Don’t you ever wonder what goes on inside a baby’s mind? Are they may be thinking about taking over the world, or just thinking about the stinky diaper you’re going to have to change in a few minutes? Even though this has nothing to do with any stinky diapers, this is just one of the things we thought about when seeing these two. Two twins, double the trouble.

In this video we have two newborns that are just as close as they get once they are that young. The strength of their bond is very strong now that they can't even imagine not being in contact let alone in a couple of years when their bond even gets stronger.

Dane Lyman recorded this video of a beautiful interaction between his newborn baby sons, Weston and Caleb. Incredibly, the babies cried when separated and immediately calmed when they were re-positioned close together. Caleb showed the footage to his wife and the inseparable duo’s mother, Lisa Lyman. “My wife wasn’t able to see that and didn’t even know it was happening. When I showed her, she was emotional and grateful I captured that moment. We both still tear up when we watch it,” Caleb added of the sweet moment.

This is quite the video and you will definitely be missing out if you were not to see it. So go ahead and take a look at these two inseparable cuties!

This twin bond is very fascinating. Before modern scientists started to objectively get to the bottom of it, eons' worth of generations had attempted to explain the magic behind it. We are not going to elaborate deeper, we are here only to show you another example of typically twin behavior.

Take a look at this next video where parents catch adorable twins devouring chocolate box. The rich flavor of cocoa can soothe your soul, increase the magnesium levels in your body, calm a crying baby, prevent world conflicts and keep us in a state of all around bliss. It’s that good. So, it comes as no surprise that the little tots in this footage decided to sample a little bit of this heaven.

Twins have been caught red-handed devouring a huge box of charity chocolates their parents left on a table. Footage shot by mom Mary Beth Barrows, from Pensacola, Florida, shows her adorable kids Micah and Titus surrounded by half opened chocolate bars.

The pair had spotted the box full of dark chocolate lying idle on a coffee table, before dragging it off to another room and tucking into the tasty treats. After discovering the missing chocolate, Mary Beth, husband Josh and the twins’ aunt Katharine Duffield, found the duo with chocolate smeared around their faces and the leftover wrappers. In the video, Dad Josh can be heard saying: “Did daddy say you can have the chocolate”, before one of the twins replies, “I’ll clean up!” innocently.

Can you really blame them? You know you would have done the same thing! Do you have any similar situations you would like to share with us? Please do so in the comments down below! Thank you for watching!

In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company.

Junior is a French bulldog who makes for a good traveling companion, a good singing partner, and most of all, a good friend! His two human owners can have a <a href="" target="_blank">riveting conversation</a> with Junior, not just in English, but also in French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese! We can only guess what this skilled dog will learn to do next! Who knew that dogs could understand so many different languages? What we do know is that this is a video that you are not going to want to miss!

The black and white Frenchie is a huge fan of the car rides with his owners, Walter Ledermuller and Emanuele Zaubert, who document their rides and share them on Junior’s Facebook page! Languages are not Junior’s only forte! He came to viral fame when Emanuele posted a video of the two singing, once again, in the car! What an interesting and amazing dog!

Overall, Junior seems like such a happy and energetic dog! His owners must take amazing care of him; playing with him, taking him for long walks and even giving him the best dog food! Junior has brought so much joy into their lives and surely he will bring joy to yours as well!

In reality, dogs recognize <a href="" target="_blank">sounds</a> (or gestures), they don't understand language. If you change the language, the sounds coming out of your mouth are different. A dog learns to associate the sounds (or gestures) a human makes which precede the dog's behavior with subsequent consequences provided by the human.

Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. All pets are wonderful, but if there is one species that is able to turn up the party, then it’s definitely our canine friends. The French Bulldog, specifically, is an affectionate and playful breed known for its wrinkly, smushy face and bat-like ears. They require a bit of patience during training but are incredibly intelligent and eager to please. We are sure you will love them as much as we do!

If you love smart little French Bulldogs as much as we do, we are sure you would just love the next Frenchie video. This brave cutie of a <a href="" target="_blank">French Bulldog Goes For Thrilling Boat Ride</a>! Can you imagine? He knows how to spend his summer time! And he looks like he has a lot of fun! Skipper the Florida Frenchie takes over as captain of the pontoon while on Lake Tarpon in Florida. Awesome! Well, hello captain! With his cute little outfit, he looks like he has so much fun! We wish we could hang out with Skipper!

