I apologize for any editing mistake, I'm not used to Sony Vegas yet.


Just a reminder to any future commentors that you should check the date this was uploaded and compare it to any news source you find if the comments turn out to be right cuz it almost DEFINITELY wasn't around at the time I uploaded this.

Since I'm sure someone will miss the point: "Don't assume things just cuz it suits your bias." is the whole point.
Someone said something, I scour Google for any source that this claim could be legitimate...don't be that guy.


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I am an Atheist who is a little more than insensitive; I study a variety of religions from Islam to Christianity, I hope to educate the world on religion and provide my views as an Atheist on them.
I also discuss social and political things, in general, I am an asshole with an opinion I feel entitled to spew. :)
Hope you enjoy me mansplaining.