Two students in Stillwater, Oklahoma, shared a sweet Valentine’s Day dance on February 14. Westwood Elementary School shared footage on Facebook of the boy and girl dancing together in one of their classrooms. “Mrs. Lawson just looked over and saw these two friends spontaneously were having a Valentine’s Day dance,” the post stated. At the time of writing the footage had reached over one million views on Facebook. Credit: Westwood Elementary School via Storyful

A chimpanzee at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Freetown, Sierra Leone, found a new way to make flips during playtime more fun in a video posted to the sanctuary’s Facebook page on February 18. The sanctuary shared a video on Facebook of Mortes the chimpanzee doing backflips off of a tire, giving himself a new challenge. “Doing #backflips on the ground was getting boring, so he’s trying them from moving objects,” the post said. Credit: Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary via Storyful

Residents were evacuated after a fire was reported at an apartment block another, unrelated fire broke out in a nearby unoccupied building in Docklands, Victoria, in the early morning of February 19. This video shows smoke and a flickering light on the North Wharf Road, Docklands. Credit: @blacktangled via Storyful

Utah residents are used to seeing moose during the winter but drivers were stunned to see one of the big creatures running alongside a row of stopped cars on the Big Cottonwood Highway, about 12 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Police drove alongside the moose in order to keep drivers safe and there were no injuries reported at the time of writing. Credit: Justin Doll via Storyful

Protesters gathered in Lafayette Square Park, in front of the White House, on February 18, President’s Day, to protest President Donald Trump’s controversial declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for a border wall. This video, filmed by Nestor Ruiz of United We Dream, shows activists leading a crowd of protesters in a chant. Similar protests were being held in cities and towns across the United States. Most were organized by MoveOn, a political advocacy organization, that said the demonstrations aimed “to defend our democracy and immigrants, Muslim, black, and brown communities from Trump’s dangerous national emergency power grab.” The organization also used the hashtag #FakeNationalEmergency, branded the crisis “fake,” and referred to Trump’s border service as a “racist deportation force.” Credit: Nestor Ruiz via Storyful

Helicopters delivered hay bales to cattle stranded by floodwater near the Cowan Downs cattle station at Julia Creek, Queensland, last week. Following devastating floods in the region, farmers suffered mass losses to cattle numbers as animals drowned or died of exhaustion and starvation. This video and pictures show workers at the Cowan Downs cattle station deliveing bales of hay to stranded cattle. Animal carcasses can be seen floating in the water. Food air-drops to stranded animals are continuing in the region. Truck loads of hay relief arrived in the neighbouring town of Cloncurry on February 17. Credit: Lucy Tanner via Storyful

A group of bystanders and motorists rescued a woman from a burning car in Garyville, Louisiana, after a collision on February 18, by pulling her through the window of the vehicle. News reports quoting the Louisiana State Police said that the woman’s vehicle was hit from behind by an intoxicated driver. Both the woman and the man involved in the collision, as well as several of the rescuers, sustained minor injuries including burns, and were taken to a nearby hospital, according to reports. The St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office shared the video on their Facebook page, giving details about the collision and commending the rescuers, saying, “Unidentified motorists pulled the driver out of this burning vehicle as shown in the video. The rescuers themselves received burns and sought treatment. At another date and time these citizens who stepped up and saved this driver will be recognized by SJSO for their heroic efforts!!!” Credit: Anita Hayley via Storyful

A very good boy in Melrose, Massachusetts, helped his owner shovel snow from a parking lot on February 18 after heavy snow swept across the Boston area. Emily Marschok captured her dog Rossi holding a snow plow in his mouth while he happily ran around in the white stuff. Credit: Emily Marschok via Storyful

Arnar Freyr Tomasson and Andrea Yr paid a visit to a replica Viking home in Iceland. The couple were enamoured with the home and its scenic setting; Arnar wrote on Instagram, “I’m in love with this house.” He used a drone to record this video of Andrea running into the building. Credit: Arnar Freyr Tomasson via Storyful

A group of inmates on work duty in New Port Richey in Florida freed a one-year-old from an SUV parked at a courthouse after she was accidentally locked in the vehicle on February 14. Footage shared to Facebook by the baby’s mother, Shadow Lantry, shows the prisoners pry the door open and use a wire hanger to push the electronic unlock button of a Chevrolet Tahoe. They eventually open the door, reuniting baby Dallas with her parents. The Lantrys, who appeared on a September episode of Divorce Court in which Shadow was accused of sleeping with a 15-year-old, were at the courthouse for Shadow’s “pre-trial,” she said. Lantry said Dallas was only trapped in the SUV for about five minutes, after her husband Joe accidentally locked the keys inside. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco praised the inmates. He told a local NBC affiliate their “‘skill set’ came in handy,” but added that “they know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life.” Credit: Shadow Lantry via Storyful

Sydney Cohen and some of his friends went speedriding at the Val d’Isere ski resort in the French Alps. Sydney recorded their adventures across several days in January 2019, compiling the clips together in this video. Speedriding is an adrenaline-fueled sport combining skiing and paragliding. Participants navigate snowy slopes, peaks and even valleys with the help of their skis and parachutes. Val d’Isere proves the perfect location for the sport, with its mixed terrain and scenic backdrop. Credit: Sydney Cohen via Storyful