If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below.

What a priceless video. Nothing is stronger than the bond between mother and child. This certainly rings true at the Leroux household in Ontario, Canada. Their daughter, Mary-Lynne Leroux, loves one of her mom's songs so much, it sends her into floods of tears, every time she hears it.

Mother Amanda told Storyful: “No one can explain why not even I. I can sing any other song and do not get the same reaction from her. It’s too adorable to keep all to ourselves.”

This little girl must feel a really special connection with this song, who knows why this is the most emotional song for her. All we know is that this <a href="" target="_blank">baby girl</a> is so adorable. You can't take your eyes off her and her mother’s singing is just so beautiful!

We wonder if this little girl will continue to find this emotional as she continues to get older. Only time will tell! The love of a mother is so special and you can tell this mother loves her little girl very much. And it's probably just a natural reflex, but babies do have a way of letting their moms know that they enjoy the sound of their <a href="" target="_blank">voice</a>.

You can't help but say "awwww, how cute" at the baby's reaction because it truly shows the unique bond that children share with their mothers, even if they're too young to remember.

Parents with tiny babies have a really hard time discovering what makes their infant tick and calm down. Most often, the solution is incredibly simple - singing! The reason behind it is as simple as the solution. According to a research at the University of Toronto, a baby recognizes its mom’s voice much, much sooner than they do her faces. And it is an amazingly powerful stimulus to a baby.

The research adds that “music serves an important developmental function and that, even from birth, we are wired to pay attention to singing.” That is why music, and singing, in particular, is present in every culture around the world.

It doesn’t matter which language you sing in. As long as it is in a soothing manner and there is a musical quality to it, i.e. the lyrics are not simply recited in a rhythmic, engaging way, the babies will remain calm. The researchers took babies from French-speaking families and they placed them in boring environments, without any toys or people present. Then they played them recordings of songs sung in Turkish. Despite the fact that it was in an unfamiliar language, with an unfamiliar voice singing an unfamiliar tune, the songs kept the babies engaged long enough to stay calm.

It might be tempting to say that this is a quality only babies possess but think about it. How many times have you found yourself in need of some good music? Past studies in adults have shown that humans are naturally hardwired to be attracted to musical patterns. It may be that anticipating these patterns activated reward centers in our brains.

However hard it is to imagine, music has a lot of math in it. There are notes and phrases that repeat, making us feel captivated, almost hypnotized by them. If it can happen to us, grown-ups, why not to babies? Thanks for watching!

A police officer's job might be to serve and protects, but occasionally, even a protector of the law needs a little time off, even in the middle of a shift! That being said, it should come to no surprise that a couple of officers decided to interrupt their routine for a little neighborhood fun.

People from Asheville, North Carolina, decided they would honor Independence Day with a delightful slip’n slide. These people had a block party where everyone could have fun, especially the kids. However, not all of them were in the proper spirit that morning. Someone told the police that the slide blocked the traffic and made too much racket. After receiving a call, Asheville police officers quickly arrived at the scene.

Luckily, the police had other plans for the slip-n-slide’, let’s say a much more fun idea. Instead of shutting down the slide, they decided to have some fun on the slide. Amazing, right?

Video of North Carolina police officers enjoying a slip-n-slide with children in Asheville on July 2 has gone viral. Katlen Joyce Smith, who lives in Asheville, told local media that the slide was built for children in the block over the July 4 weekend but officers arrived on the scene after it was reported for blocking the road. The officers quickly established there was no problem and asked to join in the fun.

“When the female officer asked for a garbage bag, we almost didn’t believe it. But she took off her radio and went for it,” Katlen told a news outlet, when senior officer Carrie Lee, who initially responded to the scene with her colleague officer Joe Jones. Officer Jones also wanted in on the fun, but the black garbage bags wouldn't fit him, so one of the neighborhood kids brought an inflatable raft so that he could have some fun as well!

This video shows Officer Joe Jones filming colleague Carrie Lee taking on the slide. We are glad that the cops used proper judgment, unlike the neighbor who hates fun and decided to call the police on a slip 'n slide. Hey Police, thank you for your service. Be safe out there. We salute them, and we are thankful for the community police and how great they work their jobs.

