Jennifer Cross of Fascinating Womanhood and Noah Revoy of discuss the feminist and other programing aimed at women that interferes with their happiness and what we can do about it.

Fascinating Womanhood offers women the keys to true femininity and female empowerment. Fascinating Womanhood is an international femininity movement and guide to help women make their marriage into a lifelong love affair based on the timeless principles in the bestselling book written by Helen B. Andelin.

Traditional women need romantic commitment. Their peak SMV window, the time that they are capable of attracting the best quality mate is very small. The fear of wasting that time is very real.

In this video I speak with Rachel who is dating a man she likes very much. She feels conflicted about meeting new men while she is developing the first stages of a potentially permanent relationship. The internal conflict exists because her favorite sutor has not yet proposed an explicit commitment of exclusive dating.

This interview includes great tips for men to help them get the highest SMV women they can attain.

0:27 Rachel poses her questions.
2:11 If you have to tell him to commit, then the relationship is doomed.
2:44 Men have not been taught by their fathers how to make proper commitments.
3:00 For this conversation, dating = spending time with each other (no sex).
4:30 We have lost the traditional community model of sexual market, to the detriment of women.
7:40 Women are not psychologically built to take the lead in relationships.
9:49 Leila talks about advice on how women can lean back and stimulate their man to take leadership, form the book The Surrendered Single.
14:00 How men respond to have competition for a woman.
15:16 Humans are naturally “lazy” and we will often attempt to get relationship benefits before the work of commitment.
20:25 Tell your man how you feel about important issues rather than telling him what to do.
20:55 Never criticise your man, do this instead.
21:55 How to talk to him about your feelings.
22:16 We need to listen to our own feelings before we communicate them to others.
24:10 Avoid saying no in close relationships.
25:50 Men need their own male only spaces so we can speak and hear hard truths and criticism.
27:51 How to get the reactions you want from your man.
29:58 We need to put more thought into how we “do” relationships and pass on the knowledge to the next generation.
31:05 Men feel more satisfied in relation..


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