Two basic theories have emerged among those who reject the official story--as hopefully many have done, and more are joining. Let's look at these theories and their various variations and see what we can learn. Pattern Recognition is something all living things can do (viruses are not living), and we will look at past patterns to guide our current theory. Then we'll consider 'solutions' that are being proposed, and how they reflect the pattern of Communist and now Neo-Communist power grabs, What Solutions can we enact for The People?
Hint: Last year it was a measles epidemic scare, and that didn't materialize.

Jon Rappoport -

David Icke - Hospital vacancies in Germany. See right sidebar for all of Icke's views on the 'pandemic'. I Like Icke.

Global Research Gets Some of It Right

Aussie Researcher -Viruses Are Not Alive and Don't Cause Disease

Dr. Thomas Cowan - Same Theory, Viruses Do Not Cause Disease, They Are 'Exosomes'

Polly - We Are Being Plagued - Tedros the Communist WHO Minister

Mass Panic is Not Justified

Belarus Is NOT Panicking

State of Plague. Must Read

Blackrock Brokers Fed - Treasury Dept. - State Capitalism

Fraudulent Nazi Quotations - Goebbels Said Tell the Truth

The Sovietization of America

The dystopian short story The Machine Stops was written by the homosexual, Humanist, possibly Communist agent E M Forster and published in 1909. It predicts the internet with uncanny accuracy and specificity, even with exact references to Facebook terms. We examine quotes and themes from the story to understand how it works as a hypnotic preparation for the stopping of our technocratic machine society of today, during the 'pandemic' pretext.
I first read this story as part of the public school curriculum in junior high school. Why? It had a troubling influence on me, though I also found it fascinating. I read it again in a college course called The Literature of Utopia, which also was disturbing to me, but in a different way. It stirred the longing in me for freedom, yet at the same time impaired it and urged a fatalism that human nature could not escape from the temptation toward comfort and ease the Machine offered. Read this brilliant but ultimately subversive story and let it be less hypnotic programming than cautionary tale.

The Machine Stops by E M Forster

Wikiprop on Forester

The Apostles. Scroll down to Cambridge Spy Ring to see how in the 50's this group was riddled with Communist spies. What was it up to in Forster's time?

The Hollywood movie 'Contagion' of 2011 contains a great deal of 'predictive programming' to prepare us to accept the story-telling and extreme world- and social-engineering 'solutions' of today's coronavirus disease scare. Especially prevalent in the movie as well as today, vaccines are presented as the sole savior of humanity. The movie also offers the not-so-subtle hidden winks (hoodwinks) to the Freemasonic power cult with blatant depictions of the number 33, 3 on its own, and other occult numerology. Here we review the commonalities of 'Contagion' with today's Corona-script, as well as some of the broader mass mind manipulation Hollywood increasingly engages in regarding race and gender.
I include knowledge on the complete uselessness and actual danger of vaccines, both as toxins furthering a population control agenda, and as cover for more neo-Communist control strategies. We are now experiencing an inverted Neo-Communist Revolution, where instead of being incited to hate and rage, where the working people destroy their own support systems in a false utopian dream state, we are instead pacified with fear to stay home while the destruction of the entire current world order based on natural emergent human, religious, economic and legal structures is forcefully converted into the New World Order One World Totalitarian Technocratic Neo-Communist regime. The current Director of the World Health Organization is a corrupt Communist, for instance.
Knowledge is power to resist.

Contagion 2011

David Icke Puts the Pieces Together

Disease Scare Researcher and Matrix Revealed Author Jon Rappaport. Corona-fake

Our Interesting Times with Tim Kelly and Joseph Atwill - Corona-fake.

Take Part's Page on 'Contagion' (click in menu for more social engineering conducted by Take Part)

State of Plague: Disease-Mongering as Militarized Trojan Horse for Globalization and Surveillance. Powerful series of essays on the history of abusing fake disease scares.