It’s incredible that there are people out there like these two officers. What do you think about there good deed? Tell us below in our comment section!

A heartwarming video has emerged showing the motherly love a woman shares for her son. Namely, a Utah woman who decided who give her newborn son up for adoption recorded an emotional video before his placement, so he would never doubt how much she loved him.

Hannah Mongie’s son was born on March 21, 2016, and she shared the video almost two years later, on January 2, 2018.

In the video, Mongie explained to her son, Taggart, how she met his father, who died shortly after her eight-week pregnancy scan. She decided to <a href="" target="_blank">record the video</a> instead of writing a letter to Taggart, because “it’s real and it’s in the moment.” Mongie cries several times during the video. What a loving gesture full of love and emotion!

Mongie was able to arrange an open <a href="" target="_blank">adoption</a> for Taggart with a couple that now lives only 10 minutes from her home. She’s able to see her son about once a month. Mongie has shared many photos of Taggart on her Instagram account.

In the video description on YouTube, Mongie wrote, “I hope anyone who watches this will be able to gain a new perspective on what the birth mom goes through when she places her child for adoption. It is the farthest thing from a heartless act. It shows the definition of love. To love someone this much is to give away your happiness for them.”This brave woman decided she had to do the right thing and sacrifice for her child’s sake! Do you approve of her actions?

Adopting a baby can be a standout amongst the most energizing, testing and compensating experiences of your life. This experience is probably exciting and fantastic for the new parents who will welcome a new baby in their lives and give him a home and endless love.

However, this video shows us the different side of the adoption of how the mother feels in that situation, why she is doing that and how dreadful it is for her to give up her child. Some people think that mothers who give up their children for adoption are emotionless and they don’t care about them. We believe that is wrong and this video is proof how awful that experience can be.

This video is emotional, and it probably made a lot of people cry. Giving birth does not make her a mother. Placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one. Always remember that.

Credit: Hannah Mongie via Storyful

The hardworking people at UPS really have their work cut out for them. While en route, they might encounter all sorts of situations with various degrees of severity, from the usual barking and chasing dogs to some really awkward human interactions. They keep their cool and remain their professional selves, but when it comes to some friendly neighborhood pups, a cuddle is always in order!

This UPS carrier was very hard at work making a delivery in Louisiana, but he still makes time to greet the friendly dogs that don’t react to his visit with stereotypical anger. Not only are they friendly to visitors, they will also stay still for selfies!

Staci Burns from Athens, Louisiana is the owner of this heartwarming video and says that the friendly neighborhood UPS delivery guy, who goes by the name Doniel Kidd, always makes time for a selfie with her dogs.

The red <a href="" target="_blank">Australian Shepherd</a> which takes a great liking to Doniel is called Reba, who, according to Staci, had a phase of going out on adventures in the past, so Doniel noticed her once and gave her a lift back home, because he knew where she lived. No wonder she’s so fond of him! You know your UPS man is the best on the planet, when your dogs can't keep themselves away from him!

Can you imagine what it must be like to work as a deliveryman? And we are not talking about all the mileage you have to pass everyday, loaded with letters and packages, <a href="" target="_blank">delivering the mail</a> to thousands of citizens, without mixing them up.

Mailmen and deliverymen get to meet all sorts of folks on the job, friendly folks, hostile folks, quirky folks, and also their pets that come along. Now, pets can sometimes be protective of their household and not <a href="" target="_blank">greet the deliveryman</a> the right way. Some pets might think the deliveryman as the enemy who is intruding in their home, others might want to scratch his eyes out in order to protect their owners.

This mailman was lucky to have such great ‘housesitters’ on his route, because the way they greet him when he passes with his moped is downright adorable! Hilarious footage shows three friendly <a href="" target="_blank">pups</a> gathered around and taking a selfie with the deliveryman. These pooches can sense him coming from far away and can barely contain their joy with expectation of the guy they adore! They would run back and forth along the yard’s fence, eagerly waiting to hear his voice greeting them, and when he finally arrives, they will gladly have their picture taken with their favorite guy! Cuteness overload!

