Lava spewed from Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego overnight from November 18-19, prompting the evacuation of nearly 4,000 people. This is the fifth eruption to take place this year. More than 190 people were killed in June 2018 when the volcano violently erupted. This footage, posted in the late hours of November 18, shows the overnight eruption. Credit: Cesar Vielman via Storyful

Four tiny plains-wanderer chicks hatched at Victoria’s Werribee Open Range Zoo on November 4, representing a huge milestone in fighting the extinction of the critically endangered native species. The little birds, although only a day old in this footage caught on a specially placed “zookeeper cam,” zip around on their long legs like road-runners, occasionally snuggling into their dad for warmth. A zoo spokesperson said plains-wanderers eggs are incubated by the dad, while mum wanders off to find another mate. There are less than 1,000 of these birds left in the wild and these chicks are the first to have been successfully bred in captivity in Victoria. Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo via Storyful

A group of boys graduating from Atherton State High School in Queensland decided to arrive at their year 12 formal in a quintessentially Australian ride, rocking up in a tinny on wheels. Callum Irvine, one of the boys on board, had a big reputation to live up to, after his brother showed up to his own formal in 2016 on a moving couch. Callum’s mother Sally-Anne told Storyful Callum and his mates thought up the boat idea because they wanted to outdo the couch. Credit: Sally-Anne Irvine via Storyful

Thousands of people joined an anti-LGBT rally led by Mayor Mahyeldi Ansharullah in Padang, the capital of Indonesia’s West Sumatra province, on Sunday, November 18. The rally, which was part of the “Vice-Free Padang” campaign, was also attended by other government officials, including the police chief and regional House speaker, who earlier signed an a declaration opposing gambling, drugs, alcohol, non-marital sex and LGBT community. Mayor Mahyeldi warned people committing “vices” and LGBT acts would not be welcomed in Padang, and vowed to send municipal police to the streets every night in face of those acts. Protesters marched on the streets of Padang, carrying banners and posters that said, “Save Padang From LGBT” and “Drive Them Away! LGBT People Are Not Minang People.” (Minang is the ethnic group who live in West Sumatra.) Shamsi Ali, an Indonesian Muslim cleric who led a New York City mosque and who is also known for his interfaith work, was among the Muslim preachers who gave sermons in the event. Anti-LGBT sentiments had ramped up in Indonesia in recent weeks. Bogor Mayor Aria Bima agreed to draft anti-LGBT legislation after thousands of anti-LGBT demonstrators marched to his office in Bogor, just outside Jakarta, on November 9. Days earlier, on November 5, around 20,000 protesters, many of whom students, joined an anti-LGBT rally in Payakumbuh, in West Sumatra province. The march was led by the town’s mayor, Riza Falepi. Credit: Junaidi Kasim via Storyful

YouTuber David Frei describes his family as spontaneous, so on a family trip to Los Angeles, they made a decision to go to the Hollywood sign. This video documents their journey to the sign, with the family doing a tour of the tourist areas nearby. Credit: Viva Frei via Storyful

Kangaroo joey Roo-Paul has taken the Australian Reptile Park by storm with his playful attitude and energy. Footage from the Somersby-based park shows the joey playing with Erica Danae, the keeper who hand raised him and took him home every evening. “Roo-Paul is the light of my life! Not only is he a little character as his name permits, but he is a great ambassador for road safety and kangaroos,” said Danae. The young kangaroo was found in his mother’s pouch after she had been hit. The roo, who is named after famous drag queen RuPaul, is much loved by zoo staff and the online community as a video of him garnered nearly 60,000 views in three days. Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful

A high school football team in Indiana made an entertaining entrance to their regional game on November 9. Players from Brownstown Central backflipped onto their team, opening their game against Evansville Memorial in the state regional football finals. Uploading the video to Twitter, Brian DeVillez wrote, “I can’t decide if this is crazy, awesome, or both.” Credit: (812)-HOOPS! via Storyful

A baby in Rochester, Minnesota, was given a special gift of cochlear implants that allowed her to hear for the first time, and judging from this Mayo Clinic video, she’s delighted by it. Seven-month-old Aida Little can be seen in the clinic’s video becoming wide-eyed and smiling as she hears her parents talking to her. According to a press release, Aida was diagnosed with Waardenburg syndrome, which can cause deafness and pigment changes of the hair, eyes and skin. Doctors placed cochlear implants in her head in October. Credit: Mayo Clinic News Network via Storyful

