On the one hand, we have the immediacy and flavor of our lives, of poetry, music, art, and mysticism, and on the other the objective discoveries and explanations of science. On the one there is excitement, beauty, and wonder, and other the possibility that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of certain complex electrochemical reactions, that life is the product of random molecular processes, and the universe is an accident, there appears, therefore, to an unbridgeable gap between the objective and the subjective approaches to the question of the universe and the universe and our role within it.

The mystery of Language is central to understand what psychedelics are. In this week's Psychedelic Sunday we are featuring Terence Mckenna, his talking about Language, DMT, what psychedelics are and consciousness.

"This is a very central part of the psychedelic attitude toward the world, to entertain all possibilities but to never commit to belief. Belief always being seen as a kind of trap, because if you believe something you are forever precluded from believing its opposite...

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish. (Terence Mckenna)

The main Audio is Edited from [Podcast 367 of the Psychedelic Salon](
I end the show with a music video: [The Shamen - Re-Iteration (Future Sound Of London Remix)](

So who would have been in these early elementary Cultures, as you call them, the equivalent of the poets today? The shamans, The shamans, The shaman is the person who has in his late childhood, early youth, could be male or female, had an overwhelming psychological experience that turns them totally inward. The whole unconscious, The whole unconscious, The whole unconscious has opened up and they’ve fallen into it, they’ve fallen into it And it’s been described many, many times, and it occurs all the way from Siberia right through the Americas down to Tierra del Fuego. It’s a kind of schizophrenic crack-up, the shaman experience.

Audio Clip from Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Ep. 3: ‘The First Storytellers’

Using Nature as a creative spark.

Banging my head against reality
the more I try to ignore things
the more I try to escape myself
the more and more I bang
my head against reality

why can't you say something deep
and have a dope ass beat....

A spoken word mash up. Clips of SatoriD from Infinite Imaginarium Shows

Visions from Hyperspace, Douglas Rushkoff
talks about what really needs to happen next.
Breaking Open Our Obsolete Cultural Narratives,
The way we are putting together our Ideas,
The ways we are understanding the world,
The way we are invoking our own agency in the digital world,
with orchestrating this collective consensual hallucination that we call reality.

The future is there, looking back at us
Trying to make sense of the fiction
that we will become

It's time to get in there
time to get into consciousness
to get into perception
to get into how we are
regarding reality around us.

Terence McKenna and his Psychedelic Ideas,
You are an explorer, and you
represent our species and the greatest
good you can do is to bring back
a new idea, because our world is
endangered by the absence of good ideas.
Our world is in crisis because of
the absence of consciousness.

The Syntax of Psychedelic Time
Fractals, End Times and Zero Points

His Idea about the nature of Time
It's a Psychedelic Idea, but its
only one of many Ideas

Hold onto Ideas, Hold onto Ideas
It's worth pursuing, It's worth pursuing
I want to hold onto Ideas

Press Pause, creating a space
finding the other and then
Pausing to be

One of the traps we fall into
we never get beyond our filters

Pause and get beyond your filter bubbles
we might stand a chance of being conscious

Team Human, Douglas Rushkoff and Mark Pesce

Terence Mckenna talks about the causal connection between all of this is the idea that both the evolution of the computer and the rediscovery of psychedelic drugs, has to do with consciousness expansion. We are expanding the exploration of our own wetware.

Audio Clip of Trialogue #19: Psychedelics and the Computer Revolution, Esalen, California, 1991

Douglas Rushkoff offers another perspective on media viruses, looking at the way the Covington Catholic incident played out on social media and in the news last week. Rushkoff argues, “We are living in a media landscape where whoever can most convincingly say what a picture really is wins. Whoever names the meme, wins the meme.”

Check out Rushkoff’s recent piece on the topic at CNN:

Playing for Team Human:

The Homie Douglas Rushkoff argues for Human Autonomy In The Digital Age. An Audio clip I created for his new book Team Human.

What are the connections between psychedelics and the computer revolution? Some examples of the causal relationship between psychedelic use and creativity in the computer industry. A look at the parallel chronologies and future synthesis of computers and psychedelics.

The causal connection between all of this is the idea that both the evolution of the computer and the rediscovery of psychedelic drugs, has to do with consciousness expansion. We are expanding the exploration of our own wetware.

Creativity as a natural resource. Electronic media is returning us to an eye-oriented culture and causing the re-emergence of the suppressed unconscious. This reawakening of the collective and visual imagination is part of an archaic revival.

There is no doubt that the psychedelic revolution in the 1960s had a profound effect on the history of computers and computer graphics, and of mathematics, especially the birth of postmodern maths such as chaos theory and fractal geometry. This I witnessed personally. The effect on my own history, viewed now in four decades of retrospect, was a catastrophic shift from abstract pure math to a more experimental and applied study of vibrations and forms, which continues to this day. -Ralph Abraham, Ph.D.