Surely enough, the deliveryman comes to their house and these friendly pups greet him with excitement, always cuddling with him! This is the endearing moment when a deliveryman takes a break from delivering the mail to take a selfie with his three pals. The deliveryman can be seen sitting on the pavement in the yard, being greeted by three tail-wagging dogs. He even takes the time to take a selfie with these friendly dogs, and they are more than happy to pose for a picture! What a wonderful moment!

We all know the struggle with electronics and people that are in their older age. How difficult it can be to grasp the whole idea and even find them self using this technology. This video here correctly interprets the concept of introducing an elderly to an electronic device. The crazy part is her family have even gone a couple of steps further and introduced her to the Google Talkback feature.

A grandmother gifted a <a href="" target="_blank">Google Home</a> device for Christmas got to grips with her new gadget over the holidays and a video of her strained attempts to control the device, through her thick Italian accent, has gone viral online. In the video, Maria Actis family gathered around her as she repeated "Hey Goo Goo" over and over again, having no success in getting a response from the Google Home gadget.

Finally, after asking about the weather, Actis finally gets a reply which causes her to jump out of her chair and say "I"m scared, it's a mystery." Oh my gosh, much to her family's delight. Ben Actis captured a video of his grandmother and shared it online, where it soon blew up. The Actis family have Ben's girlfriend, Becky Siegel, to thank you for the funny moment as she gave Bem's grandmother the device for Christmas. Must watch even to grasp this hilarious reaction!

It's no secret that old people don't know how to handle technology as young people do. Technology has been so much help to them like keeping in touch with them all the time, remember when they need help, and so many other helpful things that back in the past was not possible. But, we have to understand that for them so difficult to handle this kind of technology.

However, having grandparents is a real gift as they are the best people with the purest heart and soul. They take care of their kids and grandkids like no other person on Earth. So, there is no doubt that we need to take care of them the same way they care about us, we should always make our best to make them happy because they truly deserve it!

This family decided to make this grandmother happy by giving her a puppy, and the surprise and the reaction are amazing! Just check out her <a href="" target="_blank">priceless reaction to this puppy surprise</a>!

This grandmothers reaction brings you to tears. She can't contain her excitement. She is so happy and lets out tears of joy, so precious. This grandmother couldn't have asked for a better gift. What a great companion to have by her side, such an adorable dog. At first, she seems very confused and doesn't know who the dog is for. She thinks its the dog her family already had, and it had just gotten a haircut, but it wasn't, she was definitely in for a surprise!

Check out these whales as they are obviously having a whale of a time (pun intended).

Scuba diver Craig Capehart and three of his scuba diving fellows were hunting for sardines along the coast of Pondoland, South Africa, on July 8 when they saw a large <a href="" target="_blank">humpback whale</a> breaching several times before it jumped entirely out of the water. The whale, estimated at around 40 tons, can be seen breaching clear out of the waters south of Mbotyi in Southeastern Africa.

Craig shared this video on his YouTube, and it has been climbing the viral ladder ever since. The footage contains dozens of instances when a school of whales was <a href="" target="_blank">breaching</a> the ocean. There are even some happy moments, like a mother and her calf swimming by Craig’s inflatable motorboat, or one adult whale swimming on his back and slapping his fins of the surface.

The breaching out of the water entirely is frequent among dolphins and even great white sharks, but this was the first time that Craig has seen a humpback whale do it; he described what he saw as “an infrequent event indeed.”

Scientists are still uncertain as to the reason behind whales breaching. It could be a mating call if a female is close by, or as a means to intimidate others from invading his territory. What a fantastic video of a humpback whale breaching! These amazing mammals have been spotted exposing or breaching their bodies in their winter breeding ground, their summer feeding grounds, and when they travel between both properties.

Why do whales breach out of the water? By jumping into the air or hitting the water with their fins, whales make significant noise that helps them interact across vast horizons when background sounds from the weather, boats in the area, or other sources might prevent out their vocal sounds.

Whales are very active animals, and they like to jump, breach out of the water and land back in the water, just like in the video. They also love slapping the water’s surface with their tails, which is considered as a warning that there is danger nearby. They are fascinating animals! If you ever had the chance to observe whale’s behavior, you will see that they can be very social and friendly animals. A lot of people consider whales as dangerous and threat to people, but it’s another way around. Humans are the only natural enemies that whales have!

