This is a highly informative video in terms of the number of participants but unfortunately, like most videos, it conveys the wholly inaccurate impression that COVID is dangerous when in fact lockdowns and the "vaccines" have killed more people than the condition. The survival rate for COVID in all age groups is greater than 99%. The WHO has admitted that only 6% of those listed as COVID deaths were actually COVID and the CDC has admitted that only 3% of the deaths listed as COVID were actually COVID. If you believe the propaganda then be careful that someone doesn't try to sell you the Sydney Harbour Bridge because you've been had and you might just buy the thing!

This is one of Cory Bernardi's videos and like the rest of them, it is very factual and his position is well-argued. We are in very real danger of having the rights for which people, like my late father, who was a gunner in the Royal Navy during World War II fought. Some of them lost their lives and now are rights are being deleted by unelected medical bureaucrats who refuse the name the sources for their scientific advice.

This is a very timely and informative video made by Rowan Dean. It exposes how the whole COVID-19 thing is a scam and that there's a hidden agenda. It supports this contention by producing video footage of Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles and other Globalists stating the same. If you believe the COVID propaganda, then, you've been had! Watch out that you don't end up 'buying' the Sydney Harbour Bridge when someone offers it to you for sale!

Alan Jones eviscerates Gladys Berejiklian over her mishandling of the COVID outbreak. The "Delta Strain" is a game-changer - what a lie that is, it is more infectious but less lethal than the Alpha Strain. Then there is the thing that the Delta Strain may actually not have killed anyone as it seems four of those who died died "with COVID" and not because of it and as for the thirty-year-old - was she vaccinated? If she was, then, she was more likely susceptible to the condition because the not-vaccines destroy your immunity to the virus. All age groups have a greater than 99% chance of surviving the virus and it is now official in this country that the not-vaccines have killed more people than the condition.

This is one of Alan Jones' videos from Sky News. Alan doesn't pull any punches, nor do I contend that he should! He does a great job dismantling the steady diet of lies and fear-porn fed to the public by the Lamestream Media by the likes of Barclay Crawford from the Daily Mail.

Sky News host Rita Panahi says Australia has become “the subject of mockery” around the world as clips from Australian news services have gone viral – leaving people “shocked by the hyperbole and hysteria”. “It’s becoming abundantly clear that there is no plan B to the eradication strategy,” Ms Panahi said. “These unelected, unaccountable public servants may not have the credentials of Harvard professors, but they have been granted sweeping powers with gutless politicians deferring to their judgement instead of making decisions based on all the evidence."

What has come to light is that the jab destroys your immune system and this much is admitted by David L V Bauer who heads up a Bioweapons lab, who admits that the Pfizer vaccine destroys your antibodies and makes you more susceptible to the virus. This is also the experience in Israel. Combine this with the evidence that the majority of those hospitalised in Singapore are vaccinated and it says it all - not only does the not-vaccine fail to protect you but it makes your more susceptable!

This video shows the French demonstrating against Macron's attempts at forcing the population to get the COVID shot by taking away the rights of anyone who remains unvaccinated. Even a number of the French police are opposed to the move and have joined the demonstrators. Let's just hope that the French elect Le Pen instead of voting overwhelmingly for her in the first round of elections and then re-electing Macron in a landslide, which is how the French do things, they vote against an unpopular incumbent in the first round of elections only to re-elect them overwhelmingly in the second round.

This is a video of the Editor of the Daily Mail Barclay Crawford telling his journalists to label anyone who alerts to problems with vaccines as "unscientific" and "anti-vax weirdos". He said that people need to be told why it is important to get the "vaccine". He is actively suppressing the truth!

This is one of Rowan Dean's excellent videos.

This is one of Sky News' best videos on the con-job going on over the COVID-19 fake pandemic. Rowan Dean is by far one of the most astute commentators on Australian news. He makes some excellent points in relation to this incentivisation and the fine line between incentivisation and coercion. He makes the point that coerced or forced vaccination is illegal in this country and in so doing appears to stun his co-hosts, who appear to think that it's not only legal but morally justifiable. Sky News host Rowan Dean says creating a distinction between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated Australians creates “two classes” of citizens which contravenes “every international convention”.

This is the vaccination video that everyone needs to see about the COVID shot - it exposes the unpalatable truth that the cure is worse than the complaint! You are more likely to die from the shot than COVID.

This video shows a leaked document from the Defence Forces with authorisation to administer a deadly poison - Graphine

Riccardo Bosi talks about our rights. Please note that nobody has died from COVID this year. One woman in her nineties has died possibly with COVID.

Sky News host Chris Kenny says it’s “time to face up to reality” and see that our political leaders have “drastically misled us” and the National Cabinet has been an “abject failure”.

This is one of Alan Jones' videos where he exposes the fear-mongering and the false description of the Corona Virus as a pandemic - it has hardly killed anyone!

This is a factual video that cuts straight to the chase and tells you the facts that neither the government nor the Lamestream Media wants you to know about the COVID jab.

Dr Angelina Farella of and joins guest host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to warn the world about the deadly Covid-19 vaccines.

This is a Greg Reese video and true to form, it is succinct and factual. This is a good view and well worth the time!

This is an interview with Darryn Dickson who explains the significance of Section 51xxiiiA

An international team of lawyers and medical experts are seeking to charge the CDC, the WHO, and the DAVOS group with crimes against humanity.

This is a video of Dr Peter McCullough who is an internist and cardiologist talking about the problems inherent with the COVID shots - he tells us exactly what is wrong and why he is suspicious.

This is a video that should open a lot of people's eyes because we have the doctors and scientists who are working with the Frankenshot declining it. Fauci estimates that marginally over 50% have taken the shot but the real number would be significantly less. Neither CDC nor WHO employees are queuing to take the Frankenshot either - what does that tell you?

This is one of Greg Reese's videos. In this video, Greg documents the fact that the COVID jab is causing some really weird symptoms amongst those who were either stupid enough to have it or were coerced into having it. Magnets are sticking to their skins on the injection site.

This is a video where the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Inc actually admits that the non-vaccine can alter your genetic code. The Lamestream Media has consistently denied this proposition and labelled it a "conspiracy theory". Well, it's not!

This is one of Greg Reese's videos. As usual, Greg has said everything that needs to be said without any padding. This is another straight facts video - Greg Reese is wonderful!


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