Part 2 of a series on Biblical government. What is the church? What is the church supposed to do? What is the relationship between the church and government? Is there a separation between church and state?

The government has a ministry of justice. The church has a ministry of mercy and salvation. What does this mean?

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God has appointed three institutions to address human needs resulting from the fall: the family, government, and the church. This video discusses two key points from part 3 of a three-part series on Biblical government.

Which is responsible for charity and welfare? Who is responsible for education? Biblical government expert Doug Lundin answers these questions based on scripture.

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What is government supposed to do? Learn the true purpose of government, and what prevents government from becoming evil, and you have learned how to use government to do evil.

Government is to fight evil by carrying out justice. However, what is justice? And are there limits on what government is to do and how is government limited? What is supposed to prevent government for going beyond what it is supposed to do?

This 12 minute summary answers these questions. For more detail visit

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Evolution? Come on now... you are not still believing in that old idea... are you?

Take genetic entropy. Essentially all geneticists agree that mutations cause degeneration and the genome is degrading with every generation. We are not evolving... we are devolving. That's a scientific and Biblical fact.

There continues to be a lack of transitional fossils. The fossil evidence does not support evolution.

And there is the impossibility of life originating from non-life. And the catch -22 ... the impossibility of proteins forming outside of a living organism. But, life requires proteins in order for there to be life.

And Dinosaur fossils Carbon 14 dating to be thousands of years old... and containing soft tissue, red blood cells, and even nerves, and partial DNA... and not just a few dinosaurs. It is now thought that most dinosaur bones contain these materials and they could not last millions of years... a fact that reveals the earth is not millions of years old... and since evolution requires an old earth... demonstrating that evolution never happened...

These, and many other evidences, certainly seem to say evolution did not happen. Not only did it never happen... evolution is impossible. It could not happen.

Their response is... we don't know why these things are true, but we know we will find an answer in the future.

In other words, they so strongly believe evolution is true, that they are not going to accept the factual, observable evidence... they are just going to believe.

WHAT FAITH! What a strong, blind faith they have.

Why? Because the alternative is unacceptable... God created everything, including us... and we are accountable to our creator for everything we've ever done wrong. The day of judgment is coming.

In 30 seconds here is why the CoronaVirus exists...

It's because of the fall. That's why we have disease and corruption. And as we turn away from Him, God is "turning us over" to the effects of sin by withdrawing His restraint of sin. God is showing us a little more of what life is like without Him... but nobody seems to be paying attention. Instead of turning to God, we're turning to government to save us.

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What is the most important thing you need to know? Something that impacts your future more than anything else.

When it comes to God most people have self-centered beliefs about God and their future that ignore reality... and that means those beliefs are wrong.

What the future holds is serious and personal... for most people it will be pain without relief... darkness... solitary confinement... forever. It's called the lake of fire... hell. And there is only one way to avoid it.... Jesus Christ.

30X2 VIDEO: If humans are simply evolved apes, why do we have apes in zoos, but not humans? The answer can be found in history... at one time humans were captured and put in zoos.

At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and they had several human zoos. One held Filipinos. In another Ota Benga was part of a group of African pygmies who were on display. When the fair closed he was moved to the Bronx Zoo.

Why were these people put in zoos? Because of evolution. They were thought to be more primitive, and less evolved, ... showing earlier stages of human evolution... they were thought to be living transitional links between apes and humans. Evolutionary thinking led to human zoos. But humans are not apes.

As Christians we know that all humans are created in the image of God... making us all very valuable and equal. What we see in various people groups is the tremendous physical variation that is normal. Different skin colors, body sizes, hair... these are are normal variations.

However, even today evolutionists still have not accepted that those same variations are seen in the fossil record... categorizing various human fossils in a evolutionary progression instead of recognizing that what they are seeing is normal human variation.