Why Vaccines Have Never Done Anything to Prevent Disease - water treatment, food safety, sanitation and hygiene education have.

Dangers to Human Health of Vaccines
Laura Hayes, Angry Mama Bear, Speaks
The Real Story of Polio

Flu Farce

As the debate between Dennis Wise, producer of The Greatest Story Never Told documentary series, developing the Revisionist view of Hitler, and Christopher John Bjerknes, author of a 3 book series developing the theory of Hitler as a Zionist and Communist agent, continued, i offer my own perspective on the debate. Generally I align with Wise, and debate against Bjerknes, offering much more in support of the Revisionist view than Wise has been able to thus far. Many point in the Debate are rushed past without sufficient development. I continue to develop them here.

The Original Debate

Dunkirk revisited

Who is responsible for WW2?

The role of the Polish Marshal in starting the war

Carolyn Yeager on the July 20 1944 Assassination Attempt on Hitler

As the debate between Christopher John Bjerknes and Dennis Wise continued (chaotic as it was), more points were made and quickly countered that need much more attention. I rely on my extensive library of books and online sources to contribute my own views on such points as:
-Did Hitler alert the world to the Jewish Problem?
-What was the Treaty of Versailles really?
-What role did Samuel Untermeyer play?
-What kind of presence did Hitler want for the Jews in Palestine?
-Hitler's Second Book - What it says about European alliances.
-Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact - Made to be broken
-Operation Barbarossa - For Real
-Britain fought Germany, not Hitler and National Socialism
-Liberated Russians and Ukrainians join Waffen SS against Stalin
-Delay at Smolensk. Why?
-Dunkirk. Why?

Original debate:

German soldiers in the USSR write home about the misery of Russian people under Stalin

10 Reasons 'Nazis' Hated Jews

Dunkirk Reality

In listening to the first 20% of the 2.5 hour debate between Christopher John Bjerknes and Dennis Wise moderated by Adam Green of Know More News, I felt compelled to respond immediately. Here I address some of the main points debated between the two men with my own knowledge. I show many books, many of them primary source material including statements and whole books published by the National Socialists themselves at the time. Other source come from Revisionist authors, and collectively they strongly refute Bjerknes's theory that Hitler himself was a Bolshevik/Zionist agent working for the mad schemes of International Jewry. Disclaimer: I have not read Bjerknes's books but suppose I will have to at this point, as he has a good command of details and presents them compellingly.

The original debate:

Leon Degrelle speaks:

Funding the NSDAP and economy:

The Myth of 'Nazi' Big Business Axis

Herbert Hoover's massive book Freedom Betrayed, the Secret History of the 2nd World War and its Aftermath.
I quote key entries from this book regarding the necessity of Fascism to resist the horrors of Communist take-over, and the ineffectual paralysis of Parliamentary systems to do anything to protect or uplift any nation. Hoover understood that the Roosevelt administration had been infiltrated by Soviet Communists to the very highest levels, including the Treasury Dept., the State Department, indeed almost every department including FDR's own closest advisors. They schemed to make America support the Soviet victory and take-over of Eastern Europe, the success of Mao in the Communist domination of China over the Nationalist Chiang-Kai-Shek, the US war with Japan, and many other horrors opposed to American values. FDR was the worst statesman in modern world history excepting possibly Stalin himself. Hitler wanted peace with all nations who opposed the horrors of communism, including the US, but FDR was a war-monger influenced by Communist agents to promote the spread of Communism.
I quote the book's key passages and show other books supporting the truth of US participation in WW2 and its support for Communism in the world.

Peter Hammond lecture on the book, from Russia Insider

How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched A Social Revolution - The First Years of the Third Reich

Benjamin Freedman speech on the Judeo-Masonic plot for world control (not mentioned in video)

The National Socialists fight Freemasonry (not mentioned in video)

The National Socialist leadership and the German people as well must have had legitimate reasons to hate Jews. Not All Jews! as I always say, and plenty can be presented to show that Hitler and the NS did not persecute and displace and expell or transfer All Jews. But their reasons for hating Jews in general--even if it did not lead to schemes of mass genocide--must have had some basis in legitimate reasons.
Here are 10.

