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Truth is, there are hundreds of cures for Cancer which the Medical Mafia do NOT want you to know. The Pharmaceutical companies and Medical industries would much prefer you to undergo Chemo, surgery and Radiation because that's how they make the money from you. NOT from cures.

Listen in and prepare to be astounded with Ty's incredible Information

Andrew Tate @Cobratate

They are trying to discredit me to the point my ideas are ignored.
They are scared of you listening to me.
Have you ever considered why that is?

Maybe... it’s because you will stop listening to them.

Geologist, Professor Ian Plimer: "We have been cooling down for the last 4000 years. It's all about when you start the measurements. If you take measurements from the Medieval Warming, we've cooled about five degrees since then. If you take measurements from the Roman Warming, we've cooled about five degrees."

Seen this a few times in my life, yet with the disconnect Australians are now feeling, I have a sense I will see it more often in future. This Government is imploding Australian society.

Dumbass illiterate security obviously did everything he could - Nothing.

Almost as convincing as the Kubrik version....

This is a clip from the US version of "Utopia". (Released 2020)

The UK version was far better, grittier and basically spelled COVID 19 Vaccines all out very clearly. Released in 2013.

Who is Jessica Hyde?

israel the terrorist state has zero percent legitimacy.

Why do people not trust or believe israeli hasbara anymore? All they do is forever twist the story

Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla:

"I truly think the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because Covid was for me like a rehearsal."

They are going to do it again.

After extensive examination of the Pfizer documents Dr Naomi Wolf cannot escape the conclusion that there was a deliberate intent to sterilise the next generation.

The ‘yellow star’ document outlines 20 different ways for ruining women’s menstrual health.

Her latest findings from four independent doctors report on the myriad of placenta abnormalities to the extent that one doctor could not show a normal looking placenta anymore.

This is a back of the Sewer kind of guy....

This should tell Australians exactly what their Prime Minister thinks of them and their concerns for their lives - Nothing!

Albanese tells a concerned citizen that she’s had her say, shaking his head with a condescending grin before going on to gloat about attending a wedding of a public radio person.

Our politics is a disgrace.

A public housing advocate just interrupted Albanese's presser: "Let's talk about housing, prime minister"

Albanese: "I think you've had your say"

He shuts her down then talks about how excited he is to attend Kyle Sandilands' wedding

"I enjoy weddings"


Tasmanians voicing the opposition to the new 400 million stadium... Telling the PM personally he's doing a really shit job.

Frustrated Tasmanians have heckled Anthony Albanese for not doing more on the state's housing crisis, after he announced $240 million in funding for a new stadium in Hobart.

Interesting developments.... How long before the Rothschilds home is located?

Don't stand too close to the station edge....

This is Bush level Word Salad. Seriously, WTF

All fines and social credit scores are evaluated immediately and processed on the spot. This is coming soon to Australia. If it's not here already.
(BTW the speed limit on this road is 20 km/h )

(In Japanese with English subtitles)

Japanese professor, Murakami of Tokyo University of Science made an amazing

The Pfizer's vaccine contains the SV40 sequence which is known as a promoter of the cancer virus. The SV40 sequence is completely unnecessary to produce the mRNA vaccine.

Joe slips and falls in his word soup. Sometimes he makes a splash.

Guy in public has obviously had enough of the security state.

Never forget that the vast majority of humans are good. Also never forget that the bad ones always disguise themselves as compassionate saviors. They often launder their crimes behind the veil of benevolently branded charities and organizations. One of the architects of this deceitful racket is Mr. Bill Gates, whose own wife left him after learning the dark details of his ties with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Together we can expose and stop greedy monopolists like Mr. Gates. Please watch and share the Real Bill far and wide!

-Mikki Willis

Gut Health is instrumental in immunity.

This tik tok had close to 1 million views last night and over 25k retweets and, in 24 hours, was pulled down @JanJekielek
Do we still believe this is about a virus? They who want to control don’t want you to make discoveries. I tried to repost it, and it says “ under review” … UNDER review by WHO? I am leading the Microbiome Research clinically. Who else knows what Blautia or Roseburia does or what they are, or is it normal to have them? Please teach me... Here’s my advice; EDUCATE YOURSELF to stay alive. This is NOT about health… If it was... “discovering the loss of Bifidobacteria in severe covid patients would have hit mainstream media.” They would have pushed vitamins, exercise, and gut health for you to survive Covid. This is about control. This is about removing your freedom to speak and freedom to choose. Unite to fight for the truth. Stop the division. Your politician will not save you. @Progenabiome
was created to empower you, to #letdrsbedrs, to #Savethebif. This is my life’s mission NOW!! The moment they interfered with my research, they woke me up, and I am a hurricane in research. #WATCHME #ROAR.. No Dr will innovate if this continues... No Dr will try a drug or a treatment if medicine continues to be political. We cannot afford to interfere with research because we all will be patients. Research needs to be pure and unbiased and we MUST be able to challenge the narrative.

This won't end well

It is important to expose the entire COVIDHOAX narrative

Stunning estimate of at least 2 billion serious adverse reactions from the clot shot worldwide.

Anthony Fauci's NIAID was paid 400 million dollars in royalties by Moderna. Covid-19 was engineered in the United States after receiving an infectious clone WIV1-CoV Spike from Wuhan.

Not only did Anthony Fauci knowingly and willfully lie in violation of federal law in Congress about not funding Gain of Function, but Anthony Fauci continued these Gain of Function studies and requested additional studies during the moratorium. Ralph S. Baric created SARS-CoV-2 and lied to the world.

The fact of the matter is. We the people are currently subject to a criminal conspiracy that is ongoing right now, the evidence is right in our face. This was all done so that the world could be injected with the experimental Covid vaccines creating billions of dollars in profits and shaping the global agenda while killing and injuring millions of people around the world.

2009-2023 Lockstep Vaccination Genocidal Pandemic Criminal Co-conspiracy, including and not limited to individually and collectively:

Bill and Melinda Gates individually and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. World Health Organization (WHO) and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus WHO Director General, U.S. FDA, CDC Executive Directors and Officers. NIH, NIAID Executive Directors and Officers. Anthony Stephen Fauci. Alex Azar HHS, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak.

World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Officers, Directors, Employees, and Agents. Michael Bloomberg, David Rockefeller Jr, Rothschilds, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Rockefeller Foundation, Global Business Network (GBN), Peter Schwartz, Chairman GBN.

Convicted Vaccination Genocidal Pandemic and Neural Monitoring Governmental Executive Defendants:

U.S. Department of Defense Executive Command and DARPA. Xi JinPing, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. Joseph R. Biden 46th President of the United States of America.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK. Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Health. The Crown Corporation and all of its Subsidiaries including and not limited to Serco.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Chrystia Freeland DBA Deputy Prime Minister. Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada Chief Health Officer. Dr. Supriya Sharma, Chief medical adviser for Health Canada. OECD - Secretary General - Mathias Cormann.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia. Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand. King Charles III, Prince William. Governor General Mary Simon.

Stefan Löfven Prime Minister of Sweden. Minister of Heath Lena Hallengren. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, President of France. Edouard Phillipe, Prime Minister of France. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.


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