Credit: Craig Capehart via Storyful

A man running in lower Manhattan took off his shoes and gave them to a man sitting on the sidewalk on August 18, an eyewitness said. Twitter user @NYornothing shared footage of the incident, saying she thought the runner was taking off his socks to give the man money, but then realized he was giving away both his socks and shoes. The man is seen walking away barefoot after the interaction. The identities of both men in the video remained unknown. Credit: @NYornothing via Storyful

An out-of-control wildfire continued to rage in the Spanish island of Gran Canaria and had reached over 3,400 hectares in size on Sunday, August 18, local media said, citing officials. Over 5,000 people had been evacuated from 40 towns in the municipalities of Valleseco, Moya, Gáldar, Agaete, San Mateo, Artenara and Tejeda, with more evacuations expected, President of the Canary Islands Ángel Víctor Torres said in a press conference. The land and aerial resources used in combatting the fire were the largest ever deployed for a blaze in the Canary Islands, the president said. This footage, filmed by the Spanish Military Emergencies Unit (Unidad Militar de Emergencias) and uploaded to Twitter, shows firefighters battling a blaze at Lanzarote on August 18, while the second video shows emergency services working on a fire at Tejeda, on August 17. Credit: Unidad Militar de Emergencias via Storyful

A Florida man was caught by surprise when an alligator swam towards his car on a flooded street in Saint Petersburg on August 16. “OK, Who is playing Jumanji in Saint Petersburg, Florida?” Roger Light Jr said in a Facebook post. Light was waiting at a traffic stop when he noticed some people staring from the street and others stopping to film. Puzzled by the attention, and confused as to why some people were backing away from the area, Light looked out of his car window. “Next thing I knew I see this gator coming towards me on my passenger side,” he said. Light snapped this short clip of the gator encounter. Credit: Roger Light Jr via Storyful

Protesters calling for freedom for Kashmir rallied in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on August 18, when India Day festivities were scheduled to take place there. This video shows a crowd of protesters with signs chanting “freedom for Kashmir” and “down with Modi,” referring to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. These protests come after India revoked special status for its section of Kashmir, causing outrage in Pakistan. Pakistan’s ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has accused Modi’s government of subscribing to neo-Nazi ideology and of seeking to install a Hindu majority in the Muslim-majority Kashmir. In an Independence Day speech, Modi defended his decision on Kashmir, saying its semi-autonomous status had fueled a separatist movement, according to the Associated Press. Credit: @atif_memon via Storyful

Despite their ill reputation, we can’t ignore the facts that sharks are a masterpiece. They have lithe bodies that are able to thread waters despite their weight. And if you think that they are slowed down by their built, think again. They are so fast that escaping them requires a certain amount of skill, and an enormous amount of luck. It’s only normal that we are afraid of them. This video, however, shows us a different view of sharks. They look mighty different when you aren’t in the way of danger.

User 'jefformandy' managed to capture this fleeting moment of absolute beauty of nature when coming back from work. Swimming in the crystal clear waters next to the shore of the Andersons Bay inlet in the city of Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand, is a magnificent blue shark. The visibility allows for a complete view of this gracious predator, and we can’t help but stare in awe. The shark is absolutely stunning.

Blue sharks are known for being the great migrators. Since they live in the depths of the oceans, they are on the constant lookout for cold waters. They can travel from South America to North England and back. This is why it is so unusual to see it so close to shore. Whatever may be the reason, we’re very delighted that we were given the chance to see its beauty.

What is in a prank? Would you like to scare someone pantless, make them squeal like a little girl and then kiss your friendship goodbye? Or you just want to embarrass them until they turn bright red and then kiss your friendship goodbye? You got to be careful with those things, because one wrongly calculated move can cost you plenty. If you do, however, plan the details of your prank properly and whip out your camera phone at the right moment, you might actually catch something hilarious happening and get some viral fame while you are at it. Just like these couple of friends did, much to the dismay of one of them.

Washington resident Casey Peck captured her friend Gregory Heinzman on video falling on the floor after being scared by a virtual shark that appeared on screen at the International Spy Museum on October 22.

