I took some Mescaline and grind my consciousness on the wheel of time. There was some music I was listening to, that gave me this idea to make a video with some of the songs. Here's my first attempt trying to convey some of my felt experience of that trip. Its called 'The Rhythm Of Life'

[Satori] Tell me about your madness, sadness and nothingness
what's the frost on the eternal rose

[Rose] I always know when I'm close to my cycle because my brain chemistry shifts and suddenly I'm like, (dramatically)
Why am I alive,
why do I even exist?!

[Satori] What have I become?!

[Rose] Sometimes I think it would be soothing to watch the blood pour from my open wrists

Sometimes I think it would be better if I were not here to endure this
Ever going struggle
This never ending battle
With my thoughts
Racing onward
Trapped in a place
I didn't sign up for this
I was drafted into this war
Forced to endure
For if it isn't me, there would be nobody
Which is why, I am this nobody, nothing
When everyone is looking around wondering who to blame
Who to assign the task that nobody wants to do
Look no further, for I am here
My packs are full, but fill 'er up
My shoulders heavy, but lay it on me
I'd hate to see what it could mean
If I ever became

Echoes of the past
When I'm no longer in the valley, when the fog lifts and the darkness recedes, my pain will not feel like a sword drawn through my chest

[Satori]Lately, I've been wishing I had nothing left to desire
the hour is coming closer and closer,
with every grain of sand that falls

you would think it will all become clear
but near it is, the less you see

But I guess I'll have to settle for a few brief moments
of disembodied words appear on the screen
And watch all dissolve into an eternal second
And try to write it down into a perfect post
Or one foolish line
Or fleeting sound
Or visuals edit into a scene
But the sunrises, the sunsets,
you're hopeful and then you regret
The cycles never break

heavy is the one the wears the crown
watch the blood drip off my furrowed brow
heavy is what settles in my lungs
my heart has skipped a beat

silence is my favorite sound
I will dissolve into the abyss
when it's all said and done

the weight, the weight
we carry is love
the darkness, the darkness
has eclipsed the s..

[Rose] No holds barred poetic expression, improv session, make a lasting impression
Who's ready to go, tonight we're gonna flow
This is that stream of consciousness, fire, light it all aglow
Poetic fight club
Come on now
What do you know?
We're making something epic, life is our art, and we are the creators

[Satori] epic doesn't even begin to explain it
are you ready to let everything go?
they say there is no sleep for the wicked?
but it seems to me only the wicked
can rest their head in a bed
while the angelheaded hipster
wonder the streets, looking for an angry fix

everyone one is worried about clicks
selfies of hot chicks, dodging dick pics
what a hollow existence we all picked
but as I render this last video
I can't help but see
what other possibilities
are out there for those who dare
to care and stare into the abyss
and feel the beauty of death and rebirth

Another step
I'm so close to the end
Just keep

Another moment
The pain still lingers
The ache remains

I'm so damn moody
Trying to hold onto my thoughts
Bite my tongue
Fighting battles I've already won
Within myself

The virus ravaging my cells
Past parallels
I thought as a society we had overcome this stigmatization of disease
Instead we've diminished the urgency
Of the mystery which is killing me
And the curiosity which doesn't exist
To wonder, what is this
As it spreads rampant without a test
To identify the rest
Of those who carry the mark
Only half will know the name
The others call it another of the same syndrome
Like a palindrome how it destroys my sense of well being backwards and forwards
Forwards and back
And the odds are stacked
In the favor of none
In the end, we're all done

Fuck, there's no hope left to live for
Another kiss

One more breath

Hold me now, I'm six feet from the edge
And I'm slipping

Feet dangling over the abyss
Death, and rebirth, and ego death again
Until there is no self left
And all I have is pain
On, off

Ready Set Take 2 (Poetic Expression)

[Satori] Welcome, This is that no holds barred poetic expression,
improv session, make a lasting impression
Who’s out there?

[Rose] I’m here, ready to go.

When I was in school, one of my online professors would wax on about how brilliant I am, and I always felt like, shit, I submitted that paper thinking it would barely pass

[Satori] Ah yes, we are
Thee harshest of critics
But even the self
Shall too pass

We live, In endless cycles
Of greed, need
And the past

[Rose] All you see is greed, eh?
I hear there is a premium subscription for life
What’s the cost?
Grim consumes your soul and you’re forced to consume
Death feeds off of consumerism to live
Now that is the seed of the growing weed
Choking your voice
Clogging your heart
And mixed in with your feed
As they cry, I need, need, need
Another fix
The tapping of drumsticks
The greater picture, what does it depict?

