. I assume they are camping out here, partly because the shelter is not open due to Covid.
The way it looks the shelters will probably re-open before too long and we can expect a mad rush to the border. They don’t have to come in caravans, they can come in smaller groups. A huge caravan would attract unwanted, embarrassing media attention for Biden and he has sent a clear signal to those who organize the caravans that he does not want that, at least at this time. However, we can already see this encampment growing and it is most probably the same in other locations.

This was an organized attack on the Border Patrol, a forerunner of things to come in 2014. Subversives were investigating assaults on the border and also how to get masses of fake refugees across the border about this time during Obama's term in office. Many people were thinking this was just the first test of the border. There was no border fence at this time in this area.

Around 2014-2016 during Obama's term in office the pro-illegal-immigration mafia appeared to be testing border security in a couple of ways, such as masses of people storming the border, organizing large caravans of fake refugees and exploring asylum fraud. Later on, we see how it has been scaled up.

Trump put back 60-70 thousand mostly fraudulent asylum seekers into Mexico to await court hearings, instead of allowing them to simply disappear into the US and live illegally with little chance of being deported. Biden’s order that the fake refugees should be welcomed back into the US to live illegally is attracting more hordes to the border, hoping to obtain a free pass into the United States. DHS has told their sub agencies that have to react immediately to be ready — to welcome, nurture and take care of — the wave that is coming.

The number of fake refugees being released into the US jumped in the last few days from 25 to 100 in Brownsville and probably the two other sites when they are returned, McAllen and San Diego. We can expect this number to continue to grow as more head to the border. They do not need to travel to the border in a large caravan, which will attract unwanted media attention. They can also come as individuals and in small groups and that is the most common way they have traveled to the border traditionally.

This newscast is from 2/25/2021.

This is El Chaparral pedestrian crossing on the Mexican side on 2/22/2021. It’s closed now due to Covid, however, a couple hundred refugees are camping out here after Biden ordered the return of those sent back to Mexico by Trump. 25 of them are being released every day into San Diego. Expect that number to go way up and the number of refugees waiting in Tijuana to go up, also. More are surely on the way and they don’t have to come in a large caravan that gains national media attention.

One main point to make, most these refugees are not legally qualified to obtain asylum from a court. They know that if they are released into the US, they can just disappear and live illegally, with little fear of being deported. Most of them will skip their court hearings at some point. Only a few will ultimately be granted asylum. With the help of American radical progressives they are defrauding the asylum system on a massive scale. They are criminally abusing the law and using legal loopholes to be able to gain entry, because they want to live here illegally.

This is why I call it “asylum fraud”. These overwhelmingly fake refugees often say openly that they only want to find work or to escape crime in their homeland, but escaping poverty and crime do not qualify them for asylum in the US.
They often abuse children by bringing them here on a very dangerous journey, because families with children and pregnant women must be released quickly.

There is a political motivation for Biden and progressive Democrats to support mass fraud in the asylum process. They want to bring in poor foreigners, who become dependent on the government, easy to control and who don’t have any commitment to the American system. They believe that the more that they bring, the more progressive voters they will eventually have and the easier it will be to achieve their utopian, progressive transformation.

The answer cannot be to just allow them in disappear into our country, because we feel sorry for them. There are a couple billion people in the world living in serious poverty and crime. Allowing these refugees into the US to live illegally will just encourage more to come and make things worse. They are coming, not just from this continent, but from other continents, as well. We cannot absorb all of them without destroying our own country, which actually appears to be goal of some people.

Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielson provides some details at a congressional hearing about "Catch and Release" and other related issues. "Catch and Release" is a process by which people gain entry into the US while pretending to be refugees. It depends on certain loopholes in the law that require certain to be released after spending a certain amount of time in detainment.

Prankster / protesters roll through the streets of Germany blaring out their opinion of the Covid-19 response on a loudspeaker.