The exhibit is located in an area of the museum dedicated to James bond villain Karl Stromberg. Beneath it, a sign warns visitors: “What would Stromberg’s world be like? Find out as you experience the residents in our virtual shark tank but be careful — you never know when one might attack!”

Casey said on her Facebook profile that she went into the exhibit room herself first and noticed the huge monitors with the animation video of the shark. “I noticed the sign above the screen and it says ‘touch at your own risk’ (that’s where I got the idea from for the title of the video),” she said. “I realized that the video meant to scare people so I brought Gregory to the room. I decide to tape Gregory’s reaction to the video. It was a perfect reaction that caused a viral.”

Peck knew that Heinzman is easily frightened and she took the opportunity to capture the moment. Watch as the shark scares the pants off this dude at the museum, it is a total troll.

If you haven't already seen it, there's a shark exhibit in the museum, which is terrifying those who are easily scared. The exhibit shows a screen that looks like an aquarium, with a sign reading "touch at your own risk" above it. When you touch the glass, it triggers a fake <a href="" target="_blank">shark</a> that then comes charging at the glass, cracking it when it makes contact!

People have been falling for this trick for years, but this dude's reaction may be the best one yet. Easily frightened Gregory taps on the glass and gets instantly scared by this fake 'shark attack'.

This fake museum exhibition is very real and it is no surprise that Gregory falls head over hills on the floor when he touches the glass, not knowing that it will trigger a fake shark that comes banging its head on the glass, fake cracking a hole on it. The man immediately screams and falls on the floor, with his hand holding his chests, startled with disbelief.

This is a <a href="" target="_blank">very realistic prank</a>, but it can be deadly for those who suffer heart problems, so it shouldn’t be displayed for everyone, or there should at least be some kind of warning!

Ahh, memories… Remember when you were a little tot and your aunt thought to record you dancing in nothing but diapers? It is the greatest family story when you gather round for Christmas. Whether we love them or hate them, memories are here to stay, forever, probably even after that. We know it might sound ominous, but it isn’t all that bad. Just remember that someone, somewhere is thinking about what you did when you were little and your antics plaster a wistful smile on their faces.

You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example.

The first few milestones in a <a href="" target="_blank">baby</a>’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days", when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time.

Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again.

After coming across a lost boy in a park, the Beltran family realized they had never taught their children their parents’ names – they only knew the parents as Mommy and Daddy. Once they learned the Beltrans real names, their youngest son Mateo felt a little empowered. For the most part, the parents are still Mommy and Daddy, but when Mateo is serious and wants to make sure his parents are paying attention, they quickly become Linda and Kenneth.

Apparently, Mateo and his friend Mathias were playing and Mateo did something that Mommy specifically told him not to. Mommy is yelling at Mateo for asking Grandma for a <a href="" target="_blank">cupcake</a> and then eating it, when Mateo says his popular “Listen, Linda, listen" phrase! He is so adorable when he is arguing with his mom!

His mother Linda is heard scolding the tot for going behind her back and asking Grandma for a cupcake, but instead of accepting defeat, Mateo answers back, even addressing his mother by her first name!

The power duo got to be guests on The Ellen Show, where Linda explains that Mateo likes to get vocal with her when he feels he has been wronged. Still, she admits that every time Mateo says “lookit" in the clip, it is because she would turn away from to laugh!

We can barely hold our own laughs, he is that good!

What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day!

Move over, Rolling Stones – there’s a new senior guitarist in town! Mick and the band might be in their 70s and rocking solid, but Bob Wood here is 81 years old and still going strong on the guitar.

The senior citizen from Nashville, Tennessee blew the minds of the employees at a local <A href="" target="_blank">guitar</a> shop and subsequently the minds of everyone who has access to the World Wide Web, when the shop, confusingly named British Audio Service uploaded a video of Bob playing an impressive version of the standard “Besame Mucho” in their salon.

The video racked over 2 million views and the Internet can’t keep its mouth shut about the frail musician. They wanted to know everything about him, and Wood’s immediate family and friends were more than happy to oblige in the comments.

Wood, who has nine children of his own, grew up <a href="" target="_blank">playing music</a> in the Shenandoah Valley, and was signed on as a regular performer at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1970, where he performed for 10 years. He was named Entertainer of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Inc., and in 2007, he was inducted into the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame. Wood cut several albums during his career, including an ice-cold piece of ’70s-era cool, Bob Wood Plays It Cool.

