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On today's Surviving Weimerika the panel sits down to discuss the American Question. Was America a mistake from its inception? What relevance does America have to the past or future regarding white America.

Both Southern Nordic & I discuss the Sackler Family. We discuss their rise & fall as it pertains to the opioid crisis across America with specific emphasis on Appalachia.

I sit down with independent publisher, USS Liberty researcher, and independent journalist, Dave Gahary ( ( ( to talk about the Liberty, Willis Carto, American Free Press (AFP) & The Barnes Review. Dave discloses his experiences as an independent journalist at AFP, experiences with Michael Collin Piper, Victor Thorn, etc. He discloses his beginnings in Wall Street & how he got acquainted with the JQ.

Originally aired on April 23,2020 with Karl Thorburn to discuss why White Nationalists/dissidents should look towards bitcoin as an investment. Make sure to check out Karl's great articles to get started with bitcoin: ( (

Nordluxbellator (, Jan Lamprecht ( & I discuss the latest in Covid, racial geopolitics & strategies for the survival of our people!
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In Knoxville,TN in the mountainous Eastern TN Appalachian region was a heinous murder of a white couple from which the racial elements were hidden by the media. Much like most black on white crimes racial motives are never taken into consider unless the victim is non-white and perpetrator is ''white" and so I hope we can commemorate the lives of innocent white men & women who have fallen victim to this failed multi-cultural experiment known as Amerikwa.

The culture online in many awoobment is one of that is a person disagrees with you over simple information they will label you( guilt by association), Dox( collect personal information) & leak it to the opposition ( jurnos, Jewish organizations, Antifa ). This is creating an extended atmosphere of paranoia which ultimately doesn't lead to much growth or unity amongst pro-white dissidents. Infact it only helps the enemies ( Antifa, jurnos,etc) who are just mercenary proxies for Neo-Liberal Democracy!

Part two of the debate/conversation between Aryaism & CI. Let me remind every pro-white Christian/Aryanist ( whatever) that we should temporary set aside our theological/spiritual differences to join together against the Semitic menace within our midst.

Harvest of Despair" is a documentary on the history and cause of the great man-made famine of 1932 - 1933 in which seven to ten million people starved to death in the Ukraine. It reveals that Joseph Stalin was mostly responsible by way of his ruthless confiscation of virtually all of the grain harvested in the Ukraine over a two-year period. The Ukraine was and is to this day., the "Bread Basket" of the Soviet Union.!!

This policy of his had several objectives...

By exporting wheat abroad., Stalin hoped to show the rest of the world that the "Communist experiment" was working, and at the same time, to finance the industrialization of the Soviet Union. He was also determined to destroy the Ukrainian peasantry who resisted the forced collectivization of their lands. These farmers, along with the Ukraine's intellectuals and artists were fiercely "nationalistic" in nature, and wanted their own independence. They were strongly opposed to the Ukraine being "absorbed" into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

"Harvest of Despair" documents this Ukrainian famine using interviews with survivors and scholars to supplement rare photographic evidence. It establishes that this "terror famine" was deliberately created by the Soviet Government as part of Stalin's decades-long effort to destroy the Ukrainian resistance to Communism. Since its original release in 1985, it has received many international awards. "Harvest of Despair" is a powerful film, which provides a rare insight into one of this century's least-known but most vicious "genocides"...

As always.., after watching.., do your best to "pass it on"...

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"

"He who Wins the War., also Writes the History"

"The Truth shall make you Free., but at first., it'll make you Damn Mad".!!!

Due to the increased censorship of the internet I thought it was imperative that I bring on Mister Morse to discuss alternate ways dissidents might resort to communicate. That includes the standard Ham Radio, CBs, and independent internet networks.

I sit down with NordluxBellator to discuss the geopolitical sphere of the so-called Middle East. History of the Arabs, CIA involvement, Russian operatives in Syria, and even a bit about Aryan involvement in Arab history.

On today's Surviving Weimerika I sit down with independent researcher, Didymus_Smuydid ( to discuss the connection between the French Revolution, liberalism, and the Semitic influence within European Society. How Masonic lodges were used to push Semitic influences and undermine traditional European culture.

National Alliance chairman (at the time) Shaun Walker interviews William Pierce's brother. When you hear his voice, you can definitely tell they're related.

Nordlux joins me to discuss leftist/boomertard conspiracy theories concerning the National Socialists and their association with CIA post WW 2. We also talk about his experiences in a Communist controlled Bulgaria & UFO cults ! We go full X-Files on this episode covering all the intrigue ! Nord's channel:

I took a little break from the highly charged political atmosphere to catch up on fedexmeyourdrugs ( named so because of his profession in the medical industry) to talk about covid and the general madness in the streets of Weimerikwa! Check out his channel :

Didymus Sumydid sits down with Sven Longshanks to discuss more about the Spanish Revolution. How Masonic lodges functioned a secret networks of spies for the Anarchists/Communists.

Didymus's channel:

Interesting discussion that Sven Longshanks had with Didymus Sumydid for Radio Albion. This ties into the secret networks which existed in Europe amongst Jews. Covers the methods the Jews used to infiltrate into various non Jewish societies.
Didymus's channel: Didymus's channel:

The rise & fall of David Lane with NordLuxBellator
NordLuxBellator's channel:

Two dissidents sit down to have a amenable discussion/debate about Christian Identity and Aryanism.

Anybody who watches this should carefully study the criminal justice system. How this system relies primarily upon informants to convict or ruin potential political movements. This is a game of cloak & dagger they know very well which has been played out in royal courts, assemblies, and various different social experiments. Todd Blodgett was able to float from nationalist organization ranging from Willis Carto to William Pierce's National Alliance! Note the characteristics of Blodgett who admits he was not a "true believer" but strictly greedy & opportunistic !

I had the privilege to sit down with 3rd positionist thinker, Kai Murros to discuss the situation in America, Pan-Europeanism, and Apocalyptic aesthetics.

Very powerful speech by Nationalist intellectual Kai Murros. Europeans are at the precipice of revolution against the Neo-Liberal system from which is imposing itself upon the Europeans & limiting their forward progression. This system has neutered the European spirit but Kai is optimistic that Europeans shall shake the shackles of such psychic slavery imposed upon them from outside sources.

A departure from the typical political philosophy & activism to cover some basics of survival. The guest outlines from the basic essentials a person needs to survival. If you aren't already you should be camping, hiking, and playing around in the wilderness because you never know if this might be your refuge from the increasingly unstable world.

Kai Murros talks about how European Americans must develop a specific sense of "racial" identity which will also encompass class. That the American must shed the sense of being an economic zone and eventually embrace the tone of Blood & Soil !

Kai Murros spreading the essential message that Europe must mobilize to fight against the forces which are against it. That these elements must be purged for Europe to survive the attacks which are being waded against it. What exactly does this mean for European people? That there are not other options to fight against the anti-European forces prevalent across the globe. Within the gates and also outside the gates present the greatest obstacles for European sovereignty.


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