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During the global flood great forces were released and the rising waters were chaotic and violent.. but not everywhere all the time. As explained by Michael Oard's "Briefly Exposed Diluvial Sediments" hypothesis, there were places that were submerged, covered by sediment, and then they re-emerged for a time. This explains how dinosaur tracks, eggs and bones were deposited on freshly exposed flat flood sediments, as we see in the fossil record.

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30X2 VIDEO: Words are supposed to a have meaning, but not when it comes to the word “evolution.” As with many words “evolution” has multiple meanings, and promoters of evolution change the meaning without telling you. Here's a simple example using the word “nothing.”

Hot dogs are better than nothing
Nothing is better than steak.
Therefore, it is proven hot dogs are better than steak.

The word “nothing” has been used in a way that results in the listener assuming it has the same meaning in both cases... but it's obvious it doesn't.

Looking at how the word evolution is used, they say:

“Speciation proves evolution true.
The hypothesis that humans evolved from apes is called evolution.
Since evolution is true,
humans evolved from apes.”

The definition of evolution changed. To get from an ape to a human is not speciation, and thus the proof of speciation says nothing about ape to human evolution being true. It's a logical fallacy. It's called equivocation, And it's used to deceive people into believing in evolution..

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30X2 VIDEO: Humans are created in the image of God... that makes us very unique... and results in major differences.

For example, like God, Humans are moral creatures... we have a sense of justice... and a desire for justice. No animal establishes a court system to ensure justice.

Humans are innovative, creative, and able to accomplish complex tasks, and make powerful tools and compose symphonies. Apes don't even compose simple children's songs. They do not paint masterpieces nor draw cartoons. They do not build skyscrapers nor small sheds. They have never gone to the moon, nor into the depths of the oceans... nor have they shown any inclination or desire to explore, build, or create, or do any of these things.

And only humans have a knowledge of God... only humans worship... many times knowing there is a God, but suppressing that knowledge to worship the creation. Apes don't do this.

Apes don't have universities, and they don't teach mathematics. They have no curiosity about how things work. Humans teach apes to communicate and do simple tasks, but apes never create logic, or memory, or reasoning tests for humans.

Yes, we are very different and not just physically and intellectually. It goes beyond that... to the expression of the human soul... our never ending desire to know more and go further, to create and grow... because unlike any animal... we are made in the image of God.

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Image credit:,_conversing.jpg -- William H. Calvin, PhD

I went looking for transitional fossils and my first stop was a web site called Transitional Fossils. Here's some of what they had...

Tiktaalik – walking fish? Nope just a fish

Archaeopteryx - dinosaur to bird transition? Nope. It's a bird

Australopithecines, including ‘Lucy’ – nope an ape, most likely a bonabo

Whale transitional forms – Pakicetus, Ambulocetus, and Rodhocetus. Nope.

These have all been proven to be non-transitional but they still use them for evidence.
Go to to get answers.

Image credits: Esv derivative work: -- Petter Bøckman (talk) -- © N. Tamura -- Laura Garcés Gómez -- Federigo Federighi

Some Christians say there are 66 books in the bible and “nature” is the 67th. They place science above and in judgment of what the Bible says.

But the creation is not the 67th book of the Bible, and on top of that it is marred and distorted by sin. The creation does reveal that God exists, and that we are created beings who should worship God. But it provides only a limited insight into truth, the final authority rests with scripture, not nature.

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Here's the facts, Jack... you are a mutant... Every human generation passes on an average of 100 mutations to the next generation. And mutations are bad. You are not going to become Spiderman. It's called genetic entropy... and it means we are going downhill... Generation after generation, the mutations are adding up.

Evolution implies we go from goo to you. The reality is that we are going from YOU to goo.

More information:

We are looking at the Smithsonians's human origins web site. They claim evolution is shown to be true by the dating of human fossils. They talk about paleomagnetism, biochronology and molecular clock as proven dating methods... but all three of these are based on the assumption evolution is true. What they are saying is, based on evolution being true, we know evolution is true. Don't accept that. It's a bunch of nonsense.