Just like classic communism, Neo-communism makes some utopian promises to desperate people to incite them to join the movement. What are these promises, and how do they play out in reality? As always, it is not what it seems and circumstances are far worse for the People. I discuss two defenses against the influence of Neo-communism.
Also discusses are how certain Jews changed 2 centuries of 'civilized warfare' in Europe back to the world wide historical standard, barbaric or total warfare.
How the holocaust is an Ultra-Zionist horror story meant to frighten Jews into in-group loyalty for control and manipulation, and to terrorize them into moving to Palestine.
Short list of reasons 'Nazis' hated Jews.

Pedo Priests are Really Communist Infiltrators

The 'Sexual Revolution' Farce

David Irving on Hungarian Uprising

Don Cherry Fired for Denouncing Immigrants

Britain Bombed German Civilians First

Benjamin Freedman - It's the Jews (And he used to be one)

Nuremberg Dominated by Jews

Holocaust as Manipulation of Jews

Pornography Run By Jews

There comes a point when even the most passive, tolerant, accepting populations will overcome a degree of impulse control that has become pathological, and mobilize to defend themselves. They must come to perceive the threat clearly, and then act. Here I look at how the white race, particularly white Americans, might achieve this necessary state of animation to survive and thrive.

A Critique of the Charge of Anti-semitism: The Moral and Political Legitimacy of Criticizing Jewry

Lincoln Tried to Deport Freed Black Slaves. Alas, It Failed

Steve (correction, not Mike) King 'White Supremacist' for President

Jew Barbara Spectre Demands European White Genocide

At what point is inhibiting instincts and controlling impulses detrimental? This question applies to individuals as well as groups. I summarize the Hungarian People's Uprising of 1956 against the totalitarian Communist government as an example of healthy functional impulse expression. This is profoundly relevant to us today as we consider our own ongoing impulse control in the face of increasing atrocity, danger and horror.

David Irving Explains the Uprising Was At First 'Anti-Semitic' Pogrom

The Necessity of Anti-Semitism by Dr. Andrew Joyce

We often hear this term 'fascist' thrown around in our Fake Stream Media and Ultra-Zionist controlled government and Neo-Marxist academia. Anyone who questions mass immigration is a 'fascist'. Anyone who advocates for white racial interests or even traditional American values now is a 'fascist'. President Trump, Bolsinaro in Brazil, the Alternative for Germany Party-- all 'fascists'. We even have a violent political fundamentalist group opposed to these evil 'fascists', Antifa.

This 'fascism' they talk about we are supposed to understand means totalitarian rule by a corrupt, maniacal, mass murderous power elite who subjugate, oppress, exploit, enslave and even torture and slaughter their own national people. 'Fascism' is now thought to be a tyrannical dictatorship over its own dominated people.

This is really an inversion projection of the truth. Fascism historically was enormously populist in the nations where it was granted leadership by large majority vote. It came to leadership with the huge approval of the populations that welcomed it. Everything demonizing that is said about Fascism today is actually true of Communism, which projects its own atrocities upon its bitterest ideological and actual opponent, Fascism.

Fascism was and still is a strong nationalist and religious self-defense against the horrors of totalitarian, tyrannical, dictatorial atheist Communism. As such it was seen as a saving grace against a terrible threat of horrible prospect, employing strong leadership, military preparedness, cultural and social upliftment, economic prosperity, public health, moral values, and religious and ethnic freedom.

Neo-commies continue today to demonize Fascism, blaming it for all their own horrors and crimes against humanity. In this video I present some of the realities of historical Fascism and why all of us who value the natural expression of our nature as Nation-States and Western Civilization in total should reclaim it from this demonization, and restore it to a true understanding of its greatness and virtue.