Univision reports that Biden has reopened Obamacare and masses of people are rushing to register for it. The report states that Obamacare is not for undocumented immigrants, but most illegal workers have fake documents. If they signup for Obamacare with fraudulent documents, who is going to investigate and stop them?

The California website says that they verify citizenship electronically.

Tens of millions of illegal aliens are working in the U.S. now with fake documents, but nothing significant has been done about it, even when Trump was in office. Deporting only criminals does nothing for the broader problem of the tens of millions of illegals living in the U.S..

This report was broadcast on 2/15/2021.

This news report by Univision states that, under Biden's policies, known fake refugees are held only for one night and then released into the U.S. Reportedly pregnant women and families are being allowed into the U.S. in this way. Adults and unaccompanied minors are being sent back to Mexico.

Also the rules for deportation from the interior of the US are being relaxed by Biden and this is expected to cause a dramatic reduction in the number of deportations. Even before the new deportation rules, only a small fraction of the tens of millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. were at any risk of being deported back to their homeland.

This is a report on the almost immediate startup again of catch-and-release under the Biden Administration. The report states that hundreds have come across and surrendered in an hour. The Border Patrol are not allowed to hold them are return them to wait Mexico, so they simply have to release them in to the US. Many are pregnant or have children with them.

The English language media in the US does not pay much attention unless a very large caravan is coming. However, many people can come as individuals or in small groups. I believe it is generally the case that more come in small groups than come in large caravans. Unfortunately, just because a large caravan is not coming does not mean their is not a problem at the border.

I think the caravans were used as a weapon to embarrass the Trump administration. With Biden in office, illegal immigration and fake asylum seekers may be less obvious, but still just as bad if not worse as before Trump was able to control it. Biden is undoing much of what Trump did to stop illegal immigration and fake asylum seeking.

Marco Amaral is a communist and Raza racial nationalist. This video was a campaign ad when he ran for the Board of Trustees in 2018. He won a seat on the South Bay Union School District in San Diego County.

A 70-year-old woman out for a walk in the open air is handcuffed and arrested by German police and hauled off to jail for not wearing a mask. The elderly woman said she was walking and maintaining her distance. Bystanders complain loudly when she is cuffed and led away. One man remarks that they should be arresting the person who has caused the problem, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is a former leader in the communist youth movement of communist East Germany.

Merkel book sparks scrutiny over Communist past

Dr. Jerome Corsi Discuses plans for a "legitimate" military coup by Trump and the setting up of military tribunals for "traitors", like Hilary Clinton and Obama.

Judging from what Corsi says, this video was made shortly before or during the first impeachment of Trump in 2019, because he is assuring people that Trump will not be removed. He says, that Trump planned a "legitimate" military coup in coordination with the military.

In addition, Corsi says that Qanon is military intelligence and that it is close to Trump. I can believe that Trump is close to Qanon, but I would <em>not</em> believe that it is military intelligence or has anything to do officially with the military.

This video is low resolution probably because it was initially circulated by email and was not intended to be posted on the open Internet.

Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa, called "Comandante", rebukes the Guatemalan government for blocking the Caravan from Honduras in January, 2021.

AGU is the Caravan organizer, who presented a letter to the US embassy in December of 2018, demanding $50k per person, if they would agree to go home.

He is called comandante like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez were and, in fact, he sounds like a communist..

Alfonso is a terrorist who lives in Mexico, where he was granted asylum after being accused of a terrorist attack in 1987 in Honduras, his homeland. He planted a bomb in a Chinese restaurant where six American soldiers and contractors were eating, injuring two of them.

He as a member of a leftist terrorist group, Revolutionary Popular Forces Lorenzo Zelaya, that hijacked an airliner in the 1982.