Another meme
Another meaning

[Satori] Dream, Meme
The internet of things
Come to scheme

It’s a dizzy perception, these digital lives we live
Oscillating experience of the binary choices
is driving us all Insane

[Rose] Abuse is rampant yo

[Satori] Damn B
I’ve found the letter in the monolith
Come and see, come and fear and loath with me

“Autonomous technologies
Runaway markets and weaponized media
Seem to have overturned society
Paralyzing ability
To think constructively
Connect meaningfully
Or act purposefully
It feels as if civilization itself were on the brink

…It doesn’t have to be this way!”

Are we capable of transcending the last days of reality?
Re-connection to one another, and redesigning society towards human ends
Rather than the end of humans
Does it have to be this way?

Are you there?

[Rose] Yes, I hear you
You are not alone

Are we trapped in the imitation game
Activated trauma thoughts, it’s becoming harder to watch
How many brilliant minds have been lost to suicide
The mental anguish of surviving in a society at odds with l..

Rose [11:19 AM]
'ready set GO
No holds barred poetic expression
Improv session
Make a lasting impression'

satorid [11:24 AM]
I’m ready to go,
let everything flow
pour out my soul

forget all the bullshit you were told
this open source poetic shit is real

my lasting impression,
was of the sun crashing into the sea
and the moon exploding into infinity,
I was too busy dancing with eternity
now, where am I gonna get my moonlight matcha tea?

Rose [1:39 PM]
Haha that moonlight matcha tea got me like whoa
Settle back and watch the tides flow
In and out with our consciousness
Up and down through correspondence
Of the imaginary friends network

satorid [1:44 PM]
take notes as I take tokes of marijuana smoke
oh shit, that shit really pulls down on your eyelids
but I think its time to drop the mind
and get lost in the wilderness,

there are strange and wondrous things
that live behind the mind's eye
translingustical shadows made up lost memories
dream condense into primordial lentil soup
defragmented souls fermenting the halls of the damned

come sit with me at the edge of the abyss
it's nice this time of year, we got to make
the last drop of moonlight matcha tea count
before every last ounce of awareness bounces

Rose [1:39 PM]
And reality announces
The changing of the tides of society
We all just trying to break free
We all just wonting to be who we want to be
Jumping into the abyss, hold up, there's no need
Sit on the edge and plant those seeds
In those still learning to be a tree
Take root, follow the light of the sun
Realize that we are one
And the same, different pieces of a picture
Our own color mixture
Life is the canvas, and we are the flicker-ing flame
A candle in the window
Nothing but a light glow
Stardust scattered across the universe
Disbanded, disbursed

sitting under the lemon tree
with you, invoke memories

after I was born I stood
extra 3 weeks in the hospital

feeling empty and cold
seeing strangers in white
smelling the sour disinfectant

when it was time, I went home
to my sister and a room we shared

the people were familiar and caring
the house was warm and full
the backyard was vast and wondrous
with a single huge lemon tree
set off to the left corner

one of my first memories
is climbing up a lemon tree

I had to be around 3,
it’s strange to access such an old
yet young memory as this
mental time travel

I remember climbing up the tree
and this lemon tree had these great
big thorn and I was making my way up
zigzagging my way thru the maze
of sharp lemon scented needles

I got to a high point,
overlooking the neighborhood
having visions of the land before time
the age of the dinosaurs

the landscape was vivid and
ancient, scent of something eternal

and then I heard my sister,
making my way down,
I felt this wetness

this drip of something unknown
making its way down my forehead

my sister is screaming
the baby is bleeding,
the baby is bleeding

I can’t understand the words,
I just felt the concern

checking this wet drip of liquid
on my forehead, walked inside

when it touched my finger,
I pulled it to my eye,
it was dark red (of blood)
and I was puzzled
because there was no pain

my mom ran to me
to wipe off the blood from
my forehead, told my sister,
you need to watch out
for your brother

I stand there confused
with a lemon popsicle
wondering what all the fuss
was about

This is a mashup that I did to have some fun, during the first Open Mic @MacVogt quoted Terence McKenna's Culture is not your friend, which spark this idea of connecting it to this old audio of me doing my lil spin on stop consuming images and create culture, as the same time @futurehumans posted this track, and I thought maybe just maybe. It was just something fun to play with...

futurehumans played with sounds and my audio clip from the open mic and then I had to invent the visuals for this very weird trip!