Audio Clip of Trialogue #19: Psychedelics and the Computer Revolution, Esalen, California, 1991

Life isn't what it seems
Crack open the bottle
of Carlo Rossi and reminisce

She had nothing
but a joint in her hand;
lighter, keys, loose change
and a flower in her hair

I lit her joint,
blocked the breeze
as I saw the spark in her eyes

Fuck it, Let's go
to the East Bay and
leave all the bullshit

She started the car,
turned on Pink Floyd
Obscured by Clouds,
Destination Berkeley

I toked and choked,
Run with the Hunted
Fear and Loathing
lick the frost of the dream

I watched my day
unfold in mysterious ways
and followed in a blissful trance

Until she had to pee
we turned down a dead end road,
shallow creek, dead tree,
and lonely hills

I turned away,
sparked a joint,
burnt my fingertips
thinking of the days ahead

I have the scars to prove
that bliss starts
with a spark in her eyes

written, recited, video and audio edited by SatoriD

A Wishful Thought Does Not Forge Reality,
Nor A Dream Dreamt
Thoughts Are The Shadows of Feelings
Always Darker, Emptier
It Is Not The Dream That Is Real
It's The Dreaming

I Once dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering and flittering around, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my experience and my perception, my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. As Soon I awoke, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. (Chuang-Tzu's Butterfly Dream Parable)

The web of life, love, suffering and death unites all beings.
When the old story dies, there is a crisis. It is time for Transformation.
The Death of The Narrative, brings confusion, chaos, and struggle.
There are moments in Consciousness when things become fluid.
When Patterns change, and in these moments,
the ripple of even a single idea, can make a huge difference.
Change the whole wave of consciousness, evolve the reality

Psychedelics prove to you that there’s more than one way of seeing the world,
Come and Join this week's Psychedelic Sunday show
SatoriD talks about Psychedelic Integration with Visionary Artist Carolina Arevalo,
Also about communing with Gaia, and lessons learned from Psychedelics.
Intro and Out Song, The Syntax of Psychedelic Time feat. Terence McKenna
Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism
is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.

In keeping of my current vibe and theme of my awareness let's take a look at The Yage Letters.

William Burroughs’ Junkie ended with Yage may be the final fix. In letters to Allen Ginsberg, a young poet in New York at the time, recorded his journey to the Amazon jungle, detailing vividly incidents of a search for Yagé — the common name for Ayahuasca, or Banisteripsis Caape — the fabled “soul-rebooting” hallucinogen of the Amazon region treated as a traditional spiritual medicine and usually consumed in shaman-led ceremonies. Author and recipient of these letters met again in New York, Christmas 1953, and edited the writings to form this single book, The Yage Letters. The correspondence contains the first seeds of the later Burroughs' bizarre fantasy style in Naked Lunch.

In this Psychedelic Sunday video, I use excerpts from the documentary, which is narrated by Burroughs himself — likely directed by Rodrigo Salomon, director of the Salomon Arts gallery — the story of a curandero on the Putumayo River in Colombia. Also, audio of Ginsberg reading a letter from Burroughs that was added later in the Redux Edition of Yage Letters and Ayahuasqueros sings an Icaros.

Brion Gysin Explains The Cut-Up Method and then I have fun Cut-Up his and William S Burroughs Words and Images.

Poets are supposed to liberate the words
Poets are meant to sing and make words sings
No poets don't own words
I've come to free the words

Tracks Cut Up:
Cut-ups self-explained -Brion Gysin
Invisible art -William S. Burroughs

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge asked Douglas Rushkoff on Team Human, 'So what's happening then, come on you tell me what's going on?'. Rushkoff Talks about what's going on right now with the collapse of the narrative, toll this digital age is taking on us and the reversal of our institutions.

And in this part of the discussion, Gen's brings up this is why we still think the cut-up is such a powerful tool and it is that moment I knew I would have to cut up that audio and play around with it and see what happens. This is that edit.

In order to Confuse the Algorithms,
just do strange things, do random things.
Find the others and create the weird.
We will need everyone going random.
Cut Up Utopism and see what visions leak out.


Ep. 67 Genesis Breyer P-Orridge "Weaponized Pleasure"
Cut-Ups William S. Burroughs
Oatmello - Breath 'Full BeatTape'

Welcome to The Dead Spoken Word Society
Time to dust off your old spoken words,
Time to bring out those hidden poetic gems,
Time to sing all those dark secrets to your friends

Seek Gnosis Intention Written by SeekGnosis, Recited by Satorid
Untitled by FrostedRose
Because isn't that what life is... by Satorid
2010: A Story of Entitlement by Spencer Dawson
Our Evolution Begins Written by Satorid, Recited By Nikki

Whos down for some Infinite Imaginarium Collaborative Games? The Idea is this: pick out a 'Dead' Spoken Word Poem that you have. I will edit them with some background music and some visuals put them together, and have A Infinite Imaginarium Production. Infinite Imaginarium as a general principle works under creative commons ethos, just be mindful of any poems submitted will be considered creative commons unless otherwise notified.

