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Patriot Fire



About 300 people showed up for a stand-with-Portland event in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego, Ca. Some BLM terrorists declared that there would be war that night. However, after finding themselves much out-numbered and surrounded by hundreds of police and angry local citizens, many BLM terrorists decided to leave early in mid-afternoon, long before dark. The Organizer declared that, “San Diego is not Portland!”.

It is clear that they were intending to turn La Mesa into San Diego’s “autonomous zone”, much as in Portland and Seattle. The event was billed as a stand-with-Portland event.

For more information about Black Lives Matter in the San Diego Area, go to the blog archives here:
Black Lives Matter archive

A young activist for Black Lives Matter, Arturo Gonzalez, says that a professional group of arsonists was hired to burn down Chase Bank and Union Bank in downtown La Mesa, CA. Presumably the same group also burned down the Randall Lamb building which is right next to the banks. These were three of the most important commercial buildings in La Mesa and the Randall Lamb building was considered a historic landmark.

This statement confirms what I already thinking from the viewing video of the bank burnings. The banks were engulfed in fire in minutes and were completely destroyed completely in a very short time. So, I was assuming it was a professional job. If this kid knows what happened, many people in the local Black Lives Matter movement must have information about the arson attack.

The regular, non-professional "protesters" vandalized much of downtown and ransacked many businesses in the area.

See the banks burning at this link:

In this clip messiah-worship of Hitler and Obama are compared. Self-worship is an occult doctrine and is an aspect of what has historically been called Luciferianism. Hitler actually imposed a doctrine, called Positive Christianity, on the evangelical churches of the Third Reich, which taught that the Aryan race is God and worship of Hitler as the messiah.

Shocking Quotes from Black Liberation Theology

This is an old video that I am uploaded to repopulate an older blog post, since my YouTube channel was deleted last year.

These are a few scenes form the protest held in La Mesa, CA by Black Lives Matter terrorists on August 1, 2020. Two months earlier on May 30, 2020, Black Lives Matter rioted in La Mesa, looted a number of businesses, burned vehicles and burned three major buildings, including two banks. I can't really call these events "protests", because after such lawlessness and destruction such an event is an now an act of intimidation, aimed at the City and the Police Department.

There were hundreds of policemen on hand from law enforcement agencies throughout the County of San Diego and around 100-200 local citizens were there to make sure this protest did not devolve again into extreme violence.

Unfortunately, trolls often post extreme racial stuff on my posts. Since I cannot delete them, I disable comments. However, you can go to the blog post at the link below and comment there.

This film discusses how the United States is preparing for an outbreak of Asian influenza. Prominent physicians and the head of the US Public Health Service address types of influenza, the nature of the virus, mortality rates, spread patterns, vaccines, the physician's responsibility, and medical advice for people who fall ill.

Notice how they try to re-assure the public compared today how the media and politicians try to scare the hell out of the public.

The Asian flu was a category 2 pandemic, as is Covid-19 on a scale from 1 to 5.

The Nation of Islam is the largest and most dominate of the black racial nationalist religions. Elijah Muhammad was one of the co-founders of the sect and considered to be the Prophet. In this video he prophesies an apocalyptic race war for the 1970’s. When it did not come to pass, he said that it the white man received a reprieve for a short time.

This clip is taken from the 1959 documentary by Mike Wallace about the Nation of Islam and Black Supremacy, The Hate That Hate Produced.

On the 25th of July Black Lives Matter tried to have another event in La Mesa, a small city that they had massively burned, vandalized and looted on May 30 (mis-stated in video). Neither Amaurie Johnson nor Leslie Furcron were victims of police violence. Leslie Furcron put herself illegally in a dangerous situation, by joining a violent mob attacking the police station, where she was inadvertently injured. Amaurie Johnson was arrested, but not hurt at all.

Only about 20 Black Lives Matter people showed up. They were greatly outnumbered by police and concerned citizens. The citizen response was organized by the Defend East County group on Facebook.

They were mainly congregated in this one group with a couple of others scattered around. A least three people in this group were there only to report on the event. You see they are all white radicals except for one token black person. This is rather typical, at least in the San Diego area.

The police and concerned citizens were scattered around. Some of the citizens didn’t want their images taken. So, I didn’t try to take video of all of them. The Black Lives Matter terrorists were outnumbered probably 3-4 to 1 and they were surrounded by the police and local citizens. The DEC’ers said that they could have called for more help, if needed.

After a couple of hours with nothing happening, I went to get something to eat. When I came back after dark everyone was gone, except a few cops. It was a very peaceful event, I think, mainly because the DEC'ers showed up to oppose it. One of them vowed that BLM would not get another chance to burn East County.

Leslie Furcron live-streams her own bean bag shooting in the head while taking part in a Black Lives Matter riot in La Mesa California.