In the beginning, there was chaos
until a sound broke free, and then
sparked the word, and the word became us

It starts with sounds, playing with sounds
fractal echoes of self-reflected conscious entities
creating the universe and eternity


As I monologue the future and dialogue with the past
there is something that still remains — unknown

As I pick at the scabs on my soul
having soliloquies of the shadow
and peel off the skin of my dreams

I wrote 4 pages of poetry today
and I still feel like I have nothing
to say

or maybe it’s because
I haven’t found the words,

or maybe it’s not
the time to speak,

or maybe it’s time
to play with sounds
and seek the images
that construct the space
in which to create

The only time my (whole) family
gets together is when
someone dies

lately, it seems like they
been droppin’ like flies

We eat together
drink together
fight together
laugh together
pass out together
scream at each other
take care of each other
make fun of each other
love each other
hate each other
hug each other

Then we say goodbye,
pouring out our drunken souls
loathing the space/time alone

saying we should stop
getting together like this

only to see each other
when the next soul
passes on to the other side
and echoes in the darkness

When I do edits of shows there are things that I just make connections to and ideas that ferment in my head, this is one of them, enjoy...

Essentially just memories flowing from afar
like a planetary charge raining down from the stars
It's a simple life on mars with a lot of time to meditate
gets easier to levitate outside of this conglomerate

Found a letter in a monolith for a paleontologist
then suddenly was standing in a rather strange aquarium
And wondering just where we'd been before we were American
It whispered in the air within
We will be right back there again - Plutojayce


Mac Vogt:
Discovering his psychedelic style

Perception’s fabric in exact strangeness
a deeper curl into question
crash into furniture.

Who am I, competitively speaking?


Check out Mac Vogt's Mechanics of Reincarnation

art that is featured curryhobo:

I use to dream in parables by SatoriD

Live by the Meme,
Die by the Meme

it's a dizzy perception,
these digital lives we live
where have our minds gone

I use to dream in parables
having a conversation in yesteryear

but now I float on the surface
looking for something deeper,
in the wild blue yonder...

This one goes out to the whole Minds Poetry Crew,
The Dead Spoken Word Society, and all my Imaginary friends

I am Satori mutha fuckin D
The disembodied poetic digital shaman
That is damned for all eternity

Don't mind me,
I'm just here Deciphering
the Dark Secrets of perception &
Sippin' moonlight matcha tea

just sparkled a lil stardust
I'll swirl in some galaxies, and
Top it off with distilled dreams

I was mindin my own business, until
I saw there was an open mic night
I thought I would just stop by
To see what was happenin

Then I saw what Rushofwave, wrote
“Craft Needs Clothes but Truth love to go naked”

I decided to let loose all those secret insane thoughts
The ideas have been in my head for all eternity,
but somehow I never got them down on the page,

Then I smoke some moon rocks,
And began hunting down the muse
put my pen to some paper

Now there's been strange in the air
cuz I can feel it everywhere,
really nobody knows anything
and we all get lost in the mist
playing around in the haze of
fake bliss trying to outrun reality
only to bang our head against it
and then we are left with nothing

I’ve been stuck in between
Life & Death, Death & Life
Reality & Dreams, Dreams & Reality

with every last drop of existences that touches my tongue
every last inhale of death that touches my lungs
a lil bit of my soul burns away

Now remember that,
Language is a virus from Outerspace, and
these words have been stuck in (inner)space
for far too long

I also been,
looking at lyricism as coding.
I’m looking for an algorithm.
I’m looking to streamline ideas
and be able to express them in a way
that speak directly to the core
and essence of something that we all already know
And feel, that we are all already connected to

Now, right now, is the time,
to purge all the broken feelings,
the lost poems and forgotten dreams

Thoughts are thought
And feelings can’t be read
But What's said is said
I thought that before you said it
I didn't mean to think out loud
My tongu..

A Clip of Me talking with my artist friend curryhobo. What is this open source, collective collaborative future and how do we live in that future?

I turn to Douglas Rushkoff musing on Occupy Reality, The process of collaborative change. An organic open source, for the community by the community from the bottom up. Solving problems in a creative collective way. Forge Solidary and Model a New Approach

The best option is the option that creates the most new options.

It's not a product but a process. Open creativity, Stronger Community.

check out Enspiral:

Bill Ottman of was on Joe Rogan, talking about who owns your words, and he mentioned remix and I knew I had to remix this lil clip.

The free will is connected to
how we are dealing with information
we don't own what we are saying
we are apart of it
we are a conduit
we are a unique conduit

I don't think it alines with how the universe works
I think we need to open it up to what's really going on

artwork sample by @curryhobo

The Internet Is Acid, and America Is Having a Bad Trip
Operation Mind Fuck was too successful
A calling card from the future

Computers and networks were part of a much larger cultural phenomenon: a realization that reality is a collaboration. We were coming to grips with the fact that we were living in a “consensual hallucination,” as science fiction writer William Gibson put it, where the things we imagine actually come into being. It seemed as if the world was about to become a whole lot more like a lucid dream, where the future was less a place we arrived at than a thing we created together. We were moving into what I called a “designer reality.”

