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In a world fraught with challenges, both seen and unseen, the concept of spiritual warfare has become increasingly relevant. Let’s delve into the realities of spiritual warfare, sin, being born again, repentance, and a comprehensive guide to understanding, identifying, and ultimately triumphing over the forces that seek to hinder our spiritual growth through the power of Jesus Christ.

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This video discusses spiritual warfare, and looks at various scriptural references that highlight the reality of spiritual battles as well as the role sin plays in this battle.

🔍 Who was the master manipulator known as Edward Bernays? This video explores the lesser-known, often controversial, or downright unethical aspects of Edward Bernays' infectious legacy.

🤔 Did you know that Bernays' influence still echoes in today's society, possibly stronger than it ever has before? Discover how his techniques have shaped our world in ways most have never imagined. From manipulation to consumerism, and his unsavory family connections, this video explores the impact of Bernays' strategies on culture, politics, and the minds of millions.
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📌 Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content on unique and unusual perspectives in history, culture, and beyond presented from a Biblical perspective.

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The Theory of Evolution: How Ancient Mysticism Became Science (video):

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Have you ever wondered how Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution came to be? Delve into the mystical origins of natural selection and reveal the ‘missing link’ between its creators and their devout occult religious beliefs. Discover how the roots of evolutionary biology extend deep into the ancient Mystery religions.

Not only that, but this belief is so ancient it has widespread implications regarding some monumental historical events such as The French Revolution and The Age of Enlightenment. This documentary traces the origins of the esoteric quest of transhumanism, or humans evolving into higher beings, back through the 14th century to various secret societies, and even further than that to the first false promise ever sold to humanity, ‘ye shall be as gods’.

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This video analyzes the many layers of the Army’s PSYOP division’s recruitment video Ghosts in the Machine.


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The (article):
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Motherjones on Memes (article):
‘Enjoy the Apocalypse’ Workbook:
"Truth is our Defense" ep of The Big Picture (Video):.
Betty Boop Snow White (1933 video):
The Handbook of 5GW: A Generation of War?’ by Daniel Abbot:
Tryangle Magazine (article):
Hacking the Akashic Records: The Next Domain for Military Intelligence Operations?:
General Flynn reciting Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Speech (1:32:00):
Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s full speech from 1984:
The Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey (pdf):

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This video is about events leading up to a quantum financial reset as well as its mystical origins, the alchemical process humanity is undergoing (lead to gold) and why it matters; not just for our physical reality but also in terms of spiritual implications.

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An Inconvenient Reality
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What is The Mark of The Beast?
The Antichrist Investigation:


Blackrock CEO on Russia:

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Archived link of NESARA’s ‘history’

Saint Germain ‘History’:

The Money Museum https://www.museudod

Update on current events from January-February 2022
Topics include:
The Inversion
CV is Over
Swiss Bank Leak
Russia v Ukraine
Time Magazine
Truth Social
State of the Union
Extended The National Emergency

Devolution pt 17:

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This video chronicles the ancient occult philosophy “from dark to light”, the ‘powers that be’ who implement it, and how it directly affects reality today.


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An investigation into the surprising origins of the modern interpretation of ‘antichrist’.

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Original Greek Septuagint vs King James translation of Daniel 9:

My thoughts regarding the very beginning of the CV narrative (early 2020).


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My conclusions and opinions on everything discussed in the PROGRAMMED series.

Safety Tips -
Simplifying Complex Programming:
Altered States (LSD):
The MINDGAME Series:
Who is God According to Scripture?
5 Phases of Deprogramming:

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In this final part of the PROGRAMMED series, we take a look behind the curtain to examine how the hierarchical structure of this world works.

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A technical overview of the levels of Monarch (Designer) programming. We explore known programs from ‘alpha’ to ‘omega’, scripts, and imagery.

