What is a Pagan, and how would I know a real one from a fake one?

The media is calling this person a terrorist.......They apparently haven't read his manifesto.

A long time in coming, but finally here......

AC/DC Classic

Rolling Stones classic

I told you this was coming.........

AC/DC classic

Used with permission from Kyle the Guitar Guy!


To properly confront an entity, you need to know its NAME.....

The never-ending Trump bashing fiasco.

James Taylor Cover

Bill Withers Cover

Cream Cover

Jimi Hendrix Cover

Dire Straights cover

I did this FOR FUN. If you're NOT having fun, YOU are the problem, not my karaoke. (Note that I had to do everyone's vocals, not just Robert Plant's vocals!)

Deception is from DEMONS. Have nothing to do with it.

*Jay Rockefeller a congressman.

Irrefutable proof, once again.

Yet another thing dropped in my lap.......

Alot of conservatives have unwillingly been introduced to something they are UNAWARE OF.......

Why is Trump allowing all these people who have dirt on Hillary get arrested?

New format.

3 important things......

Is Islam allowed to be practiced in the USA?

Are Sanctuary Cities Lawful?

The preface.......


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Banned from every social media for exposing the evils of Islam. It is *NOT* "hate speech" to expose a 7th century cult that wants me DEAD.