Books for Fascists

German Weimar Hardship

Benjamin Freedman - It's the Jews

Communism Is Jewish - Communism by the Back Door

Adam Green/Know More News and Bjerknes

Part of climate 'activist' Greta Thunberg's message is more 'white guilt'. She explains how it is the 1st World (white nations) who have emitted all the deadly CO2 in industrial history, causing the climate catastrophe, and not the innocent POC's in the struggling 3rd World. Nevermind that they want what we got, and the way for them to get it is for the 1st world to give the 3rd world lots of money. Nevermind that it is primarily money and the things it can develop, like hydrocarbon energy infrastructure, that is supposed to be the worst evil white men have ever created. Make the 1st World whites give it to the 3rd world POC's! We have to make up for our evil by giving the most evil thing we have ever used, money and the whole capitalist system it birthed, to the POC's of the world. Then racial justice will be done.

But when we follow the $money$, we see extraordinary mountains of it bet upon 'climate change'. Greta herself is backed by some of the biggest Globalgarchs and Zionist Banksters on Earth.
'Greta Thunberg and Big Biz Climate Charade'

'Climate and the Money Trail'

'Green New Deal and the Climate Movement. Trojan Horses for the Billioinaire Class?'

One of the more shocking insights into the 'climate change' phenomenon is that the Rockefeller family, which gained its enormous wealth through Standard Oil and the many companies it divided into after 'anti-trust', like Exxon-Mobile, went on to fund the defamation campaign and lawsuits against its own company, Exxon-Mobile.
'The Rockefeller Way: The Family's Covert 'Climate Change' Plan'

Similarly, the founder of the UN's IPCC and environmental programs generally, Maurice Strong, had big Globalgarch Zionist Bankster funding.
'Maurice Strong, Climate Crook'
'Meet Maurice Strong: Globalist, Oilgarch, 'Environmentalist'

'Cold Climate Change: Winter at the End of September'

How to Win Debates on 'Climate Change'
'Educating Kids to Debate Alarming Climate Claims'
'Climate Change Debate Education Project'

The defamation term 'Anti-Semite' is obviously used to discredit people who expose the Judeo-Masonic, extreme Talmudic fundamentalist, Ultra-Zionist agenda for world domination. These people are obviously not opposed to the preponderance of the Jewish people generally, only this Satanic Power Cult that is trying to rule the world through lies, tyranny, violence, and evil. In fact, plenty of Jews themselves are opposed to the Cult, including in its manifestation as the Likud Party government of the Jewish state of Israel. Can these Anti-Zionist Jews possible be 'anti-semites'? It gets weirder than that, but in this video I explain some of the key point and show how it is not only legitimate, but necessary to in some sense, as a moral caring human being, be a proud Anti-Semite.

Judeo Origins of the Illuminati. Extreme Talmudic Fundamentalists Rothschild (Bauer), Frank (Liebowicz) and Weishaupt

Israeli War Crimes: USS Liberty to Humanitarian Flotilla

Icke on 911
On 'Anti-Semitism'
Psychopathic Satanic Death Cult

Jewish Voice for Peace

Ted Lieu the 'Anti-Semite' accuses US Ambassador to Israel of 'Dual Loyalty'.
The kow-towing is deep

A Critique of the Charge of 'Anti-Semitism'. The Moral and Political Legitimacy of Criticizing (International) Jewry

Since such controversial issues as gun control/rights, immigration, foreign wars, campaign financing/lobbying, climate change and many others have been examined for the role certain kinds of Jews play in them, exploration of the role certain Jews play in the promotion of vaccines is worth undertaking. Here I present the results from an essay titled Those Who Lead the Vax War Are Jews. It is thoughtful to mention Not All Jews engage in vaccine promotion, vaccine mandate ultimatums, exemption stripping and other tyrannical measures to impose toxic vaccines on the population, along with shaming and demonizing of 'anti-vax' people and movements. But of those who do, Jews are again over-represented and inordinately powerful. Plenty of Jews oppose this as part of the Counter-Vax movement, but will they allow and even participate in the denunciation of those Jews who push the vaccine agenda?
Here I present some of the profiles of those Jews who lead the Vax War against humanity, and some of their theologic and ideologic bases for doing so.