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Diamonds and the age of the earth -- So what does a diamond mine look like? This is a surface mine... meaning the diamonds are collected off the surface of the ground. Most diamonds are found in volcanic craters. Diamonds are formed deep in the earth, and are then carried to the surface by volcanic action. Because they are formed in the foundation rock of continents, meaning the original rock on which the continents were built, that means they are at least a billion years old. What can a diamond tell us about the age of the earth? If we carbon date a diamond, that will give us the age of the earth... BUT, carbon dating is only valid to about 60,000 years. Is this going to work?

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Does God creating everything in six days, perfectly, such that it was very good glorify God more than evolution, which uses death as the tool of natural\ selection?

Tails I Win, Heads You Lose... that's what's going on with evolution.

They say, "The evidence is overwhelming that evolution is a fact."

But that's only "true" when they use bait and switch, and change the definition of evolution in the middle of a conversation.

They say, "Look, we see new species arising all the time. Living things change. That proves evolution."

No it doesn't. It proves things change. Evolution requires new information in the DNA, and that has never been observed. It's simply a shell game with the definition of evolution changing to suit whatever is needed.

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Did Jesus actually rise from the dead? Did He actually die on the cross and then was later seen walking with, talking with, and eating with His friends? Historians use a set of tools and rules to recognize the occurrence of past historical facts. These are called the criteria of authenticity. When these are applied to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection, the answers come back, yes, this was real. Jesus did rise from the dead.

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Are babies sinners? Yes, they are. What is the punishment for sin? The second death, eternity in the lake of fire. How can we be saved from this? By trusting that Jesus Christ has already paid that penalty on our behalf, paid it in full. Can babies or children understand this? No. So God, in His mercy does not hold them accountable until they can understand. If they die, babies go to heaven.

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Evolution is not supported by the scientific evidence. It is a fairy tale used to help people feel good about themselves. The evidence simply is not there to support evolution. Here are the top Five Fake Facts used to prop up evolution.

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If God is good, and God is all powerful, why doesn't He get rid of evil? The answer is... He will. But you may not be ready for Him to do that. When God gets rid of all evil, that includes all people who are not trusting Jesus as their Savior. God, in His mercy and love, is waiting... He's giving everyone still yet another second chance to repent and believe. But those second chances could end any time.

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Christianity is different from all other religions... that should get you thinking. Why do all other religions have common teaching on the most critical issue... what happens after you die... and Christianity stands out as being very different? Could it be all other religions are human created and human focused? They all say you get to heaven or Nirvana through your own efforts. Christianity says there is nothing you can do... only God can save you. You are dead in your sins, and only God can raise the dead.

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In Matthew 7:1 Jesus says, "Do not judge so that you will not be judged." Does this mean we are not to judge anyone for any reason? Or does it mean we are not to judge whether some is saved or not? Or does it mean something different? Learn the answer as the Science Pastor answers a question sent in by podcast listeners. We are to judge, but not hypocritically.

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The author of "RUN! It's Jesus Calling" provides an introduction to some of the problems with the "Jesus Always" devotion, answering questions such as: Does the "Jesus" of Jesus Always correctly understand scripture? In addition, he reveals that this "Jesus" is training you (in Sarah Young's words). What is he training you in? New Age beliefs and practices.

And what about all of the devotions being written as though Jesus is speaking? Is that a problem is is it acceptable?

Based on the book "Should You RUN From Jesus Always" this video will give you a broad overview of the problems with the "Jesus Always" devotional book and why you should throw away your copy and RUN from the "Jesus Always" devotion.

The Smithonian's web site says that... “human fossils representing more than 6000 individuals have been found.” Sounds impressive... but is it? ...if evolution were true, we'd expect to find millions of human fossils, not a few thousand. Humans buried their dead and just looking at the past 200,000 years there should be millions of human fossils. Where are they? Instead, the few fossils we find are consistent with creation of humanity 6000 years ago.

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