To see all three videos about the BLM granny, Leslie Furcron, go to this link:

The La Mesa Police released a video clarifying the circumstances of the shooing of Leslie Furcron by an officer at a Black Live Matter riot. Furcron is a 59 year old Grandmother, who joined a riot, which had been declared an illegal assemble and was throwing rocks when a police office shot here with a bean-bag that hit her right between the eyes.

To see all three videos about the BLM granny, Leslie Furcron, go to this link:

In his update on the Covid-19 Pandemic on April 23, Governor Newson said that he sees Covid-19 as and opportunity to make progressive change to the political system, not just a public health crisis. This was done in response to a question by a reporter from Bloomberg News.

Nearly two minutes of his obfuscatory blather was cut out. If you want to see his entire response, you can go to his update and it is at the end in the questions and answers part.

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the "bus block" in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.

The so-called refugees were exploiting children as a free pass into the United States,according to the so-called catch-and-release procedure. They were stopped by a large group of patriots and had to return to San Diego.

Morones was born in the US, but has publicly repudiated his American identity and has said that he considers himself 100% Mexican, a Mexican born abroad, as he says. In my opinion he is an extreme Mexican nationalist and a subversive, who is working against American interests.

He is a trained propagandist, having worked for the San Diego Padres as a public relations representative.

He has aided smuggling operations by leaving water in the desert for illegal crossers. He has been known to associate with major drug smugglers, having arranged the marriage of a convicted drug smuggler on the border, duping the Border Patrol in the process.

His underling, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped and beaten in Southern Mexico trying to smuggle fake refugees to the US border. Morones operates a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico for those, many of whom would attempt to cross the border by illegally crossing the border to by asylum fraud.

Morones was apparently terminated in November, 2019 by the board of the Border Angels, a non-profit that he founded more than 30 years ago to aid illegal aliens gain entry into the US.

For more information about Enrique Morones, go to this link:

Enrique Morones Archive:

Enrique Morones is the Founder of the Border Angels, a group that promotes and aids illegal immigration and fraudulent refugees. He say in this video that he is not a hyphenated Mexican-American, but identifies as 100% Mexican. He has US citizenship only by an accident of birth.

Morones is a subversive, anti-American propagandist, who has been promoting and aiding illegal border crossing and fraudulent refugees for many years.

The US does not actually recognize dual citizenship. The authorities just ignore it and don't enforce the law. Maybe Trump could start enforcing the law and have those like Enrique deported to their true homeland.

This video was made by the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, on the occasion of their giving Morones the Othli Award. The wiki says that the award is one of the highest honors given to Mexican citizens living outside of Mexico. The Ohtli Award recognizes individuals who have aided, empowered or positively affected the lives of Mexican nationals in the United States and other countries.

To learn more about him, see the Enrique Morones archive at this link:

In an interview with CBS8, Tasha Williamson makes a veiled threat that the the violence will spread throughout San Diego County, if their demands are not met. This occurred only a few hours before La Mesa was actually torched and ransacked by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Two years ago, Tasha Williamson made a terroristic threat to the Council of National City to burn the City down. That is, to shut the City down and make it "look like Ferguson". This occurred on June 19, 2018 and is in the video archives of the City Council of National City.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

Black Lives Matter organizer, Tasha Williamson, declares at 8:17 PM that the revolution has started in San Diego. According to the police timeline, about two hours later, three large buildings in downtown La Mesa were torched and burned to the ground. They were Chase and Union banks and the Randall Lamb building, owned by an architectural firm.

The woman that she says was shot by a Sheriff's deputy was Leslie Furcron. She was hit between the eyes by a stray beanbag and was very seriously wounded, but she survived. Beanbags are fired from a regular 12-gauge shotgun. It not very accurate beyond a short distance.

She was part of the mob, attacking the police station at the time she was hit. The protest had been declared an illegal assembly 3-4 hours earlier. It was a shame that she was badly hurt, a grandmother, but it was illegal for her to be there in the first place. If she had just followed the law, she would not have been hurt. I don't believe she was shot in the head on purpose.

'Wilding' With BLM, Shot Between Eyes With Beanbag

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

Tasha Williams is a Black Lives Matter Organizer in La Mesa. She has threatened before to burn cities. Most explicitly she threatened to burn National City two years ago, if her demands are not met. Here, she and her entourage inspect two banks being burned to the ground in La Mesa at a protest that she organized. The protest was declared an illegal assembly several hours earlier by the police after the mob she organized started spraying graffiti on the police station breaking windows and throwing rocks at police and Sheriffs Deputies. It is illegal for her and and her accomplices to even be at the scene of this arson attack.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

Leslie Furcron is a 59-year-old grandmother. She was reportedly "wilding" with the mob in La Mesa when she was shot between the eyes with a beanbag. This came 3-4 hours after violence started. The protest had been declared an unlawful assembly at that time by the La Mesa police and the crowd ordered to disperse. She was live-streaming the mob action at the time.

