This is an interview where Clayton Morris asks Johnny Vedmore questions about Klaus Schwab's past. Schwab is every bit the Bond villain and he does have a Nazi past, like Bill Gates, the latter having links to the Third Reich on both sides of his family.

This is one of Alex Jones' videos. Robert Reich admits that he has taken steps to destroy agriculture. These nefarious actions on his part will create a worldwide famine. This is not an accident but more psychopathic behaviour on the part of the Global elite!

This is one of Alex Jones' videos that warns us about the dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency. People are dismissive of this risk and that is really sad because once this control grid is in place it will be very difficult for you to spend your money on anything unless it is government approved! The system may even be set up to stop savings by assigning an expiry date to the digital currency.

This is one of Alex Jones' videos. It appears that the real heavies from the WEF have cancelled their attendance this year. The word is that they were tipped off that Putin was going to hit the hotel with a missile. How sad that we missed out on a good opportunity for a celebration! Apparently, even the Sheeple now know about the WEF's agenda and know that the WEF want to either kill or enslave them.

This is one of Alex Jones' videos. Alex has become famous for giving us tomorrow's news today. He exposed this agenda years ago.

This is one of Greg Reeses' videos. It focuses on the plan by the Globalists to enslave us and re-create the Feudal system. Aman Jabbi has been working in Silicon Valley for years and he's been privy to the nefarious plans of these psychopaths. Here, he tells Maria Zee about the plans of the Globalists.

This is one of Greg Reese's videos. It explains how Digital Currency, Digital ID and the resultant Cashless Society will transform society into a dystopia and create hell on Earth.

This is the uncut version of the heroic Australian Senator Gerard Rennick destroying the COVID narrative. His speech is full of facts that neither the Government nor health bureaucrats want you to know.

This is an informative video that explains how a bunch of unelected psychopaths will take everything that you own and end up killing you. Takers anyone?

This is one of David Icke's informative videos. David has been making predictions for years and has been labelled a "Conspiracy Theorist" by these who specialise in gaslighting us but he's been right about nearly everything!

This is another one of Alex Jones' videos. Alex has been busy Red-Pilling us since the very early days of the COVID scam - had more people listened to him, the death rate would have been well below that of being in excess of 20 million.

This is one of the Truth Factory's videos. It is the most informative, succinct and comprehensive that I have ever seen on this topic. If you can watch this and still do not understand that Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are a bunch of unelected psychopaths hell-bent on depopulation then there is no hope for you!

Anthony Bridgens has made a courageous and thoroughly informative speech on the lies of the mRNA jab but sadly it's to an almost empty chamber, which is an indication of what the MPs think of their responsibilities to their constituents - their alliance is to the World Economic Forum!

This is one of Greg Reese's Videos. The parents need to sue this hospital without delay as the hospital is engaging in despicable gaslighting tactics, hoping to get the parents to enter into a correspondence war until the clock runs out.

This is one of Alex Jones' timely warnings to us. Over the years people have ignored Alex Jones' warnings and labelled him a "Conspiracy Theorist", which he is NOT: Alex Jones is a CONSPIRACY ANALYST! Alex Jones gets things right around 98% of the time!

This odd phenomenon is occurring worldwide. It is even happening in the sea as fish are swimming in circles and there's no 5G there, so it must be something else!

This is one of Maria Zee's videos whereby she interviews Aman Jabbi who amongst other things has expertise in how cyber security works. Jabbi explains how dangerous a Digital Identity is and how it is the end if teamed with Digital Currency!

This is one of Alex Jones' videos and as usual - it's "tomorrow's news today". Canada seems to be the Beta test for legally assisted suicide being pushed as a solution to social and medical problems by the Government. This is how things started during the Third Reich!

This is one of Roman Balmakov's videos. He does a great job in debunking the lying, and gaslighting Anthony Fauci.

This is one of the Canadian commentator, Amazing Polly's videos. Polly has raised some good points demonstrating that going against the narrative is now being deemed "a mental illness". This is a dangerous attack on freedom of speech and Canada is the testing ground!

This is a chilling documentary where we are warned by many intelligent and well-informed people about the dangers of digital identity combined with digital currency and how both can only lead to a dystopian future.

This is an interview by Glenn Beck with Whitney Webb. Webb has formidable research skills and has elucidated the Global Elite's plans to enslave humanity.

This is another one of Greg Reeses's videos. The Canadian Government is giving itself sweeping and draconian powers to vaccinate people by force, to take the person's property and to force psychiatric treatment upon them should they challenge the narrative - Seig Heil Justin Trudeau!

This is one of Greg Reeses's videos. It exposes the move towards the dystopia portrayed in Soylent Green and with a push towards cannibalism our worst nightmares are becoming a reality!

This is one of Alex Jones' videos about how the Globalist, psychopathic control freaks will micro-manage your life and death when they deem you to be no longer socially useful. Nobody elected these arrogant sods!


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