PARLECEN is the Central American Parlament
Alejandro Giammattei is the president of Guatemala
Juan Orlando Rodriguez is the president of Guatemala
Nayib Armando Bukele is the president of El Salvador

Eliseo Median of the SEIU openly declares that the progressive agenda for amnesty for illegal aliens is to turn them into progressive voters in order to swamp the electorate, so that progressives can dominate the Government for the foreseeable future and thereby achieve Obama's goal of total transformation (destruction) of America. It is the same goal for mass asylum, because asylum fraud is just another way to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.

The video was produced about 2009, but the goal for Amnesty has not changed. It's not about humanitarianism, as many claim, but rare political power. Eliseo Medina was then an vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which was a major supporter of Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

Media quotes the number of illegal aliens as being 11 million, This was the official government number, which has not changed much in many years. However, it is thought that the actual number of illegal aliens in the United States is much higher, probably somewhere around 20-30 million.

About 3,000 fake refugees have left Honduras headed for the border of the United States. Some reports say they have already broken through the Guatemalan border. Mexico has sent about 1,000 national guardsmen to try to stop them at the Mexican border with Guatemala.

A Trump-cult, brainwashing film promoting the concepts of Qanon implies that Trump has (or had) a plan for Inauguration Day, 2021.

Univision does a report about the status of the border fence and whether Biden will stop the construction, subtitled in English. Ironically, English-speaking news outlets ignore what's going on at the border. It seems that leftist, Democratic congressmen are also more frank with a Spanish-speaking news organization. Univision has a report on the border or illegal immigration almost every night. Much of it is informative of what is taking place and/or the attitudes of Hispanics that you cannot get elsewhere.

The total 450 miles of bollard fence on the border was being completed as the report was made. The only thing that Biden can stop is the things that go with it, such as road-building, border lights and sensors. It seems doubtful that any of this will be stopped when Biden takes office, much less the border fence torn down.

Caravans of Fake Refugees are already forming in southern Mexico and Mexican authorities are reportedly not stopping them any longer. This news report covers a new, small caravan of about 100 persons and was broadcast on 1/1/2021.

The U.S. Border Patrol has to rescue another illegal crosser, trying to climb over the 30-foot-high border fence. This has happened many times. Some of those who try this are seriously injured. They climb to the top and then fall or panic too much to climb down, because 30 feet is a long way to fall. The report was made on 12/31/2020.

This video may not be earth shaking news, but part of why I am subtitling these videos in Spanish is to practice. Much of the transcription, translation and subtitling can be done with computer applications these days. I don't claim to be fluent in Spanish. I understand enough, though, to be able to polish the errors made in the automatic computer transcription and translation, if it is a pretty good machine translation to start with.

I am getting ready for the time when the fake refugee caravans start up again, when there will often be very interesting reports in Spanish.

Biden is cited in this report as planning to revoke Trump’s restrictions on fraudulent asylum seekers in about six months after he takes office and restore the old asylum system, which was so easily abused by those who just wanted to enter the US illegally to work illegally or for other nefarious reasons. This will certainly revive the so-called migrant caravans from Central America.

He is discouraging people form coming at this time, because it will take some time to dismantle the Trump restrictions and restore the more lax, fraud-prone, asylum system. Also, it would be a huge embarrassment to him, if huge caravans show up at our borders as soon as he takes office..

Subtitled in English.

This Univision report attempts to make the case that illegal aliens should receive Covid stimulus checks from the U.S. government. One woman goes so far as to exclaim that all “citizens” in the Country, documented or not, should receive Covid stimulus checks.

Author Paul Engel discussions why the Resurrection Act does not apply to election fraud in the 2020 election, which President Donald Trump blamed for his loss.

The Federal Government does also play a role in investigating and prosecuting election fraud via the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The CRD, however, is though to have a political bias because they employ many leftist attorneys that come from Civil Rights organizations.

Attorney General Barr, however has stated that he has not seen evidence of mass fraud that would have made a difference in the election results.

A clip illustrating the irrational mania surrounding Trump. The video was original created and uploaded just before the general election in November 2020.


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