After Queensland wildlife took a hit during recent flooding, two dancing brolgas seen outside a motel in Winton were a welcome sight. Christine Heller, who recorded this footage, told Storyful the pair are “well known by the locals.” Credit: Christine Heller via Storyful

Blogger and traveler Jordan Simons scored a viral hit in December when he punctured the myth of Bali’s tropical paradise with photos and a video showing a rubbish-strewn beach on the Indonesian holiday island. At the start of the new year, he returned to his blog to discuss the strong reaction to his images. “I like to think it went viral because of the strong message behind it and the impact it had all over the globe, showing a problem that is largely ignored when it comes to talking about ‘paradise’,” he wrote. While Simons admitted the impact of any viral video is hard to quantify, he did celebrate the ban on a number of kinds of single-use plastics that has been introduced in Bali since he posted his viral images. “That is amazing news and we’ve already seen most of the cafes and restaurants here using bamboo straws and we are now being offered non-plastic bags at the supermarket. It’s a massive step in the right direction,” he wrote. Credit: TheLifeOfJord via Storyful

Firefighters in Pasvalys, Lithuania, crawled onto the icy bank of a river to rescue a dog that had fallen in on February 15. This video shows footage from the bodycam of Faustas Norvaisa, who told Storyful that the dog was healthy and was returned to its owner. Credit: Faustas Norvaiša via Storyful

It didn’t take long for little Phoenix to get involved in the family business at Double Dutch Aerobics, in Atlanta. The eight-month-old can be seen holding two jump ropes and swinging them expertly, double dutch style, while strapped into mom Michelle Clark’s carrier sling. Uploading the video of her daughter to Facebook, Clark joked, “Double Dutch Aerobics baby … Phoenix will be teaching the next class.” Credit: Sean Clark via Storyful

Highway patrol officers in northern California asked locals to stay home and people from outside the area to keep away as heavy snowfall blocked a number of roads in the area on February 16. This drone footage, taken in Alturas, northern California, shows the snowy conditions there. Credit: Efrain Quezada via Storyful

Accumulations of snow were seen in upland areas of Jordan on February 18, according to the Jordan News Agency. Teaching was suspended in some schools due to the weather, local news reports said. Footage here shows the snow in Ayl, a town in south Jordan. Credit: New Ayl Municipality via Storyful

Rose Ivanusevic knew she needed to keep warm in the snowy Canadian weather and opted for an outfit with a twist. She braved the cold at Kasshabog Lake, Ontario, for a spot of snowmobiling, dressed head-to-toe in a T-Rex costume. Ivanusevic’s friend Jake captured the bizarre footage on camera. Credit: rosie.baby22 via Storyful

The National Weather Service issued a travel advisory on February 17 as parts of Las Vegas were dusted in snow. The National Weather Service forecasted a 20 per cent chance of snow on February 18. This footage shows light snowfall in a neighbourhood in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Credit: @LVRunnerGirl via Storyful

Drivers were hit by white-out conditions as a winter storm hit the US State of Utah on Sunday, February 17. This footage shows heavy snow on the UT-210 at Cottonwood Heights, southeast of Salt Lake City. National Weather Service warned of snow covered and slick roads throughout Sunday evening and into Monday. Credit: Nick Mendolia via Storyful

Heavy snowfall caused near whiteout conditions in Libertyville, Illinois, on February 17. The National Weather Service warned of bands of heavy snow across northeast Illinois, advising drivers to decrease speed and use low beams. Credit: Willie Gillespie via Storyful

A sea otter pup was successfully reunited with its mother in Morro Bay, California, on February 4 after being separated from her earlier that day, according to rescuers. The Marine Mammal Center said trained responders and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) scientist Mike Harris responded after a member of the public said they spotted the pup in trouble. They rescued the pup, bringing it aboard a patrol boat, and brought it towards a known resting area for otters. There, the center said they found a female otter – its mother – responding to the pup’s calls. Harris then tossed the pup into the water, and its mother soon cradled her baby and brought it back towards the group. Credit: Marine Mammal Center via Storyful

A fire broke out on a boat in Seward Harbor, Alaska, on February 16, leaving one person dead, according to local media reports. Firefighters who responded to the blaze said that they had discovered the body of an unidentified male at the scene. This video, posted by Bixler McClure, shows the mast of the 30-foot sailboat toppling over. “Obviously, those guys on the dock are lucky, because the mast could definitely have taken them out, ” McClure told KTUU. Credit: Bixler McClure, Seward Ocean Excursions via Storyful

A fire broke out at Talibon Public Market in Bohol on February 17. Images and video shared to Facebook by Kriz Mar Alvarez show a huge cloud of smoke billowing from the market. News reports said the fire destroyed at least 20 homes. The fire was extinguished two hours after it started, according to Teodorico Auxtero, chief of the Bureau of Fire Protection in Talibon. The cause of the fire was still not immediately known. Credit: Kriz Mar Alvarez via Storyful

Residents in the town of Chinchilla, Queensland, had a serious case of melon fever on Saturday, February 16. Celebrating the town’s biennial watermelon festival, Melon Fest, locals participated in a range of activities including melon skiing, melon iron man, melon bungee, melon bullseye, pip spitting and melon tossing. In this video, a group of men compete in the Iron Man event, where they race each other down a slippery track, covered in smashed watermelons. Credit: Brooke Duncan, Chinchilla News via Storyful


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