Mason Dallas was traveling by car in Orange, Texas, when he spotted an alligator making its way up someone’s driveway on June 13. Dallas had his phone out as he approached the alligator and began to film as the gator moved from the street onto the driveway and toward the house. Dallas told Storyful that the gator was later captured and safely removed from the neighborhood by animal services. Credit: Mason Dallas via Storyful

A rare blue lobster – thought to be found in about one in two million lobsters, according to research by the University of Maine – was discovered in a shipment to Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar, a seafood restaurant in Eastham, Massachusetts. These images, uploaded on June 8, show the blue crustacean, which arrived in a shipment from Ipswich Shellfish Group, CBS Boston reported. Nathan Nickerson III, the owner of Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar, told Storyful over Messenger that he planned to donate the lobster to the St Louis Aquarium. According to the University of Maine’s research, even rarer than blue lobsters are elusive yellow lobsters, live red lobsters (referring to lobsters that are naturally red colored, rather than simply turning red after they are cooked), calico lobsters, and albino lobsters. The chances of finding an albino lobster are estimated at one in 100 million, though both an albino lobster and a blue lobster were found in New England within the same week in September 2014. Credit: Nathan Nickerson III/Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar via Storyful

Whale Watching Sydney regularly shares video of whales breaching off Bondi Beach, but passengers on their cruise were treated to a particularly special sight on Saturday, June 15, where four whales put on a show. Credit: Whale Watching Sydney via Storyful

Storm clouds passed over Oklahoma City on June 14, as seen in footage shared on Twitter. Oklahoma City resident Thomas Corey posted a timelapse of the storm on Twitter under the username @okcdarksage. The video shows dark clouds rolling by as wind shakes a nearby tree. The National Weather Service of Norman warned that storms were expected in central Oklahoma on Friday. Credit: Thomas Corey via Storyful

Amanda Knox returned to Italy for the first time since her release from an Italian prison in 2011 to attend a criminal justice conference hosted by the Italian Innocence Project in Modena on Friday, June 14. Video from the Festival della Giustizia Penale shows Knox and her boyfriend listening to speakers during the Friday session. Local media reports said Knox and her boyfriend left after growing frustrated with the media presence at the event. Knox spent four years in an Italian prisoner after she was convicted on charges of murder and sexual assault during a high-profile trial following the death of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007. She returned to the United States after an acquittal in 2011. Credit: Giustizia Caffè via Storyful

There was plenty to celebrate in Rockford, Illinois, on June 14, after the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Devin White shared footage on Instagram of fans celebrating the town’s own Fred VanVleet, who helped to lead the Raptors to their championship win. VanVleet scored 22 points in Game 6, helping the Raptors achieve their 114-110 victory over the Warriors in Oakland. Credit: Devin White via Storyful

Egan Lim was surprised and confused when he walked out of his home in Brentwood, California, to find dozens of goats wandering freely in the street on June 12. Lim took out his phone and started to film the goats, and can be heard saying “this is not normal” in his recording as the goats walk around his neighborhood. It is a common practice across California to send goats to overgrown areas and have them graze and consume the excess vegetation in an attempt to stop the spread of fires. These goats were being used for exactly that but they managed to escape. Eventually the goats were located and taken back to graze by workers, according to reports. Credit: Egan Lim via Storyful

The crew on a Southwest Airlines flight took time to celebrate the 101st birthday of a World War II veteran on June 13, on a trip from Orlando, Florida. Samantha Godwin shared footage of the crew and passengers on the plane singing to the passenger, who turned 101 on June 12. “@SouthwestAir being the baller airlines that they are took time out to sing Happy Birthday to a WWII vet,” Godwin tweeted. Credit: Samantha Godwin via Storyful

A United States Postal Service (USPS) employee was seen on home-surveillance video throwing packages over the fence of a home in Florida City, Florida, on June 11. Footage shared by Andres Gonzalez shows an employee approaching the house and throwing a large box. “There it go,” the employee says after hurling the package. Additional footage shows the employee delivering another package. In the video, she scans the package label and steps out of frame. A thud can be heard shortly after. Footage from a different angle shows the woman tossing the package over the fence. Gonzalez said a diaper dispenser that was in one of the packages was damaged, local media reported. He also provided a photo of the damaged dispenser. Another video shows a USPS representative at the door, apologizing for the incident. Gonzalez told local media that the home’s front gate was locked, but mail carriers in the past have gently dropped packages onto the lawn or returned at a different time. Credit: Andres Gonzalez via Storyful

A power outage caused a game between the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Angels to be delayed in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 13. In footage shared on Twitter, the lights at Tropicana Field change color before going out completely. According to local media, a bird’s nest caused the outage, delaying the game for over 30 minutes. The Angels went on to beat the Rays 5-3. Credit: Nate Lake via Storyful

Children at Grant Pool in Atlanta, Georgia, surprised Commander Lt. Greg Lyon with a rendition of Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ during a patrol he and his horse Drifter conducted. Video posted by Atlanta Police shows children singing to two officers and the horses as Commander Lt. Lyon films. He can be heard singing along and telling his horse to listen as they were serenaded. Credit: Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, on June 13, and video from local resident Lou DiBacco showed it getting way too close to his property for comfort. DiBacco can be heard shouting “get in the basement” as the twister forms. DiBacco confirmed things were “all good” and his home was “safe” after the tornado had passed. The National Weather Service in Mount Holly said it would be sending out assessment teams on June 14. Credit: Lou DiBacco via Storyful