Essay: Those Who Lead the Vax War Are Jews online

Plotkin Jewish Name
Plotkin Receives Award
Plotkin Auto-Bio
The 'King of Vaccines' Jew Stanley Plotkin Exposed

Counter Vax Mainstay Denounces Jew Peter Hotez

Ultra-Zionist Ashkenasi Jews Ensure Palestinian Babies Get Vaccines

Mitch Greenlick Bio - On Boards of Jewish Foundations, Advisor to Maimonides Society
The Maimonides Society

Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Proposes Medical Tyranny Vaccine Law
Council on Foreign Relations Members - Joshua Steiner

Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat: 5 Star General in the Vax War

The American Vaccine Holocaust

Immunization Graphs Raymond Obomsawin 2009 - Decline in deaths from disease Not due to vaccines

Vaccines Used for Far More Than Supposed Disease Prevention

Counter Vax Powerhouse Laura Hayes - Vaccines: What Is There to be Pro About?

Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study

It's Labor Day weekend in the US, and my blessings go out to all the workers, laborers, farmers, artists, writers and working folk of all kinds.
Here I detail the first National Socialist declaration of an official Labor Day state holiday in Germany, May 1 1933. It was a magnificent ceremony and pageant which gathered 1.5 million Germans on the Templehof field outside Berlin for an all-day celebration of the German workers and their hopes for a bright future.
It was also a strategic political event meant to win the votes of the Communist and Social Democrat parties in the Reichstag and Reichsrat for the Enabling Act, which would grant full political leadership to one party and its Chancellor, effectively eliminating the paralyzed ineffective parliamentary system that had failed Germany for the previous 14 years when rescue efforts by the government had been desperately needed--but were paralyzed by parliament. The National Socialists needed 66% of the parliament for the Enabling Act in order to lead the country out of poverty, shame, degradation and misery. They could grant the Communist and Social Democrat parties their long-demanded Labor Day and perhaps win their vote. But would it succeed? Would the National Socialists be able to win that many votes, from some parties that had opposed them so fiercely they had killed over 200 National Socialists in the years prior? Popularity was rising among the People for National Socialism, but was it strong enough to compel other parties to give up their power and allow the National Socialists and Adolf Hitler as Chancellor to enact their clear practical plan for national renewal? Watch this video to learn what actually happened in another in the Honest History Series on RogueOp.
Links below for further education and awakening.

Leon Degrelle Explains the Misery of Germany Before and How National Socialism Succeeded

