Floodwater from Hurricane Florence has persisted in the town of Conway, South Carolina, and its surrounding areas, with drone footage recorded on September 24 showing the extent of the flooding. The nearby Waccamaw River was three feet above its previous flood record, set by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and was still expected to rise another foot, cresting at 22 feet Tuesday or Wednesday. Credit: Robbie Bischoff Photography via Storyful

Venezuelans are fleeing their country in order to find food and medicines no longer available to them at home, as seen in this footage released by the World Food Programme on September 24. The UN said in August that nearly half a million people fled to Ecuador in 2018 alone. This footage, taken near the Colombian border with Venezuela between September 18 and September 22, shows people walking over mountains, through towns and across bridges and rivers. One of the migrants in the video says that she is fleeing Venezuela with her two-year-old daughter because they had no food or medicine. Children are dying, the woman says. Credit: WFP/Jonathan Dumont via Storyful

Two people were injured by a rogue firework at an Odesza gig in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, September 23. This video shows the moment the firework landed in the crowd. Odesza’s were playing as part of the Life Is Beautiful festival, which ran from September 21-23. Law enforcement sources told TMZ one of the fireworks fell over after a unit malfunctioned, causing a spark to shoot out. Credit: Dianne Robles via Storyful

While on a mountain climbing adventure in Kerry, Ireland, James was greeted with a breathtaking view above the clouds from Knockowen Mountain. James is an avid mounting climber who is attempting to climb all 237 mountains in Ireland. “My journey will be the first-ever continuous ‘round’ of the mountains too. I have climbed 200 so far and will hopefully finish in early October. It has been the adventure of a lifetime so far,” James told Storyful. Credit: James Forrest via Storyful

A creek in DeKalb County, Tennessee, was seen raging on Monday, September 24, as Middle Tennessee endured flash flooding. This video of water gushing along Walter Creek was captured by onlooker Keith Winfree, who said he witnessed the creek experience a sudden surge. “The water went from ankle deep to this in about three minutes flat,” he wrote in a Twitter post. DeKalb County was among parts of Middle Tennessee put on a flash flood warning by the National Weather Service in Nashville after heavy rainfall. Credit: Keith Winfree via Storyful

Two Super Scooper planes swooped in to get water from Castaic Lake as they tackled the Charlie Fire in California on Saturday, September 22. The Charlie Fire broke out on Saturday afternoon and quickly spread to thousands of acres within hours. As many as 50 homes on San Francisquito Canyon Road were evacuated. No structures were damaged, and an evacuation order was lifted by Monday morning, local media reported. Three helicopters and two Super Scooper aircraft were deployed to tend the blaze. The fire was contained 30 per cent by Monday morning, after burning 3,380 acres over the weekend, fire officials said. Credit: Curtis Richards via Storyful

A whale carcass stuck on Wattamolla Beach south of Sydney since September 17 has attracted a number of sharks to the inlet, preventing swimmers from entering the water. Nine News reported that officials from the NSW Environment Office were considering whether to tow the whale back out to sea. A spokesperson said the whale’s size, as well as the beach’s location, meant disposal options were limited. In this video, taken on September 20, great white sharks can be seen violently splashing near the carcass as they feed. Credit: Benjamin Reid via Storyful

Rudder the dog took to the ocean with her favorite human. The golden retriever caught some waves at Sea Bright, New Jersey, and held on to the board like a pro. Her owner, Todd, managed to capture Rudder’s impressive surfing skills on camera. Credit: rudderthegoldenretriever via Storyful

The Australian Reptile Park is experiencing a baby boom this spring, with record numbers of koalas and Tasmanian devils being born into its conservation program. This September 25 footage from the park located on New South Wales’ Central Coast features various baby animals, including koala joeys, Tasmanian devil babies, dingo pups, baby emus, etc. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

Flash floods swept cars down the streets of cities on Tunisia’s Cap Bon Peninsula on Saturday, September 22, as record rains poured on the region. At least five people were reported killed in the flooding. This video shows the torrent flowing in on the coastal town of Nabeul in northeastern Tunisia. Credit: Malek Gaaloul via Storyful

Demonstrators raised their fists and walked slowly and silently down the hallway in front of Senator Susan Collins’ office in Washington on September 24 to protest Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh. News reports said “dozens” of protesters were arrested, both outside Senator Susan Collins’ office and in the Russel Senate Office Building rotunda. According to Instagram user Igcorn, who also filmed from the protest, police prohibited forms of physical and noise protest including clapping, snapping and jazz hands. Credit: Angela Maske via Storyful

Students, faculty, and administrators of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, were joined by other members of the community on September 24, as they participated in a national walkout to support Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez. Ford and Ramirez have accused United States Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assaults when he was in high school (Ford) and college (Ramirez). Credit: Tara Mulder via Storyful

Demonstrators lead a “cancel Kavanaugh” chant in New York’s Bryant Park on September 24 to protest against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in light of sexual assault allegations made against him. Protesters also gathered in Washington at Senator Susan Collins’ office to urge her to vote “no” on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. News reports said “dozens” of protesters were arrested, both outside Senator Susan Collins’ office and in the Russel Senate Office Building rotunda. Credit: Alana Whitman via Storyful

A young boy was revived by rescuers using CPR after almost drowning off the coast of Argao, on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, on September 23, according to eyewitnesses and video shared by the Argao Skimboarding Association. This video shows two men performing CPR on the unconscious boy for at least a minute and a half before he is revived. They then continue efforts to expel water from the boy’s lungs, patting his back and placing a tube in his mouth to pump water out, before he is carried away. The incident took place during the Argao Cebu Boardriding Festival, according to Argao Skimboarding Association President Jose Mar Magtadad. Magtadad said the first of the two responders seen in this footage was Epos GN Falcone. The second man was a rescuer with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) in Argao, Magtadad said. He told Storyful that his group was seeking help from an international agency to properly train members in rescue and recovery techniques. Credit: Tyler Uy, Argao Skimboarding Association via Storyful