The liner notes on the album contain a testimonial from none other than country guitar legend Carl Perkins:

“If kindness, concern for fellowman, loyalty to wife and family have anything to do with the making of a man, then my friends, meet a man, Bob Wood. Besides being a friend, I regard Bob as one of the very few great stylists on guitar. Talents are essential in the music business, being a man is helpful in any field. Combined you don’t miss. Now enjoy with me, an album by just such a person, my friend, Bob Wood.”

Watching these clips serves as a reminder that, at the end of the day, age is just a number and you are, in fact, as old as you feel. Just like these two amazing ladies proved with their exceptional skills, something most 20- and 30-year-olds can’t even begin to fathom.

Jean Phelps Veloz is an icon of 'Hollywood-Style Lindy Hop' for the current swing dancing generation. She’s a living bridge from the Los Angeles dance scene of the 1940's to the present-day Lindy Hop revival that is currently sweeping through the United States and the rest of the world.

Jean grabs her partners, and simply dances. And boy, is she setting the bar so high for all those watching her and contemplating whether to even try to give her some competition. <a href="" target="_blank">Young men line up to have the honor of dancing</a> with the 90-year-old dancing queen during SEA Jam 2014 dance camp, organized by Jitterbugs Swingapore and Bangkok Swing. Now that's impressive! Amazing job!

How about this impressive footage showing <a href="" target="_blank">91-year-old gymnast</a> Johanna Quaas raising herself on the parallel bars with incredible ease at the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest Berlin competition. Quaas used to be a sport teacher and still trains daily practicing gymnastics and swimming. During the 1960s in former GDR she trained gymnasts who were selected for 1964 Summer Olympics.

A massive wildfire has forced the evacuation of more than 2000 people from towns on the Spanish tourist island of Gran Canaria. Footage posted by Cabildo Gran Canaria show emergency crews, helicopters and planes battling the fire, which started on Saturday, August 17, in the town of Valleseco. The municipalities of Tejeda and Valleseco were evacuated as hundreds of emergency personnel continued to fight the blaze on Sunday. The Military Emergency Unit (UME) of Seville has reportedly sent reinforcements to help contain the fire in Gran Canaria. A fire on Gran Canaria last week burned about 1,500 hectares. Credit: Cabildo Gran Canaria via Storyful

A Texas police chief has spoken out after footage of one of his officers using her phone while driving went viral on August 13. Killeen Police Department’s Chief Charles Kimble said in response to the incident that the force takes traffic enforcement and safety “seriously”. The footage, which was filmed by Marcus Evans, shows the officer, wearing a Killeen police uniform and driving a Killeen police car, looking at her phone while travelling along South WS Young Drive. The officer also appeared to not be wearing her seatbelt. “Although, both of these violations are minor in nature, we understand that the expectations that our community expects were not met in this incident,” Chief Kimble said. “There is a process in place to handle any allegations of misconduct by an officer, and that process is currently ongoing incident,” he added. Credit: Marcus Evans via Storyful

The son of a fallen officer of Slidell, Louisiana, went for his first day of kindergarten on August 15 and received a warm welcome from his father’s co-workers. Maddox Seals, who can be seen in this footage wearing a backpack with the name of his father – Jason Seals – emblazoned upon it, was greeted by an entourage of Slidell officers, including Chief Randy Fandal, who wished him good luck on his first day. The elder Seals died from injuries sustained on September 25, when a vehicle collided with his motorcycle. Maddox Seals is the youngest son of Jason Seals, according to the Slidell Police Department’s Facebook page, and walked through the same school doors that his father had entered in 1988. Credit: Slidell Police Department via Storyful

Activists across the globe held demonstrations on Saturday, August 17, to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong who have continued to call for democratic reform within their region, local media reported. This video shows a crowd of people walking through the streets of London as they shout “Democracy for Hong Kong.” The video shows protesters holding signs that say “Solidarity with the revolt in Hong Kong,” “No China extradition,” and “Democracy will prevail!” The anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong began earlier this year in opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill. The London event aimed to show support for the region and pressure UK officials to take a legislative stance and intervene with “human rights violations” in Hong Kong, event organizers said. Demonstrations were held in Australia on Saturday, with different events organized in favor of and against the Hong Kong government, reports said. Pro-democracy Hong Kong supporters in Scotland also planned a protest for Saturday. The international demonstrations came alongside a series of marches and rallies in Hong Kong on Saturday, with events organized for both pro-democracy and government supporters. Credit: Socialist Worker via Storyful