Dr. Goebbels: His True Quote on Mass Messaging Requiring Truth

The Greatest Story Never Told

Ultra-Zionist Jews advocate for multicultural societies in otherwise all or predominantly white nations, leading to the eventual eradication of the white race. Along the way whites will become minorities in their home nations where they are indigenous, or the nations they founded and built elsewhere in the world. Zionist media is continually and increasingly stoking hatred of whites through distortion of history, fear-mongering about 'white nationalism', 'white supremacy', and 'white privilege', and lying about white oppression and exploitation of other races, simply known as 'racism'. Relatively 'normal' Jews are enlisted as dupes in such organizations as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, bringing in the 3rd world to the 1st, on 'humanitarian' grounds. This is already disastrous for whites and will become apocalyptic. Yet it's presented as a strength through the wonders of 'diversity'.
But okay, if it's good for white nations and populations, it's good for Israel. No nations today have a more brutal violent situation driven by race hate than Israel/Palestine. We cannot call it a 'conflict', because the Palestinians have virtually nothing to defend themselves except butter knives, kites with burning rags, homemade bottle rockets and their ethnic pride as a people. Israel has US-made and funded high-powered rifles, weaponized drones, laser and satellite guided missiles (which routinely strike mosques, hospitals, schools, funerals, weddings etc.), helicopter gunships, fighter jets, tanks, gunboats, and an estimated 200 nuclear weapons.
If the solution for white 'racism' is forcing whites to become a minority in their own nations, and media and 'entertainment' messaging promoting race mixing, then the solution for Israel/Palestine is the same. Yet it will be much easier in that region. 25% of the citizenry of Israel is already Arab, and if they simply incorporate the 'occupied territories' into the Israeli nation and give everyone full equal citizenship--anything less would be 'racist'--then problem solved! No more race conflict. The two different peoples would not even have to assimilate, they can have only two different languages at their ATM's, their phone menus, their appliance manuals, their government agencies... It will be far easier than in white nations, which have to have many languages for those functions.
Then, since the Israeli Jews are brutally supremacist and racist, that problem can be solved by advertising, 'entertainment', government and academic messaging promoting race mixing. The racial supremacy of Israeli Jews can be blended with the noble savage traits of Palestinians so that one day all will be a placid mix of non-racial unaffiliated citizens with no inherent racial animosity. They will become each other!
This will be the Final Solution for Israel/Palestine. The 2 state solution has been made impossible by the ongoing illegal settlement building occupying Palestine's region of the West Bank. The logistics of evacuating all the Israeli Jews from the West Bank would be a nightmare, even if the will to do so existed. Instead the settlers, the Israeli Likud government and international Jews and organizations, including the US President's top advisor and son in law Jared Kushner and US Ambassador to Israel David Freedman, are all determined to impose the illegal settlements in Palestine's West Bank through racist settler militia terrorism, big international Jewish funding (some of it from organized crime), and defiance of international law and honest history. So the two state solution is now totally unviable.
Only the one state solution remains. And that must eventually be a non-racial, non violent, mixed race 'diverse' society with no possibility of race conflict, because all semblance of different races has been blended out of existence. Then the Al-Aqsa Mosque won't have to be converted to the 3rd Jewish Temple. It can be made into a historical museum which shows how the Palestinians and Israelis have always been one and the same people, and the concept of race itself is a social construct that we need not believe anymore in our enlightened age. Let Israel/Palestine be the model for the entire world!

Presidential Candidate Proposes 1 State Solution

US Ambassador to Israel Declares Annexation of Illegal Settlements

Jewish HIAS Openly Brings in the 3rd World to the 1st

Jews Forcing Europe to Be 'Multicultural' Against its Will

Race Mixing in Advertising

Joe Biden Thrilled That White Americans Will Be an 'Absolute minority'

House Hearing: Hate Crimes and the Rise

Significant evidence can be shown to implicate the 'Deep State' in many if not all the 'mass shootings' that are presented to us in Fake Stream Media. Here I will explore Parkland and El Paso for the accounts of multiple gunmen dressed all in black, with helmets and face shields, firing rifles into crowds of people. Some of these accounts are even presented in Fake Stream Media itself, until they get their official story straightened out and then coordinate to establish and solidify the narrative. It almost always involves a white man, most often young, and 'far right' or worse. Sure. No statements are ever presented from these supposed gunmen, they almost always appear dazed and dissociated, and no accounts of their trials are ever presented, especially the defense. What about the initial accounts of multiple gunmen dressed in black with helmets and face shields? This sounds like Blackwater mercenaries or Deep State military agents. It also sounds like some of the historical activities of such Zionist terror groups as Haganah, Stern Gang and Irgun. Remember, the slogan of the Mossad is 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war'.
Well, by way of research, we shalt do truth.