At least one Palestinian person was killed and 50 were injured during a protest at the coastal border between Gaza and Israel on September 24, according to the Palestinian Maan News and Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, citing the Gaza health ministry. About 40 boats carrying Palestinian protesters were heading to north Gaza in an attempt to break the siege but were intercepted by Israeli security forces, the Palestinian news outlet Shebab reported. Both Haaretz and Shehab reported that 10 people were struck by live bullets fired by Israeli forces. This footage shows Israeli navy vessels near the border Gaza. Credit: Shady Salfite via Storyful

A man making his way through Dublin Airport in Dublin, Ireland, in a wedding dress on September 21 is getting attention on Reddit. User dempsey1210 shared the footage on Reddit posting, “This lad definitely lost a bet. Seen in terminal 1 Dublin airport.” The man is seen casually making his way through the airport in a wedding dress, complete with a veil. Credit: dempsey1210 via Storyful

Massive plumes of smoke from the Charlie Fire totally obscured eastward views in a video shared by San Fernando valley resident Barbaranne Wylde, taken from her kitchen window near Castaic, California, on September 22. The Charlie Fire had grown to 3,380 acres by Sunday, September 23, with 20-percent containment, according to fire officials, who worked to keep the fire from reaching the town of Castaic. Credit: Barbaranne Wylde via Storyful

Tommy Wilson likes to create weird and wonderful scenes in his native town of Banbridge, Northern Ireland. In his own words: “the more bizarre the better, as long as nobody gets hurt”. Tommy’s latest caper involved cycling in a dinosaur costume. Tommy made for a bizarre and hilarious sight as he cycled through the streets as a t-rex. He expertly navigated heavy traffic, his dinosaur tail sweeping against the road as he cycled. It’s not a sight you’d see every day. Credit: Tommy Wilson via Storyful

The National Guard’s barrier along US-501 in Conway, South Carolina, was holding Monday morning, September 24, but the Waccamaw River wasn’t done rising as floodwater from Hurricane Florence made its way to the coast. The brackish waters of the Waccamaw and the swamps and lakes around Conway leached into neighborhoods and over streets, blotting out spots of grass and concrete that had been visible just two days before. The river was three feet above its previous flood record, set by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and was still expected to rise another foot, cresting at 22 feet Tuesday or Wednesday. Credit: Kurt Gerald via Storyful

An infant orangutan in Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, was filmed with a case of the hiccups whilst taking a nap on September 23. The baby orangutan, named Lily, was born in the zoo via C-section on September 7. She has been the recipient of some special care from zookeepers, who are feeding and snuggling her until her mom Daisy is ready to be a full-time parent after the complicated birth. The zoo updated its followers in the caption of a recent video, writing that both Lily and Daisy, “are doing incredibly well.” Credit: Sedgwick County Zoo via Storyful

This dog has been living his best life. The pampered pooch was spotted in Envy Nail Spa, Pennsylvania, where he was being treated to a pedicure. Salon visitor Rachel spotted the golden retriever and captured the adorable footage on camera. Her partner then posted the clip to the popular Dog Spotting Facebook group. Credit: Rachel Reilly via Storyful

When Dillon Moore appeared in Dr. Kenny Wilstead’s suggested friend list on Facebook, the dentist noticed that the Texan did not smile in photos, even when he was photographed with his two kids. When Dillon sat in Dr. Wilstead’s chair a year later for a routine tooth pull, the dentist decided to give Dillon’s teeth a makeover, free of charge. In this video uploaded to Facebook, Dillon reacts to his new smile with happy disbelief, and says, “I haven’t smiled since I was a kid without my hand over my face.” Dillon has subsequently changed his profile picture on Facebook to a smiling photograph of himself and his kids. Credit: Kenny Wilstead via Storyful

Footage shared to Twitter on September 23 shows a man getting up close and personal with a bobcat in Huntington Canyon, Utah. David Verdi shared a video of himself (from the safety of his car) coaxing the wild cat to come closer to him, resulting in a great close up of the animal. According the Verdi, he saw the cat approximately “8 miles up Huntington Canyon near the Huntington Power Plant.” “The reward for being up all night. Just another day in Huntington, Utah,” he captioned the video, which had over 1,000 views at the time of writing. Credit: David Verdi via Storyful

The mascot for Brigham Young University’s football team shattered some long-held illusions during a game at LaVell Edwards Stadium in Provo, Utah, on September 22. Footage recorded by BYU student Katrina Marsden shows team mascot Cosmo the Cougar performing a front-flip for the crowd gathered to watch the Cougars take on McNeese State. However, mid-flip, Cosmo’s head came off. “This is worse than finding out Santa isn’t real…. my entire life is a lie,” Marsden tweeted about the gaffe. The clip gained traction after her brother Kyle shared it to his Twitter account. Credit: Katrina Marsden via Storyful

A fire near Castaic, California, dubbed the Charlie Fire, had grown to 3,380 acres by Sunday, September 23, with 20 percent containment. Footage shows the Los Padres Hotshots, from the US Department of Forestry, battling the blaze on Lake Hughes Road. Freelance journalist Gillis Jones, who recorded the video, said the goal of the operation was to prevent the fire from jumping the road later in the day and threatening the center of Castaic. No structures were damaged, according to local firefighters, and an evacuation order had been lifted. Credit: Gillis Jones via Storyful


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