Most religions paint a grim future for mankind. I do not.
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You can LITERALLY see what appears to be the imprint of a fist in the road where it was reduced to rubble.

The fist......

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Successful 30ft "Kitty Hawk" of my "Franken-Fokker" short body Fokker D'VII aircraft.

Finally got a decent flight, with a gradual curve to the left. But then, disaster struck!
56 views but only 1 of you could thumb up my video? SERIOUSLY?

Elon Musk's Twitter is a trap to get conservative to come back so they can be BANNED.

John, Dan & Todd try to claim I lied about an IQ test I took as a boy.
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B-17 Style!
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Can anyone name any major contenders WITHOUT googling them? And, more importantly, are they winning? We only have a few more months until we vote, folks!!

My stickers from my TOTALLY AWESOME sticker company came in!!

Finally, the truth is revealed in a shocking admission!
UPDATE: The YouTube Terrorists now claim that MrzParker was LYING.
If so, that makes her DELUSIONAL, and I win anyway.
But, MrzParker is NOT the only proof that the Frosts & other have paid people, she was merely a confirmation.

Humble beginnings in foam RC aircraft. LOL.

Lots of trial & error, but I'm slowly getting the hang of foamboard aircraft.

Watching Wet Paint!

Alice G Helton never gave permission for the Frosts to take ANYTHING of hers. Since this video may contain information useful to a court case, it is NOT to be removed under ANY circumstance.



Finally, the wait is OVER!

Oh yea......!!!

Classic song by the Cars........

.....plz stand up?
(This video was DELETED by YouTube without any explanation whatsoever).

I warned you! Plz make this VIRAL.....

Death & Destruction, EVERYWHERE!!

Proof inside!!


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Banned from every social media for exposing the evils of Islam. It is *NOT* "hate speech" to expose a 7th century cult that wants me DEAD.