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Common Programs Observed in Survivors of RA:

Demystifying RA:

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R*tual Violence (German):

“Becoming Yourself” - Allison Miller (book):

Green/baum Speech (1992) Lecture:

Green/baum Speech (1992) Transcript:

Here were the credentials of Dr. Corydon Hammond at the time of the speech:
B.S. M.S. Ph.D (Counseling Psychology) from the University of Utah
Diplomate in Clinical Hypnosis, the American Board of Psychological Hypnosis
Diplomate in Sex Therapy, the American Board of Sexology
Clinical Supervisor and Board Examiner, American Board of Sexology
Diplomate in Marital and Sex Therapy, American Board of Family Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Marital Therapist
Licensed Family Therapist, State of Utah
Research Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Utah School of Medicine
Director and Founder of the Sex and Marital Therapy Clinic, University of Utah
Adjunct Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Utah
Abstract Editor, The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Advising Editor and Founding Member, Editorial Board, The Ericsonian Monograph Referee, The Journal of Abnormal Psychology
1989 Presidential Award of Merit, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Urban Sector Award, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Current President, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

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This episode is about Designer Programming, also known as Monarch.


M*nd Control FAQ:
Chainless Slaves (2014):
Safety Tips for RA Survivors:
Alleged Programming Sites:
Common DID myths:
Complex Dissociative Disorders:
ACE Score:
Was I ab*sed? Info & Test (YT video):
Theory of Structural Dissociation:
Discussing Dissociation (blog):
You Did Not Shatter: A Message for Survivors with DID:
What it feels like to Dissociate:
Dissociative disorders in DSM5:
Demystifying RA:
Separating Fact from Fiction: An Empirical Examination of Six Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder:
Common Alters & Functions:
Survivor Resource: Healing the Unimaginable by Alison Miller:
Australia Support for Survivors:

This video includes:
A look at the similarities infamous k/llers share
The role intelligence agencies played behind the scenes
Various programs, operations, and projects implicated in mind control


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Progr/mmed to K/ll: PDF file:

America’s Secret Establishment:

Gary Heidnik:

Ottis Toole:

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Columb/ne in Retrospect:

This video is about the role intelligence agencies play in the creation of organized programming and m/nd control.

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O/SS history:
Mind Contr/l: Experiments:
Secrets of Mind Contr/l:
FOIA documents on Mind Contr/l:
New York Times archive:
President Ford’s US Commission:
Church Committee Hearings:
1977 Senate Hearing:
Declassified CI/A statements on M/Ultra:
History of Experimentation:
Canada Archive Footage:
Dr. Cameron (Canada):
Psychic dr/ving research:
Canadian Law Suits:
2002 SMART Conference:
Washington Post Article:
The Guardian Article:
National Post Article:
Mainstream articles:

This video discusses cult dynamics, organized programming, and symptoms of ritual ab/se.


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FAQ regarding M/nd C/ntrol and RA:
Safety Tips for RA Survivors:
BITE Model: and
Cult help (Mormon):
Understanding RA And M/nd C/ntrol:
RA Evidence:
RA definition from Biblical perspective:
End RA (information):
Spiritual Ab/se Resources:
Types of Organized Ab/se:
RA Convictions:
Successfully prosecuted SRA cases:
Vault: The Finders:
RA Support for Survivors (UK):

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*Please Note (2021): I no longer find Fiona Barnett nor Dylan Groves credible sources.

I discuss programming, ritual a/use, and h/man s/crifice. I also discuss upsetting material. Use your own discretion to determine if this video is appropriate for you.

This video is broken down by chapters:

Chapter 1: P*phile vs P*vore
Chapter 2: Pizza Media & P*do Symbols
Chapter 3: Desensitizing Death
Chapter 4: Ritualistic Reality
Chapter 5: Black Magick vs The Bible


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Bimbo’s Initiation (1931):

Candy Girl "Documentary":

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The ‘PROGRAMMED’ series investigates the many forms of mental manipulation.

This first video focuses on the method of mass indoctrination.
I explore Social media, technology, and entertainment’s role in indoctrination, the lie of fame, and the recent methodical manipulation used on the general public that mirrors that of cult tactics.

This video explains how the PROGRAMMED series will work. Part 1 coming soon.


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