A tornado touched down in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, on Thursday, June 13, the National Weather Service confirmed. Video posted to Facebook shows a funnel cloud forming against the backdrop of a dark sky. In addition to the tornado, flash flooding and hail were reported possible, according to forecasters. Credit: Hope Hinkson via Storyful

A driver escaped serious injury after suffering an allergy attack and losing control of his SUV near Nashville, Tennessee, on June 10, police said. Footage released by the Belle Meade Police Department shows the moment the Ford SUV overturned and landed on its side on Page Road. Local media reported that a group of golfers and construction workers ran over and lifted the SUV back onto its wheels before it caught fire. The 42-year-old driver escaped without injury, the report said. Credit: Belle Meade PD via Storyful

Thousands of public employers in dozens of cities across Brazil, including Belo Horizonte, joined a general strike on Friday, June 14, to protest proposed pension reform, according to media reports. Video from Belo Horizonte shows marchers singing and chanting as they made their way towards the city center. Similar protests took place in at least nine states throughout Brazil in opposition to plans to raise the retirement age, cut education funding, and reduce unemployment benefits. The action, organized by unions, froze transportation in Sao Paolo and prompted police responses in other cities, according to Globo. Credit: @jolieradical via Storyful

A woman required treatment from paramedics in Toronto on the night of June 13-14 after she was hit on the head with a beer bottle during celebrations following the Raptors’ NBA Finals win. Jordana Springgay shared footage of the woman being transported on a stretcher with several police officers standing by. “Toronto Fire tells me she was hit in the head with a beer bottle. Conscious and breathing,” she tweeted. Springgay shared additional footage of dozens of fans sitting on top of a bus that was brought in to the area to block traffic. She said that the bus was “heavily vandalized.” The Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Oakland, to take the finals series 4-2. Credit: Jordana Springgay via Storyful

Philipp Glanz spotted a quokka having some breakfast on Rottnest Island, Western Australia. The marsupials can be seen happily munching on a snack in this video uploaded to Instagram by Glanz. Credit: Philipp Glanz via Storyful

Police in Poland said they had arrested the perpetrators after what they called a “brutal” attack on a crowded bus in Krakow by a gang of youths armed with machetes, pepper spray, and an air gun. Footage from the bus, released on June 14, shows a group of people forcing the doors open and attacking another group, which police said were teenagers. Children and elderly people were on the bus at the time of the attack, police said. Footage was also released from a raid on an apartment on June 13, which shows heavily armed police storming the front door and detaining some of the alleged offenders. Police believed the altercation started because one of the teenagers was wearing a shirt bearing the name of a rival football club. Credit: KWP Krakow via Storyful

Nature enthusiast Natalia Cara was at a wildlife conservation center in Wedza, Zimbabwe, when she captured amazing footage of a large Nile crocodile being called to lunch by a keeper. “C’mon up! Here boy!” the keeper can be heard saying to the crocodile in the video, as he lures it in with some meat. “Crocodile gets called to eat like a puppy,” Cara wrote on YouTube. Credit: Natalia Cara via Storyful

Canadian rapper Drake called the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Championship win “poetic” as he basked in the glory of the team’s first title. Drake, who watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals at a viewing party in Jurassic Park, congratulated the team for doing it “off of heart and off of love.” Speaking to reporters after the game ended, Drake said: “This is poetic. This is poetic.” “That dynasty’s over,” he said. “We did what we had to do.” The Raptors took home the NBA title after defeating the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Oakland’s Oracle Arena. Drake said he would release two new songs to celebrate the team’s victory. Credit: Carlan Gay via Storyful

Dilini Sithara’s rescue cat Nicky could barely contain her excitement when she finally got her paws on this game on Dilini’s phone. The enthusiastic cat made her best attempt to catch some onscreen fish while Dilini caught the adorable footage on camera. Credit: Dilini Sithara via Storyful

At a charity event in Sterling, Scotland, on May 17, Lucy Lintott thought she was posing for a photograph with her boyfriend and “soul mate” Tommy Smith, when he surprised her with a proposal. Lintott, 24, was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) in 2013, and since then she’s been committed to fundraising and campaigning towards a cure for the illness. Lintott told the Press and Journal that she’s known Smith since school, but they started dating around six months ago after reuniting at a charity event for MND Scotland. Lintott’s friend Lucy Cortis captured this video of the happy moment Smith proposed. On Twitter, Lintott wrote, “When you know, you know!” Credit: Lucy Lintott via Storyful

Supporters of Julian Assange gathered at the British Consulate in Melbourne on Friday, June 14, a day after UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid signed an extradition request from the United States. On Friday, a London court scheduled a full extradition hearing for the WikiLeaks founder for February 2020. In this footage from Melbourne, several individuals stand in front of a police car outside the consulate. A short while later, officers can be seen tackling one of the protesters to the ground as they tell her to “stop resisting”. WikiLeaks said on Twitter that two protesters were arrested. Credit: @green_pill_ via Storyful

A fox found itself stuck in a Poundstretcher store in Wood Green, London, and wasted no time making itself right at home. In video first posted to a Facebook group by Rupert de Renzy-Martin, the fox is seen dragging out boxes and having a good look around. “The shop was about to open so no doubt he got free very shortly after the video,” de Renzy-Martin commented on Facebook. Credit: Rupert de Renzy-Martin via Storyful

Toronto Raptors fans packed Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto on Thursday, June 13, after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors to become NBA champions for the first time. Fans took to the streets to celebrate as Canada’s only NBA team defeated the Warriors 114-110 in Oakland’s Oracle Arena in Game 6 of the finals. This footage shows a large crowd of Raptors fans congregated at Yonge-Dundas Square. Credit: Jordana Springgay via Storyful


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