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During WW 2 Doug Brinkley went to National Socialist Germany during the 1930s to investigate Germany at the time. He meet with Hitler himself, visited German work programs, and even a concentration camp.

Yes, its true that many Jews try to claim many historical figures without any direct evidence but it appears that Hamilton's lineage is called into question due to his earlier ties to the Caribbean & also being taught in a Jewish day school. He was believed to be the product of an affair and written off as being illegitimate. Just one of the many rabbit holes to burrow into to see what you find out about history. Increasingly it does appear that the foundations of America were perhaps more "Jewish" than many proposed !

This was a deviation from the typical subject material into a speculative subject of UFOs which is something James Mason wanted to cover and also a subject that my co-host has done extensive research. We take a deep dive into this subject to see what can be made of it and if there is any validity. While I remain skeptical, its worthy to investigate to expand our understandings of the world around us and beyond !

This is the greatest interview about the history and experiences about the White Worker in this country. How the Jews used the class differences brought over to America by the British Elite which divides Working Class Whites from the middle & upper classes. This interview delves into the true history of America the White Working Man’s Struggle!

Matthew Raphael Johnson goes on Our Interesting Times-thkelly to discuss how the murder of the Romanovs by the Bolsheviks could have potentially been a Jewish Ritual Murder. (

Kai Murros talks about embracing Hate & how its your own weapon against anti-white forces

In times of chaos & disorder,sometime around the late 13th century, Europeans developed a system of invisible courts in Westphilia which was within the German dutchy. It was taken from the Germanic word "Vehma" which translates into "hidden justice" which was supposed to step in when the established courts failed. This secret society was open to any German man of good character. The initiates of this order were known as "Schoeffen" which translates into ignorant. The initiate had to swear ignorance and that they would never reveal the secrets of the Vehm. Any betrayal of the Vehm could mean certain death for the initiates.

An interesting documentary ( I found on youtube detailing the violent/blood history in Italian history known as the Years of Lead. This era lasted from 1968-1984 in which the far-right & far-left both engaged in violence towards one another. ( Of note within the documentary is a parallel to the modern violence we see in the streets of contemporary America. Also, not mentioned within the documentary was a revolutionary Neo-Fascist named Giorgio Freda, who attempted to merge National Socialism with what he saw as warrior qualities within Maoism. Not much material exists about Giorgio Freda within English but he wrote a treatise about his political views in a text entitled Disintegration of the System/( . Of interest is that Giorgio Freda was implicated in the Pizza Fontana bombing in 1971 and tried but acquitted. (

Controversial 2006 documentary showing the Chosenite links to the immigration policy within America.

Historical documentary done by Based British which shows the cycles of history. I believe he based much of the documentary on Oswald Spengler.

Rare mainstream documentary on the Bruder Schweigen( Silent Brotherhood) from the early 90s which attempts to get further into the phenomenon of The Order.

Back in the 90s mainstream radio was not as restrictive as they are know. Art Bell brought on William Luther Pierce to share his views on contemporary America and also about the Turner Diaries. This was off the heels of the incident of the OKC bombing. ( Doom Guard) ( SOTOG)
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I sit down with the controversial nationalist figure Doom Guard to talk about nationalism within America from a working-class white perspective. We cover some particularly thorny subjects with community formation, Christianity, white cowardice and metaphysical history of the Indo-European peoples. Of course most of my guests donot reflect my views or opinions as I like interviewing a cross spectrum of people

Here's a very brief interview somebody did with James Mason on the bus back in March 2019. Mason is a direct and forward yet approachable person. Not the image the media or any of his detractors might present him as.

I decided to upload something a little different today which touches upon the problems of automation, technological development, and risk involved with development. Of particular interest is that increasingly as technology develops the surveillance state is enhanced. Also with further technological development things like CRSPR become more available to a wider population which also elevates the potential for biological terror. This means more bio-labs in the hands of terrorist.

An interview with Phil Torres about the problems of dual-use technologies, omnicidal agents and the superintelligence governance problem.

Tanstaafl, moderator of the podcast, Age of Treason(, along with Carolyn Yaeger,( sits down to discuss with Tom Metzger ( the present plight of the white race in America. They discuss the general WN movement, the strategies of the left/right, and the futility of right-wing racial politics. Metzger has a different approach than most regarding the whole crisis of white nationalism from which he believes that what remains of racially aware whites should abandon the conventional ways of "right-wing'' strategies.

Much of the disdain that non-whites have towards whites stems from the fact they have been largely unsuccessful with building or maintaining thriving cultures which whites seems to assemble with ease. The only thing which is holding white people back is extending ethics and morality to people who don't reciprocate. Whites need to abandon their guilt and realize that many non-whites want to mix them out of existence. What this Mexican reveals is the truth that neither of us can get along so we must separate. Like any competing species and subspecies eventually one will have to dominate the other. This is the uncomfortable fact about multi-cultural societies.

James Mason makes a Siege pilgrimage to the central place of the shrine of New World Neo-Liberalism. The place from which has been utilized as a means to invoke feelings of "guilt" in the collective European consciousness !

Back in the 1960s communism was spreading across Africa. As a result, many black Africans started to demand their freedom and much of this communist agitation was being waged by the USSR & also Jewish influence within Southern Africa with the ANC, so the Black Angolans decided to go against the Portugeese, who were largely outnumbered but proved to preserve against the African Army. Its very important to the white diaspora not be black-pilled by being outnumbered by black populations. This is unnecessary demoralization from which proves with the Portugeese when the white man's back is against the wall he has the ability to fight. We should take Angola as a lesson !

One of the best pro-white voices representing the voices of the South Afrikaners talks about the murder of Mary Phagan, a southern African party girl, Bubbles Schroeder, and the potential of Jack the Ripper having a Jewish identity. So many mysteries loom over the Jews within our civilization because we are never allowed any transparency regarding their crimes against white gentiles. We must peel back the layers of deceit to unravel what has been going on for centuries.

Mike Brown sits down with Metzger to talk about his time with GLR against the radical leftists during the 60s.

Tom Metzger sits down with Robert Smalley. He was an Arkansas gun dealer allegedly who dealt weapons to The Order and various other underground organizations.

Clearly, when you consider what Neo-Con pundits like Krugman say about white America, and you factor in the Sackler based opioid crisis with prescription drugs, Jews are declaring rural white America a threat. The irony of this is that rural whites are probably their biggest support base through the poisonous doctrine of Protestant Evangelical Christianity. Rural white America is under lots of crisis presently with invasions from Hispanic cartels, black drug dealers, and from local heroin dealers who are leaving a trail of victims who don't make the news.

ChuckE2009 read David Lane's 88 precepts which he set in place for white people. This is the origin of the 88 from which activists speak of and also part of natural law in accordance to what David Lane believed the white race should follow. Read it thoroughly to understand what David Lane was trying to convey for the preservation of the white race. These precepts still prove to be true when you look around what is occurring in our everyday life ! R.I.P. David Lane!

Jan Lamprecht talks about the success of the National Socialist economy. Hitler & his economic administration developed a plan which took Germany from the ashes of Weimar to an established financial success with social stability. If you would like to know more about the Nazi economic then read Gottfried Feder's Manifesto For the Abolition of Interest Slavery & The Wages of Destruction: The Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy by Adam Tooze


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