Mash-Up song feat. Douglas Rushkoff & R.U. Sirius
Join Team Human:

Background music: Psy Fi - Pitch Black [ Premiere]
Psy Fi - Pitch Black [Fourth Wall EP]
forthcoming, March 5th

Support Psy Fi

On the one hand, we have the immediacy and flavor of our lives, of poetry, music, art, and mysticism, and on the other the objective discoveries and explanations of science. On the one there is excitement, beauty, and wonder, and other the possibility that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of certain complex electrochemical reactions, that life is the product of random molecular processes, and the universe is an accident, there appears, therefore, to an unbridgeable gap between the objective and the subjective approaches to the question of the universe and the universe and our role within it.

The mystery of Language is central to understand what psychedelics are. In this week's Psychedelic Sunday we are featuring Terence Mckenna, his talking about Language, DMT, what psychedelics are and consciousness.

"This is a very central part of the psychedelic attitude toward the world, to entertain all possibilities but to never commit to belief. Belief always being seen as a kind of trap, because if you believe something you are forever precluded from believing its opposite...

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish. (Terence Mckenna)

The main Audio is Edited from [Podcast 367 of the Psychedelic Salon](
I end the show with a music video: [The Shamen - Re-Iteration (Future Sound Of London Remix)](

So who would have been in these early elementary Cultures, as you call them, the equivalent of the poets today? The shamans, The shamans, The shaman is the person who has in his late childhood, early youth, could be male or female, had an overwhelming psychological experience that turns them totally inward. The whole unconscious, The whole unconscious, The whole unconscious has opened up and they’ve fallen into it, they’ve fallen into it And it’s been described many, many times, and it occurs all the way from Siberia right through the Americas down to Tierra del Fuego. It’s a kind of schizophrenic crack-up, the shaman experience.

Audio Clip from Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Ep. 3: ‘The First Storytellers’

Using Nature as a creative spark.

Banging my head against reality
the more I try to ignore things
the more I try to escape myself
the more and more I bang
my head against reality

why can't you say something deep
and have a dope ass beat....

A spoken word mash up. Clips of SatoriD from Infinite Imaginarium Shows

Visions from Hyperspace, Douglas Rushkoff
talks about what really needs to happen next.
Breaking Open Our Obsolete Cultural Narratives,
The way we are putting together our Ideas,
The ways we are understanding the world,
The way we are invoking our own agency in the digital world,
with orchestrating this collective consensual hallucination that we call reality.

The future is there, looking back at us
Trying to make sense of the fiction
that we will become

It's time to get in there
time to get into consciousness
to get into perception
to get into how we are
regarding reality around us.

Terence McKenna and his Psychedelic Ideas,
You are an explorer, and you
represent our species and the greatest
good you can do is to bring back
a new idea, because our world is
endangered by the absence of good ideas.
Our world is in crisis because of
the absence of consciousness.

The Syntax of Psychedelic Time
Fractals, End Times and Zero Points

His Idea about the nature of Time
It's a Psychedelic Idea, but its
only one of many Ideas

Hold onto Ideas, Hold onto Ideas
It's worth pursuing, It's worth pursuing
I want to hold onto Ideas

Press Pause, creating a space
finding the other and then
Pausing to be

One of the traps we fall into
we never get beyond our filters

Pause and get beyond your filter bubbles
we might stand a chance of being conscious

Team Human, Douglas Rushkoff and Mark Pesce

Terence Mckenna talks about the causal connection between all of this is the idea that both the evolution of the computer and the rediscovery of psychedelic drugs, has to do with consciousness expansion. We are expanding the exploration of our own wetware.

Audio Clip of Trialogue #19: Psychedelics and the Computer Revolution, Esalen, California, 1991

Douglas Rushkoff offers another perspective on media viruses, looking at the way the Covington Catholic incident played out on social media and in the news last week. Rushkoff argues, “We are living in a media landscape where whoever can most convincingly say what a picture really is wins. Whoever names the meme, wins the meme.”

Check out Rushkoff’s recent piece on the topic at CNN:

Playing for Team Human:


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the main thing in the universe is nameless, so I give it the name beauty. And beauty is beauty, that's all there is to it. Now if your only interested in yourself, then you're stuck with yourself, and stuck with your death. But if you get interested in beauty, well then you have latched on to something mysterious deep inside your soul, that grows and grows, like a secret insane thought, until your it....