Alexa Meidnik Interview - 2nd shooter at parkland

Good Morning America - Parkland teacher Stacy Lippel sees gunman in 'full metal garb', helmet

Parkland Arresting officer account

Police bodycam of arrest of Nicholas Cruz, Parkland

El Paso - USA Today 'Terrible Coincidence'

Rosalita Interview - 4 gunmen dressed in black, helmets, firing rifles in El Paso Walmart
'Videos blocked by safe search'

Trunews Report - Multiple shooters dressed in black, helmets firing in Walmart - Timestamp 58:45
First Eyewitness man - Timestamp 1:01:40
Rosalita Eyewitness woman - 1:04:55

Short 4 second clip of 3 gunmen in black trotting through El Paso mall

King David Hotel 1946 - Irgun dressed as Arabs bomb British headquarters

Lavon Affair 1950 - Irgun dress as Arabs and attempt to bomb US facilities in Egypt

Patria refugee ship November 25 1940 - Haganah terror organization bombs ship full of refugees from war in Europe, mostly Jews

Chabad as Jewish Mafia. Involvement in Ukraine/Trump scandal

Bomb threat hoax against Jewish Community Centers (Chabad?)

Jews Lead the Gun Control Campaign

Jews and Gun Control: A Reprise

Much news tells us now that Epstein was the 'tip of the iceberg' and deeper research reveals a vast network of pedo blackmail rings, intelligence agencies, bankers, politicians etc. But the metaphor of an octopus or many-limbed creature is much more apt, since Epstein's pedophile child torture ring for blackmailing influential people is only one tentacle out of many, all leading back to the main body and brain. It all goes together: 911, wars in the Middle East, the Military Industrial Complex, media manipulation, the global Jewish Mafia, Judaic religion going back to the Old Testament (Jewish Torah or Pentatuch) and Levite Priests, and much more.

Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews, 3 part series, part 1 Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

Herve Rhyssen Bitchute Video detailing historic Jewish organized crime.

Bitchute video exploring some of the record of Jewish pedophilia and ritual child murder.

Book by Alfred Rosenberg: The Track of the Jew Through the Ages

Book by Herve Rhyssen: The Jewish Mafia: The Great International Predators

Psychopathology of Judaism - Herve Ryssen

14 Israelis Sex Trafficking in Colombia

Video by Dr. David Duke on the Jewish Mafia (missing)

Bollyn - Epstein/911 Connection

Communism by the Backdoor

I have an equation for rape: Rape = sexual impulse + contempt. Therefore aspects of feminism, in promoting contempt for men, are inciting a reaction of contempt for women. This only increases rape culture (if it even really exists). Epstein and his Judeo-Masonic pedo culture surely exists, and its contempt for the feminine, respect, communion and love is now exposed. The cure for 'rape culture' is not more contempt in either direction, it is more love and respect and collaboration and cooperation.

Even the 'alt' media and citizen journalists are accepting the current media story-telling about El Paso, Dayton and Garlic Fest shootings. I look at the 'breaking news' moments when the story first was presented, and MSM outlets were competing to get the most details presented and 'scoop' the others. Soon after the spin masters and pixel editors went to work and we got the 'updates' and 'real story', while those original truths that slipped through were flushed down the memory toilet. I dredge them back up and look at their dirty realities compared to the subsequent lie-machinations.

in my introductory video, I review an extensive library of books and pamphlets as the scholarly basis for such otherwise poorly understood--and deliberately distorted--topics as the Jewish Question, National Socialism, the holocaust, Israel/Palestine, 'white nationalism' and historical revisionism.


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RogueOp is devoted to Honest History (HH), frank discussion of the JQ or JP, open exploration of such complex topics as Historical Revisionism, the Holocaust/hoax, Israel/Palestine, White Race issues, current US and world politics, Global Banksters and tie-ins with Vaccines, 'Mass Shootings', Deep State and other sub-topics.