A 'Dead' spoken word is an old or never finished poem, this is the time to raise them from the ether. Note: the poem can also be alive, meaning new. The whole 'Dead' thing is just a fun play on Dead Poets Society.

Please Comment Below to have a more in-depth discussion about this project. Also feel free to email: [email protected]

When the old story dies, there is a crisis.
It is time for Transformation.
The Death of The Narrative brings
confusion, chaos, and struggle.

There are moments in Consciousness
when things become fluid.
When Patterns change and in these moments,
the ripple of even a single idea can make a huge difference.
Change the whole wave of consciousness, evolve the reality.

Love is the felt
experience of another
Consciousness connects all
being and non-being,
space, time and matter

Infinite Reflection,
Chaos and Transformation

A monologue from Douglas Rushkoff of Team Human, on how the dynamics of cult thinking might help us understand the seemingly irrational commitment to Trump by his supporters.

First, a disclaimer: This piece is not about politics but the deeper motivations of the Trump constituency, how they are reinforced, and how they reflect the higher, almost spiritual ideals informing nearly a third of Americans right now. Further, Trump is hardly the only politician to have exploited the dynamics of cults; the Clintons and Obamas also leveraged the cultish devotion of their followers.

"But Trump’s particularly loyal core constituency — his ability to joke that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose the support of his base, or to convince surrogates to endorse an ever-changing assortment of conflicting facts — suggests a more intense, cultish loyalty than we have seen before. Even Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has begun to use the word “cultish” in describing the GOP leadership’s fear of contradicting the president. And the boldness with which Trump scolds his detractors — especially those in his own administration — closely tracks with the behavior of those who use their charismatic power to control others.

The parallels to the cult of Trump are obvious."

A full transcript of the essay that inspired this talk can be found on Rushkoff’s Medium page.

Check out the full show:

Checking into Team Human Last Night, Douglas Rushkoff recited an open letter and offer of service to Google. In wake of the recent news that Google employees refused to build a censored search for China, what better opportunity to reevaluate its total mission and practice? Why not bring Team Human on board for guidance?

GOOGLE EMPLOYEES ARE demanding answers from the company’s leadership amid growing internal protests over plans to launch a censored search engine in China.

Employee's inside the internet giant’s offices have agreed that the censorship project raises “urgent moral and ethical issues” and have circulated a letter saying so, calling on bosses to disclose more about the company’s work in China.

The letter says: “Currently we do not have the information required to make ethically-informed decisions about our work, our projects, and our employment. That the decision to build Dragonfly was made in secret and progressed with the [artificial intelligence] Principles in place, makes clear that the Principles alone are not enough. We urgently need more transparency, a seat at the table, and a commitment to clear and open processes: Google employees need to know what we’re building.”


This is the full poetic expression of a special team-up between SeekGnosis and SatoriD.

It's been a minute and I note, that I haven't left a quote.
Yet the fire is being stoked, by the division of our votes.
Has self determination become a joke?
Or has anyone deprived us of our thoughts & our hopes?
Different opinions rise from the sound of the crowd.
If we listen, we can harmonize & allow a coexistence.
One derived of the people's persistence & invent, a global wave that defines our very existence.
Then witness the way that all life gains momentum.
I question, why would you want to be surrounded by people who teach the same lesson?
My impression, is that we need a wide selection, of opinions & minds that leave a lasting impression.
Progression, is often lead by the ones who thrive to seek answers to all of their questions.
Not to mention, the effect they have in the field of inventions.
Take these words as my intentions & with them I send my blessings.

-Written by SeekGnosis, Edited & Performed Satorid,

Satorid singing the sacred songs of consciousness

O, what a world of unseen visions and heard silences, this insubstantial country of the mind! What ineffable essences, these touchless rememberings and unshowable reveries! And the privacy of it all! A secret theater of speechless monologue and prevenient counsel, an invisible mansion of all moods, musings, and mysteries, an infinite resort of disappointments and discoveries. A whole kingdom where each of us reigns reclusively alone, questioning what we will, commanding what we can. A hidden hermitage where we may study out the troubled book of what we have done and yet may do. An introcosm that is more myself than anything I can find in a mirror. This consciousness that is myself of selves, that is everything, and yet is nothing at all - what is it?
And where did it come from?
And why?”

"In wildness is the preservation of the world" -Henry Thoreau

to gain a perfect view
one must be still, listening
to the timeless songs

Stop the silly chatter of the mind, retune your awareness, use your intuition on Nature's way, feel your deeper sense of belonging. Every hidden cell is throbbing with music and life, every fibre is dancing to the heart strings of the wind, while the incense is ever flowing from the pines and wildflowers. The First Temples were the mountains, hills and grooves. Where man sat in wonder, got taught the lessons of life and found nourishment.

written, performed, filmed and edit by Satorid


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the main thing in the universe is nameless, so I give it the name beauty. And beauty is beauty, that's all there is to it. Now if your only interested in yourself, then you're stuck with yourself, and stuck with your death. But if you get interested in beauty, well then you have latched on to something mysterious deep inside your soul, that grows and grows, like a secret insane thought, until your it....