Private Ritter was reunited with his wife at Fort Campbell army base in Kentucky, after a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan. The video uploaded to YouTube shows the couple embracing as they were reunited at the military ceremony. Friend Rebecca Schoenfeld recorded the video and described seeing the event: “It was a very emotional experience and I am so happy for her to have her soldier back.” Credit: Rebecca Schoenfeld via Storyful

Former US President Barack Obama surprised his wife, Michelle, with flowers onstage as she was promoting her new book at the Capital One Arena in Washington on November 17. Michelle Obama was talking about her husband with former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, when Jarrett announced a special guest, prompting Barack to come on stage, carrying a bouquet of flowers for his wife, NBC reported. This footage, taken by Seth Nieman, shows the Obamas together on stage, as Barack says: “It’s like when, you know, Jay-Z comes out during the Beyonce concert.” Credit: Seth Nieman via Storyful

More than 40 migrants were rescued from a raft after encountering difficulty off the coast of Ayvalik, Turkey, on November 19, the Turkish Coast Guard said. According to a statement released by the coast guard, 17 men, 14 women and 13 children were rescued from the vessel and taken to Ayvalik Port. Credit: Turkish Coast Guard via Storyful

A barber in Serbia gave one of his clients a rather unusual look when he shaved a picture of tennis star Novak Djokovic into his hair on November 4. Mario Hvala, whose work previously went viral in 2017 when he shaved Kim Jong-un onto a customer’s head, created the look at the Serbia Hair Open 2018 in Novi Sad. The realistic portrait of the World No 1, and local hero, had over 2,300 views on Facebook at the time of writing. Credit: Mario Hvala via Storyful

In a viral video originally posted to Twitter, students at Purchase College, New York, explored a unique feature in their building: a hidden chamber containing a “trash shrine” to actor Danny DeVito. Emma Murray recorded this video of their visit to the shrine, and the weird and wonderful addition to the college was accessible via a large hole in a bathroom, that according to another Twitter user, was located behind a paper towel dispenser. A corner of the chamber featured a pile of trash, presided over by an image of DeVito with a sign entreating visitors to leave their own trash offering. Vice reported that the shrine was the creative work of student Phillip Hosang. Purchase College tweeted in praise of the shrine, but unfortunately made the decision to seal up the entry, as recorded in this tweet. Danny DeVito responded to the shrine, with a tongue-in-cheek tweet thanking students and offering words of motivation. Credit: Emma Murray via Storyful

At least five people were killed and a number of others wounded, police in Haiti reported, after thousands took to the streets to protest a corruption scandal in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, on Sunday, November 18. The protests were largely peaceful until the end, the Miami Herald reported, when protesters and armed gangs exchanged gunfire with police in some parts of the capital. Some unconfirmed local reports said six people in total had died, citing the event’s organizers. Haiti police reported: “a lot of rocks are being thrown in the direction of the police,” as protesters arrived in front of the National Palace. Two former prime ministers and former government officials were accused of embezzlement, abuse of authority and forgery stemming from the use of funds in a Venezuelan oil loan program, in a report published by the country’s Senate in August. The protesters demanded prosecution of the officials involved. Some called for President Jovenel Moise to resign, chanting “Down with Moise!” Credit: Jake Johnston via Storyful

Photographer Geoff Green recorded this stunning set of timelapses over the outback of Kimberley, Australia, in 2018. He commented that the region has not seen a heavy monsoon season for some time, but “this season’s build up looks special.” Credit: Geoff Green via Storyful

Texas resident Jessica Wynn was terrified to see a cricket in her home, but her three-year-old daughter, Julianna, rose to the challenge like a hero. Waving a spatula and chanting “Don’t worry, mom. I got this”, Julianna came to the rescue by attempting to capture the cricket. “Julianna is a tough and spunky girl who tries to take care of it herself as I watch in the background.” Jessica said to Storyful. Credit: levelupmami via Storyful

A veterinarian in Chico, California, tended to a cat suffering from burns due to the California wildfires in November. Dusty Spencer with the Valley Oak Veterinary Center in Chico, California, posted this video of herself affectionately playing with the visibly burned cat. Her caption states that the cat’s owner was found. The Camp Fire, burning near Chico in north California, had killed at least 76 people as of Sunday morning, and scorched at least 149,500 acres. The blaze was 60 percent contained at time of writing. Credit: Dusty Spencer via Storyful

A severe thunderstorm swept through south-central Queensland on Sunday, November 18, battering Chinchilla with intense gusts, heavy rainfall and hailstones. This video, taken near Chinchilla, shows strong winds, rain and hailstones hitting areas northeast of Chinchilla. Credit: Fred Penrose via Storyful