People in Hong Kong continued months of ongoing pro-democracy protests with a series of marches and rallies on Saturday, August 17, the South China Morning Post reported. Teachers marched through the rainy streets in solidarity with pro-democracy protesters on Saturday morning. The teachers’ march was followed by another march in Hung Hom in the afternoon. The anti-government demonstrations began earlier this year in opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill. In the evening, protesters gathered in Mong Kok and other areas to continue demonstrations. This video shows police, outfitted in helmets and shields, standing outside the Mong Kok Police Station as purple and green lasers are shined on them. Shining lasers at cameras could help obscure surveillance and help conceal protesters’ identities, media reports said. Referring to lasers as “offensive weapons,” police said they have injured officers and damaged sensors in some cameras, a member of the Hong Kong Police Force said to media during a press conference in early August. Reports said eggs were also thrown at officers in Mong Kok on Saturday. Citing officials, local media said police planned to disperse the crowd of more than 100 people and said law enforcement warned protesters of their “illegal assembly” near the station. Thousands of government supporters also gathered on Saturday for an “anti-violence” rally at Tamar Park in Admiralty, reports said. Credit: @LostDutchHK via Storyful

A Balearia ferry travelling from the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca ran aground at the mouth of the Spanish mainland port of Dénia late August 16, the second such incident for the boat in under two years. Diario De Ibiza reported that there were no injuries among the 393 passengers. Video shows the Pinar del Rio on the morning of August 17 as divers attempted a refloat. This incident was not the first time the ship has experienced difficulties: in 2018, approximately 175 passengers had to be removed after it ran aground in the Port of Sant Antoni, according to reports at the time. Credit: The Olive Press via Storyful

A controlled avalanche was carried out on Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand, on August 15. Video shot from a helicopter shows the the avalanche slowing as it picks up wetter snow. General Manager for Safety and Environment at Mount Ruapehu, Andy Hoyle, said, “Each storm leaves its mark in the stratigraphy of the snowpack. Layers build upon layers, a kind of temporary record of time. Oldest at the bottom, youngest on top. Occasionally, some layers are weaker than others and can fail when the load of the layers above gets too heavy". Hoyle said “We know that if we left these avalanche hazards uncontrolled, they could occur naturally in the right conditions, threatening personnel and infrastructure". Credit: via Storyful

Earth cascaded down the side of a river during a mudslide in Healy, Alaska, on August 16, according to the National Weather Service, as the area was affected by severe weather conditions. This footage, shot by a National Weather Service employee, shows a landslide above Dry Creek. Dry Creek burst its banks following the recent heavy rain. Healy and surrounding areas remain under threat of flooding on August 17, nine days after a declaration of local emergency was issued by the Denali Borough Mayor. Credit: NWS Fairbanks via Storyful

Teachers in Hong Kong marched in the rain on the morning of August 17, in solidarity with pro-democracy protesters, the South China Morning Post reported. Anti-government demonstrations that began earlier this year in opposition to a now-shelved extradition bill have continued throughout the summer, in the face of criticism from both local authorities and Beijing. Video shows teachers walking towards Government House from Chater Garden. Credit: Kerry Haines via Storyful

Demonstrators marching in Mexico City to demand justice for two teenage girls who were allegedly raped by police officers caused serious damage to a central bus station on August 16, El Universal reported. Footage posted to social media shows people breaking glass, smashing posters, and starting fires inside the Insurgentes station. The city’s public transportation system said the protests had shut down some services in the city on Friday evening. The ongoing protests were sparked by two separate cases involving rape allegations against police. A 17-year-old girl has alleged four policemen raped her in their patrol car in Azcapotzalco, and a 16-year-old girl has said a police officer raped her in a museum in the city days later. This footage, filmed by Georgina Zerega, shows demonstrators breaking signs at the Insurgentes station on Friday evening. Credit: Georgina Zerega via Storyful


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