After Police shoot a terror suspect at point blank range, the corpse moves to cover himself with a jacket.

Ummm ok.

Reporter and Researcher Christopher Bollyn interviewed about September 11th Crimes on the 15th Anniversary of the False Flag Attacks in New York City.

Very important interview...

Topics include Larry Silverstein, Urban Moving Systems, Yakobi Alexander and Odigo, Jerome Hauer, Frank Lowy, Lewis M Eisenberg, The ADL, Michael Chertoff, Operation Talpiot, Vigilant Guardian, The 9-11 Commission and the eventual coverup, The missing 2.3 Trillion, The WTC demolition, The planes used in the attacks, the israelis arrested after the attacks and much much more. Chris Bollyn also answers audience questions.

We discuss his Nth American book tour across the USA called Solving 9-11 ENDS THE WAR.

Please visit Chris Bollyns' website and support his work here:

An interview about the book: Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel By Alison Weir.
Steve Johnson gets to talk to the Author of and gets deeper into the real political mire which is American politics.

Alison Weir’s new book is by far the most comprehensive and precise expose of the depth of Zionist interference with American life in general and the politics of the United States in particular. It is a book every American should obtain, read and discuss openly.

In spite of its succinctness, the book is saturated with information and insights that are backed by valuable historical references and primary source quotes. Since I am an avid reader of modern Jewish history, I was surprised to learn so much from such a relatively short text.

The story that is told by Weir is devastating – for more than a century, a matrix of Jewish political lobbies, pressure groups, media operators and agents within the American government and legal system have been dominating the United States' public life as well as its foreign policy. Consequently, the United States has been operating against its own best interests. It has compromised its most precious principles and even its own security.

Professor Jim Fetzer on September 11th 2016. 15th Anniversary Interview on The People Speak radio Show
Fascinating conversation

Shes got the shakes worse than a Junkie going cold turkey.

Geez, just retire already.

Professor Robert Faurisson — A Most Honorable Man

The Holocaust. Has it ever been proven in Court to be a HOAX>?

Uhhh Yes it has. narration by the Late Great Anthony Lawson.

Prof. Robert Faurisson proved in a French Court that the entire Holocaust story was a post war propaganda invention by the Allies. Making him the most hated man in Zionist history.

The entire narrative of the 6 million is a fabricated HOLOHOAX. Don't be fooled by people calling you a Nazi or a denier.


West Aussie Indi Rock with Perth artist Adam Sultan

Interestingly we see the hypocrisy of former Presidents and what they said about Border Security THEN and NOW.

Documentary video decoding and breaking down the sybolism and the meaning behind the classic John Carpenter movie: THEY LIVE. A movie many people say was a documentary about the time we are living in right now. (Including the late Roddy Piper even saying so before his death.)

Originally called "They Live We Sleep Deeply" and created in 3 parts by Celtic Rebel, this is simply one of the most brilliant film critical analysis I have ever seen and far too important for any Company to remove from our collective knowledge. Please share and re-upload.

Released by the Whitehouse, these are extra scenes not shown anywhere of the historic and impromptu Nth Korean visit.

Last of the 4 videos covering the Synchromysticism behind the 9-11 False Flag event which was a huge "live" masonic sacrifice ritual. Fascinating stuff.

Hidden behind the obvious is the oblivious, sometimes in plain sight, often times obscured by our own lack of vision.
Synchromysticism researcher Jake Kotzske makes sense of the occult rituals and symbols surrounding the biggest False Flag in Human History thus far. September 11th 2001.
This is Part 3 of a 4 Part Series all concerning the 9-11 Pyramid Mega Ritual.

Part 2 of the 4 part series created by SEALlion. Researching the esoteric and semiotic connotations of the 9-11 Mega Ritual. Very interesting research.

Dissecting the esoteric and greater meanings behind the ritualistic sacrificial Kaballah event of 9-11 PURIM.
This is the first of 4 essential viewing videos about the Synchromysticism behind the Sept 11th Event.

Compilation clip with matching tunage. A classic to remember

THIS is the extended footage of Merkel shaking you were never meant to see, as illustrated by an artist.
She appears to be shaking, shivering and going through Dry Tremors from severe alcohol poisoning or is it Adrenochrome thirst? Maybe something else.

Sie scheint zu zittern, zu zittern und durch trockene Tremors von schwerer Alkoholvergiftung zu gehen, oder ist es Adrenochrom-Durst? Vielleicht etwas anderes.

Project Veritas
James O'Keefe undercover investigation shows Google directly manipulating the World and US Politics to fit their own SJW agenda.

Incredible VIDEO. Please spread around

Please Repost, Share and Download if Possible Before This Video is Removed!

Link to Their website and this story is here:

Apart from being Tony Blairs former policy advisor and privvy to the CFR board memos, what else do we really know about the traitorous gun-grabbing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern? Well... it turns out quite a bit actually... footage shows there's something swinging in the wind, and it aint the leaves.

Former Fijian mayor and Islamic leader Ahmed Bhamji explains to protestors in New Zealand that Mossad were more than likely behind the attacks on the mosque in Christchurch.
Video taken 25th march 2019.
Very interesting now that people are waking up these false flags. For sure whoever the shooter was had help doing these attacks and more than likely were state sponsored. No clown by himself could have done this by themselves.

Incredible banned documentary showing the entire crisis acting scam with NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES, just hard facts and evidence. Must See!!

Does this sound like he's trying to say something?
Video taken from his Instagram account before it was censored.

Read the retracted U.N. report on Israel's practices of apartheid against Palestinians: Read the response by Professors Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley to Ambassador Haley's actions: More information about AIPAC and Haley is at the If Americans Knew Blog:

Some clown in a black shirt went full retard at a show of public support at the latest school shooting.
Where do they get these goons from.
Oh wait a minute.... From the Lodge. of course.

This zionist douchebag can run, but he can't hide under his umbrella all day...

lol. Big tough zionist stooge runs like a headless chook from a camera.
This will be his life now forever.
Time to go back to israel for this anti semitic piece of garbage.


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