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RIP to an acid legend. Rest in Piece Alex Häkkinen.

"If you scratch my surface, this is what you'll find...Instead of a heart, a hand-bag. Instead of a soul, a suitcase. And instead of an intellect, a cigarette lighter...which doesn't work." -Alex Häkkinen.

Haarlem Venison on Alex:
"He was an aryan godchild, a student of the night, a Unitarian, and a Nazi. Alex was a psychonaut who understood the realities of the multiverse. He wore his meat mask knowing full well that he would one day tear it off. He understood hollow earth theory, cubic time, and mindpixel. He was an Islamist who understood 'fuck off alphabet boys.' In short, this was a man who was of earth, and he lived amongst us. And all things are forgotten. He committed suicide because of three lettered agencies. Imagine if the FBI showed up and he took his cyanide!"

"One is not born, but rather becomes, an Alex Hakkinen." - Alyssa Gillon

"Sometimes I have the weirdest thoughts, and I feel insane, but then I say to myself, 'It could be worse, you could be Alex Hakkinen!'" - Adrienne Stankard

A crude message from Alex to Al:
"Life is so annoying. Jenna is kinda my gf but (mayb because I'm married (her (so seeming) disgust therewith is kinda hot)) doesn't like discussion of anything involving us getting intimate. I made my social media public except normiebook. Tiff barely talks to me. I have covid. Tiff and I technically started an extremist right wing psionic green party so in addition to multinational Ic interest due to GB and the alt right. Ugh. And I have horrible dadbod and need to get fit because I'm apparently an official MEMBER of the IFNB (lol get it)

Bitch left me and took the kids. So much red tape.

I'm beyond suicide. Though within seconds of an LE/SWAT/IC/Mil b&e I can ingest enough stuff and cause injury that no hospital could save me. I don't know what I am doing or saying. Ugh. I need a job.

I want someone to make modular tap dancing shoe guitar pedals.

I want Tifferdoozle Jerkalope Roe Shields to get it together and we either have an arrangement or mono or divorce.

I'm gonna get transcranial magnetic stimulation for my depression.
How are all y'all?

I miss you a lot

I hate depakote

Sent from my BlackBerry - the most secure mobile device."

Alex also contributed to an academic piece "Eye Blinks and Tracking." (2009)

He graduated with a BA in Psychology & Cognitive Science from Rutgers University.

Prayers from Al Stankard, Alex Von Goldstein, Daryl Basarab, and Richie Montero.


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