The Black Lives Matter mob had been spraying the police station with graffiti and throwing rocks and bottles at the policemen and the station. They were also mobbing the station, as if they had planned to overpower the police and takeover the station. If they had done that, certainly the station would have been ransacked and maybe burned down, like they burned three other major buildings that night in La Mesa.

To see all three videos about the BLM granny, Leslie Furcron, go to this link:

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

This is the arrest that caused Black Lives Matter to choose La Mesa for a protest that led the firebombing of downtown and vandalizing and ransacking of many stores and businesses. He was written up for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. The charges were dropped after the riot in La Mesa a few days later. The local BLM organizer is demanding that the officer be charged for filing a false report, a misdemeanor.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

A anarcho-Communist woman pushes a patriot woman down, then attacks the policeman that comes to arrest her. The officer arrests here and the entire group of anarcho-communists then attack him to free their friend.

This is the aftermath of the arrest of the attack on the policeman. This occurred at a demonstration against fake refugees at Murrieta, Ca on July 4th, 2014. This was one day after the demonstration that stopped the refugee buses in Murrieta.

The man with the shaved head and star-spangled shirt is radio talk show host, Pete Santilli.

Five people were arrested that day under an old lynching law against taking a person from the custody of a law enforcement officer.

Go to the link below to read more about this incident:

5 Face ‘Lynching’ Accusation After Murrieta Immigration ‘Riot’

Mayor of La Mesa Dr. Mark Arapostathis, says that the Black Lives Matters "protest" in La Mesa was "hijacked" and turned into a attack, a concerted effort to burn down the City.

The mayor is being too kind, though. The protest does not seem to have been "hijacked". Form the beginning the large group of protesters violated the law and put innocent people in dangers. This is not considered to be a "peaceful event" when people wantonly break the law and put people in danger.

They ignored police orders, which is a crime, overwhelmed them and marched right by them onto a busy freeway, in order to stop traffic in both direction. This puts many people at risk of having a collision and being injured or killed. It shouldn't be allowed.

The next thing they did was swarm the La Mesa police station ignoring the police attempts to keep them at a distance and they begin spraying graffiti on the police station throwing rocks at the police and the building. It appears they were trying to swarm into the police station to ransack it and probably would have burned it down as they did other buildings that night. The police after some time declared the event an illegal assembly.

One 59-year-old woman was struck between the eyes by a stray bean-bag and seriously injured. The BLM prpagandists blame the La Mesa police, but she was part of the rock-throwing mob, about three hours after the event had been declared and unlawful assembly and should not have even been there. Bean-bags fired from shotguns are not very accurate at a distance and it seems unlikely the policemen was attempting to shot her in the head.

Later the BLM mob ransacked many stores, burned many cars, sprayed graffiti everywhere and burned down three major buildings downtown, two banks and a building occupied by an architectural firm. Incredibly, residents have put up many pro-BLM signs around downtown La Mesa, even after BLM torched their city.

The composition of the crowd may have changed somewhat over the course of the night as the more passive participants left and more aggressively violent people arrived. However, right from the beginning the protesters had a large contingent of bad-actors. Probably the main organizer, Tasha Williamson, has said repeatedly in public that property damage is acceptable, as long as the authorities are not acceding to their demands. She threatened two years ago to burn down National City in a similar situation.

Even the slogan regularly chanted by Black Lives Matter marchers, "No Justice, No Peace" is a threat of mob violence unless their demands are accepted. The slogan came into use after the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Black Lives Matter is a movement that approves of violence as a tactic and everyone should know that by now, except those who have their head buried in the sand.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

Black-Lives-Matter Organizer, Tasha Williamson, threatened to burn National City, Ca two years ago. This year, she organized "protests" in La Mesa, Ca and it actually WAS burned.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive:

Two police officers detain a black man. Comments are disabled, because there is usually someone, presumably an antifa trolls, who posts the most offensive racist comments possible on this kind of video. If you would like to comment, please go to the blog post here:

For more information about this incident go to this link:

Pa. man who shot two state troopers sentenced

For years, subversive and terrorist elements in the US have hidden behind the smokescreen of being "minorities", or people of "color" in order to do the devil's work at destroying America. A virtual smorgasbord of leftist supporters and water-carriers in the Press, law enforcement, the political establishment, and academia has been mobilized to do the bidding of the progressive goal of subverting and transforming America.

Now for the first time, The Nazi Hispanic organization, "La Raza" (the race) has been exposed and outed in a blatant and overt attempt to use racist, fascist tactics against whites in their march to reclaim the ancient mythical land of "Aztlan", the Mexican claim of re conquering the Southwest US as ancient Aztec territory.

