A look at what Scripture says about 'the mark of the beast'.

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My investigation from the Biblical definitions to the mainstream enterprise and surprising origins of the modern interpretation of ‘antichrist’.
This video confronts popular church-learned doctrinal beliefs and (reveals) its origins. I do not believe in Dispensationalism, Preterism, Catholicism, or any other ‘ism. I am not a teacher, pastor, or part of any organized religion. I am a researcher and de-occultist; I uncover what has been hidden. (Eph 5:11)

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This final video of the MINDGAME series explores the use of the ‘Force’ within the mystery religions, the polarity of light and dark, and why God is not part of that system.

NOTE: This is not an entry-level video, but is for viewers who are familiar with these topics and are firmly grounded in their belief in God and Jesus, as well as the Truth of the Scriptures. If you haven’t watched parts 1 and 2, please do so before watching this one, since the information presented here puts all the previous pieces together.

Mind control is discussed at 24:00-34:00, please skip if you are or suspect you have been a victim of SRA.


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An update of current events from Mid-June-Early July 2020.
Included is discussion of Q, news articles, the steps taken to implement the “light Luciferian” idea of an economic reset.

Youtube: @probablyalexandra


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(Part 2 in the MINDGAME series)
This video expands upon the traditionally narrow definition of the ‘devil’ and explores the pervasive nature of Luciferianism; the worship of ‘Light’ via Lucifer as a concept and as the angel described in Biblical Scripture. The reason for discussing Lucifer’s many names and depictions throughout history is in an effort to weaken the chains of deception, and strengthen the viewers’ spiritual defenses in this war for our minds and souls.

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My testimony

A short compilation of news reports and Q updates from late March, early April 2020.

Trump Signs 2.2Trillion Stimulus - AP News:

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My opinion on the current situation as of March 19 2020
please disregard the random image in the beginning.

A short compilation of news reports and Q updates from December 2019


Change is on the Horizon Video:

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I share my opinions on why Christmas should not be celebrated by Christ followers.

• Backup YouTube Channel:

Verses referencing tree worship:
Deut 12:2, 1Kings 14:23, 2Kings 16:4, 2Kings 17:10, 2Chronicles 28:4, Isaiah 57:5, Jeremiah 2:20, Jeremiah 3:13, Ezekiel 6:13.

Who is Krampus? (video):

The history and ideology of the occult societies that have been behind the events that have shaped our world and how they all stem from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I ask you to approach the information from a non-emotional point of view and understand that my goal is to share truth, not criticism.

Thank you for watching, and for your support!
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Link to my backup channel:

Article written by Rabbi Geffen, (a Brotherman):

John Robinson Proofs of a Conspiracy (article):

Brothermen and Southern Baptist Convention (article):

Christian Zs (article): Google “mintpress news christian z****sm” - the url includes words that could flag this video.

Rockefeller influence on diversity in Christianity (article)

Billy Graham and SRA (blog and links):

Hillsong’s Brian Houston (article and video):

Welcome! Thanks for checking out my channel. Hopefully this video gives you a good idea of what my videos are about.
Backup Youtube:

I share my opinion about the death of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11.

I do not wish to offend anyone. Please be mindful if you choose to share this video, as this is a sensitive topic.

Possible triggers include: mention of monarch programming and SRA.

Olive Trees Bible Study:
Jeremiah 11:10-11; 16-17 The house of Israel (10 tribes of the northern kingdom) and the house of Judah (southern kingdom of Judah)
The olive tree represents the 12 tribes of Israel which has two branches: the house of Israel (Jacob) and the house of Judah.
But because of unbelief (Romans 11:23) the branch of the house of Israel was broken off the olive tree. (Jeremiah 11:16 & Ezekiel 4:13).
But YHWH didn’t forget Israel, He promised to bring them back to Him through Yahusha, Jesus Christ (Hosea 14:4-6) & (Romans 11:25-32). Zechariah 4:11-14 describes a vision of two olive trees and a lampstand. In Revelation 1:20, Yahusha, Jesus, explains the meaning of the lampstand or ‘candlesticks’ (depending on your Bible version).

I discuss the prophetic implications of the “Cult of Kek” and Pepe the frog, and how they relate to President Trump and Q.

Apologies for my voice, I’ve been sick for more than a week and didn’t want to wait anymore to make this video!

Links to some of my other videos:

Trump is Not a Savior (Includes detailed description of the two beast systems) -

WARNING: I talk about programming, show some creepy video clips, and discuss possibly upsetting material.

By no means is this an exhaustive study, it's just my condensed opinion.

Link to website from Q drop:

Probably Alexandra Backup Channel:

My theory on the Image of the Beast

I try and summarize all the videos on my channel in this one
In this video I discuss:
The Book of Revelation
The Image of the Beast
The Mark of the Beast
I, Pet Goat II
Quantum Financial Reset/Saint Germain World Trust
King Solomon’s Gold

Links to everything I discuss:

I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant:

Church Universal and Triumphant: Article:

Article about Solomon’s Prayer:

I discuss the programming behind the shape of the earth in modern history.

Some potentially triggering topics mentioned in this video include: Mk Ultra/Monarch mind control and occult organizations.

Please pause the video to read the slides more closely.

Infographics (and much more amazing content) can be found here:
Twitter: @Its_Stationary
Insta: @stacey.mcstationary
YouTube: Stacey McStationary
Comments are disabled for this video due to the nature of the subject matter.

My opinion on the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist

Please pause the video to read the slides more closely

If anyone is interested in a more mainstream explanation of the financial reset, this video from X22 Report discusses (from a pro Trump and Q position) the reset.

Who or What is Q?

This is the main 8chan board where Q drops "crumbs" (posts) and the "bakers" (anonymous users) put the clues together.

8chan Great Awakening:

This board aggregates only Q posts and/or Q's responses to anons. This is a 'read only' site is is more user friendly than 8chan.

Q anon video -

5G is dangerous in more ways than you might think. I discuss Trump’s recent 5G speech, the ‘black hole’ discovery, and how it might relate to the Quantum Financial reset.

Link to President Trump April 12, 2019 5G speech:

A short update regarding the progress of the Quantum Financial Reset Qanon as a false prophet. I hope you guys research some of these topics and find this video useful.

Please pause the slides if you wish to read them more closely.

The peculiar history of Saint Germain and how it relates to current events and Biblical prophecy.

Please pause the video to read the slides.

Change is on the Horizon Video:

I refer to the creator as God and his son as Jesus in this video, however, I personally prefer the Hebrew name YHWH for God and Yahusha for Jesus. In John 5:43, Jesus said he came in his father’s name. The name Jesus, an anglicized version of the Greek Iesous, does not hold the same meaning as Yahusha does in Hebrew. In Hebrew, Yahusha has the root of Yah, His Father’s name. I don’t want to confuse anyone by changing what I call them, so I will continue to refer to them as God and Jesus. I’d encourage you to look into the origin of the names, however, be careful not to fall into the Hebrew roots or sacred name movements. You can not find complete truth in a man-made religion.


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