Police in Kiev have been accused of siding with violent, far-right demonstrators after transgender rights activists and journalists were pushed by Ukrainian police into a metro station and forced to end a rally on November 18. RFE/RL’s Christopher Miller reported that counter-protesters “assaulted several protesters and attacked a Canadian journalist.” Both Miller and the journalist in question, Michael Colborne, tweeted that Colborne had been punched in the face by far-right demonstrators. Police said they were investigating the attack as an act of “hooliganism.” The transgender rights demonstrators had originally gathered at Shevchenko Park ahead of a planned march to mark International Transgender Remembrance Day but were forced to move towards the University metro station after the arrival of the counter-protesters, RFE/RL said. A small group of counter-protesters then followed the LGBT activists to the new location. According to RFE/RL, police did not try to remove the counter-protesters “but shoved the LGBT rights activists through turnstiles of the metro station while swearing at them and shouting slurs.” Journalist Natalie Vikhrov, who shot this footage, said: “Police failed in providing protection for #transmarchukraine despite calls from rights groups, inc @Amnesty_UA for law enforcement to protect participants of the march on the eve of the event.” Ruslana Panukhnyk, executive director of Kyiv Pride, wrote on Facebook: “National Police opted to protect the right to (peaceful) assembly of far-rights and traditionalist instead of Trans*march event.” Olena Shevchenko of Insight, an LGBT activist group in Ukraine, also posted on Facebook, saying, “Police didn’t protect us” and that “Ukraine seems under control of ultra-radicals.” Ukraine’s National Police issued a statement on the rally, saying that police, “in order to avoid conflict, divided the participants.” The statement also said a gas canister was fired at the University metro station and that at least two people were injured. Michael Schaaf, the director of the Ukraine office of human rights watchdog Freedom House, tweeted that the police statement failed to address “pushing, manhandling, and abusive language by officers” and “the unmistakable impression that they had cleared #TDOR activists to make way for right wing.” Credit: Natalie Vikhrov via Storyful

Diver Jules Casey was fortunate to encounter a herd of happy seals during a tour of Port Phillip Bay along Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in November. In this footage, at least five seals are seen playfully swimming around Casey, coming very close to her camera without any fear. Credit: onebreathdiver via Storyful

Protests in France continued for a second day on Sunday, November 18, as demonstrators gathered to blocked roads and protest rising taxes on fuel. The demonstrations were coordinated by the Yellow Vests movement, whose supporters often wear high-visibility jackets while protesting. Several collisions were reported around the country on November 17 as drivers tried to make their way trough pickets. Le Monde, citing France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, said one protester was killed by a motorist in Pont-de-Beauvoisin in Savoie on Saturday morning. In this footage protesters can be seen marching on the Champs Elysee in Paris on November 18. Credit: @ManuMakro via Storyful

Air quality in many parts of California has plummeted as smoke thrown up by wildfires led to “hazardous conditions” around the Sacramento and San Francisco areas on November 16. Poor air quality was expected to continue through to Tuesday, November 20. The conditions forced the closure of schools and cancellation of sporting events, reported. This video, shot on Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco, shows conditions on November 16. Credit: David Cloutman via Storyful

German driver Sophia Floersch received a spinal fracture following a crash during the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix on Sunday, November 18. The crash injured a total of five people, including a second driver. “A serious incident has occurred on lap 4 of the 2018 FIA F3 World Cup at Macau involving… Sophia Floersch,” an FIA spokesperson reported. “Following evaluation by medical staff, the driver is conscious and has subsequently been taken to hospital for further evaluation”. Floersch’s Van Amersfoort Racing car lost control and flew over a barrier hitting a fence and wall during the race. According to a statement from Van Ameersfoort, she was admitted to the Conde S Januario Hospital on the same day. “Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine” the 17-year-old Floersch tweeted after the incident, “but will be going into surgery tomorrow morning.” Credit: @aochan8800 via Storyful

There’s no stopping wombat Veg when she’s on a mission. The mother wombat, who is currently carrying a joey, decided a screen door was no barrier between her and some creature comforts, removing it from its hinges with ease. Luckily wildlife carer Donna Stepan is good-humoured and can easily put the door back in place. “Veg becomes demanding when she is carrying a joey. If no human in the household is watching the door for her, she simply takes matters into her own hands. Then of course there is the ritual of putting the door back on and resuming the ‘normal’ evening.” Credit: Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary via Storyful

Funeral prayers were held for murdered Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday, November 16. This video shows people gathering for the event at the Fatih Mosque in the city. Similar ceremonies were also held at Saudi Arabia’s Mecca and Medina, as well as at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, England, Al Jazeera reported. Credit: Haci Mehmet Altuntas via Storyful


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