Recently one man, Rabbi Nachum Shifren, stood up to the San Diego City Council in demanding that this racist organization be put on notice for their un-American and illegal overreach in attempting to annex public property as their own terrorist fiefdom.

For more information about Rabbi Shifren’s crusade to save America from the communist Left that has literally changed the face of the republic and supplanted constitutional law and order, email him at:

[email protected]

Black LIves Matter activist, Tasha Williamson, is asked an inconvenient question by a reporter and erupts in a anti-white, racist rant. The question contradicted the BLM narrative. La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego, was firebombed when a BLM protest turned into mob violence. One 59-year-old woman, Leslie Furcron, was hit with a beanbag in the forehead, fired by a La Mesa police officer and was seriously injured. The Black Lives Matter narrative maintained that the "protesters" had done nothing to provoke the police.

In fact, the protesters were spraying graffiti all over the police station and throwing rocks and bottles at a police (Bearkat) armored vehicle, before the policed declared the the event to be an unlawful assembly. The police starting to fire tear gas and beanbag rounds into the crowd after they did not disperse. Then, the Black-Lives-Matter mob ran amok and burned three buildings to the ground, two banks and a historic building owned by an architectural firm. They also ransacked a number of stores and businesses and set a bus on fire.

La Mesa was chosen by BLM for this rampage on June 2, 2020, because a La Mesa Policeman had recently arrested a young black man, Amaurie Johnson at a trolley stop in La Mesa. Police brutality was claimed, but that was not the case. It is not clear that the arrest was justified. The policeman may have overreacted to the abuse he received from Johnson. However, there was no police brutality. For this weak excuse, the center of La Mesa was burned and devastated.

If you would like to comment on this video, go to this link and comment on the blog post.

Eddie Alvarez is the Unit Commander of the Brown Berets de Aztlan in San Diego. He is arrested and booked with felony interference with a police investigation. This occurred on June 27, 2019. Alvarez, 22, is the commander of the San Diego Unit of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, a kind of Chicano paramilitary group. The national commander of the Brown Berets, David Rico, is a convicted domestic terrorist and Alvarez is a young guy, trying to earn his wings, so to speak, by confronting the cops.

Aztlan is the Southwestern United States. Militant Chicanos claim that the land is their national homeland and that it was stolen from Mexico. They openly say their goal is to takeover the Southwest. Chicano Park was occupied by Chicano ultra nationalists in 1970. They claim that it is the first part of Aztlan to be conquered, while San Diego, state and national governments continues to pay for the park with our tax money.

The police are there in force, because the militants in Barrio Logan and he surrounding area are very aggressive and hostile to police. Chicano Park is a no-go zone for police, as well as for American patriots.

One policeman can be seen hitting Alvarez. Alvarez has his hands underneath him and is not allowing them to handcuff him. This is resisting arrest and the police are allowed to use reasonable force in arresting him, including punching, until the person stops resisting and allows himself to be handcuffed.

The neighborhood about Chicano Park can easily raise a potentially violent mob in a relatively short time and the police most probably wanted to resolve the situation quickly before such a mob had time to form. You can hear the person live-streaming this video call several times for people to come to the park.

Note that he yells, "I can't breath" like George Floyd did at about 3:30. There were complaints of police brutality and the police department did an investigation, but apparently did not find any significant fault with the arrest.

I do not believe that Alvarez was ever charged. I do not find any evidence of a charge being filed on the Superior Court website. San Diego government is dominated by progressives and liberals. From my experience, leftists and progressives tend to get off easy in such situations, while they throw the book at patriots, who may do much less.

To see more videos about Chicano Park, go to the playlist:
Chicano Park and Raza Supremacy

Or, the Chicano Park blog archive:

Black Lives Matter supporters threatened counter protesters with a gun. A small group of American patriots were displaying the American flag and the Gadsden Flag and holding all-lives-matter signs in Santee California at the intersection of Cuyamaca and Mission Gorge. A black Dodge Ram truck drove by waving a Mexican flag and a gun was pointed at them. As they drove by, the Mexican nationalist occupants yelled "Fuck Racists" and "Fuck the Racist Flag".

Witnesses reported the incident to nearby sheriffs deputies, according to a Fox5 News report. The videographer was some yards down the street from the protesters. For that reason the gun is not seen in this video.

However, the deputies stopped the car and found a semi-automatic pistol with two loaded clips. The occupants were a man, woman and infant. The man drove and the woman pointed the gun. The deputies arrested the man and woman and charged them with brandishing a weapon and child endangerment.

This occurred on June, 2, 2020, just a couple days after anarchists, communists and street thugs burned several buildings and plundered businesses in the nearby cities of La Mesa and San Diego. The so-called protesters used the George Floyd case as an excuse for their violence and thievery.

Fox5 report


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